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Now YOU Can Play Your Favorite Video
Games All Day Long and Get Paid For It! 

From the desk of 'Mark'
Location: A Secret Underground Bunker

Dear Fellow Gamers,

OK you got me -- I don't actually have an underground bunker!

But if you like to play video games then I have a very exciting opportunity to share with you. You can finally live your dream because I am about to reveal how...


If you're tired of working at dead end jobs, getting paid minimum wage for doing work that you hate, and if you happen to love video games, then today is your lucky day.

You can put all of your worries behind you and start making money by playing video games!!

Now, you may be skeptical of what I am about to tell you, because it almost sounds too good to be true, but let me assure you that this is the real deal.

For the past couple years I have been using my video game skills to help me earn as much as $10,000 each and every month, without fail! This isn't just cheap talk -- Check out my video above for PROOF!

I hope that video caught your attention, but I didn't make it just to show off. I made it because I want to show you what is possible when you know the secrets of the game industry. Just give me a few precious moments of your time and you too will be convinced of the benefits and endless possibilities that becoming a professional game player can provide!

Just a few benefits of being a game tester:
Play the hottest, newest games all day long and get paid for it

Play games before they ever get released to the public

Learn cheat codes & in game secrets only available to game testers

Have one of the coolest jobs on the planet and be the envy of your
friends, family, & neighbors

Make more money in a day than most people make in a week with a "real job".

No previous experience required

Work from home or pretty much wherever you want

Did I mention you get PAID to play games!!


The demand for game professionals is huge and there has never been a better time to work as a game tester. Companies around the world are in constant dire need of people just like you & me to help them make sure that games work as designed.

The job of a game tester is to test for quality assurance: Game developers depend on you to make sure their games work properly so that they can be released to the public. This is a very important job because for every game that doesn't work, developers lose millions in profits!

Every time developers make a new game, it must be tested! This means anyone (that would be YOU) who knows how to find the best jobs will see their bank account virtually explode with income!


Well first off, if you think this is just another get rich quick program and someone is going to pay you to sit around and do nothing, then this probably isn't right for you and you might as well leave this site now.

Although game testers get to have a lot of fun, more fun than any other job if you ask me, this is a serious employment opportunity and you MUST be willing to put in at least 20 hours per week playing video games. In exchange for your time and efforts, you will receive a nice, fat paycheck.

Now don't get me wrong. You won't be doing "real work" -- You will be playing video games and submitting reports when you find problems. That's really all there is to it! You don't need any prior experience or any special skills, all you need is a computer with an internet connection and you could find game testing opportunities starting immediately. It's easy!

The more games you play & test the more money you will make. If you love playing video games this will be your dream job!

How much money will you make for playing games?

Ok so here is the deal. I can't guarantee that you're going to make a gazillion dollars as a professional gamer. All of those other sites that make empty promises like that are lying to you, or worse they are just clueless.

The idea with video game testing is to get your foot in the door. Although you could make MORE or less than I have, once you get started you will quickly see that your income will grow with your experience and there really is no limit to what you can earn!

Note: The average game tester salary is just about $40,000 per year. Not too bad for the worlds best job! This doesn't even include the side jobs that can make you even more money!


Games for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, DSI, PSP, computer games for both PC and MAC, and more. In short - Every game ever made, for every system ever created, will be tested before it is released. The games you test will depend on which jobs you apply for and who you work for, but believe me when I say there is no shortage of game testing jobs!

Just check out a few of these screen shots below to get an idea of what is available:

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Diablo III

Need for Speed: Shift


Over the years I have compiled everything a person would need to know to make money playing video games for a living. From video game testing, to playing games for fun (and getting paid!), I have uncovered nearly a dozen little-known methods you can use to become a professional gamer, and make money from the most popular video games out there.

The video game industry is said to be worth over $50 billion dollars so YES there is PLENTY of money to go around. In fact, using these same exact secrets, I expect my income to double this year even if I have a little added competition! New games are being released almost daily and every time a new game debuts you have THAT much more of a chance of hitting it big. Of course, that is if you know how.

Before I discovered how to get paid to play games I was living in a tiny one bed-room apartment and worked part-time in a call center. And let me tell you, I hated it! To make matters worse I thought I was going to be stuck there forever. And the pay? Seriously... I still have nightmares!!

But all of that has changed. I am not rich but believe me when I say I have no complaints...

