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"You've made a believer of me"

“I just don't write things like this , but I have to tell that, as a physician and surgeon, I was more than doubtful that your program had the answer to my back that has plagued me for decades following multiple traumas. Yet I've got to tell you that using those exercises for the first time ... the pain was gone. Of course, the next day I can feel it gradually returning, but I now know that completing your set of exercises will once again free me of that chronic pain. You've made a believer of me.”


Dear Back Pain, Sciatica or Bulging Disc Sufferer,

How would you like your back to benefit from the 1973 NASA discovery? Listen to this...

On May 25, 1973 13:00:00 NASA launched Skylab 2 with Astronauts Pete Conrad, Paul Weitz and Joseph Kerwin on board. They stayed in space for 28.03 days.

Upon arrival back on earth they were examined thoroughly to see what the effects were of space travel on their bodies. They had grown up to three inches taller!

Within 10 days back in gravity the astronauts resumed their normal lengths, gravity had compressed their spines again. NASA thus discovered for the very first time that our spines can truly decompress.

Since then researchers have looked for ways to undo the effects of gravity and lengthen the spine.

The unique "Life Without Back Pain In 24 Hours" program is especially developed to make the crucial benefits of this NASA discovery available to you...

And lucky for you, you do not have to go into orbit to to get these benefits...

Your Back Too Can be Army Strong...Without Enlisting

The US Army realizes that training soldiers for war puts enormous amounts of stress on their bodies. Which leads to compression of the spine, which can lead to back problems. To prevent Back Problems from occurring the US Army uses decompression and mobilization.

Here is what Colonel Rieger, Commandant of US Army Physical Fitness School at Fort Benning, Georgia, says:

“We believe in the value of inverted decompression and mobilization......(it) provide(s) an ideal way to mitigate the stress of jumping, running and other strenuous tasks we require our soldier to regularly perform.”

Col. William R. Rieger
Commandant, U.S. Army Physical Fitness School

Life Without back Pain In 24 Hours allows you to use the same principles of mobilization and decompression that the US Army uses, in the comfort of your own home...

" didn't need surgery in the end..."

“I suffered from back pain for 5 year as a result of a motorcyclist knocking me down at a crossing. As a result I ended up with a herniated disc and terrible back pain.


I was referred by my GP to a back doc who sent me on an intense course of physio and pain killers with limited results. To make along story short I went back and fort for a while. I was then referred to neurologist for surgery to remove the disk.


This is where I started searching for alternatives and found your web page and started to read other peoples testimonies about their similar back problems.


After I started to read the whole e-book, and do the exercises I was surprised and impressed at the immediate results.


I started feeling relief from the pain. I thought I would never get rid of, only through surgery. As I got more familiar with the exercises my back got stronger and more flexible.


I changed my diet and my posture improved and I started to drink more water, which had a positive effect on my back. I do the exercises three times a week and feel great. I didn’t need the surgery in the end and it all thanks to one e-book.


I can’t thank you enough for this e-book and all the time you spent researching it.”


- David Ginty

Back Pain, Sciatica And Bulging Discs Are Just Different Manifestations Of Only One Underlying Problem...

BeatingBackPain Research confirms that the number one cause of all back troubles has to do with NOT treating your back right.

As unpleasant as this may sound, it puts the onus on you and if you dare to accept that thought, rays of hope will shine down on you...and your back.

You are probably mistreating your back and may not even know it

...the sheer fact that people mail us to tell their sciatica is gone, canceled surgeries and disappearing back pains, all with this single program, surely will encourage you to take charge and do something about your troubles?...

Treat Your Back Right
And Your Body Will Heal Your Pain

Your body knows how to heal cuts, it wants to do the same for your discs, your sciatica and your inflamed back, all it needs from you is to simply cooperate with your body's own healing and STOP working against it...

The ultra efficient Life Without Back Pain in 24 Hours program teaches you exactly what to do to allow your body to heal your pain. It can truly be that simple for so many and we guarantee it.

