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"If you read one book before 2012, read this one. It will save your life." - Chris T.

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You are about to learn the real truth about 2012 and what you can do to survive it and save lives of your loved ones.


From: Frank Gabriel
Friday, 13 November 2009

Dear friend,

According to the ancient Mesoamerican Long Count calendar (often called the Mayan Long Count calendar), the age that we live in will end in a global catastrophe either on December 21 or December 23, 2012.

Ever since the end of the twentieth century, the 2012 phenomenon was prominently featured in countless books, magazines, movies, documentaries, television shows, video games and other media. It certainly seemed like everyone had his or her own idea how the apocalypse would play out. You have probably heard a lot of different theories about 2012 doomsday - ranging from some remotely possible to many which seem to be total nonsense.

A global pandemic of a deadly virus. An eruption of a powerful super volcano. An asteroid or comet impact. Earth crust displacement. A collision of Earth and an unknown planet. The World War III and its widespread nuclear, chemical and biological annihilation. A mega tsunami of catastrophic proportions. An invasion of an aggressive alien civilization.

All of these scenarios have only one thing in common: none of them is going to actually take place in 2012.

Don’t get me wrong - I do not mean that the ancient astronomers with their advanced system of celestial predictions have made a mistake. They did not. I used to be a hardline skeptic, but my own scientific research in December 2008 proved without a shadow of doubt that the Maya were right about something. Everything points out that in 2012...

...a terrible chain of events will unfold, leading to a global disaster and loss of millions of lives!

Even more alarming is the fact that I had discovered the astonishing evidence just a month before a certain document was published. The authors of that document were some of the brightest minds in the whole world, gathered in one of our most important national scientific institutions - and they warned of an alarming possibility of the same scenario that I had discovered a month before! It just confirmed that an enormous threat to human civilization and the contemporary way of life lurks in the year 2012.

The danger that I refer to is not at all what the raving lunatics and certain Hollywood studios would like you to believe it is. You will find almost no reference to it elsewhere, probably because it is nowhere near sexy as a vivid image of a 300-feet high tidal wave destroying New York or a catastrophic deep impact wiping all life on Earth.

Nonetheless, the threat I talk about is very real. In fact, it is an integral part of your everyday life. You are so used to it that you are not even aware that it represents such a hazard to you and your loved ones. I know it now and a handful of other people from the scientific community also know it. You’ve got a chance to discover it now as well.

I don’t know how you stumbled upon my web site. Maybe a friend gave you a recommendation. Maybe a blogger wrote a blog post about it. Maybe you just googled “how to survive 2012 doomsday”.

However, I do know one thing: no matter how you arrived here, this web site is probably the only page that tells the real truth about 2012. It is backed by hard, scientific evidence that withstands any amount of close scrutiny and further research, not some bogus mumbo-jumbo fictional theories of shady individuals craving public attention.

I am an accomplished astrophysicist and I have devoted my entire life to scientific research of physical eschatology. I value personal and professional integrity above everything else. In science, credibility is everything. If you want people to trust you, you’ve got to be responsible and tell the truth and truth only. You have to base everything you say on facts, not make things up or spin a freeform interpretation of a dubious source.

That is the reason why I am sick and tired of all the nutcases spewing nonsense about Nostradamus prophecies, warnings sent from Atlantis via ancient Egypt and other such disinformation that will cost us millions of lives and hundreds of trillions of dollars in destroyed property in our country alone!

The truth about 2012 is a scientific one.

There is a growing body of evidence that clearly points to the ominous threat that can cause lives of millions of people to be lost - and I am not talking about lives of foreigners from some faraway, third world country. I mean lives of people like you and me.

Visualize for a moment possible outcome of ignoring this information... Your neighborhood reduced to ruins, most of your friends dead or missing. Imagine in excruciating detail witnessing the tragic death of your spouse. Conjure up the numbing pain of forever losing your child because you did not want to listen, even though someone offered to tell you where the danger will come from and how to protect from it. Feel the pain at seeing the familiar world crumble right in front of your eyes, brought low by a tragic sequence of events - the sequence of events which at its very base has something you consider a natural, beneficial part of your everyday life.

I know how you feel. I know you are frightened. I am terribly afraid, too. We both very well know that life is not a computer-generated Hollywood blockbuster, nor a video game. In real life, the ones who are not ready when the disaster strikes are almost always the ones who die. Such is the natural law. When it comes down to a massive collapse of the system, there is no one that you or your loved ones can rely upon but yourself - and how can you actually help anyone survive if you don’t know what you’re up against, even less how to deal with it?

There is a way to survive.

After parts of my research went public, I was flooded with emails from people like yourself. Almost everyone I talked to kept asking me to reveal more details about the apocalyptic threat to our civilization and what can be done to ensure personal survival. Despite having a very tight professional schedule, I have always done my best to set aside time to answer it all in as much details as I could provide. The people wanted more and more information, so I finally gave in and decided to write this book. I wanted to ensure that as many people as possible prepare for this global disaster, so I wrote it in terms that everybody can easily understand.

