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What is FYI-SPY?

When you need to know the truth about someone's Internet use,
FYI-SPY can help. A password-protected software program, FYI-SPY is
your personal private investigator, running silently, secretly, while
your computer is in use.

Worried the computer whiz will find out you are monitoring? Even
the most tech-savvy user won't know the program is working behind the
scenes, scrutinizing and recording each and every keystroke and
website visited. FYI-SPY's stealthy format means only you will know it
is installed and running.

Secret computer monitoring has never been easier! Install FYI-SPY to
ensure your computer's security by monitoring all activity on your
computer, capturing keystrokes, programs, websites and screenshots.
What's more, the program is completely invisible, undetectable, and
easy to use. All information captured is stored in an encrypted log
file, which will be sent secretly at scheduled intervals to any
specified email address.
All activity in Internet Explorer can be monitored with visited web
pages cached for viewing offline. Screenshots can be taken at given
intervals, capturing everything that is currently on the screen,
providing you with the information you need.
Whether you want to monitor your computer while you are away, keep
tabs on children's internet activity, retrieve lost information and
much more, FYI-SPY is what you need to do the job thoroughly and

* NEW: Now compatible with gmail!
* Capture keystrokes and programs used
* Capture websites in Internet Explorer
* Capture screenshots
* Receive encrypted log files
* Secretly email log files
* Utilize invisible stealth mode
* View captured activity in real time with unique playback mode
* Run silently at start-up
* Auto-capture at start-up

With FYI-SPY, you no longer have to wonder what is happening on your
computer when you are not around. Finally, you can obtain the
information you need to protect the people and relationships that mean
the most to you. There is a free 5-day demo of FYI-SPY available to
you today.

In a day where the anonymity of the Internet world breeds temptation
for infidelity and dishonesty, it is possible to identify problematic
behavior and stop it before it's too late. Whether the issue is online
dating, gambling, chat rooms, or pornography, studies reveal that
people begin with harmless activities and then venture into more
dangerous territories that can put your relationship at risk.

The program is designed to clue you in on what's happening on your
computer when you are not around. FYI-SPY becomes your private
investigator, effortlessly monitoring everything that takes place on a
PC and the Internet. Imagine the information you can gather! Here are
just a few of the items you will monitor with the help of FYI-SPY:

* email
* websites visited
* downloads
* keystrokes
* chat rooms
* instant message conversations

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I became suspicious when my wife would close the window every
time I would get near her. I installed FYI-SPY to watch what was going
on. I found that she was having an affair and that they were making
all of their plans via email. We talked about it and are still
together, but I am glad that I had this program to findthe truth.
Download and install FYI-SPY risk free. Setup options for how you
want to monitor. Start monitoring your computer.

Know what is going on when you are not there.
Download and install FYI-SPY today.
Order risk free with our 5 day money back guarantee. Download


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