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Hey, Kelly Felix here. (founder of the "Rich Jerk")

Many people think my Rich Jerk business was so successful because of a clever cartoon or negative marketing "angle". Sure, the in-your-face marketing was more interesting than your average, every day website.

But it was the content of the ebook that sustained the business, because inside I revealed exactly how I had created dozens of REAL 6 & 7 figure businesses, which others could learn from, emulate, and run with. And I had the proof to back it up.

Without such great content, the Rich Jerk would have been nothing but a joke. A fly by night business. Because no matter how good the marketing is, if a product sucks, it sucks. And people will find out, and the business will die...

Quite the contrary, the Rich Jerk ebook helped thousands of people learn how to make money online, earning a comfortable living from home, and it continues to do so even 5 years later. That really says something.

When I first got into Internet marketing I think what excited me the most was that it seemed so easy. After all, I had seen so many websites claiming they could help me get rich practically overnight, simply by following their idiot-proof system.

Looking back, I realize how naive I was.

What I REALLY needed was a realistic blueprint to follow, and to find a mentor that had a clear cut pattern of success.

But in a sea of promises, who could I believe?

I needed somebody with a long-standing track record of success, who had been consistently praised by past and present customers. And I needed their success to be clearly provable before I handed over any money to them.

I'm talking about detailed case studies showing their success, not just of PAST customers, but CURRENT and ongoing customers. It doesn't just matter what worked in the past. Ultimately it also matters what's

And this is especially true for getting traffic, because as long as you have a steady stream of targeted visitors coming to your website, you will always have plenty of opportunity to make money. And if the traffic is free, all the better.

Currently I'm getting over 160,000 free, highly targeted unique visitors every month to just ONE of my websites that sells a Clickbank product as an affiliate. (Note: I'll try to keep this figure updated, but it increases by about 10,000 every week, so please forgive me if the image isn't always up-to-date with the correct amount.)

One thing that is especially interesting about the image above is that it shows a bounce rate under 50%, an average page per visit over 2, and a time on site average of over one minute. What this means is that over 50% of the people who land on my site find a reason to click through to additional pages and stay for a while - i.e. my page is relevant. Google obviously likes this.

My partner in "Bring the Fresh" is Mike Long. You may have heard his name before, as he's been behind the scenes of some of the largest online product launches in recent history, including a $14 million dollar day.

Mike doesn't just help people with product launches though, he actually has his own dating advice business. And for that business, he currently has over 3.4 million views on YouTube, all free traffic, which he has used to build a 70,000 person double opted in subscriber list and a 7-figure business:

The examples above are important because they show we are not just guys selling "how to get rich on the internet". We actually have our own real businesses, selling real products in various niches, and we are very successful at it.

Feel free to take a look at some of [my earnings](http://bringthefresh.com/testimonials/kelly-results.php).

You can also check out [Mike's earnings](http://bringthefresh.com/testimonials/mike-results.php).

We're all about PROOF.

We've been humbled by the thousands of letters, emails, phone calls and even faxes we've received from customers over the years. People who have taken our blueprints, support and inspiration, and totally run with them.

We constantly try to create a CULTURE OF SUCCESS for ourselves and for our customers. This often means encouraging our customers to cut themselves off from all of the other "noise" out there.

And that is because the most important thing I've learned is that being successful is that it's not about learning some secret... it's about learning what you can IGNORE.

In fact, 99% of the marketing advice and programs being sold out there are not even on my radar - because I flat out just don't need it.

I can't tell you how many times someone has asked me if I've heard of the new best selling "how to make money online" product. 9 times out of 10 I have no idea who or what they are talking about, and I really just don't care.

I know what works for me and what works for my customers. And I rely on my own testing and the feedback I get from customers. That feedback is my most valued asset, and in return it helps me give my customers EXACTLY what they need.

In "Bring the Fresh" we use an over the shoulder approach, where we use video to walk our customers through our current REAL and growing businesses. Nothing is withheld, and we describe the exact steps we're taking with each of them.

But enough from me... why not let a few of our customers speak for themselves.