[]My book will provide you with the answers to following questions:

• What is going to happen in 2012?
• What is the scientific evidence for that?
• How will it affect the society we live in?
• What are the repercussions to your life?
• Where does the Mayan Long Count calendar fit in the whole picture?
• Why 2012 and not some other year?
• What national scientific institution published an alarming document?
• What does that document say?
• What was the last time in the history of our planet that a similar scenario played out?
• What exactly happened back then?
• How will 2012 differ from that previous event?
• How to prepare yourself for 2012?
• What are the only two real options if you want to survive?
• What exact steps should you take as soon as possible?
• How to develop the survivor mindset?

If there is only one book you should read for the rest of your life, this is the one!

The book has 74 pages of essential information about what is really going to happen in 2012, what the deadly threat that will start a series of events leading to the final collapse of human society as we know it today is and what exact steps you should take now to move from the harm’s way and survive.

This is an ebook in PDF format and it is available within minutes. It requires only free Adobe Reader software to open.

After clicking the button below, you will be redirected to a secure Clickbank.com page. (Clickbank.com, Inc. is the authorized retailer of my book.) After you complete your order, you will receive the download link and you can start reading your book right away!


[]Here are some of the real comments from real people like yourself I have received so far. Please note that I have changed the actual names for privacy reasons and left all the spelling errors to keep the messages authentic:


I don't know how to thank you enough! I can't believe how much bs all these conspiracy theorists are making up about 2012! Your book completely opened up my eyes, finally someone that's straight to the point and that can back up what he's talking about. All this 2012 thing was very interesting to me and I really wanted to know, first of all, what is going to happen - and second, what the hell am I supposed to do then. I have a family, and I can't just sit there knowing I didn't do anything to try to protect them from what is to come. That's why I ordered your book, so I can at least be prepared. My reasoning was always "Better Safe than Sorry" - and after reading your book, I feel MORE than safe and prepared for what is to come. THANK YOU and keep up the good work! If there were only more people preaching the stuff you are. The world would be much safer!

John M.

Dear Mr. Gabriel,

My name is Melissa, I've just finished reading your book and had to send you an email! I am completely blown away! I've heard so many theories about 2012, but none of them were backed up, let alone realistic. I'm so grateful for finding your book (a friend of mine recommended it), I've learned so much and now I'm even prepared for what's coming. I really liked it that you are straight to the point and you obviously know what you're talking about. I'm young, still in my mid 20s and I didn't have children yet... the disaster that will struck us on 2012 made me so scarred that I wont be able to have children and that I have only a little left ot live. Of course I don't want to die young. Now I feel much more secure about myself and my survival, plus I can even help my friends with all the great advice you gave on how to survive in those difficult times. Now I know that Knowledge truly IS power!

Once again, thank you very much sir and I'm truly grateful that you shared this inside information with us. The government and politicians don't let useful information like this out to help the people, at least there are some decent people that want to help. I wish you all the best and good luck in 2012! We will all need it, but with the right knowledge and preparation, everything will be easier.

Melissa B.

Mr. Frank,

I have just finished reading your book. I feel the need to kindly thank you for making this information available to wider public, outside scientific circles.

Before I read your book, I used to believe that in the year 2012 something totally different would happen. As you said, there really are too many people that are making up things about the future and deceiving people. By reading posts at numerous forums, I became convinced that moving to another country was the only way for my family to survive the year 2012. After reading your book, it is clear to me that I was wrong.

What difference a good and truthful information makes! Thank you so much and God bless you!


These are just a few of hundreds of emails I have received so far and I keep getting them every day.

So, it’s time for you to take the control of your life and your destiny in your own hands. Pierce the veil of lies and deception and discover the truth. You will become one of the few who knows exactly what to do to survive 2012. And not only that - you will also learn how to protect those people in your life that you cherish the most.

The right information is priceless - especially when your very existence is at stake.

Let’s start! Order my book and start preparing for 2012 within minutes! Please keep in mind that every moment wasted is a moment you might bitterly regret later.

The price of the book is $47. Why? This is exclusive information and you won't find it described or explained like this anywhere else. The knowledge within it will give you the critical edge over everyone else when the time comes. It will help you save your life - the only one you have.

I know you have searched hard for the truth about events in 2012 and I am very confident that my book will be a solid eye-opener for you. That’s why I am ready to give you full refund if you don’t find it useful, within 60 days of purchase. Just send me an email and I will return your money without any questions. [][](http://1.frankg2012.pay.clickbank.net/)

So, enough talk! Order and download the book right now and finally discover the real truth about 2012 doomsday. Please remember that every second wasted is a second you might bitterly regret very soon.

Yours faithfully,
Frank Gabriel


© Frank Gabriel 2009. All rights reserved. Contact: [frank@2012thesurvivalmanual.com](mailto:frank@2012thesurvivalmanual.com)

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