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Finally get out of the "learning stage" and into the "earning stage" of making money online.
"How to Make Money Online, Simplified."

Click 'Play' below to get started on the right path to making money online...

A Complete System For Making Money Online No Matter Your Skill Level!

From the Laptop of Jeff Carson,

I hope you got a chance to see the above video and you're now realizing it's actually simple to make money online.

Not the kind of simple that you can snap your fingers and make thousands of dollars overnight. I'm not going to make those promises, but the kind of simple that once you learn how to do it, it takes just a few minutes of your time to duplicate success. You can make profitable websites in minutes or hours, and you can make profitable article marketing campaigns in minutes or hours. That's the kind of simple I'm talking about.

Free Traffic Generation and Making Your Own Websites!

I've personally learned from individuals in the past who teach that web traffic needs to be bought, and then they basically teach nothing about website creation. "Outsource that tedious work" they would say.

Well, I don't believe in this approach. Others may have unlimited disposable income to spend on paid traffic and website creation, but not many of us do. Why give up that control to someone who could care less about your success? And why gamble your money with paid traffic at the beginning? There's time for that later on in your career if you so choose.

I feel control over your online presence starts with basic knowledge of how to do all the fundamentals-

* Niche and keyword selection
* Simple and fast Website creation, and
* Traffic generation using free methods.

We need to know how to make a website in minutes. We need to know how to create traffic to our site at will! We need to know the fundamentals of why and how things work on the web.

But we also need to look at everything in simple terms...

Otherwise it can get very overwhelming, very quickly. Sure, there are thousands of ways to put your content online and create traffic. But why confuse yourself to no end using each and every piece of web 2.0, when we can get good at just a few methods that give us everything we need- A place to put our monetized content, attract targeted traffic, and a simple way to do back link creation for SEO.

Instead of simply listing a thousand ways for you to "look into when you are done with this course", I'll show you only a few methods (the only methods I use to make thousands per month) in extreme detail. From the very start to the very end.

If you're looking for...

*A real approach to making an income online both actively and passively

*A personal coach whose shoulder you can look over every step of the way

*The basic knowledge to get out of the "learning" stage and into the "earning" stage

*Real life examples, earnings and niches disclosed, to really show you exactly how it's done.

...Then Commission Jackpot is for you.

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Learn How to Make Your Own

   Website In Minutes!

Sign up and I'll send you a FREE step-by-step PDF showing you how to make a website in just a few minutes, using a free software you may already have!

You'll learn how to create your own professional websites in minutes...
Create an entire website in under a half hour! Forget about needing to rely on other people to build your sites! Learn to use software that you can access for FREE with most hosting plans!
Just enter your name and email address and I'll instantly send you the 20 page tutorial, complete with step-by-step instructions, fully accompanied with pictures... ----->





Introducing Commission Jackpot...

Step-By-Step Videos

The Commission Jackpot Videos take you from the very beginning, choosing niches and keywords, buying domain names and hosting for websites, all the way to making money, earning commissions in your account.

You'll learn every step you need to know, without skimming through any crucial information. Each necessary step is presented on the videos.

Inside You'll Discover...
19 Step-by-step videos on how to make money online using proven and simple methods. Exactly how to bring visitors to your content without spending a dime on paid traffic. How to pick profitable niches so your efforts are not in vain.
How to choose keywords for maximum traffic generation with the least amount of effort.

Where to put keywords in your content to maximize laser-targeted traffic.

How to precisely create articles to maximize readership and exposure online.

Where and how to publish articles online for maximum traffic and profit.

How to make money the lazy (but not less powerful) way- Without having a website. We'll snoop on one of my actual campaigns and earnings that go along with this method.

How to create a beautiful, highly functional website from scratch using a free tool you may already have, Wordpress.

What back links are, why and when they're important, and how to easily create them.

How to utilize back links in 3 different ways, and which way is the most powerful.

How to set up a website so search engines will rank it highly, and how to fight your way to the top of the search engines for the real traffic.

How to 'reverse engineer' other people's campaigns and make them your own money maker.

and so much more...

"Jeff, I have just finished watching all of the videos. I am well impressed; very well done indeed. You have produced a very professional package of videos that explain details, terminologies, and the exact steps to take in a way that everyone can easily understand.

I also love the way you show your methodology working in the video by showing your actual real-time statistics and over a period of time! Proof indeed that it does really work!"

Thanks so much,


"My name is Chris Hartpence, and I wanted to take a moment to share my impressions about Jeff's Commission Jackpot program.

I watched the entire video series in one sitting. There's an honest, straightforward, and forthrightness in both the overall presentation and in Jeff's voice that puts you at ease, and if you're new to the world of internet marketing, and possibly overwhelmed and bewildered, that alone will begin to put your mind at ease.

Jeff takes you through each step and goes over every detail in his system for monetizing websites to put money in your pocket, and while it's true that there are literally thousands of different systems out there, the real trick is finding one that's easy to understand, easy to reproduce, and then stick with it long enough for it to make a difference in your life.

You've got to supply that last bit, but Jeff nicely handles the first two for you in his great care and the level of detail with which he presents the material.

In short, if you...

* Are new to Internet Marketing
* Are looking for a lot of hand holding and a step by step, easy to reproduce
system for monetizing websites
* Are committed to finding and following through on a plan

Then this one will help you get to wherever you want to go!"

Chris Hartpence


Learn Many Different Techniques...


How to Create a Money Making Website in Minutes From

Scratch, with Free Software

Learning how to make a website from scratch in minutes could be one of the most important skills you learn to date. The internet will only grow in time, and this is a skill that will give you the edge over a lot of people.

