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"Getting good grades does not require hard work...

If you find this hard to believe, then this message is for you! Dare I say: skip a class if you have to, but read on..."

Subject: How to get good grades in college and score a high GPA


Be ready for whatever your professor throws your way!

After reading this message, you will see how it is possible for you to

to study less and still get better grades in college.


Regardless of where you are in your academic year (beginning, middle or end), make this THE DAY that you start getting good grades!

Did you know that while most students struggle to get A's, the top 5% students in the class get all the best grades with very little effort?

Does that make you angry?

It sure made me green with envy when I was in school... Knowing this always left me feeling defeated. I would start my year off with a burst of enthusiasm but within a week or so of each semester starting, I always found myself back to square one (feeling overwhelmed and full of despair).

Luckily, everything changed for me after my second year in college and I finally got all my answers... I figured out THE SYSTEM that the top 5% students use to get the best grades in the class.

With this new information, I finally realized what I had been doing wrong... Needless to say, I didn't waste any time trying it out with my own school work. I couldn't believe it at the time (because of the poor conditioning I had been subjecting myself to), but the results were spectacular!


... In my third and fourth years I went on to do



The next time you're on campus, look around and pay attention to all the students... You'll notice that a great majority of them seem to be 'so busy' ... Don't be fooled, they're anything but busy! In fact, you will soon find out why they're wasting their time instead of being productive. If you observe the A-students (you know who they are), you'll notice that they're not as busy as the rest... In fact, you won't every find them slaving away on campus at odd hours of the day!

Don't be a victim of poor study skills - in college, it's very easy to fall into this trap!

Here's a fact you can count on - you will start having the same success I did, back when I was in school, as soon as a couple of hours from now...

Find out exactly where you're going wrong!
Most students do the following...

* They go to lectures

* Take great notes

* Study for exams well in advance

* Work hard on papers

* Befriend their professors

* Pull all-nighters if need be

* Work hard with no end in sight...

... and they still end up with C's and B's instead of the A's that they honestly deserve!

What gives?

And worse, as each semester goes by (with yet another series of average grades to add to the mix), these students have to deal with the tragedy of their dreams beginning to slowly to disappear...


There is one student, who I will never forget, that comes to my mind right now...

She was a first year student, just like me at the time, and we had all just walked out of a heavy Physics Lab examination. It was the end of the semester and a big chunk of our grades were riding on the outcome of the exam we had just completed. I wasn't so sure how I did (and, normally, I left my exams feeling uncertain and worried - until I had my new system in place, that is). This poor girl was crying and she was embarrassed when I found her, but the tears still rolled down her cheeks. She was traumatized! I decided to help her and find out what was making her so upset and I found out that she had big dreams to become a doctor. She was under so much pressure to do well, especially in classes such as our Physics Lab (as Medical Schools grade heavily on these sorts of courses). What's worse, her parents were both doctors and she wanted to carry on the family tradition of careers in medicine. Talk about pressure! I wish I could have given her the advice that I know today... I saw that girl around campus as the years went by. She eventually gave up on her dreams to go to Medical School and instead, she settled on a different, less competitive career path.

I know one thing for sure - this girl would have made a fabulous doctor! Were it not for a simple change in studying techniques, she would be a doctor today!


Whatever dream you have, just know... It is possible to get there! You just need to expose yourself to a new way of approaching your studies!!

You have the power to stop this cycle now!
By switching gears and getting on the right track, your grades will dramatically improve, which will help you to...

* Get into graduate programs (Medicine, Law, Business or any other program you want!)

* Get recruited for the BEST jobs

* Command a better salary after college

* Enjoy college & have more freedom!


At the end of my second year, I was given the greatest secret of my academic career...

A straight-A student handed me some advice
that I will never forget…
Her name was Jane and she was in a few my classes. I had my eye on her for a while because I knew she was in the top 5% bunch (you can just tell who the A-students are). As expected, she was always relaxed and in control of her schoolwork… Plus, she played basketball, had a boyfriend and a good social life - she did it all...

And, just like you are right now, I was itching to find out how she did it! Well, luckily enough, we became friends and she eventually dished out all her secrets.

Now, I was in my third year so my courses were much more difficult and it would seem logical that my workload should have increased even more compared to that of my first two years. I certainly expected to work harder (based on my old method of studying), but that wasn't the case.

Instead, I was working much less than before and I still scored higher grades!

Finally, my time had come and I had broken past a huge barrier and gained access to the coveted academic success secrets that I so desperately needed...

