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  Always wanted to know the secrets of successful romance authors?
Welsh author, Lynette Rees, has written this guide because when she started out ‘trying’ to write romance, very much by trial and error, she would have loved to have had a concise guide that put it all in a nutshell for her.

Instead, she did it the hard way – read many how-to romance books and taught herself the elements of writing romance by writing her own short stories and eventually, a romance novel.

Not that this is a bad thing of course, but if you are someone who would appreciate the facts, right now, then this is the guide for you!

Lynette has put together a system that is so successful she always gets customers emailing her with their thank yous and congratulations. All you need to do is see her reviews below to see how successful this guide really is.
Customer Reviews  "No other instructor has compared to the attention Lynette gives to a new writer."
T.Widemire ~ Ohio
"I have won first prize in a short story competition with the added bonus of £150.00 in prize money!

Please give yourself a massive pat on the back, Lyn, because I know I couldn't have done this without your fantastic tuition!"

R. Brimble ~ United Kingdom
These are just a sample of reviews. Trust me you will not be disappointed!
Lynette has developed a package that is so successful, so easy to understand, so carefully written that any writer could come up with a romance story within weeks. Just check out the sort of things this guide will give you and soon you’ll be confidently writing your own romance story.
What you will learn Learn how to craft the romance story Discover the tricks of professional romance authors Learn how to compile a successful submission package Useful web links Learn how to hook the reader in How to avoid a sagging middle to your story How to construct a successful black moment How to write a satisfying ending And so much more!

Remember, this is over 50 in-depth pages created by a top writer.

Lynette  recently had one of her romance novels published in e-book format at Samhain Publishing, entitled: "A Taste Of Honey". This will be available as a paperback shortly at Waldenbooks/Borders and at the number one online book store Amazon.

Lynette also has two more books due out this year at The Wild Rose Press!  “It Happened One Summer” and “Return To Winter”.  That’s three novels in a short space of time.

If you read this guide, in time you might be able to say the same thing too!
This could be the step up you are looking for. Lynette Rees has put together the key points that she found difficult when she began to write romantic novels.

She has also featured interviews with 3 top authors including Maggie Shayne.

Below are some of Lynette's published articles, please feel free to view them.
Below are some of my published articles, please feel free to view them. [Romance Readers' Pet Peeves](romance-readers-pet-peeves.html) [Seven Ways to Inject Suspense into Your Novel](seven-ways-to-inject-suspense-into-your-novel.html) [Develop a Kick-Ass Plot!](develop-a-kick-ass-plot.html)
Are you ready to begin?
A Beginner’s Guide to Crafting the Romance Story in a Nutshell
Today for just $49.95 $15!

over 50% off!

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©2006 Lynette Rees
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