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GOOD NEWS FOR Senior Executive, CEO’s, Managing Directors, General Managers Regional managers, National Managers… In fact ANY EXECUTIVE who Has to Transition in their Career, But Can't Get Started ... or need advice…

Discover ECMS (Effective Career Management System) taught to thousands of executives since the early ‘90’s. These cutting edge techniques get you to professionally re-write a winning resume. Get the maximum impact with those who matter: the hiring executives, either HR Managers, or Line Managers, or CEO’s or Presidents or the Board of Directors.

Uncover how to Boost Your Career by Developing Your Personal USP (Unique selling proposition)

The book looks wonderful and it has focussed me on re-writing my resume and would give me motivation if I needed to search again.

A fantastic resource for job seekers, unique in it's freshness and it’s clear, direct calls to action.  The easy to follow steps give motivation in a most welcoming and professional way. 


Greg Webster


This book is just great! It captures really well the essentials that are so obvious, but that very few seem to know about together with some valuable surprises.

This book is straightforward, practical, motivational, professional and certainly fills a need in the market for executives on the move.

Anyone who is in the market or is seeking change, should have a copy. If you follow these steps, you will achieve your goal and save a fortune in coaching fees!

I highly recommend it.


Aisling Monahan
Inside Inspiration Pty. Ltd.


From Edua Potor – Writer, Consultant, Strategic Researching Specialist
Sydney, Australia

Dear Executive,

If you want to learn how to write a killer resume that truly portrays your experience, and reflects your USP, Unique Selling Proposition, and that get the attention of hiring executives… then this could be the most important message you've read all year.

And the good news is - your task has just become a lot easier. You'll soon discover how to write a resume that is


Something truly unique that no one else can offer

Compelling enough to influence or motivate the reader in wanting to meet with you

And you won't be sweating bullets about wondering if it is a true reflection of your background, if it will be read or rejected. No. You'll soon have the ability to quickly and easily write your resume, which is a skill that can be learned. All you need is a simple formula to follow ... a roadmap that'll keep you on track while side-stepping the pitfalls.

But the resume writing is only a small part of the book.

There is so much more for you to benefit from, starting with where you are right now.

And now it's never been easier. Here's how...


My name is Edua Potor ... and prior to choosing Australia as my home, I lived in several countries in Europe and Africa and accumulated a great deal of cross-cultural experience. I am multilingual with a tendency to favour French as my second language.

My working career in Melbourne, started with residential and commercial real estate, followed by a move to Queensland to launch the Northern Regions for an International   Information Company. I subsequently worked with a Television Station where I developed a good commercial understanding of the advertising industry.

I established myself in Sydney in 1986, and decided to utilise my Sales and Marketing skills in the recruitment of Executive Personnel. Thus far, I have accumulated more than 20 years experience in Personnel, specialising in executive recruitment in five different disciplines. During these years, I interviewed well over 15,000 candidates and worked with 160 of the top 500 National and International Companies.

In 1993, I formed my own company and ran two offices in Sydney, and a few years later, sold out to a medium size recruitment firm, where I took on the role of General Manager and Human Resources Manager.  I restructured the company, corporatised it, created a new image and powerfully re-positioned it in the market. I also re-trained all the consultants and through these strategic steps, tripled the revenue of the firm.

Having experienced recruitment at various levels and in different roles, one area still remain untouched: ”Research” and “Talent management”, which created a career change in 2006.This later choice was supportive to my present studies for a degree in Homeopathic medicine.

As you can see, my exposure to meeting executives, just like you, whose career requires a boost, or a total shift, is something that I do have a lot of experience with.

From the questions asked at interviews, I came to realise that there was a gap in the market in terms of available information, certainly in a workbook format, for an accessible investment. In this book, you will find quite a few practical solutions to planning your career, the essentials to interview success, accessing the hidden job market, successful career transitioning and more.


Let me ask you...

Are you getting nowhere with your job search?

Is your current position unstable?

Have you been made recently redundant?