Believe me, if you want straight-A's,
start working less hard than you do right now!
Hard to believe, isn't it?

As soon as you get past your mental blocks about this, you'll be able to get good grades. That's the first step.

Next, you need a system that works...

I've put together a clever little guide for you called Easy-GPAbooster and it contains everything Jane taught me, plus my own advice based on what I discovered during my last two years of college (the two most successful, enjoyable, fulfilling years of my college experience, I might add)...


(as it did mine)

And, the best part is... You can [download it immediately](http://1.egpaboost.pay.clickbank.net)! On page 14… This is the one task you must perform at the start of each semester in order to score a high GPA. Students who don't do this end up giving up all the available A's in the class to the top 5%.
. Proper course planning is HUGE and A-students know this. Follow this technique and you will always end up taking the right combination of courses every semester, which will help you score a better GPA.
. On page 7… Don't stay in school any longer than you have to! Here's a planning strategy to help get you from where you are now to graduation day in the shortest amount of time.
. On page 15… How to approach lectures so that you retain 90% of the information. Just imagine how much time you'll save!
. Discover what successful students do to manage their time. This section is crucial - you will discover how they make it all happen with the least amount of work possible.
. On page 9… Want to join a group, work a part-time job, have a social life AND still get straight-A's? No problem, just follow these 4 steps.
. Are you sick and tired of pulling all-nighters? Here's a great method to use so that you never have to cram at 3:00AM ever again!
. On page 79… Right out an A-student's binder, this section contains the best time management system there is! Follow this system and you will have time for everything that you want to do.
. Ever wonder what an A-student does all day long? The best way to become an A-student is to spend a day with one… Check out this section called The Day of a Successful Student and see what the top 5% do everyday to fetch those grades!
. On page 26… Curious to know where struggling students go wrong? See what happens when a struggling student's day is tracked, hour by hour, to see where all the mistakes are made.
. On page 40… Professor's are not always clear about what they want you to know in order to score well on their exams. This is not a problem for A-students, however. They still know how to capture all the information that is most likely to appear on exams and so will you after you read this.
. Do you know about the two major category-types that all courses always fit into? Knowing which category a course fits into before starting it dramatically increases your chances of scoring an A.
. On page 36… Are you overwhelmed by all the reading you have to do? Put down your books immediately and read about how A-students approach their readings. Smart students don't always read everything, yet they still score the A's in the class.
. Take these tools to lecture with you (and nothing else) and you'll be ready to take on your professor's boring lecture so that you're getting only the information that matters.
. On page 41… You can attend lecture, but if you're not capturing what is essential, you might as well not be there! A-students know this and it is one BIG reason why they study less and still score high.
. Curious to know how A-students develop the equivalent of a cheat sheet that no professor will ever fault them for having? The top 5% are not necessarily smarter than you are… They just have better strategies that save them an obscene amount of time during exams. Find out all about this.
. On page 44… See how to process your lecture notes so that they end up being highly-targeted towards what is likely to appear on your exams.
. On page 50… Here are 5 different strategies to use that will help you ace your final exams!
. Use the Two Week Slam method to prepare for your final exams and you will stack the odds of getting an A in your favor.
. On page 53… A-students know that getting the professor's past exams can prove to be golden on test day. Here are the 4 easiest methods they use to find past exams. Make sure you're never without past exams!!
. The minute you flip open your exam, follow these 6 essential steps. Unlike the rest, A-students always follow these steps, which is why they're always in the top 5% of the class. Read all about it on page 56.
. When writing a final exam, make sure you do this one thing and you will always score extra points. It's so easy, yet so many students don't even do it.
. Do you HATE writing papers? Starting on page 60, read up on the A-student's no-fail system for writing papers and you will simplify the entire process… You will never dread writing a paper ever again if you follow these steps!
. On page 67… The difference between a paper that gets an A and one that gets a C fully explained (and, it has nothing to do with being the professor's favorite)! Find out how to captivate your professors' attention so that your papers get an A.
. Did you know that Professors look at the first page of an essay and decide if it's worth an A? On page 71, you will find an example of an outline for an essay that is worth its weight in gold. Use this example to write your future papers.
It's time to stop spinning your wheels. Take a couple of hours, read this guide and apply the techniques... It will change your academic prospects and post-college life forever!

This explosive guide is only $27.95 and it's
available for immediate download.
Compare this to the tens of thousands of dollars you're sinking away into your college expenses. It's really a no-brainer!