Mike Swanson bought Bring the Fresh a little over a month ago. At the time he was not in Google for the term "oil stocks." Within 2-weeks he was #6. A few days later he was #4. Then, a few days ago he reported he had jumped to the #1 ranking. Here's his story:


[Click here](http://bringthefresh.com/testimonials/mike-swanson.php) to watch a video of Mike going into more detail about his website and SEO ranking...


Here's an email Bring the Fresh customer Mike Swanson sent to Mike Long a few days ago:

Here's a screen capture of Mike's Google ranking for his site wallstreetwindow:

I saw Kelly's video about the website he was setting up and how it went from zero traffic to thousands of traffic (Kelly's sites got over 160,000 visitors in the last 30-days free from the search engines) and appeared like it was automated, at least the content being generated was automated, and I could kind of tell what he was doing.
After implementing the stuff laid out in the Bring the Fresh Fast Start Guide...I am ranked # 1 for a term with 20 million competition, that is worth $200-$400/day if I was doing pay per click .
Your SEO stuff, that's why I bought the product. But it's more interesting to hear the behind the scenes about your careers in Internet marketing because I can see how you built your business, and some of the mistakes that you made.

A reflective type thing. You sit there and listen to the back and forth. To me that was really interesting.

And it's really unique. There's no other Internet marketing product that really does that.

Mike Swanson,
Danville, Virginia

[Click here](http://bringthefresh.com/testimonials/mike-swanson.php) to watch a video of Mike going into more detail about his website and SEO ranking...


Another customer I have a great respect for is Craig Clemens. I talk to Craig on a regular basis about his businesses, and he always let's me know what he's up to...



(Click Play to listen to a message from Craig)
Hey Kelly,

Craig Clemens here, and I just wanted to say how excited I am that you're finally letting the cat out of the bag on more of your secrets.

...Really the reason that I have money in the bank right now, and the reason I'm actually making money while I'm leaving you this testimonial right now is because of the affiliate marketing strategies that you taught me.
A grand, two grand, three grand every single day in net affiliate commissions. This is still going on till this day.
So thank you sir... Anyone who doesn't buy every single thing you have to offer is absolutely out of their mind, because if what you've done in the past is any indication, this stuff is going to be worth not thousands of dollars but millions to those who actually take the information and run with it.

...It simply does not get any better than the information that Kelly Felix has to offer. So thank you Kelly for all the good advice, and all the dollars you've helped me put in the bank. and I'll talk to you soon!

Craig Clemens
Los Angeles, CA

[Click here](http://bringthefresh.com/testimonials/craig-clemens.php) to read the full testimonial from Craig...


Kris Mainieri, a new Bring the Fresh member, recently called in and left the message below after selling over 34,000 ebooks about how to speed up your computer, at around $50 a pop. All at just 19 years of age. Not too shabby!



(Click Play to listen to a message from Kris)
"Hey Mike and Kelly, this is Kris Mainieri. I just wanted to call in and share some thoughts and my experience with Bring the Fresh. Unlike a lot of people I feel like I'm meeting you guys again.

I've been able to sell over 30,000 copies of my ebook, but when I say it's like I'm meeting you again, like "hello we meet again" was because initially the success and principles I learned from you guys are basically the key factors that allowed me to get where I am right now.
I've reached a very crazy point in my business, I'm actually selling it and making the biggest moves of my life right now Bring the Fresh allowed me to make the biggest key decisions that have resulted in a lot of money coming in my way.
Because of your strategies I've been able to eliminate a lot of paid traffic sources because Kelly shares some really key Search Engine Optimization tactics...

What I love is that you guys have this conversational tone around the course where you really feel like you're sitting in there and just joining a cool conversation with you guys, just chillin in the back yard sharing some cool thoughts and insights and its pretty cool and I really appreciate that conversational tone, I can at least say that it's very refreshing from the whole guru aspect.

Another cool thing is that basically this lifestyle that I've learned from these principles you've taught me from when I was 14 until now has allowed me to create a 6-figure business by the age of 17.

Kris Mainieri
Miami, FL

[Click here](http://bringthefresh.com/testimonials/kris-mainieri.php) to read the full testimonial from Kris...


