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Australian Naturopath & Nurse combines the best of modern and natural medicine to get rid of your hypothyroidism, fatigue, depression &/or weight gain, once and for all.

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Have you had enough of diets that don’t work and no one telling you why?

“How To Instantly Get Rid of Hypothyroidism And Never Suffer From Fatigue, Weight Gain and Depression Guaranteed.... Without the Dangerous Drugs or Harmful Side Effects.”

Discover how to boost energy, increase weight loss and kick start that thyroid.

Get rid of your aches, pains and puffiness.

Dear Friend,

Hypothyroidism is an insidious disorder that takes away your zest for life.

Are you unnecessarily suffering with fatigue or depression that stops you from enjoying life? Do your muscles ache? Are you sick of trying diet after diet with no success? Do you feel frumpy, bloated and have puffiness of your face? Is your hair falling out? Is your forgetfulness making your feel embarrassed? What if I was tell you that there may be a very common, easy to diagnose and easy to treat cause of all of your health problems?

Hi, my name is Vivienne Savill and I am a nurse and naturopath.

I have spent many years working with unwell patients in hospitals and over recent years, in my natural health clinic. At my clinic I have treated thousands of people with depression, fatigue, weight problems, muscle pain, tiredness, memory problems and a huge range of health issues – all by using diet and natural medicine. This experience has allowed me to not only gather relevant information and explain it in terms that the everyday person understands, but also allows me to share with you the secrets and simple steps that you can take, to turn your life around.

I understand that you may be feeling so tired, lethargic and depressed that you don’t know if you have the energy to make changes. I also understand however that deep inside, you would love to have the energy to play with your kids or grandkids. That you would love to find your waist again, that it would be good to not see lots of hair in your brush each morning and good to generally feel that life is worth living for.

Hypothyroidism is an insidious disorder that not only makes you feel bad, it can also cause you long term health problems such as raised cholesterol, atherosclerosis, infertility or osteoporosis, to name but a few. The long term health problems related to this order are so serious, that you would be crazy not to take action. Hypothyroidism can strike at any time and can be the real reason why you “feel like you are falling apart”. Although it is frequently experienced by middle age women, hypothyroidism can also be brought on with pregnancy and is very often present in people who have issues with their weight. Because of the seriousness of this disorder it is important to me, that you take action, take back your power and regain your energy and love for life.

Don’t Despair –
You Are Not Alone

At last: The Complete Guide to Fixing Hypothyroidism, is here

The Complete Guide to Fixing Hypothyroidism, will tell you how to find out if you have hypothyroidism, but more importantly, how to fix your problem and feel 100% again. If you are interested in fixing hypothyroidism naturally, you have come to the right place. If I told you that you don’t have to be on drugs to help yourself feel better, and that the Complete Guide to Fixing Hypothyroidism has all the answers from what foods are good for your thyroid, over 147 recipes, a list of herbs and nutrients plus other great tips to help you heal, would you be interested?


The fact that you have read this far means that you are motivated to make positive changes... You have taken the first step towards helping yourself back to good health!

The Complete Guide to Fixing Hypothyroidism will give you all the information and tools that you need to take control of your life again. You may know that your body is telling you "something is not quite right". Or you might have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and like many of my patients, told that medication must be taken for the rest of your life.

When you understand the cause of your condition however, you will also understand that there are simple solutions.


"Dear Vivienne. I purchased a copy of your hypothyroid book a few days ago. I am writing to thank you for writing this. It is so full of useful information. I have tried a few of your recipes and they were very nice. I am so impressed I am going to recommend your book to my local doctor." Evelyn Prouse, Brisbane

What is hypothyroidism?
What is Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism?
Do you know what is a good diet for hypothyroidism?
What are the implications of hypothyroidism and pregnancy?
Few books explain, in depth (but in simple to understand language), what causes hypothyroidism, its far reaching affects upon your health and then gives you a total diet and lifestyle program to help you fix your problem thyroid.

