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Are You Upgrading Your Car Stereo?
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"How to upgrade your car stereo without getting ripped off by car stereo installers"

70-page easy-to-read report
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If you're thinking about changing anything in your car that has to do with the car stereo system, then you have to READ THIS...

You want to upgrade your car stereo...

You want to save money...

You want to know what components to buy...

you want to know the cheapest components you can get away with...

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You DO NOT want to get ripped off

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A l s o   A v a i l a b l e !
Easy to read 8-Page Report
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"How to install your very own car stereo system, amplifier, equalizer, speakers. 
Even if you've never done it before!


"Woody's eBook saved me from making that dreadful mistake...

With economy, precision, and a great deal of humor. Woody explains the whats, whys, and wherefores of car stereo systems. This super-cheap eBook is one of the best investments I've made in a long time.

Read it, upgrade your car stereo, and save yourself enough money to buy an annual pass to Universal Orlando or Sea World and Busch Gardens.



You're in luck...  This car stereo installer is about to show you...  How to save a lot of money and have a great car stereo system.

"At Last... The Shocking Truth about Car Stereo Upgrades and Installation that No Car Stereo Installer Will Ever Tell You"

You will save a lot of money!

You can have a Great Car Stereo System in your car and you DO NOT have to close your bank account in order to have it

Woody, I read your manual and I'm feeling you because I too have been there.... It makes sense in a lot of ways...
...Yes, I do agree with your book. and I agree tremendously that stereo installers are trying to rip off the average consumers for as much as they can.  It's true, and it's true in every profession!!!

It's all about the money... and especially when you find out how cheap the stuff is that they give you...

Tim Goodman

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The most expensive part of upgrading your car stereo is...

Not knowing what to look for.

Getting bad advice.

Getting ripped off by money hungry car stereo installers.


read UYCS right now!

Find out exactly what you need to know to save money and have a decent car stereo sound in your car.

Within minutes, you're about to find out...

What to buy - If you go to the store and you don't know what to buy, then you will be taken for a ride. 

What to look for - It's what you don't know that cost you money.  My secrets will show you exactly what to look for.

What steps to take -  Impulse buying could lead you to thousands of dollars in unnecessary purchases.

What you need to know before you pay for installation - The installation process is not that hard but if you want someone to do it for you, UYCS will make sure you don't get ripped off

What the car dealer wont tell you - Oh Yeah! you will love this one!

10 Upgrade tips - Ten tips that the local installer will never give you.

How to find out if you even need an upgrade - After reading UYCS, you will be making a very wise decision.  All the money you will save!

How to decide what to keep - Most installers will tell you that you have to replace everything.  Nope!  That's not true at all.

Simple tests you can make to see if some of your components are "Good Enough"

How to shop for car stereo equipments - I'll tell you one thing,  leave your credit card at home! but there's more...

Little known differences between a $500 Stereo System and a $5000 Stereo System.  It will shock you!

By the time you are done reading this 70-page easy-to-read report, you will be able to make a wise decision in your mission to upgrade your car stereo.


It's fun to read!

Hi Woody,
I just ordered your book last night and I had to e-mail you when I reached this Line:

"Unless your speakers are torn, ripped, or they are the same speakers that used to be in your father's Oldsmobile. There is not really a need to replace them."

I died laughing at this because the car I purchased yesterday that desperately needs an upgrade IS my father's Oldsmobile! 8:)

David Bacque

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FREE Bonus REPORT: You want to know what it's like to go shopping for car stereo equipment without being prepared?  then go Inside The Mind of a Car Stereo Shopper and find out exactly how I went shopping for a pair of speakers and ended up spending over $3,000 in a Hyundai.

FREE Bonus REPORT: Find out where you can get great car stereo deals online in the Car Stereo Buying Tips.  Save money when you go shopping for your car stereo equipments and keep as much of your money in your wallet as possible.


I was a consumer just like you, then I was forced to become an installer. Sadly, I already spent over $3,000 before I realized that all this money was not necessary to have a decent car stereo in my car.

"The Cheapest Way to
Upgrade Your Car Stereo"
This is NOT a book filled with crap and tech language.
It is common sense information that's guaranteed to save you money.


Money Back Guaranteed if you're not satisfied

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SP, Woodring
Retired Car Stereo Installer

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