Are you now concerned about your career options, or you career direction?

Are you a high achiever but an inexperienced job hunter?

Are you selling yourself short at the interview?
Are you looking for something more?

Chances are, you might be confused or frustrated, or even disheartened and unsure how to tackle the next step. You may have tried to secure interviews and did not succeed.

And it's not your fault. You see, the trouble is, you never get taught how to plan a career, how to sell yourself at an interview, how to write a powerful winning resume, how to find positions that are not advertised, how to use your network that gets the results that are intended. And without the proper training, the end result is often confusing at best, and sometimes downright depressing.

And most of the executives I speak to, either were accustomed to be headhunted, or never had problems in securing the role they wanted in a buoyant market.

But the rules have changed and the economy has impacted on the hiring market and most executives were never taught that 78% of the positions are never advertised.

Do you know how to tap the hidden market?

I'm constantly amazed when I enter into an advertised campaign about a position, how many responses are sent which are not relevant to the role, or am bewildered that there are still so many poorly written resumes, at senior level.

And when I approach senior executives, so many either do not have a resume, or haven’t updated theirs for years, and are not sure how to present themselves on paper.


In summary, this is what I find:

Applications irrelevant to the role

Lengthy, hard to read and hard to understand

Poorly laid out

Very boring 

Not reflecting the right level of seniority

Not including achievements, nor quantifying them

Not containing a career statement

Not outlining a USP


And applicants tell me things like :

"I dread writing my resume, It has been such a long time ago, I just don't know where to start."

"Resume writing takes me too long to do."

"Can you send me an example for me to follow?”

"Why should I bother to apply/ to seek change when there is so much competition?”

"I am confident in a presentation at board level, but interview questions there days are really tricky and don’t allow me to truly represent myself."

"What I really want it to secure the next level up, but that space is restricted to just a few, so how will I look different and be of competitive interest?”

"How do I change industries, is it possible at my age?”
"How do I get back in the work force after having taken a sabbatical?”
What does surprise people is that all these issues can be effectively overcome.

Here is how interviewing more than 15,000 executives and senior executives has taught me about writing powerful resumes, shinning at interviews and tapping the hidden market:

All you have to do is apply a proven, structured, step-by-step process, and follow a few simple rules. That's it. There's nothing mysterious about it. Just follow the formula and you can easily produce powerful results for yourself.

Write a resume which gets read, gets action and gets you in front of hiring managers with interview techniques to get you the results you want. It really is this simple.

I was offered the position!

This is what you will say when you have read this book and completed the exercises.

Here's your ticket to a quantum leap in the quality of your job search and your uncovering of the hidden job market.

Effective Career Management System

This exclusive and powerful system is packed with ingenious, proven and practical techniques. In the ECMS system, you get:


A step-by-step, logical process to planning your career. Look at your present situation, what you have to offer, Develop your personal USP, Create the life you want by finding your purpose and more.


A simple set of rules to plan your career strategy by writing clearly stated goals. You'll be amazed at how much more impact your goals will have on your career.


Tips on resume writing, structure and layout, so that your resume looks professional and easier to be noticed.


A “HOW TO” guidelines to prepare yourself for the interview so that you give yourself every chance to succeed.


The ECMS system to master interview question, including Behavioural interview questions to persuade and influence decision makers.


How to approach the “Hidden Market”, researching and conducting networking meetings for maximum impact.


This system makes it super-easy to understand some of the most powerful techniques available for writing a killer resume. The information it contains has been adapted from my intensive research and added to information compiled over more than over 20 years and highly successfully applied to executives and senior executives over the years. The Effective Career management System has been especially written for Business

People, Executives, Senior Executives, Managing Directors, Regional, National and State Managers needing to secure their next step, or wanting to move up or seeking a strategy for their career transition.

I've taken all of the best information which has been honed and refined over the past 20years—and packed it into an easy-to-use, step-by-step, self-paced career management system.