Former Back Pain Sufferers in 93 Countries Swear By It...
Now You Can Too

You too can have the same ultra fit back as astronauts and soldiers simply by joining the growing number of people from 93 countries who left their back pain behind and tried our simply system.

Here’s what you’ll learn in our worldwide bestseller: “Life Without Back Pain in 24 hours”

You too can have the same ultra fit back as astronauts and soldiers simply by joining the growing number of people from 93 countries who left their back pain behind and tried our simply system.

Here’s what you’ll learn in our worldwide bestseller: “Life Without Back Pain in 24 hours”
3 things absolutely essential for a healthy back (page 6) why your spine and your vertebrae need to be in the S-shape to stay healthy and what to do to get them in that S-shape (page 9) the exact process of hydrating your intervertebral discs and why this is so important  (page 10) what your discs really do and why you need to know this even if you do not have bulging discs – YET! (page 11)

"Completely Gobsmacked By Results..."

“In December 2005 I crawled to my doctors surgery (literally!) for the fopurth time in two weeks.  I could not straighten my back and could not cough or laugh without excruciating pain.  


Finally he put me intouch with a consultant neurosurgeon who ordered an MRI which showed that I had a slipped disk in the lower back and would require surgery.  


He was insistent that surgery was the only cure and would be needed immediately so I agreed to have it done.  Three days later I had a lumber discectomy by keyhole surgery which was deemed a great success. The pain in my legs was gone as was the excruciating pain in my back.  


Now I had only six weeks to wait while the wounds healed and I would be right as rain again.  Six weeks later I was totally healed and delighted with life.


However On December 25th of 2006, I turned in my bed and lo and behold - the same back pain again although perhaps not quite as bad. I took plenty of muscle relaxants and painkillers for that day and the next and since it was the Christmas period and in Ireland everything shuts down for a week I began to look up the internet to see if there was anything I could do for myself.


I found your site and thought that it was worth a go.  On Wednesday Dec 27th I started the exercises and I am completely "gobsmacked" by the results!  I could hardly do the exercises on that day but I took no more pain relief from then to this...


...I can walk, sneeze, cough and laugh without fear or pain.  I really wish I had found your site sooner - it would have saved me an operation a year ago.  

...even with the level of pain I now have I can live a very normal life and that was well woth the few euro I spent on your book.

I thank you so much and wish you luck with your own back which I hope remains pain free!!.”


- Imelda Ryan

Why You Absolutely MUST Take Action When Stiff Back Strikes
what happens in your back when stiff back strikes and what to do (page 12) the REAL dangers of thin and worn out discs and this might be you now  (page 13) the exact reason why some backs get out of whack so easy, and how you can make sure this is not you (page 14) why mobility of your back is absolutely critical and how to make sure you get your back nimble again (page 16) the crucial importance of your facet joint, perhaps the most important joint of your back! (page 16 & 17) how to reach and activate the deeper lying muscles in your back –  to improve strength, stability and protection at the deepest level of your back and why it is essential that you train these muscles (page 19) your pelvis as the crucial foundation of your back – many pains start with the pelvis not being aligned (page 21) how flexible your SI joint should be and why (page 22) how your lifestyle can ruin your posture and how bad posture can cause your back troubles (page 24 and onward) why you do not need to be extremely fit to activate the right muscles and make them strong and supple (page 27) why the psychology of back pain plays a limited but important role (page 29) why wear and tear is NOT the cause of your back trouble (page 30)
Learn How Diet Influences Your Body's Capacity To Heal Your Pain
what to eat & drink more of and what to absolutely ban from your diet (page 32) what a bulging disc is and why it often does NOT not cause the pain at all, in fact you might be having a bulging disc right now and never feel any pain! (page 35 - 40) that the area of your pain is not necessarily the source of your pain (page 41) how to properly hydrate your discs so your discs will not tear (page 39) the exact spot where most herniated discs occur and why (page 41) 5 things you can do to allow your back to heal more easily (page 42) the secret of one move that not many of us do, and why this one move is the basis of an exercise that will allow you to undo the effects of years of gravitation on your back (page 44)

