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1,496 People Dead In The Last 12 Months and Counting.... How Can You Stop Your Child Becoming Tomorrow’s Victim?

Looking for a way to stop your child becoming one of these statistics? Then this may be the most important letter you have ever read!

I have been a NSW Highway Patrol Officer for 20 years, during this time I have seen more than more my fair share of fatal car accidents and most of those where young teens with no idea of the risk that came with driving.

I can’t explain the feeling of arriving at a crash scene and seeing the P-Plates hanging from the car knowing someone has just lost their son, daughter brother or friend – Walking away with a sigh of relief that this time it wasn’t my child but the guilt of knowing that the victims parents aren’t so lucky this time.

Imagine getting that knock on the door and knowing you could have saved your child’s life with this simple program

One of the hardest parts of my job is delivering the news of a senseless loss of life to loved ones who thought passing on everything they knew about driving was enough to keep their child safe behind the wheel but it wasn’t....

Regardless of what you’ve heard, the number of children dying on our roads is increasing every year and is showing no sign of slowing down.

It’s no secret that every parent lays awake at night worrying if their children are safe. I remember sleepless nights when my daughter first got her licence. Sleeping with my phone next to my bed dreading the phone call that is every parent’s worst nightmare, wondering if I taught her everything she needs to know to stay alive.
Did you ever think that your bad habits behind the wheel are affecting your children’s driving technique?

I thought the first day my daughter got behind the wheel was her first driving lesson but I was wrong. I quickly discovered she had been learning since the car ride home from the hospital 17 years earlier.

You might even notice some of the short cut driving techniques you may have picked up with your years of experience and they may not be a problem for you but put them in the hands of a beginner and they can become dangerous and potentially life threatening.

Let’s Face The Facts, Key Risk For Teen Drivers:
Driver Error: Compared with crashes of older drivers, of those involving 17 year olds were the result of driver error

Speeding: Teens drivers have a higher rate of crashes in which excessive speed is a factor

Single Vehicle Crashes: More of Teen fatal crashes involve only the teen’s vehicle. Typically these are high speed crashes in which the driver lost control

Passengers: Teens fatal crashes are more likely to occur when other teenagers are in the car. The risk increases with every additional passenger

Night Driving: This is a high risk activity for beginners. Per every kilometre driven, the night time fatal crash rate for teens is about twice as high as during the day

Low Seat Belt Use: Teenagers are less likely the adults to use seat belts

Distractive Driving: Such things as, Mobile Phones, iPods, Blackberry’s and even changing a CD.

Do you send you children to driving lessons with a professional driving instructor thinking that’s enough to keep them safe?

Professional driving schools are great tools that provide your children with the knowledge of road rules and some of the tricky techniques that we aren’t all good at such as parallel parking and hill starts.

Driving instructors provide basic safe driving skills but when it comes to your child’s safety is one hour a week really enough? Compared to the countless hours they have spent watching you in the car over the years, not to mention the many hours you’ll spend teaching them yourself.
If this sounds like you then I have something that will make you sleep with ease and give your children the best possible chance to survive on Australian roads.

What if you were given the keys to ensure your child’s safety when you’re not the one behind the wheel?

As a Highway Patrol Officer my family, friends and members of the public ask me what they can do to keep their child safe on our roads. After many years of professional and personal experience I have developed my own 8 Step Safe Driver Program to help you learn how to teach your child safe driving.

When I realised how much this program has helped people I believed it is my duty to share this knowledge with you. I would like to teach you my secrets and techniques so that you can feel comfortable that you have done everything possible to keep your children safe, or just as important the passengers in your child’s car. Don’t let your family be a victim of unsafe driving! Learn today what you can do to not get that knock on the door.

What is this training program going to do for you?:

Save your child's life?...

Okay, maybe that's a little too much to promise but one thing I can promise you is that if you follow my bullet proof method's you and your kids will have a much better chance at not becoming one of the many people that die every day on our roads.

I will walk you step by step through all the things to watch out for and the most common mistakes almost all parents make when teaching their kids to drive. I have witnessed first hand on so many occasions that some of these can be deadly.

If you are one of the unlucky parents that lives the nightmare and gets that knock on the door one day. You will need to be able to honestly tell your self you did everything you could to prevent the tragedy that is losing a child. This training program might just be the thing that stops that from happening all together!

This Training program opened my eyes to all the things that I never thought would be a problem with my own driving and also the way I was teaching my son to drive.

After going over the training program I instantly found that I was doing a bunch of things the wrong way and it also explained to me just how dangerous these can be.

John P Willson, NSW Austrlia


If you answer yes to any of these questions then you shouldn’t miss out on this program
Do you want to be able to lend your kids the car without staying up, waiting to hear it pull into the driveway to know they are safe and it's in one piece?

Do you want to be able to sleep at night knowing that your children have the right mindset and skills it takes to stay safe?

Do you want to know that the other people in the car with your children are safe?

Do you want to be able to see your children grow old and hopefully have children of their own one day?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you should be climbing over your self to click the button below. As a parent myself I know I would!

So what Do you get and how much it's going to cost?

What You Get: Description: Valued At: Safe Driver Training Program - The best driver training program on the internet.
1 Year Of Free Updates - As I update the product you will get access to all the new features at no extra cost.
Unlimited Email Support - You will be given a direct contact email address for me and you can ask as many questions as you like. I will always do my best to help you when I can.
Total Value - You will get all this included for the one low price and also get anything else we add over time.

You get all that for just $59.95!!

Why so cheap you might be asking? Well like I said before, all I need to do is cover my costs and at the moment they are very low. As time goes by things will get more expensive and I will have to increase the price but if you buy now you will not have to pay another cent and you will get access to all the great updates I have planned over the next 12 months.


If your still not sure this product will save lives and not just any lives. The lives of the ones you love the most. I will just have to put my money where my mouth is!

I will give you a 60 day 100% Money Back Guarantee on this training program. That means if for any reason you don't think this is worth every cent I'm asking for it, then all you have to do is ask for your money back. You don't have to give a reason, you don't have to jump through a bunch of hoops. All you have to say is "Give me my money back" and it's yours.

On top of all that I will show you how little I care about the money and to prove to you this is all about safety and saving lives. If you buy this training program and for what ever reason and don't like and ask for a refund I will let you keep it for Free! Even if I refund your money I still want you to have this. This is how much I care about this problem.

Why don't I just give it away for free you might ask? Well I wish I could but as you can imagine, setting up, running and getting the word out for a site like this isn’t free. It's costs a lot of money and the price I charge is just to recoup my costs and keep the site running another day.


Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope you find this as important an issue as I do and I hope this product makes the difference in the lives of many. I truly hope this will save lives and if it's only one, then it was worth every second I have put into it..

P.S. I would just like to thank everyone for supporting us so far. The feedback has been great and we are working overtime at the moment to add as much as possible to the training program. Based on some of the feedback we already have great things planed and some of them are almost complete. Of course all current customers will get these for free and will be getting an email as soon as they are ready for download.

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