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[The Soap, Oil & Fragrance Maker's](http://www.homewaypress.com/soap)
[Profit Making Library](http://www.homewaypress.com/soap)
NEW! In this Exclusive TWELVE VOLUME ebook library, you'll...
Discover the "insider secrets" to creating
your own unique soaps, fragrances and
healing oils... and learn exactly how to sell your creations
for amazing profits!

[Newspaper Publishing Profits:](news.htm)
How to start a local newspaper or shopping guide
on a shoestring budget

[Local Public Domain Profits!](http://www.homewaypress.com/localPD.html)
How to use free Public Domain materials
to create high-profit projects
right in your own backyard!

[One Hour Business Startups:](onehour.htm)
How to Earn up to $100 a Day in your own
local community, starting 60 Minutes from Now


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