My e-book goes back to basics and explains in detail and in terms you can understand:
The function of your thyroid, parathyroid and the adrenal glands The 45 associated symptoms and complications How to perform your own thyroid tests at home and measure your basal metabolic rate Pathology tests, what to be tested for and how to read your results The cascading effects of hypothyroidism on your other bodily systems The effect of immunity and oxidative stress on your thyroid How diet and lifestyle can suppress your thyroid’s function. The difference between T4, T3 and RT3 * The causes of hypothyroidism
If your hypothyroidism is advanced,you may be shocked when you sit down and tick off the multiple symptoms you are experiencing.

The good news for you is that my years of experience in working one on one with people with chronic health issues, just like you, has allowed me to pull together a holistic program that works on multiple issues at once.


Order now and you will automatically receive your e-book – no waiting for delivery or additional delivery costs involved.

The Complete Guide to Fixing Hypothyroidism gives you practical tools to actually treat your individual symptoms including:
Everything you need to know about easily available herbs to balance your thyroid function, increase T3 production & of course make you feel great!! A list of herbs to treat your fatigue, insomnia, insulin resistance, fertility problems and more. Natural remedies for hypothyroidism (no dangerous drugs required) Shopping list of foods to eat with hypothyroidism. Nutrients to treat your, fatigue, insomnia, depression and other symptoms – too easy. Over 147, easy to prepare, nourishing & very delicious recipes that avoid goitrogenic foods, boost energy and increase zinc, taurine, iodine and selenium levels. Gluten free recipes and easy flour alternatives A Hypothyroidism Symptoms Checklist Comprehensive guide to Beneficial Foods Simple lifestyle changes to keep you young & healthy Charts to monitor your thyroid function (including recommended ranges) An Acupressure Program for Hypothyroidism that you can do at home.


"Thank you for providing all the fabulous information in your book and for answering my emails so promptly. When my doctor told me I would need to be on medication for the rest of my life, I really didn’t know what to do. After reading your book I can understand what my problem is. I have started working on all my issues and already I am feeling more energy and less sluggish. Thanks again." Jill Perrior, Ontario


Sick of being told what you can’t eat? I’ll tell you exactly what you can eat and give you the delicious recipes to make changes easily.

Now as I said this is a Complete Guide, so I am not just going to tell you what you can’t eat and what nutrients are good or bad for you. My diet for hypothyroidism comes with 147 recipes that are gluten free, high in those foods that boost thyroid function and low in those foods that suppress your thyroid. What more could you ask for?

Here’s a sneak preview of the hypothyroidism diet and some thyroid friendly recipes.

Your Treatment Needs a Holistic Approach

Don’t worry, when treating my clients, I like to deal with all health issues from a holistic perspective. That means taking care of the physical, nutritional and emotional side of things.

I have subsequently also included an Acupressure Treatment Guide to help resolve symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia, irritability, constipation and muscle problems. This simple program is the icing on the cake that will enhance all the other great things you are going to be doing, once you get hold of this great resource.

Wow! You really are getting a huge amount of information and practical things that you can incorporate into your life, as soon as you download your e-book.


Your health is your greatest asset. An investment here today is an investment in your happiness and future quality of life


I have a remarkable Introductory Offer for you!.

When you order your copy of The Complete Guide to Fixing Hypothyroidism, you will also receive a copy of two of my other e-books.

Your free bonus includes:

I want you to feel better sooner, rather than later.
I want you to feel energized and great again.

This is a fantastic offer. When you order today, you will receive :
The Complete Guide to Fixing Hypothyroidism Value $47 Cooking to Beat CandidaValue $27Cooking to Beat Metabolic SyndromeValue $326 week optional email assistanceValue $125  TOTAL VALUE $231
Remember, your health is your greatest investment.
Without good health, you have nothing.

P.S. This is an Introductory Offer and the price is subject to change, so to receive your copy at this fabulous price, you should order today.

P.P.S. I want you to feel better soon. Purchasing this book could be the best gift you ever give yourself. So don’t delay – order NOW.


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