The manual is crammed with advice, information, hot tips, exercises and of course the practical, step-by-step ECMS process.

But that's not all.

Here is your Free Bonus
for ordering today…



The Resume Template Kit  contains 14 examples of executive resumes, so that you can easily copy the information you need today.

If you are in a hurry and can only read the book later, this will give you examples you can use right now.

However, if this is what you need , right now, because you are applying for a role today, or if you have been requested to send you resume, make sure that you read the chapter on How to Write a Killer Resume, as this will give you the explanation as to why specific information just HAS to be in your resume and in which format.

Valued at $192, you get the Resume Template Kit FREE when you order the Effective Career management System.

This valuable kit has 14 resume templates in MS Word. You will find a template for most types of executive roles you need to write about. And the list is being added to all the time. You can go back time and again to this valuable, FREE resource.

These templates will help you write your resume for these types of positions:

Business Development Executive

Business Owner

CEO- Chief Executive Officer

CFO Chief Financial Officer

Finance – Operations Executive

General Manager – Company Director

Engineering Executive

Product and Market Strategy Analyst

VP Sales – Regional/National Sales Manager 

Strategic Marketing Executive

Senior Executive - Technology

All the templates are carefully chosen and will give you that professional edge. And as I said, the list is being added to all the time.

Using the templates will mean that you can:
Immediately improve the look of your resume, with professional formatting and layout. Utilise these as examples to adjust to your own resume. Have a starting point, so you can begin writing immediately, rather than procrastinating or putting the task off because it’s “too hard” or “too tedious”. Impress the hiring executive with the speed at which you can respond to their request for information about your background and your professionalism for the content of the document

Now you may be asking yourself,
"How does this person know so much?"

Good question....

The truth is, I “practice what I preach”. I am still working in the industry, as a Strategic Sourcing Specialist and spend many hours each week looking at and assessing resumes, researching the market, headhunting executives, interviewing them for my clients.

I have stopped counting the number of resumes I would have read over the years, but would not be surprised if it was close to 250,000. Simple maths.

I have recruited for clients in the following industries
* Government agencies * Printing * Mining * Software companies * Engineering firms * Utilities * Banking and Finance * Manufacturers * IT and Technology * Health and Pharmaceutical * Packaging * Building and Construction
and many more!

I have interviewed, coached and assessed thousands of applicants for the following positions:
* Sales Managers * Business Development * Mining Engineers * General Managers * Service Engineers * Manufacturing Managers * Managing Directors * Chief Executive Officers * Marketing Managers * Medical Director * Chief Operating Officers * Chief Financial Officers
and many more!

I have delivered recruiting/resume writing workshops in private companies and to College students.

What this means is that you’re getting the benefit of my years of practical experience. I have fine-tuned my formulas every step of the way, until I’ve built up a wealth of techniques and strategies which can now greatly improve your career management strategy.

In fact, I am sure that you will be 100% satisfied with the Effective Career Management System.


The 100% No-Risk-To-You Guarantee

I personally guarantee that you will be absolutely delighted with my Effective Career Management System.
In fact, I invite you to use this program and put all the risk entirely on me. If at any time in the next 60 days you feel that it falls short in delivering some of the changes you are bound to experience, as a result of the exercises you will do, or the tips you will learn with interviewing techniques, or the fine tuning of the writing of your resume, or the uncovering of the “hidden market” and networking advice, just let me know and I'll be happy to give you a full refund, no questions asked.
In fact, if after doing all of this, and practising these tips you find for any reason you have not experienced ANY change, or learned anything at all, and are not satisfied, I want you to demand your money back.
You can even keep the entire Effective Career management System valued at $629 as my way of thanking you for looking over the material.


Now, if you're getting excited about the idea of being able to rejuvenate or change your career, re-write your new killer resume quickly and easily, but are worried you won't be able to afford your own copy of my ECMS System, let me put your mind at ease right now...