How can you quickly capitalize or test your ideas if you have to outsource every action? How do you tweak and try new things if someone who could care less about your online income is in charge of website creation? How do we know if we are getting ripped off or not with outsourcing work, when we don't even know the first thing about making a website?

WORDPRESS is one of the most powerful "open-source" softwares available today. Open-Source means it's free to use, created, and improved by normal people (Think iPhone Apps). You can create simple or extremely complex websites, all completely professional looking. I'll show you exactly how to make one of these websites from scratch. It's simple and cheap. The only costs you'll ever have to incur are the hosting and the domain name.


Search Engine Optimization De-Mistified

Search engine optimization is fully explained, in very simple terms that anyone can understand. After you watch these videos, you'll have a firm grasp on what SEO is, why it's important, and how to use it to rank your sites higher in the Search Engines.


Learn How to Make Money Without a Website!

Did you know that you don't even really need to make a website to make commissions online? I'll show you exactly how to do it, and why you would even want to take this approach. I'll show you a live example that I have done, show you the exact campaign, and show you the earnings to convince you it really works.


The Power of Article Marketing...and How to Do It


After learning the steps to effectively marketing using articles, you'll realize just how powerful writing articles can be. We'll go through the whole process step by step...
How to create article Titles that bring the most traffic... How to choose keywords and integrate them in your article Title, Body, and Resource Box for maximum traffic... How to find the hot topics that others are writing about, determine their success, and how we can improve on or emulate them... How to quickly write the content with little time and effort! How to correctly use the resource box in an article And so much more...
When you are done with this section of videos, you'll be able to reverse-engineer what other people are doing in their campaigns and why, and emulate their success.


Watch REAL Examples in REAL Time with REAL Earnings!

What really sets this course apart from others is the fact that I show you everything with full disclosure in these videos.

We'll build a campaign from scratch, and work until it gets a sale right there on the video.

We'll check out a campaign that literally explodes in earnings and traffic during the actual shooting of the videos.

I could tell you how to do everything until I'm blue in the face, but nothing helps like actual examples. And that's why I believe these videos are unlike any available out there today. These video examples show the actual niches, the actual keywords, the actual earnings, the actual traffic, and the actual methods.


What you have here is a complete guide to making money online that anyone can implement regardless of their skill level. This course describes in detail everything you need to know to be successful online. This includes learning how to choose a profitable niche, how to easily write articles and how to set up your very own blog that maximizes profits.

If you are struggling to make your first sale online, then I highly recommend Commission Jackpot. This course is very well laid out and contains methods that are proven to bring success to those individuals that implement them. Commission Jackpot is unlike anything available on the market as it gets straight to the point of how you can start earning a living online!"

Hann W.

"Jeff, thank you so much for putting together this excellent course. You have covered everything and more. Although I have been in IM a while I learned new things and for those that are starting out, this course is just perfect. Apply what you are teaching and people can't fail to make money.

I also think you were very generous to give away not just one but two successful niches. Most 'gurus' just hint that you could make money online whereas you showed exactly how to do it and what products you promoted. Well done to you and I wish you every success with this course.

I fail to see how anyone couldn't benefit from using your course but obviously they will have to put the knowledge into practice as you can't do everything for us.

All the best,"

Rachel Zaouche


"My name is Tyler Brookhart and I just want to thank you, Jeff, for your course!

Our first project online has been to create a horse-betting software. It's based on a formula my late grandfather created, and my father and I spent a lot of time and money on creating our sales website. It turned out awesome, but of course, now we needed visitors!

We attempted Adwords, and fastly realized Google doesn't allow ads that are gambling based! We knew there had to be other ways to get "Ready Horse Factor" in front of our audience, and we'd better figure it out fast.

That's when I came accross Commission Jackpot and decided to purchase it. I knew I needed to learn the "fundamentals" so I could start ranking our site organically and create free traffic.

Right now I'm utilizing article marketing and we have seen immediate results. It took only a couple days for my first article to get published and it resulted in a sale! At that point, I knew this stuff was going to help us.

Sales are escalating now as the word is spreading (by us!) about the product.

I would really recommend these videos to anyone who wants to know how to create more traffic to their website, or any beginner who wants to know how to make some extra money online. I'm excited to delve more into Affiliate Marketing, and online marketing in general, now that I've seen the potential in these videos.

Thanks again,"

Tyler Brookhart



Membership Area
*Continued and Immediate Support

Step-By-Step Videos
*Walk through videos with no stone left un-turned.

Step-By-Step Manuals
*PDF Manuals for videos with multiple steps
*Action plan for quick success



Lifetime Access to Additional Video Courses
*I'll be adding more video courses- Now in the works...
"Adsense Jackpot"- Creating ultra passive income websites that earn with Adsense
"Ebook Jackpot"- How to turn your knowledge (or no knowledge!) into an information product worth a lot of money.

*Buying today guarantees access to all future video courses and lifetime membership for no additional cost. (Commission Jackpot will become a monthly fee membership site in the near future.)


Only $77


*I'm not interested in keeping your money if you aren't completely satisfied. Period.  

Let's Get Started On Your Success Right Now!

P.S. - Watch exactly how I make money online with article marketing and blog creation, NICHES and EARNINGS disclosed. It is so simple, anyone of any skill level can do it. These videos leave nothing to question. It just takes a little action...starting with joining us inside!!

P.P.S. - Take advantage of getting in early with Commission Jackpot with a lifetime membership for only $77. I'll be adding video courses along the way that teach all aspects of internet marketing and making money online. In the near future I'll be shifting the payment to a monthly subscription, but you'll be locked-in for a lifetime membership!

P.P.P.S.- I'm interested in further development of a relationship with those who want to learn from me! If this course isn't for you, that's fine. Return it for a full refund within 60 days, I won't even ask you for a reason.


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