Another youngster, 19 year old Rory Wilkenson from New Zealand, called in recently to catch us up on how he's doing... (on his way to being a millionaire?)



(Click Play to listen to a message from Rory)
I'm a 19 year old internet marketer from New Zealand and I just wanted to give you a call Kelly just to let you know how much you mean to me and my business, first of all for being such a big inspiration.

Getting me into the Internet marketing industry, it's such a blessing to be involved so young and also just how always when I see you in your videos online and stuff, you just seem to be having so much fun and you have so much passion, and that's something that's really kind of inspired me and what I want to achieve in my own life.

I also want to thank you for your teaching and for what you've shared... I'm thankful for that and your continual coaching, and working with you has been great.

...I think you're great, and I can't wait to possibly work with you down the line... and otherwise just keep up with your great content.

Rory Wilkenson
New Zealand

[Click here](http://bringthefresh.com/testimonials/rory-wilkenson.php) to read the full testimonial from Rory...


Some of our customers put so much hard work and ingenuity into their business they have made much more money than Mike and I combined, like Mark X (anonymity was requested due to the tremendous earnings he has achieved). I know Mark personally, and he recently called in to let me know how he's doing...



(Click Play to listen to a message from Mark)
“Hey Kelly, I just wanted to give you a call and leave you a quick testimonial.

This is Mark. You and I have talked before and met up many times in the past, but I don't think I've ever told you this. I kind of wanted to share a little bit of my story with you, and my debt of gratitude that I have for you.

I have developed a direct marketing empire, which now we do marketing online, on the television, through mail order, through print advertisements and sold well over $100 million in merchandise, just in the last couple of years, and that's really all thanks to you.

It's thanks to your teachings - not only from the technical or tactical things that I could actually use and implement, but from the inspirational side as well.

I found that you really gave me the inspiration to go out there and try something new, and I ended up doing that and it's just been a world of change, you've completely changed my life and the lives of many other people as well...

So I just wanted to call and tell you that today man and just say thanks for everything you've done.

Mark X

[Click here](http://bringthefresh.com/testimonials/mark-x.php) to read the full testimonial from Mark...


Michael Smith got involved with Bring the Fresh because he was just getting back into the SEO game after taking a year off, and until he used our methods he was finding things harder than he expected. Now a few weeks later, he's got top 10 sites with a Google PageRank of 3...



(Click Play to listen to a message from Michael)
Hey Mike & Kelly,

This is Michael Smith from Los Angeles.

I wanted to call in and tell you about some of the success I've been having with your stuff. I'm not new to Internet marketing, been doing it for like 4 years now.

But I've been out of the game for a year now...The problem is that when you take a year off from the affiliate game, things change. I hadn't kept up on the latest traffic and link building method and what I used to do wasn't working.

And I just couldn't get my site to rank. A friend of mine turned me on to Kelly's blog and I used some of his devious SEO strategies, and my problem was solved. My site started ranking.

And his Blog is where I found out about Bring the Fresh, and I decided I should jump on board. I'm loving what you've released so far. The videos are great. Content's looking good.

Thanks a lot.

Michael Smith
Los Angeles, CA

[Click here](http://bringthefresh.com/testimonials/michael-smith.php) to read the full testimonial from Michael...


Patrick Chapin recently used a bit of advice from Mike to help launch a few products related to the card game, "Magic the Gathering". He has been able to cash in nicely, selling out his entire inventory in just a few weeks...



([Click here](http://bringthefresh.com/testimonials/patrick-chapin.php) to watch the entire video testimonial from Patrick)
In our first week and a half we met the numbers our publisher wanted us to sell by the end of the year...you know, that's what he considered to be a success...and we did it in 10 days, so...

When I gave the strategies the benefit of the doubt, then I ended up getting a lot more out of it becuase it's not only about just following the step by step instructions, "these are the commands you have to do" it's more about "This is what you're trying to accomplish, and you're going to have to look inside of yourself to make sure you're doing it the way that it resonates with yourself.

Somebody walked up to me with a printed up copy of my ebook. He had gone to Kinkos or something and he had it bound and printed out and he wanted me to sign it...

And that's when I realized that this is really rewarding. It's not just financial, and it's not just reaching people. Maybe that's kind of selfish, but it felt really good to have made something of substance that's going to last.