How To Prevent Yourself From Further Damage

what signals to look for while doing any exercise and when and why to stop any exercise before you damage yourself (page 46)

the single most important back movement there might be for your back (page 48)

every movement explained with clear photographs showing each step of each exercise (page 45 and onward)

clear instructions, explaining every movement in detail, with the photos (page 45 and onward)

how to get your SI joint back in shape and mobile again (pages 52-55)
Learn to lengthen, strenghten and relax your back and
your pain will go – quickly & permanent


“I have been doing the exercises for 2 weeks and my sciatica has completely gone.  Previously I could not walk for 6 months with this and I only wish I had the knowledge of the exercises at that time.

Once again, Thank you.”


- Jan Laney / Australia

how to relax and lengthen your back (page 56) how to lengthen and strenghten the right muscles of your lower back (page 57) how to improve the mobility and right postural stance of your pelvis (page 58) how to activate and strenghten the core muscles around the deepest parts of your spine (page 60) a special movement to stretch your hamstrings in a special way (page 62) which abdominal exercises are OK in a back health program (page 64 and 65)
Align Your Back In The Comfort Of Your Own Home
how to align the vertebrae of your back, nice and easy (page 66 & 67) one unique movement to quickly strenghten the rotational muscles around your spine while at the same time making them more nimble (crucial for increasing circulation around your lower back) (page 68 and 69) how to properly stretch and strenghten the muscles of your sides (page 70) how to mobilize your back over the full length of your spine (page 72) how to strenghten the core muscles of your spine while at the same time allowing your invertebral discs to get back in the right shape and position (page 73)

No More Muscular Imbalances In Your Back!

"...my miracle this year..."

“Thanks for your book, its really my miracle this year. i have know pain for more than four years now the pain killers couldnt even work. i have seeen many doctors am told its athritis i can always live with pain killers, now i was wating t go for MRI coz of the peristent problem. I believe you pray for me and this far, my back is healed. only a week and i can bend walk straight and sleep at night using the magic bullet its really it.

Thanks again i thank God for you.”


- Josphine Kagunda

how to balance the pulling powers of the left and right side of your larger back muscles (page 74) how to develop more strength in your back so you can counter the pulling forces of overly developed abdominal muscles (page 74 - 76) how to relax your back after exercises, to get and keep it nimble and relaxed (page 77 - 79) one unique slow rotation exercise that lets you softly massage your own discs and that exerts just the right pressure on your discs to lure them into the perfect healing position (page 80) one finishing stretch to round it all off, excellent follow up on the last slow rotation exercise! (page 81) One silver bullet routine that you can use in any back crisis, that will provide quick and pasting relief. (pages 83-85)
365 Day / 100% Instant Money Back Guarantee
Apply What You Will Learn And If You’re Not Thrilled 
With Your Results, We’ll Instantly Refund Every Penny

Here is how our no-loopholes, no quibble, no B.S. guarantee works:
If within days of using Life Without back Pain in 24 Hours, you don’t experience less back pain, then we’ll gladly give you all your money back If, as your posture improves, you don’t start feeling better and more secure in your back, then we will give you your money back If, within days of using Life Without Back Pain In 24 Hours, you don’t start enjoying better, longer, painless night sleep, then we’re giving you your money back if you don’t feel that your back strength and mobility is increasing…that you’re regaining the stability of the core muscles of your back…if your body doesn’t feel more secure during daily activities, then ask for your money back If for any reason or for no reason, you’re not totally delighted with the new results, the new improvements Life Without Back Pain In 24 Hours is bringing about in your life--If you don’t feel that Life Without Back Pain In 24 Hours helps make your life better and less painful--if you’re having doubts about its effectiveness or its safety, we will refund all your money.
We make such a generous guarantee because …"You should not suffer when "Life Without Back Pain in 24 Hours" is proven to help deliver back pain relief."

It's our duty and our mission in life, to tell other back pain sufferers about this amazing back pain breakthrough---besides those other lucky ones who, through their enlightened doctors or therapists, get to know and use this amazing back pain breakthrough.

