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PROMANIS EXCELS is providing experienced, professional and friendly
consultants who can understand you and your company. Whether its
Project Management, Business Development or general IT Consulting - we
care about building your business.

Promanis Publishing

Practical Project Management Book
Recently our senior project manager, Michael Snoswell, condensed his
project management training notes from his 25 years experience into a
single book of sage advice for our clients. Usually this material is
covered in a two day workshop costing our clients over $3,000. Whilst
you won't have the customised mentoring given in the live session,
this book provides key advice that has already saved our clients tens
of thousand of dollars. This book does not tell you how to manage
projects, many other books do that very well. Once you've read them
and studied project management then we suggest you look at this book
to learn how it's really done in the real world. Available online as
an pdf ebook for $49.95 it can be downloaded immediately after

to purchase the Project Management Book now.

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Project Management Processes
If required, Promanis will provide Templates and Example documents
for project management to our clients, this includes documents
defining the project management process. Usually these documents are
heaily modified for each client's specific needs, however as a
starting point these documents provide a valuable advantage to our

Publishing News

Proactical Project Management ebook released to the public
(previously only available in note form for clients)

Publishing section added to website

Affiliate Program

Promject Management Processes Resale
Promanis has commenced a program to allow the resale of their
packages PM Processes through carefully selected interstate and
overseas consultancies that meet our criteria for professionalism,
integrity and project management excellence.

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