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Who are we and what can we do for you?


That was said by Henry Ford, (of Ford automobile fame), when
customers asked for the car in a different color. I put that here
because it applies to my system too. I'm not going to compare
membership site scripts. I'm not showing you 10 different ways to
setup membership sites, (there are other ways you can do it for sure).
I'm going to show you one way and that's my way. It's the only way I
know and it works there is no doubt about that.


Yes. I can say with absolute honesty that it is. Just because I have
done it though, does NOT mean that you are going to do the same. DO
numbers to trick you into joining, it's about how much you can do
realistically. Don't join because you think you're going to instantly
be making that amount in your first month. Odds are you won't. It does
take time and it takes hard work to get there. If your dream is to sit
on a beach drinking rum and coke while your site pumps non stop money
into your bank account, then you're in the WRONG place.

My system works and works very well. It has provided me a very
comfortable living for my family, (wife and 4 daughters) and I know it
inside and out. I can also show you how to do it, but I need your full
commitment to succeed. You will go through tough spots where you want
to quit, if you do, then I can't help you. If you work through them,
then you're well on your way.


We've all heard the stories of guys making thousands of dollars per
month running membership sites and doing hardly any work right? Well
part of that statement is true, the other part is false. I'm one of
those guys you hear about. I make a lot of money monthly running
membership sites. This is where I'm supposed to put up a video showing
me logging into my paypal account or my bank account to prove to you
that I make what I say I make. I'm a bit different though, I don't
reveal what I make. I make a lot and I'm comfortable with that. Let's
just say the my monthly NET income is more then most people make in a
year as gross income. Anyone who knows my other sites, knows this
fact. I am not the type to take screenshots of my stuff though because
you either believe me or you don't. If you don't, no problem, there's
the door have a nice life. If you do, then welcome to my world, I'll
be glad to teach you everything I know about membership sites and how
to make your own. BUT it's anything but easy money. You have to work
for it and if you ever read a site that tells you how you can build a
site in 10 minutes and have it making you money without any more of
your input, RUN! Run far and run fast because whoever says that is
full of it. Internet marketers are notorious for saying anything they
can to get you to buy their products. The sad thing is most of them
are complete liars and know the exact hot buttons to push with you.

But let's get back to the statement above. Yes monthly recurring
income is awesome and doing it is possible, but you're going to be
working hard to do it. I run several membership sites, some are fairly
well known, others are completely unknown, except in the niche they're
in. At present I run, (meaning either comletely by myself or with a
partner or two), 8 sites. My largest three pull in the most income for
me and I've got some that are pulling in a modest income. After doing
8 of them and making a very comfortable living I thought I'd be done,
I'd just keep on doing what I do, (I do more then just membership
sites), but entrepreneurs need challenges to keep their minds busy.


It's simple. You're serious about making your own membership site,
promoting it and running it correctly. I'm serious about getting you
there or your money back. Here’s my promise to you, after you’ve
joined and watched all the videos, you'll have a membership site up
and running. But, if you decide that you're not taking that route
anymore or think my training isn't good enough or whatever reason you
have in the next 60 days and you want a full refund then it's yours.
That's "No Questions Asked" for a full 60 days. That's how confident I
am in my site and my knowledge and my ability to pass it onto you.
There is NO RISK on your part in joining right now. If you're not
happy, just get a refund, no problem.

Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Flattery?

Due to the success of my sites, I started attracting attention. The
attention was not just from people offering to buy the sites, (we
cover that in this site), but from people who thought it looked pretty
easy to do. So no less then 9 competitors starting poppping up that I
know of at the moment in the various niches I'm in. Some were started
by ex members others were started by people who just liked the format.
They decided to do one in the same way for themselves. That's all fine
and dandy, nobody owns a niche or traffic source and I'm not about to
throw a tantrum like a 2 year old over it, (been down that road too,
it wasn't pretty). I welcome the competition now as it only makes
thing better for the end user, (ie the people who sign up for the
Anyhow, back to the next statement above about imitation being the
sincerest form of flattery. I have to believe that's true. If people
like what you've done and see you've had a lot of success doing it,
it's natural for them to want to imitate it. So this site you're
reading right now was born out of that thought. Instead of fighting
with people over niches and who did what first, I figured I'd help
them, (and myself), by showing them all the details they either missed
or didn't do quite right. So here we sit. I've actually recorded a ton
of videos so far for this site, walking you through step by step how
make a site just like my other membership sites. The only thing you
really need is a hungry niche and an idea, we'll fill in all the
blanks for you here.

What Other Sites Do You Own?

PPC-Coach.com is our largest site with thousands of members. We
started it back in September of 2007 and it's been growing at a
wonderful pace ever since. PPC Coach focuses on pay per click
advertising, which involves using Google Adwords, Yahoo Search
Marketing, MSN Adcenter and more. This particular site is responsible
for several hundred people quittting their day jobs to do affiliate
marketing full time.

MediaBuysCoach.com is another of our very large sites. In this site
we train members in the art and science of media buys online. That
involves finding large sites with high volumes of traffic and buying
banner spots or text ad positions on it. This traffic source is very
lucrative and bit less expensive to run then pay per click. However,
it does require an ad server to run correctly and that is where most
struggle with it. Fortunately we set up a private deal with an ad
server company to counter this.

CPVCoach.com is one of our more controversial sites. On it members
learn how to generate pop up traffic or adware traffic. This kind of
traffic is frequently confused with "spyware" although it is anything
but. Users who see the ads we show have agreed to download a toolbar
or game or anything else in return for seeing the ads on their
computer. It is 100% legitimate traffic but the confusion comes from
un-educated people who assume it's spyware when it's certainly not.

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