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[Chatter Direct](http://chatterdirect.com/)

Direct Response Chat System
Ready to influence your users with just ONE piece of code?

[](/buy) Non Obstructive to the User

Ability to Change Chat Avatar

Customize Avatar Screename

Ability to Adjust Chat Text

Time Delay Sensitive

Geo Location Context

Quick and Painless Install

No Database Needed

60 Day Guarantee
If in 60 days you find Chatter Direct is not that valuable to your online marketing efforts. Let me know and I will just buy it back from you. Simple. I will buy my own product from you but I will let you keep it. I am that confident in Chatter Direct.


It was amazing the difference in CTR when I applied Chatter Direct to my prior sales pages. It literally beefed up my opti-in rate with just a simple code change.

Chatter Direct definitely is worth more than what is being charged. Especially since I bought my other popup scripts for over 50$ each! The price of this product should be 5 times more!


As an affiliate getting the users's attention is very important. This simple code gave me the ability to increase my commissions by over 110%. Very impressive.

I never thought a chat window can change the way a person thinks and react. Definitely impressive.


Chatter Direct is a must have. If you want to keep up with the ever changing internet.

This new concept has brought more eyes to what I needed to say. The blindness of overlay popups are getting pass everyone and Chatter Direct changes this blindness.

Browser Friendly

Ready to Influence Your Buyers Immediately with a SUPER Simple Concept they won’t find Intrusive… at ALL!

Skills Required: Copy and Paste.

One of the first things I notice when I land on a sales page or a pitch website are those slide in popups or overlay popups. They have become so popular, regular websites and blogs are starting to use them as well.

I have found this annoying from website to website. If as a marketer I am finding these unblockable pop-ups annoying, then a good number of users out there are finding it just as annoying.

The big problem about these annoying pop-ups is they actually work! They take the attention off the user and redirect it to their unblockable pop-up.

The problems are these tactics only attract a certain type of user and filter out the rest of the crowd. This means we lose a big portion of potential buyers, which is not good.

Why do we lose the rest of the traffic… because these things are annoying!

Fortunately, I wanted to come up with a way to still utilize that same concept but have a positive effect on the user. How am I able to utilize the concept of a pop-up without ruining the web experience of the user?

It hit me, Here’s my story…

I was on Facebook one day and my friend decided to talk to me directly via Facebook chat. I have been using Facebook chat for a while now to stay connected with friends and family. One day I literally logged on Facebook and BOOM right away a Facebook chat message pops up from my cousin talking about a road trip to Canada.

I then realized that pop-ups grabbed my attention and I did not find it intrusive, obstructive, or most importantly annoying.

I just looked at my cousins chat window and thought, “What if I can utilize this as a marketing tactic?” I did and here you are reading my little excerpt of a story about how I came about Chatter Direct.

In reality, online chats have been part of the internet since the days of AOL. Chats have revolutionized the way we interact with each other. In fact, chats programs were the first waves of social media!

Chat programs have grown ever since and have expanded into new fields such as Facebook and Myspace. These chat systems has positively influenced users in how they interact with someone.

With that said, Chatter Direct leverages these positive influences that the chat system has created over the years and I am able to leverage that influence with a small code to help with my marketing efforts.

Today, I want to share this little concept with you. It has helped me get connected with my users right away and gives me the ability to get their attention without being annoying.

Chatter Direct features includes….
Facebook Look and Feel
Facebook is so user friendly that their interface and color is accepted. Utilizing the feel of Facebook chat inherits the sense of trust factor to the end user. Ability to Change Avatar
Test which avatar you want to use. Get personal and use your own. Catch the male demographics and use a female face or vice versa. Ability to Change your Avatar Screename
Use your name to get personal with your buyers or users. Create an imaginary name and test which names work and converts better. Adjust your Chat Text
Adjust the context within the chat. Make it seem a chat appeared meant for the user. Painless install (copy and paste)
This is one of the easiest scripts to install on your website. Literally you have to just copy and paste the code we give you on to your site. Save and Done! Load Always or Every 24 hours
Don’t want to annoy repeated users? No problem, you can let Chatter Direct load once every 24 hours. Every unique user will see Chatter Direct once. Time Delay your Chatter Direct Pop-Up
Adjust how many seconds you want Chatter Direct to appear once a user lands on your page. It can be 5 minutes or it can be instantly. Geo Targeting within the Chat
State the user’s location within your chat. Use that to your advantage and let them think you are in their area.
Chatter Direct gives you the ability to instantly create, influence, and utilize the 3 seconds of choice a user has when they arrive to your website.

It is a simple concept which uses the positive influence of chat from the past years and leveraging that experience into our marketing.

As I stated above, those unblockable pop-ups work, but what percentage of your traffic find it annoying and unfortunately close out of it?

A lot of people online are getting smarter, especially if they are seeing these pop-ups everywhere and on every site. It is time to be creative and come up with an alternative way to still grab the user’s attention without the nuisance.

With Chatter Direct you can leverage their 3 second attention span and utilize it to your advantage. The reason why Chatter Direct doesn’t displease is because of the positive influence chat programs have revolutionized the internet.

Are You Ready to Expand your Marketing Tactics?

Don’t wait another minute to get started with Chatter Direct. There’s zero risk. We have a 60 day guarantee. If you do not find it valuable to your marketing needs, let me know and I will buy it back!

You won’t believe how easy it is to install this system. It only takes a minute to be fully up and running, and from there all you have to do is copy a piece of code and paste it! Simple!


It is an honor for me to continue to build quality marketing products that I can contribute back to the online marketing community.

These products are ideas that spark from my head and have been put the the test prior to making my own tools public. I hope that these products will help you increase your marketing ROI as it has done for me.

P.S. – Do you want to be like everyone else? It is time to be different and stick out. If you are not different from everyone else, then your chances of success is very limited. Let Chatter Direct be your [first step in utilizing a new concept of marketing](/buy).

P.P.S – Chatter Direct has a [60 day “Buy it Back” Guarantee](/buy). If you do not find Chatter Direct useful, just let me know and I will buy Chatter Direct back from you. You really have nothing to lose

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