Patrick Chapin
Detroit, MI

[Click here](http://bringthefresh.com/testimonials/patrick-chapin.php) to watch the full video testimonial from Patrick...


Jessica Hollies used advice from Mike to strike a deal with Yanik Silver and help run his launch, which resulted in sales of over $400,000...


What I learned from Mike Long was really a complete model, and I had the willingness to make it work, and that was such a valuable asset. I think it was pretty much a no brainer.

[Our launch] is doing really well. We're just over $400,000 dollars in sales.

Jessica Hollies

[Click here](http://bringthefresh.com/testimonials/jessica-hollies.php) to watch the full video testimonial from Jessica...


I met Chad Mac at the Rich Jerk Playboy Mansion Event & Mastermind we held in the summer of 2007. We had about 250 marketers from around the world there, and Chad in particular was able to take some of the ideas he got at the event to start his own business, which is still thriving to this day...



(Press Play to hear the entire message from Chad)
Yo Kelly,

I wanted to give you a shout out, to give you a story on my take on you. I guess it was back in 2007 when we first met up, whenever you did the playboy party...

I was just Joe Schmoe, and I heard about this party and was just getting into the biz. So I said what the hell, I'll go out to LA, see what's going on. What's the worst thing that could happen?

I just assumed that this Rich Jerk guy was "the guy" and I'll never forget man, I think we were by the pool or something like that and I looked over and there you were and I said hey how's it going, and you said "hey this is my party" and it took me aback because ya know, you were the like the most humble guy I've ever met and I was like there's no way this guy...first I actually thought you were lying to me, that's between you and I, but seriously I must admit Kelly, you're one of the most humble dudes that I've ever met in my life.

Much less in this industry, which is pretty freaking rare. And since that party I've really put my life on nitrous, things have been going really fast and it gives me great great pleasure to tell you that I'm kind of like a Kelly Felix in my own industry in some respects, I don't do much of the grunt work any more, but the money is coming in, and I have you to thank for that buddy.

I don't know if I've ever told you that but you definitely instilled some good qualities in me, we'll just say that. But yeah seriously I want to thank you very much for just hanging out and getting to know you as a human being, and not just as some guy who makes a lot of money on the Internet.

I really truly value our friendship and the time we've spent together, and like I said you're definitely a person of extreme integrity and it's just been a pleasure knowing you, so thanks for the experience.

Chad Mac
New Orleans, LA

[Click here](http://bringthefresh.com/testimonials/chad-mac.php) to read the entire testimonial from Chad...

We've been fortunate enough to receive lots of great feedback from our customers, but additionally our peers have really humbled us with their compliments...

The late, great Gary Halbert, who is perhaps one of the most legendary marketers of our time, was kind enough to do the following write up about me...

[Click here](http://bringthefresh.com/testimonials/gary-halbert.php) to read the full testimonial from Gary...

(On Kelly Felix and his Rich Jerk Sales Letter)

...I'm going to reproduce what I believe is the hottest pitch on the Internet today. And you don't have to email a guess why this pitch is so good...That's because I am going to tell you why it's so good...before I let you read it...I can sum it up in two words:

It's REAL.

A lot of people think I wrote this pitch but I did not. But i know the guy who did write it and everything he says is true. If I may dare make a comparison, I'd say he's a lot like me. In other words:

He's the REAL deal.

I know his "numbers" and they are staggering.

This product very definitely has the GHSOA (Gary Halbert Seal of Approval).

Gary Halbert
Los Angeles, CA

[Click here](http://bringthefresh.com/testimonials/gary-halbert.php) to read the full testimonial from Gary...


Frank Kern has worked with Mike on several product launches, which resulted in over $20 million in sales. In the video below Frank talks about working with Mike...



[Click here](http://bringthefresh.com/testimonials/frank-kern.php) to read the full transcript...
I'm really stoked to be doing this interview because lots of people have been hearing the name Mike Long for, gosh, years I remember Ed and I talked about you and your MTGInsider site back in early '04 when we launched underachiever. And I'm on lots of marketing lists, and I see your name a lot on marketing lists.