Take Charge of Your Life - Put Your Doubts Aside And
Give This Proven Back Relief Program a Try - Risk Free!


“I have been doing the exercises for 2 weeks and my sciatica has completely gone.  Previously I could not walk for 6 months with this and I only wish I had the knowledge of the exercises at that time.

Once again, Thank you.”


- Jan Laney / Australia

You are just a risk-free try away to see if, perhaps, this product will help bring the better life that you know you deserve.

Imagine the joy that would be yours when a few short weeks from now, you’re no longer tormented by any form of back pain. How great would it feel to get less and less pain. How great would it feel to be totally pain free. Wouldn’t such relief make your life better? Imagine not having to worry about your back pain any more, just because its gone. Then imagine the rejuvenating night sleep that awaits you, every night, all night…when you stop being woken up by shots of pain caused by  nightly moves. Imagine, now, yours is better sleep. Imagine, as your body is able to naturally, restore proper muscle balance, your posture starts to improve. Imagine the smile it will bring on your face to see the reactions of people on your new and better posture. Imagine, standing tall and easy, yours to enjoy again. Imagine, as your body is able to regain its normal level of strength,  supplesse and balance, all muscle tensions and pains start going away. Life becomes more enjoyable Imagine, as your body regains normal strength and nimbleness, your problems with daily activities and even sports start becoming a thing of the past. Claim back your ability to live and move pain free. Imagine not having to worry about the deadly side-effects of NSAID’s and other drugs. You no longer have to take the risks of cancer and other deadly diseases that drugs can trigger. What a relief. Ah, the peace of mind. Imagine not having to worry about surgery and whether you will be crippled by that or have more pains after surgery. Now you know: with the unique technology in Life Without Back Pain In 24 Hours, you get total back pain relief without surgery. Imagine a brand-new life. This better life is yours, if you will act now.
Don’t put this off, if you’re serious about finding relief from Back Pain, Sciatica and symptoms caused by Bulging Discs. You have absolutely nothing to lose with our 365-Day Full Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not thrilled with the results you’re getting. Your money will be promptly refunded. No questions asked.

We shoulder all the risks to make it easy for you to try this product. All we ask is: Test our promises at our own expenses.  

You’re in a unique position in your life today.

On one hand, you can let this opportunity slip you by.  You can accept to continue living with the pains in your back. You can accept a fate of limitations on your life caused by pain.

You can continue losing your sleep, waking up tired, exhausted, in a bad mood. You can accept your stiff and hurting back. You can accept to live the next few years with all the discomfort, all the emotional distress triggered by recurring and chronic back pain.

You can even accept to be robbed of your desire for lovemaking because back pain is shutting down your desires...

Test Our Promises At Our Expense And Get
Two Additional Bonuses FREE

Yes, to make it even easier to give Life Without Back Pain In 24 Hours a try, we’re adding two extra bonus products for free.
In fact, if you will take action right now and get your personal copy of Life Without Back Pain In 24 Hours today, you receive our ultra efficient Best Selling Products: the "Dutch Decompression Routine" and the "Guard Your Posture Checklist" FREE.

And you still have the same unconditional guarantee of satisfaction. If You Want Safe, Effective, and Affordable Relief From Back Pain, Sciatica and Bulging Discs...
If You Want To Permanently And Quickly Leave All Back Troubles Behind And Stay Away From Surgery, Drugs And Recurring Treatments...

BONUS 1: The Dutch Decompression Routine
Retail: $19.95 FREE

4.6/5 stars (455 votes)
[1](/?hop=0&atrGrp=products&atrId=Dutch Decompression Routine&rating=20) [2](/?hop=0&atrGrp=products&atrId=Dutch Decompression Routine&rating=40) [3](/?hop=0&atrGrp=products&atrId=Dutch Decompression Routine&rating=60) [4](/?hop=0&atrGrp=products&atrId=Dutch Decompression Routine&rating=80) [5](/?hop=0&atrGrp=products&atrId=Dutch Decompression Routine&rating=100)

The BeatingBackPain Institute researched the benefits of spinal decompression.