Because of my background and experience, I can easily sell this information for well over $250.00. In fact I checked what consultants are charging these days to help write professional resumes for you. I found out that the going rates are from $175.00 to $375.00 . This is for resume writing only.
However, if you are also and mostly interested in

Improving your ability to market yourself Looking for something more Developing a strategy to access the 78% of unadvertised positions Taking action to avoid costly periods of unemployment Seeking a genuine growth experience Searching for a clear direction and strategy Moving to the next level in your field
Human Resource Managers would pay at least $ 224.00 for the “company manual”.

Most specialised consultancies in that field are charging anything from $2,500 to $3,500 for a total Career Management Package.

Admittedly, what they offer is to hold your hand, motivate you, enrol you in workshops and offer a support system for you. And they do a good job of it.

Guess what?

My book will teach you exactly what they will teach you. Their advantage is the support and the internal network, the personal touch and face to face interaction.

The advantage you will have with purchasing my book instead, is that I love giving people really great value and am not doing this only for the money. So, I am selling my entirely unique, immediately usable, and extremely simple yet powerful ECMS System – the EFFECTIVE CAREER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM for only $94.

And let’s face it, the benefits from just one or two of the principles in my system will save you hundreds of hours and possibly thousands of dollars.

Urgent: Time-Sensitive Discount!

During the price-testing phase of my offer, I would like your permission to offer you a special discount off my System if you order now! You can save $57 immediately off the original price of $94.00 and

download my System right now for
only $37!



A variety of credit cards is accepted.

Please note: this special discount is only being offered during my testing phase, and is closely monitored on a daily basis. It can be changed at any time. However, I will honour the discount pricing on all orders that I receive in the next 24 hours.

And the best part is, you can have it within minutes from now because it is available for instant download!


In fact, let me make it very simple for you to take advantage of this information right now. I'm going to give you two more FREE gifts along with the system and the Template Kit, making this entire offer valued at over $600.

Order now and you will also receive:



Here are 6 books on success, wealth, mental and thinking power to support you throughout your journey. You can add these to your success library to get empowered from the inside out, whilst you are working towards your goals.


The Science of Getting Rich – Wallace Wattles – 66 pages

The Power of Concentration - Theron Dumont – 97 pages

The Power of Thought – Henry Thomas Hamblin – 42 pages

Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon hill – 235 pages

Thought-Force in Business and Everyday Life – William Atkinson – 71 pages

The Edinburgh lectures on mental Science – Thomas Troward – 67 pages



The success Affirmation mind movie

This unique mind movie contains powerful motivational affirmations for success, generally and success with your career.

Imagine yourself…
succeeding at a difficult interview been congratulated having a letter of offer in your hand climbing the ladder of success earning what you deserve been promoted and much more…
The power of setting goals, writing down affirmations, seeing them in pictures, with a powerful musical background, is another tool you can support yourself with.

Watch this “mind movie” before going to your interview and prepare your mind for success.

In summary, let’s look at what you’re getting:
Here's what you get... Separate purchase ECMS Effective Career Management System
$225.00 Free Gift #1: 14 resumes Templates Kit
$197.00 Free Gift #2: 6 free books
$150.00 Free Gift #3: Success Affirmation mind movie  
Total value
Your price
Total package savings



Instant Access!

Buy on-line with Credit Card by Secure Server. You'll be redirected to our order page on Clickbank, which means that you have the advantage of Clickbank’s secure processing. Once processed, you will be granted immediate access to begin downloading your course and FREE bonus material! Plus, your personal information is completely SAFE!

Effective Career Management System.


To order now, click above to pay by credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Eurocard, Visa-Debit, MasterCard-Debit, and Novus cards.

Note: You are ordering a downloadable product (Adobe PDF), which means you will be able to start using the System within minutes of placing your order!


To your success


P.S. Don't forget, you'll be able to download the system immediately. Five minutes from now, you'll be on your way to quick starting your career 

P.P.S. Don't forget the "Limited Time Special" price of $37 can be guaranteed for the next 24 hours only. After that it could be increased back to the normal price at any time.


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