I guess a lot of people are probably watching this wondering, ok, we've heard this Mike Long character, we've heard his name floating around with these massive product launches. We've heard that that no good Frank Kern was involved in these massive product launches, and what have we done? I guess we shouldn't speak in specifics...I don't know but we did one uh, a couple of months ago that was whatever $14 million dollars...

Frank Kern
La Jolla, CA

[Click here](http://bringthefresh.com/testimonials/frank-kern.php) to read the full transcript from Frank...


John Reese, most known for earning $1 million dollars in 24 hours during his "Traffic Secrets" launch, talks at length below about how he and Mike worked together on the infamous million dollar day.



(Click Play to listen to a message from John Reese)
My close friend Mike Long, who was instrumental in not only helping me manage the whole Traffic Secrets launch, but he was really the guy who said 'Hey, you should shoot for the Million Dollar Day,' and in the beginning I was like 'No, I don't think the market can bear that in one day. Maybe it can do half of that.'

And he's like 'No, you've got to change your attitude.'

And I mean, if you know Mike as well as I do, how positive of a guy he is and the energy he has, and so he was really a great force behind me continuing to work and, you know it's funny, for a couple of months he was running around my house while he was over clapping his hands and chanting 'Million Dollar day' and in hindsight it's kind of amazing that he was really the one who had the faith that it could happen and that it would happen.

And, of course we both went about 2-3 days with no sleep preparing for the launch and getting it all going and it's funny before the million dollar mark hit we were just both really stressed out from just the whole process and so it's funny, me and Mike, it was like 3 or 4 in the morning and we went for a walk just around my parents neighborhood, actually we went a little bit farther away so we went for a mile or so walk just talking about stuff, just to get away from the computers and it's funny when we came back, it was funny we were both talking about it as we were walking up the driveway to my parents house, we were like:

"I bet it just broke the million" and so I'll never forget me and mike both walked into my dad's office where we were both kind of setting up home base with all of our computers and we both pushed the refresh button together at the same time like we both put our finger on it and there it came!

It had exactly broken it, literally a couple of minutes before we'd gotten in there. It was a pretty thrilling feeling it was pretty exciting.

John Reese
La Jolla, CA

[Click here](http://bringthefresh.com/testimonials/john-reese.php) to read the full testimonial from John...


Mike Hill, creator of CPA Tsunami, and frequent invitee to high level marketing masterminds, talks about our first meeting, and shares a few kind words...



(Click Play to listen to a message from Mike)
Hey my name is Mike Hill, I'm from Chico California.

I first met Kelly at a top 100 Internet marketing meeting in Los Vegas Nevada and one of the first things that struck me about Kelly was when we were talking about the state of the industry and the offers people were promoting and the ways they were promoting them, and Kelly immediately stood out to me because he said:

"I hate all that stuff. I hate the way folks are doing these things, and I hate the way they are hurting customers and the way they are hurting consumers and the disinformation that exists in that world."

And for me that was the first time that I heard one of my fellow marketers say exactly what I say all the time and I instantly bonded with him and we've stayed in touch ever since.

And I really think that anything he promotes, he's going to put his heart into, and that anything he creates it's going to be real and be something that's actually valuable for you the consumer or for anyone to take the information and actually use it.

So I give my 100% endorsement behind Kelly Felix, the things that he creates, and I really think that if you want to be successful, and you want to make some money on the Internet you could do a heck of a lot worse than following a guy who has the right intent, who has the history of making money, and the guy who really wants to help others.

So again my 100% solid endorsement for Kelly Felix.

Mike Hill
Chico, CA


Mark Joyner, founder of Simpleology and dozens of other online businesses, called in recently to share his thoughts on myself, and what we're up to here at Bring the Fresh...



(Click Play to listen to a message from Mark)
While I can't talk about using Kelly's information specifically in my business, what I can talk about is how generally impressed I am with him in a number of different ways.

First he built a really amazing brand around the Rich Jerk. Now it was really controversial, and think of the content or the brand as you will, but you can't deny the amazing branding effort that that was.

It's something that really swept into the popular consciousness. And what was really impressive to me about that is that Kelly was able to kind of sit back, he didn't really feel like he had to take the limelight.

