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Fifteen ways to help people work even more safely and to reduce
"silly" production errors

What more can we do to ensure people don't get hurt and people don't
make silly mistakes that cause plant shutdowns?

Your people have been well trained, they're intelligent and they're
diligent. You've probably supplied the best equipment you know of and
you have the many procedures in place demanded by law and good

It's understandable if you think that to get further gains in safety
the effort you'll have to spend vast amounts of money and time.


Here are 15 practical, straightforward ways in which Profit
Improvers has been helping people and organisations improve their
safety even more. There is much more information available so just
click on the links.


A powerful, short, four-hour workshop onshore or offshore for a
maximum of fifteen people of mixed disciplines and ranks. Extensive
discussion with no lectures and no slides helps people become
hyperaware, hyperfocussed and hypercourageous.

A one-day workshop especially designed to uncover hidden obstacles
to an even greater safety culture - and then overcome them. A
pre-workshop exercise gets people thinking before the workshop and the
resulting handout saves time and generates discussion immediately. A
quick and enjoyable way to improve the safety culture on a rig,
platform or site.

Each participant is asked to choose the safest option from 15 unsafe
scenarios in a short survey. The survey is done in people's own time,
returned by freepost and scored. This is followed by a half-day
workshop. A book with all the "best options" is supplied after the

This one-day workshop will help managers and supervisors do even
more to protect their people. Not many people know about the
behavioural factors that cause accidents. Consequently, many managers
and supervisors unknowingly contribute to people not doing what they
KNOW they should do.

Nine small and linked steps help office staff and visitors work
safely. After discussion with you and a review of existing
office-based safety, Profit Improvers supplies practical and simple
induction cards, safety booklet (eight-pages) and a script for
reception staff to use when visitors and contractors sign in. Other
parts of the system are a poster message from the most senior manager
on site to be displayed in reception, training of reception staff to
greet people with the best possible safety message, brief training of
secretarial staff (and others) who come to collect visitors to
reinforce the safety message as they are walking to the meeting venue,
a short 1.5-hour interactive discussion session for staff showing just
how easy it is to get hurt in the office and at home and a simple
awareness building onshore safety observation system.

Many safety observation systems have become moribund and are not
working as well as they could be. It is straightforward to re-energise
your SOS. Simplify the existing reporting and recording system
procedure and then in a 1.5-hour workshop coach people on the right
way to deal with unsafe/safe observations. There's NO need for long
and drawn out sessions with videos and workbooks!

This three-hour workshop onshore or offshore, uses case studies of
human error shutdowns to develop more awareness. There are no lectures
and no slides. The case studies show participants the four main cause
of human error and we work on finding ways to overcome them. After the
workshops a strategic approach is taken to get more experienced people
to mentor those less experienced on a particular plant. There is a
self-study option.

A one-day workshop for HSE advisers, OIMs, managers and consultants
to enable them to be behavioural safety facilitators. The theory and
process behind the 4-hour _Behavioural Safety Workshops_ is explained
in detail. Templates are provided on disc for participants to use when
they do their own workshops. This workshop is a good career move for
safety professionals and managers will know the right questions to ask
of consultants.

A one-day workshop for HSE advisers, OIMs, managers and consultants
to enable them to find out for themselves if there are any deep seated
safety issues and then find ways to overcome them. The process behind
the one-day _An Even Better Safety Culture_ workshops is explained in
detail and templates are provided on disc.

In just one day you can learn how to facilitate your own half-day
_Safety Risk Tolerance workshops_. Find out why each of the "best
options" to the 15 unsafe scenarios is the best and learn how, with
extended discussion, to bring out the deeper safety lessons. Knowing
how to facilitate these workshop enables you to conduct them when you
choose and builds a bond between you and the workforce.

Aimed at managers and consultants, this half-day workshop explains
how to select case studies, how to write them in a way that maximises
discussion and how expose for people the main causes of human error
shutdowns. Knowing how to facilitate your own workshops enables you to
conduct them when you like and as often as you like. This not only
saves on costs and delays; it gives you deeper insight into how your
people think and enables immediate clearing up of any

What are HSE advisers really supposed to be doing? What do our
internal customers want from us? What obstacles hinder me doing the
best job possible? How can HSE Advisers show that they are adding
considerable value? These are just some of the questions we'll answer.
Participants will come away with renewed vigour for their role sand
some actions to enhance job satisfaction.

This exciting and practical workshop lasts two days and concentrates
on all the interpersonal, communication, negotiation and thinking
skills needed to represent the safety concerns of others. The dry
legal and safety system content is provided in pre-workshop exercises
(the equivalent of two-days work) in a workbook. Survey.

In one day you'll learn very practical and straightforward ways to
assess risks and thereby reduce the chance of people in your team
getting hurt. Some of the topics covered are: Safety Case Formal Risk
Assessments, Preparing for a Risk Assessment, The Five Steps to Risk
Assessment, The Use of Checklists, Hierarchy of Controls, Who should
carry our Risk Assessments and Record Keeping and cross referencing.


A one-day very practical workshop Providing investigators with the
knowledge and skills they need to ensure a brilliant investigation so
that people do not get hurt from similar circumstances in the future.
Topics covered include: The Accident Investigation Process, Fact
Finding, Analyse of Findings: Causal Trees and The Investigation
Report with recommendations

Let's talk even if your thoughts are preliminary

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