And the results are in: Spinal Decompression works, BUT…

…spinal inversion tables are expensive…

…spinal decompression by hanging upside down is difficult to do…

…inverted spinal decompression can have side effects like dizzyness, etc..

BeatingBackPain Research started with the following overwhelming need from back pain sufferers:

"develop a routine that does NOT COST AN ARM AND A LEG and can be done EASILY by people with all sorts of back problems, including sciatica, bulging discs and lower back pain and has NO SIDE EFFECTS".

With The Dutch Decompression Routine:
You will learn what to do when you ARE in pain Understand why you should decompress your spine You do not need any equipment You will learn how to decompress easy, while lying in bed, just before you get up in the morning and last thing before you close your eyes at night You will learn two short and easy routines that you can do in your kitchen or anywhere else, that will work wonders by simple and quick decompression

BONUS 2: Guard Your Posture Guide and Checklist
Retail: $19.95 FREE

4.6/5 stars (417 votes)
[1](/?hop=0&atrGrp=products&atrId=Guard Your Posture Checklist&rating=20) [2](/?hop=0&atrGrp=products&atrId=Guard Your Posture Checklist&rating=40) [3](/?hop=0&atrGrp=products&atrId=Guard Your Posture Checklist&rating=60) [4](/?hop=0&atrGrp=products&atrId=Guard Your Posture Checklist&rating=80) [5](/?hop=0&atrGrp=products&atrId=Guard Your Posture Checklist&rating=100)

If you are like most people you do not know how to properly protect your back during all sorts of activities throughout your day…

Which means you do things all day, that just make it harder to let your body get rid of your pains…BeatingBackPain Research therefore focused on the following question:

"develop a Checklist to help ordinary people guard their back during daily use, show visually how wrong use can be recognised and help people see at a glance what good use of the back looks like".

The Guard Your Posture Checklist will teach you the exact same easy posture technique that Olympic weight lifters use to protect their back while lifting the max that man can lift. Do NOT try lifting weight without this technique, you could do serious damage to your back. But this will no longer be you.

This is by far the single best resource for healing back pain that you can find. Even if you have tried a variety of different treatment methods, or have previously been exposed to other postural alignment methodologies in an attempt to get rid of your chronic injuries, you will find that nothing is as poignant, simple or direct as...

The Guard Your Posture Guide and Checklist:
clearly identifies what ideal posture looks like, backed up with expert drawings and illustrations very, very simple method which, once learned, becomes integrated into your everyday life, quietly healing away your postural causes of back pain, sciatica and bulging discs beautifully laid out, with a balance between illustrative drawings and clear explanations
In this book you will discover:
the exact secret that olympic weighlifters use to guard their backs while lifting the max that man can lift… best practices from the field of occupational therapy focused on how to protect your back during your daily activities the ‘automatic pilot way’ to train your body to unstoppably get you into better posture the right way to sit, stand and move – with or without load on your back and more…
If you are seeking to permanently get rid of your pain, this is your definitive guide and go-to checklist.

4.7/5 stars (485 votes)
[1](/?hop=0&atrGrp=products&atrId=Life Without Back Pain In 24 Hours&rating=20) [2](/?hop=0&atrGrp=products&atrId=Life Without Back Pain In 24 Hours&rating=40) [3](/?hop=0&atrGrp=products&atrId=Life Without Back Pain In 24 Hours&rating=60) [4](/?hop=0&atrGrp=products&atrId=Life Without Back Pain In 24 Hours&rating=80) [5](/?hop=0&atrGrp=products&atrId=Life Without Back Pain In 24 Hours&rating=100)
Life Without Back Pain In 24 Hours Can Be Yours In Just a Few Seconds...

Plus 2 Free Bonuses - The Dutch Decompression Routine and Guard Your Posture Checklist

Total Value: 79.87

For half the cost of one Chiropractor visit "Life Without Back Pain in 24 Hours" is yours for

only $39.97



This Unique Program is Based on Breakthrough Research and Used Successfully In 93 Countries. Give it a try today...it's guaranteed to work.

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