This wasn't a personal exercise for him to build his personal brand, this was just him flexing his marketing muscles and from what I've seen of Kelly he's a really laid back cool guy, and a really brilliant marketer and I'm not sure what he's doing with Bring the Fresh frankly, but what I can say is that if it's anywhere nearly as interesting as what he's done up to this point it's definitely worth your attention, so check it out.

Mark Joyner
New Zealand


John Carlton, one of the most well-known copywriters in the world, sent out an email a while back, letting folks know what he thinks about Mike Long...


[Click here](http://bringthefresh.com/testimonials/john-carlton.php) to read the full testimonial from John...

John Carlton
Los Angeles, CA

[Click here](http://bringthefresh.com/testimonials/john-carlton.php) to read the full testimonial from John...


Jeff Mulligan, creator of CBmall, and all around great guy, sent out the following email to his list letting them know how impressed he is with Mike...



[Click here](http://bringthefresh.com/testimonials/jeff-mulligan.php) to read the full testimonial from Jeff...

Jeff Mulligan
Merrimack, NH

[Click here](http://bringthefresh.com/testimonials/jeff-mulligan.php) to read the full testimonial from Jeff...


Bob Serling worked with Mike on his own product launch, taking in over $1 million in sales. Below, he shares a little about Mike with his subscribers...



([Click here](http://bringthefresh.com/testimonials/bob-serling.php) to read the entire message from Bob)

Bob Serling
Cardiff, CA

[Click here](http://bringthefresh.com/testimonials/bob-serling.php) to read the full testimonial from Bob...


George Brown, 19 years old and already two # 1 sellers on Clickbank (Google Sniper & Traffic Ultimatum), shares a bit in an email about how he got started in Internet Marketing...



George Brown
(Google Sniper)


Marketing heavyweight Mike Filsaime filmed a short video below letting his subscribers know more about Mike Long, and how they had worked together several times...



His name is Mike Long. He's been behind the scenes of some of the biggest launches that you've heard of. But one of the things I want you to know is that he's helped me underground with some of my projects.

Mike Filsaime
Long Island, NY


Rick Raddatz, CEO of Xiosoft, sent out the email below describing his experiences with Mike Long, all the way from when they both attended the same seminar as total newbies...



([Click here](http://bringthefresh.com/testimonials/rick-raddatz.php) to read the entire message from Rick)

Rick Raddatz
CEO, XioSoft

[Click here](http://bringthefresh.com/testimonials/rick-raddatz.php) to read the full testimonial from Rick...

Bring the Fresh is a video series that lets you look over our shoulders as we walk you through EVERY aspect of building a business online. YOU are the 3rd person in the room with us.

The phrase “Bring the Fresh” is taken from one of my favorite TV shows called “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. Larry David, the creator (and also the creator of Seinfeld) films the show in a very interesting way. On every day of filming he simply hands the actors a sheet with “bullets” of the points they want to get across or achieve. Then its up to the actors to figure out how to do that, through real, fresh improvisational reactions and dialogue.

Something about that spoke to me, because Mike and I have talked on the phone almost every day for the past 3 years. And every time we hung up, I thought to myself, “Man, I bet so many people could have benefited from listening in on that conversation.” After saying that for years, I finally told Mike we HAD to create a product that lets people listen in and watch us as we discuss our processes for creating successful online businesses.

That is why every video inside “Bring the Fresh” is UNEDITED and ONE TAKE. There are no do-overs. Many times we say things that we wish we wouldn’t have revealed – but it’s real. It’s raw. And we decided to leave it all in. (there are even a few unedited outtakes)

Let’s face it, we’ve all bought products at one time or another that have let us down. And it leaves us somewhat jaded, or with a chip on our shoulder.

While I truly believe most of the marketing “gurus” out there aren’t intentionally trying to rip anybody off, some do seem to get caught up in their own hype machine, and more often than not, they end up promising much more than they can ultimately deliver on.

They just don’t realize that there’s a much better way…

That is why Mike and I have decided to forgo having any employees, and are completely “hands on” when it comes to ongoing support and training.

