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Steve Chen: Asia's No.1 Success Coach

Drive a Rolls Royce Today

With Anthony Robbins

With George W. Bush

With President Clinton

With Harvey Mackay

Steve Chen is Aisa's No. 1 Success Coach
Over 50 million people in China have benefited from
his success teachings.
Now for the very first time in English, you can profit from his
exclusive success insights too.
Learn from his bestselling book
at unbelievable low price of $9.95

About Steve Chen: Starting as a busboy in a Chinese restaurant at age
16, he had taken 18 different jobs before age 21. Hardworking as he
was, he woke up one day and sadly found that he had no money in his
bank account. Fortunately, his friend told him about the world's No.1
success coach Tony Robbins. Steve borrowed money and attended Tony's
programs 3 times in one single month, and later worked for Tony. Steve
credits his success all to Tony Robbins. Steve believed that there're
millions of people needing this kind of coaching in Asia, so he
started his training company at age 25 and became a multi-millionaire
at 27.

For the past 20 years, Steve has changed lives for millions in Asia.
Out of his core belief that he has compassion for all human beings,
and the timing is perfect, Steve decides to make his teachings
available worldwide.

With Michael Jordan

With Jackie Chan

With Tom Hopkins

With Brian Tracy

Steve Chen's mission: thru education, make this world a better place.

Steve Chen's value: Health, Love, and Contribution.

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Steve Chen's core beliefs:

1.The Universe is round. You must help others first.
2.Success = Knowledge + Contact
3.We become the products of our environment.
4.Attitude, Attitude, Attitude.
5.Mission is more important than commission.

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