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Welcome to CNATestCoach.com!

Your free online CNA information and State Certification resource!  Here, you will find helpful information and everything Certified Nursing Assistant related. If you are looking for accurate information or guidance concerning the CNA Exam, please use the links below to navigate through our website:
[You are considering CNA as a career path. ](http://cna-test-coach.com/cna-description) [You have decided to get CNA-Certified. Now what?](http://cna-test-coach.com/become-a-cna) [You are getting ready to take the CNA State Exam](http://cna-test-coach.com/cna-state-exam) [You failed the State Exam – Time for coaching!](http://cna-test-coach.com/cna-study-guide)
For more information, please refer to the FAQ section of the website.  Beyond that, feel free
to contact me using the contact form (under the Contact Tab).


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Hello future CNA success stories! My name is Suzanne and I am the Certified Nurse Assistant behind CNATestCoach.com. My hope for this site is to be an information portal to the world of CNAs. Whether you are doing your preliminary research on a possible new career path or looking for CNA test support, it is my goal to deliver you the most up-to-date and helpful information.
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