We give every customer our personal CELL PHONE NUMBERS, and we created a community Yahoo Group that we are involved in every day. We also personally answer every email. In our experience, you will NEVER get that from any “guru”.

This is how I am currently making the lion's share of my revenue online. I will walk you through exactly how my latest website is getting 160,000 unique visitors in the last 30 days – and it’s all free, targeted traffic resulting in my monthly revenue numbers jumping 1500%. I also describe my rinse and repeat process for getting niche sites ranked on page one of Google for my primary keyword, typically in 7-10 days. My markets are revealed, and other totally untapped or lesser competition markets are identified.
While I won’t necessarily claim that Bring the Fresh is the best training ever created for affiliate marketing, if it’s not, I want to know what is.  That’s because Bring the Fresh contains the behind the scenes secrets & strategies of tens of millions of dollars worth of affiliate business that Mike and I have done over the last 10 years, including the REAL stories behind the Rich Jerk and big launches such as the StomperNet $14 million dollar day. These stories has never been told! We also go behind the scenes into the creation of other affiliate powered businesses such as Traffic Secrets and Product Launch Formula.
Mike and I have used video again and again to create an unfair advantage. From screen capture video, to live video, to music video montages, to video books, and even hidden camera video. Walk through a 3.4 million view YouTube account that has resulted in over $1 million in collected revenue (almost all videos with 4.5 stars or better. No tricks involved.) Our Bring the Fresh customers have already been surprised to learn about the advantage that videos and YouTube can provide when it comes to ranking high for SEO.
Most of the businesses that we’ve built and helped build have been driven by great writing. Bring the Fresh is stuffed with the copywriting strategies that have helped us succeed. We pay particular attention to sharing not only how we wrote and performed in the past, but also how we do it right now.
Product creation seems scary to a lot of new marketers. That is why we walk through all of the the facets of creating a product for you to sell online, such as your own ebook. We break it down into step by step, and show examples of products we've created ourselves.
This was one of our heaviest focuses throughout the video training series – relating how we deal with the intimidation of infrastructure. That’s because we’ve heard from a lot of folks that one of the main reasons they get stuck with online marketing is a feeling of intimidation surrounding technology. Mike and I have done all of the “tech” for “Bring the Fresh” with no outsourcing at all. It’s just not that hard. Even if you’re already strong at infrastructure in several areas, you’ll probably pick up at least several tips that will save you time and expand you skills and ability to deliver value to your customers.
Back End Sales Funnel: I walk you through the Rich Jerk’s multi-million dollar per year back-end, frame by frame, including all of the most important details of how the business started small and grew into a runaway train.
Mike has been behind the scenes of dozens of launches, and he’s run them many different ways. He walks you through launch after launch, telling the real behind the scenes stories, in a nuts and bolts way.
I take you inside one of my actual Google Adwords Pay Per Click accounts, walking through 1.6 million dollars in ACTUAL profit. Plus current and updated pay per click strategies.

Here's a screenshot of one of my Google Adwords accounts:

Mike had both a very successful eBay business and two very successful E-commerce businesses, and he takes you inside to show you how he built those businesses. He talks about the insights that allowed him to have an edge over the competition every single time.s
From the approach letter or phone call, to closing the deal. Several deals are discussed in depth, including all correspondences.

We've recorded over 30 hours of video, detailing our step by step proven strategies for building profitable businesses online, for fast and sustainable success.

As a member of “Bring the Fresh”, you'll receive comprehensive, exclusive training in essentially every aspect of building a business online. Every element of our successes (and failures) are covered, giving you an entirely unfair advantage.

You will receive access to the member’s area, including current and future videos for life, along with hotsheets, and an invite to the Bring the Fresh Yahoo Group.

We offer a no questions asked, 60 day money back guarantee. Check out our videos - if you don’t like what you see, just send us an email. No problem. No hard feelings. But with a refund rate under 5%, chances are you’re gonna be introduced to a whole new way of thinking – and a whole new methodology for making money online.

And you can get involved for just $100.


It’s all happening,

Kelly Felix & Mike Long

P.S. If you'd like to take a look at what the members area looks like, check out the image below, and we look forward to seeing you on the inside...


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