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Parents, are your digital photos collecting dust in your computer? Do your children think Photoalbums are someting from the distant past or just for other people?! It doesn't have to be like that! In Fact:

All You Need Is One Hour Every Week
And In 2 Months You Can Give
Your Kids Their Own Photobook
To Remember This
Year By!

"Plus I will send you weekly assignments for a full year
to help you step-by-step to create a beautiful
and unique photobook."

From: Dagmar Brewig
Re: Family photobooks made easy

Dear fellow Parents,

All those funny and precious picutres of your children are hidden away on a disk. The trips to the zoo, the first step, grandmas visit... all sitting in a computer somewhere.

Why is that?

Because going digital is great for shooting tons of wonderful pictures, but with the good old 36 exposure film you only had to 36 pictures to stick in an album... now it's more likely a few hundered everytime something happens, for example birthdays, the zoo.. Christmas...-You know what I am talking about!

I will share a little secret with you:

Keeping digital photos organized and on display
requires a LOT of work!
There are so many new pictures added almost daily

2. The programms for creating photobook are not easily customizable
3. Finding categories to sort your pictures under.
4. With so many categories the copy and paste takes forever and uses LOTS of storage space in your computer.

With all challenges, how do you share your picutres with you rkids and family?

You know how people will tell you to just sort your photos
into categories a, b and c and then
 go and put them in a photobook.
Well here is what I at
do differently...

I am a mother of 3 boys and let me tell you they are REAL boys...They are alyways on the run to try new things and have me active all the time.We have lots of fun, but I have very little time to organize my photos. 

Once I started digital photography I wanted to find a way to share these fotos with the grandparents and other family who live far away.
I started an easy, reproductible workflow to really get a new Photobok out to those familymembers every year.

In this site I will share it with you.

Spend your time playing with your kids and not categorizing your Photos.

2. Have a unique photobook next year to give your kids to remeber this year by.
3. Create nice and unique Christmas Presents for the Grandparents.
4. Use the same steps to create UNLIMITED books.

Let me share some pictures of my photobooks with you

Example: Babybook


Example: Year in Review for grandparents


Example: Photobook for oldest boy


click on the images to view them larger

You will learn how to...
Organize your photos while avoiding copy and paste

optimize your photo folders

create great page layouts

create mulitple books using just one template and changing the colors to have them each unique. impress guests when you show them the pictures of the last year all in a nice book avoid common design mistakes

Every lesson of DFP -DagisFamilyPhotobook- you recieve each week...

Is Short And Easy To Digest.
I try to keep the lenght of the lessons down to about 2 - 5 pages. That way it is easier and faster to read and you can spend more time on the important tasks (Your Kids) and on doing your assignment.

Includes An Assignment To Complete.
Each weekly assignment will be setup in an orderly fashion to make creating your photobook as easy as possible, some weeks the assignment will take a littel longer, but it really all depends on What You choose to do!

Builds As You Go.
Each assignment builds on the one that went before. It will gradually get more complex. Never fear, You WILL be able to do it all! You can email me with questions if you get completely stuck!

Keeps You On Track So You Are Finished Next Year.
Doing a little every week is your insurace that you will finish it on time. And it keeps you from starting a project that you won't finish.

5 Helps You Make Real Progress.
After the first few weeks you will have your first successes to show for all your work! After the whole year you can show a Great Photobook!

Each weekly lesson is designed to be "to the point" and immediately actionable.

To show you what to expect I will share what you are about to learn in lesson #1

Lesson #1 -
Is desinged as an overview of what to expectin the next year. You'll learn how to use a free programm to sort your pictures without copy and paste.

You'll learn to categorize your pictures.

To follow along for a whole year will cost you not more than a meal at a fast food place with your whole family once a month.

Keep Those Precoious Childhood Memories And Don't Let Them Dissapear In Your Computer!
For $27 Each Month You Will Give Your Kids the Gift of Remembering!

Imagine the joy of your children to own their very own photobook and to have the memories all saved and easy to share!
The loss of childhood memories is a very tragic one.
I'm sure a lot of people would more than love ot have each
and every year of their life recorded to look back to...

...and for just $27 a month You can give this gift to your children! After the 12 Months are up you have all the tools to keep creating new books every year!

Special introductory offer

If You Are One Of The First 50 People To Order
you'll ALWAYS pay only $17 per month...
while everyone else will pay $27!

Better sign up fast, because this Photobook course will be limited to 1000 Members to ensure I can deal with any problems and to assist you better.

The longer you wait to start producing your Photobook the more pictures you will have to deal with and the more years to catch up to your childs current age (believe me I am talking from experience!!;)

If You Are Not Satisfied You Will Get Your Money Back

I sell the Memeberships through Clickbank and  I play by the rules.
And the rules state I have to give you an 8 week moneyback guarantee.
I am fine with that.
If You Do Not Like The Course You get Your money back!
Period. No Questions Asked.
If you want your money back just email
me or clickbank and you will get it back

Join NOW While Memberships
Are Still Available...

Yes, Dagmar,
I Would Like To Give My Child The Present Of Remembering! I Want To Learn How To Create a Beautiful Photobook Over The Next Year. I have read and agree to the legal disclaimers below.

[ ](http://2.dagisells.pay.clickbank.net)
[](http://2.dagisells.pay.clickbank.net)[Click Here to Order Now!](http://2.dagisells.pay.clickbank.net)

(Even if it's 2:00 AM on a Saturday)

You will receive then recieve an email every 7 days from the day you join with a download link for your weekly .pdf lesson. To view your lesson you need a programm that con open .pdfs one is the Acrobat reader.  

[Please read Our Disclaimer](Disclaimer_en.html)

Kind Regards,

P.S. Create a Photobook For your Children to remember this year (or any other year) in easy weekly installments. Be one of the first to Join and only spend $17 a month every month!



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