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Fed up of sleepless nights? Get your baby sleeping well both through the night and during the day - FAST!!

Do you dread the night ahead? 

Is your baby hard to settle during the day?

Does your baby cry all night?

Let me introduce myself. My name is Saira and I am the proud mum of two beautiful boys aged 6 and 1. As a working mum, I know how hard it can be when your baby won't sleep.

You are up all night with a crying baby and then you need to be up early for the school run and get to work on time, all while trying to function on a few hours of broken sleep.Believe you me, I know what it's like, and it's not pleasant.

You are walking around like a zombie all day, too tired to think let alone do things. And then it gets worse. You have endless chores to do and your baby won't sleep during the day either, leaving you with precious little time to squeeze everything in.

Sound familiar? It does to me! After spending the first eight months of my eldest son's life as a sleep-deprived zombie, up anywhere between 7-10 times a night, I decided drastic action was needed.

I decided to do the one method I really didn't want to try - the controlled crying method. I sat outside my son's room that night crying as I heard my beautiful baby crying his eyes out for 45 minutes before he finally fell asleep. I was heartbroken.

I repeated this for the next three nights and on night four, he went straight to sleep without a peep. But, the whole process was for me, very traumatic.

Even though my son is a gorgeous and cheeky six year old now with no memory of what happened, the incident is firmly etched in my mind. There had to be a better way.

So naturally when my second son was born, I went to a lot of trouble to do a lot of research to prevent those sleepless nights and more importantly, those heart-wrenching sobs from my baby.

Seeing how well my new found techniques have helped my second son have virtually no problems, friends and family members have been coming to me ever since for help and advice. And here's the thing - it really works.

After many requests, I finally put together [The Ultimate Sleep Guide](http://1.arfasaira.pay.clickbank.net) so that everyone who is anyone can have restful night's with their little ones.

So what does this guide contain?

·        Essential tips to get your newborn sleeping well

·        The one thing you should always do to get your baby into a good routine

·        The things you should never do to get your baby to sleep

·        Practical advice on creating a routine

·        Creating flexible routines which work around you and your family

·        Ways to avoid endless sleepless nights

·        Common problems that affect sleep

·        Help and advice from newborn to pre-school

·        The crucial link between feeding and sleep - get this wrong and your child will never sleep through the night

·        Different methods of sleep training other than controlled crying!

·        No need for endless hours of crying and guilt!

·        Solid advice on naps and why they are essential to help your baby sleep well at night - miss this and you will have a fretful child

·        Nap schedules that work and change as your baby grows

·        Solutions to changes in a child's routine and how to get back on track


With [](http://www.ultimatesleepguide.com/page3.htm)[](http://www.ultimatesleepguide.com/page5.htm)[](http://www.ultimatesleepguide.com/page3.htm)[](http://www.ultimatesleepguide.com/page5.htm)[](http://1.arfasaira.pay.clickbank.net)[The Ultimate Sleep Guide](http://www.ultimatesleepguide.com/page5.htm), you are GUARANTEED to have your child sleeping well within 7 days, with results in as little as 3 days.

What price would you pay for a good night's sleep? Just think of the benefits to you and your baby:

·        12 hours sleep for your baby during the night

·        At least 3 hours naptime during the day

·        More energy to cope with the day ahead - who doesn't need that?

·        A rested, happy baby

·        Assurance of knowing your baby is thriving and getting the sleep they need for growth and development

·        Improved concentration skills for your child

·        Setting good sleep habits for life

·        You and your family finally going to sleep at night with the comfort and knowledge that you will have a peaceful night

·        No stressing over when baby needs to feed or sleep

·        Simple routines that even someone who has never done babysitting can do with confidence

·        A more confident you! Yes, believe you me, as a parent you need the re-assurance you are doing the best job, and nothing is better than a happy baby to boost your confidence in your own parenting skills!

[](http://www.ultimatesleepguide.com/page3.htm)[](http://1.arfasaira.pay.clickbank.net)[T](http://www.ultimatesleepguide.com/page3.htm)[he Ultimate Sleep Guide](http://www.ultimatesleepguide.com/page5.htm) is the only guide you will ever need on sleep. Why? Quite simply, it works!


'I can't believe how well Maaney is doing, he is such a good baby! Your methods are definitely working, and that means less stress for everyone else.'

Miss S Sardar, aunty to 6 month old Maaney


So what are you waiting for? If like me, you think your baby will improve in time, then you are in for a nasty surprise! The truth is, babies are creatures of habit. If they have always given you a bad night, they always will.

Don't let another sleepless night pass you by - you owe it to yourself and to your child.[ For only £9.99, you can ](http://www.ultimatesleepguide.com/page3.htm)[buy The Ultimate Sleep Guide NOW! ](http://1.arfasaira.pay.clickbank.net)

That's a small price to pay for a good night's sleep!

[ ](http://1.arfasaira.pay.clickbank.net)

Just click on the link to [instantly download The Ultimate Sleep Guide](http://www.ultimatesleepguide.com/page3.htm) and start getting your life back now!!

The Ultimate Sleep Guide is a digital download in PDF format and will arrive in your inbox upon payment via paypal.

If you have any questions or queries, you can contact me at:  mail@ultimatesleepguide.com




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