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_Freedom_ is a compilation of two stories: _The Tree and the Sun_,
and _Freedom_.

_The Tree and the Sun_ is a metaphorical story about our
relationship to God and the world around us and our purpose in

_Freedom_ is the story of a boy who was born into slavery and is
learning what it is to be free--psychologically, physically, and so
on. Freedom has many layers, and the chapter titles of this unique
work suggest some of the most significant of these: Freedom of
Thought, Freedom of Feeling, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Action,
Freedom of Manifestation.

Together, these inspiring and empowering tales tell us what life is
all about--why we're here, what we're supposed to be doing here, what
our place and purpose is in this world.

We are all capable of being slaves to our own thoughts and feelings,
or of using these tools to sculpt our lives and the world around us at
will. With their poignant psychological, philosophical, and spiritual
insights, these stories guide you toward true freedom, true
fulfillment, true happiness and empowerment. They guide you toward
greater control over your life.

Nearly everyone who has read these tales has reported lasting
positive effects. A general positive and empowered attitude infuses
the reader's experience of the world and spills over into the reader's
life. The tale becomes the reality. Fill your reality with the
awareness of your control over the shape that it takes, and be
inspired by your world.


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