$27.95 is not a lot of money when you consider what it can really buy you...

An hour with a tutor
A tutor can run you between $25/hr to as much as $55/hr and you'll need to continually meet to gain any benefit. This course will help deliver results daily and you'll only have to pay for it once... Which is better?

A Spcial Dinner
You may still be a little short for the both of you, but close enough!

A Text Book
Ok, one third or half of a typical text book (if you're lucky).

Friday Night Out
A round of drinks for you and your pals.

You get the idea...

$27.95 versus more time, better grades, a 4.0 GPA and a career & salary you dream about...

Make a Change Today!


See what other students are saying
about Easy-GPAbooster:


"...The steep improvement in my perfomance that shows on my transcripts got me the attention I wanted. Thanks guys - I'm miles ahead because of you!..."

-- Jackson Taylor, Student in California



"...I saw the site and put off buying the book for two semesters. I always had 'other expenses,' usually the $1000s I had to pay for tuition. Well, I was truly wasting money before reading this book because I was paying $1000s and turning out poor grades. School is an investment (a good one as well), but you have to get good grades to make it worthwihile. Now, the $1000s I spend are turly worth the investment. Long story short, spend the $27.95! Great book, thank you so much!..."

-- Brandon W., Student in Calgary, Alberta (Canada)



"...I don't even use the library anymore except for research- too many bad memories in that place! I have a social life, I'm in a relationship and school is A PART of my life and not all of it. And, I'm getting the grades I need to succeed in my field. I really never knew it could be this way..."

-- Ranjeet H., Student in Toronto, Ontario (Canada)



"...I just started college and I am glad I found this because I know it would have been very hard to succeed if I didn't know this stuff. Thanks guys!!!..."

-- Stacy A., Student in Seattle, Washington



"...I can't believe how wrong I was about studying. If you really want to do well in school, you owe it to yourself to pick up this book and learn what's in it! Skip a class to read it if you have to -- it's that important!..."

-- John Myers, Student in NY, NY


Still not sure?
Look at what your bad grades are really costing you:
What it's Really Costing You:
All The Perks You're Missing:
- Daily Stress
- Cramming & All-Nighters
- Having to Repeat Courses
- Little or No Social Life
- A Poor College Experience
- Lost Opportunities (probably the
most saddest of all)
- Feeling Defeated
- Lost Networking Opportunities - Little or No Stress
- Time Freedom (no cramming)
- Take Courses Once Only
- Free Money (scholarships)
- A Healthy Social Life
- An Amazing College Experience
- Glowing Letters of Recommendation
- Prestigious Graduate School Placements
- Better Job Prospects
- A Better Income (when you get the best jobs)
- Personal Satisfaction
- Better Networking Opportunities (elite groups you can join based on GPA)
- Recognition from Professors
It may not be fair, but if you're not an A-student, you're missing out on as much as 75% of the perks that can be had in college!

This will be the best $27.95 you'll ever spend in College!
I spent $100s on useless books and guides before I knew about this system. All things considered, I would have glady paid my friend Jane $27.95 for her secrets ($100's even)!

Easy-GPAbooster is a system in a box. It's a guide that you will be able to read in one or two sittings and it contains concepts that you will be able to apply immediately so that you can start getting the academic results you deserve!

Don't think about this for another second...

100% 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Don't spend another day in College without this guide!
Try these techniques out for yourself and start applying them over the next 60 days.

If your grades don't improve after putting the methods to use, I will be extremely suprised, so much so that I'll give you all your money back!

I know this stuff works, so I'm confident that you're going to be writing me back (not to claim a refund) but to ask me why I only charged $27.95!

Well, let me tell you: if you want to give me several hundred bucks at that point (as a thank you), I won't stop you!!!

But seriously speaking now…

I only wish I had something like this on DAY ONE of my college career. I got the information halfway through - and, I was definitely better for it! Wherever you are in your program, get moving and download this guide immediately!

The ball's in your court now!


Your GPA is going to sky-rocket, guaranteed!

Let me welcome you, in advance, to the top 5% of Students.


To your success,


Jay West
Former C-student turned A-student

PS: You have the right to get A's (just like all the other top 5% students). There is no reason why you can't prosper and be like them, you just need a system!

PPS: Remember, most students easily fall into the wrong trap. With the right information, you can prvent this from happening to you!


[Download Easy-GPAbooster today](http://1.egpaboost.pay.clickbank.net)


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