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Duality and Multidimensionality
Multidimensionality is Real.

You only have to look at your Cellular Memory and what you 'know' to realise that you exist as someone else, in some other time frame, somewhere else on the planet...

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Would you like to access your other lifetimes and grasp the knowledge you have gained from those experiences?

Learn about duality and multidimensionality and how you can utilise this information to gain the maximum benefit of 'who you truly are'.


You can see from today's movies and animated stories that the concepts of duality and multidimensionality are becoming more well known and viewed as a possibility.

Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves starred in The Lake House where multidimensionality is illustrated clearly - people living their lives in different time frames, yet simultaneously.

This concept is not imagined, it is a reality.

Anything that the mind can conceive is real somewhere in the Universe.

The first thing human beings have to do is get rid of the word "imagination" from their vocabulary.

This concept has been experienced and once accessed can open you up to the whole Universe and the depths of yourself entirely - ie. your soul!

In this Special Report we describe the concept of Duality and Multidimensionality in full and give you the opportunity through meditation to experience this.

We live in a world that is mostly dual and limited.

We have been taught the concept of Right and Wrong and we 'must be right' no matter what.

This mentality is what is keeping us stuck and unable to move forward and evolve.

It is not until we can be wrong that we 'learn' and grow and change who we are.

Duality and Multidimensionality is a little known concept and one which if grasped and experienced fully, can take you to the end of the Universe and beyond, giving you access to all knowledge and skills and abilities learned and unlearned.

It is profound and absolutely possible.

If one human being can do it, all human beings can.

One example in history is Leonardo Da Vinci.

He was Multidimensional in his thought form and action and his information 'spooked' many people of the time and they wanted to remove him because he questioned the principles of Duality.

The world at that time was so narrow and unaccepting that he had to hide all he knew and wrote cryptic messages because if the world knew that he had attached himself to the principle of Multidimensionality, he would have been persecuted for being brilliantly different.

There are many in the world today who are multidimensional but who keep it to themselves for fear of ridicule.

Once a handful of human beings access this potential, imagine how powerful we would become with our thoughts - imagine what potential we could achieve on a global and planetary level.

This Special Report contains a powerful package, whereby you can learn all you need to know about duality and multidimensionality and apply it to your life today.

You will be able to experience immediately the phenomenon of accessing your Higher Self and tapping into your multidimensional self.

Once you gain this access, you have become unlimited.

You can achieve and manifest all that you desire and with your increased integrity and neutrality that true responsibility engages, you can change and evolve into the incredible human being that we all have the potential to become.

It is not out of your grasp.

It is very real and available.

Once you commence this journey you will not look back.

It will be a journey for your soul that will reach beyond anything you can imagine.

And there is even more to experience.


What You Learn in Duality and Multi-dimensionality?

Pendulum of your Higher Self Neutrality and Integrity 'Shafts' Universal Law Cleansing your Biological Cellular Memory Your Guides


Benefits Gained from Duality and Multi-dimensionality:
Learn how to access your Higher Self Learn to become Unlimited and Multidimensional Communicate with your Higher Self through Meditation


Our Offer to You - Special Bonuses

1. As well as the powerful and succinct information you will receive in this Special Report Duality and Multidimensionality, you will also receive FREE another Report on a world first state of the art subject Cellular Memory.

The concept of Cellular Memory is still almost unheard of.

I discovered the key to cellular memory cleansing very early in my life and I have been experimenting and exploring the possibilities of this phenomenon ever since.

It has enabled myself and others to find answers to who we are and why we are the way we are and to actually make evolutionary changes to ourselves, our children and the direction or our planet.

I have spent over 30 years testing my theories on Cellular Memory and I have proven they do work!

My three intelligent, handsome, healthy and successful teenagers are a testament to this work as well as all those who follow the principles advocated.

Each student who comes in contact with these techniques and applies the methods of Cellular Memory cleansing soon realises the validity in this work because they test the process themselves and it works!

2. We will also provide a FREE Worksheet - Your Higher Self for you to immediately put this theory into practice.

So sit somewhere where you will have no interruptions and relearn some old skills you have not used in a while.

3. In addition to this, we offer a FREE Audio CD Communicating with your HIgher Self , which allows you to access your Higher Self and experience Multidimensionality in total.

It is an amazing journey and one you will never forget.

You can continue to utilise this meditation whenever you wish accessing and experiencing as many lifetimes as you desire.

This Meditation CD can be downloaded to an MP3 format.

Alternatively, we can send you the Meditation CD in the mail.

A full list of the Meditation CDs we offer is available at [www.natasha-lakaev.com.](http://www.natasha-lakaev.com)


The Duality and Multidimensionality Package:
Special Report - Duality and Multidimensionality Report - Cellular Memory Worksheet - Your Higher Self Information and Meditation Audio CD - Communicating with your Higher Self

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Total Cost The Duality and Multidimensionality Package - $27 USD



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Happy Reading!!

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Natasha Lakaev

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