Now when I want something, I can go buy it. When I want to go some where, I go. This is true financial freedom that most people can only dream about.

And that lousy apartment? LOL. Now I live in my own house, have a BMW parked in the garage and a killer gaming room set up, all because I TOOK 5 MINUTES to check out an amazing opportunity.

Once you become a game tester the possiblities are endless. Your life will never be the same again!

Now, I must warn you... There are a lot of websites and people out there who are trying to scam you. 99.9% of the information on the internet is useless and not going to help you live a BETTER LIFE or get you anywhere, much less actually help you get paid to play games.

This is NOT one of those sites.

This site gives you access to all the information that I have collected over the years on how to turn your passion for gaming into not just a job but a CAREER. With a little help, you can become a PROFESSIONAL GAMER very quickly and easily.

Introducing Game Player Pro - Get Paid To Play Games!
[ ](http://www.gameplayerpro.com/download.php)Over the years as a professional gamer, I have built up a reservoir of powerful money making secrets & gaming knowledge. I have learned via trial and error exactly what works and what doesn’t in the gaming industry, and I have done all the hard work and research for you. Now YOU can benefit from my experience by reading and following my guide on how to become a serious professional gamer!

This is not your average "how to be a game tester" guide. All those other guides are made up by kids who have no clue how to tie their own shoes, much less be a professional gamer. Don't get scammed by giving them your hard earned money. I have years of experience playing & testing games for profit and I have found every trick in the book to make a killing from the game industry... And now I'm going to spill the beans and show you how to do the same!

What's included in the Game Player Pro Guide? Easy to follow guide that exposes video game industry secrets Learn how to become a paid video game tester The truth about being a game tester and why the job is so important Over 65 companies who need game testers and learn the right way to contact them Includes 2 ways to find even more video game testing jobs The one thing you must do if you want to be a real professional gamer The best ways to "break in" to the video game industry even if you have no previous experience 9 powerful tips that will help you to become a pro gamer or land any game testing job, including one tip that I guarantee no one else is even talking about Learn how to make a fortune playing games - No testing required Discover 12 secret methods you can use to turn your gaming knowledge into a fat paycheck Where to go when you need help building your resume and much more! Plus - Learn how anyone can join the ranks of the worlds 'elite' gamers and get paid to do it!
Most people don't know this, but there is an entire gaming underground that exists off the grid where professional gamers & enthusiasts use their video game knowledge to make small fortunes. They do not work for video game companies, most of them are self employed and rake in piles of easy money with their gaming skills. Yes, they spend all day playing games and then get paid for their services! This is by far the easiest way to start making money by playing games and you do not have to be a game tester to do it.

When you download the Game Player Pro guide you will learn how tap into this secret system and use it to take your income to the next level. Using my guide you can get paid to test games OR get paid to play games, it's your choice (or do both)! If you own a game system with games you can start making as much money as you want immediately.

Download your copy of the Game Player Pro guide today and I will throw in a couple of sweet  bonuses! This is a limited time offer so act now while they are still available.

Bonus #1: How to get FREE & discounted video game systems! As a professional gamer you are going to need the latest, best equipment to play your favorite games. So I am going to show you how you can get the best equipment for pennies on the dollar, and sometimes completely free. Yes - YOU can get FREE game systems once you know how. This is no joke and you will not find these secrets anywhere else! Included for only $49 FREE

Bonus #2: How to try any game you want, including NEW releases, completely free! You don't even have to be a game tester, anyone who loves games can take advantage of this! Included for only $39 FREE

Try Game Player Pro Risk-Free For A Full 60 Days!
I am so confident that you will be blown away with the Game Player Pro guide that I am offering a 60 day money-back guarantee.

That's right. Download my guide right now and try it out for a full 60 days. If it is not the best pro gaming guide you have ever seen, simply contact me during your first 60 days for a complete refund.

How can I do this? Because everyone who gets their hands on my guide will quickly see how easy it is to make money as a professional gamer. In fact, most people are so happy with the guide that they write to thank me for making this information available to them. I know once you read my guide or get your first check that you will want to do the same! But just in case...

You also get the best, unlimited email support there is! When you download the guide I will give you my private email address so you can hit me up 24/7 if you need help (I will usually be able to respond within 24 hours). If you need any help with the Game Player Pro guide, for any reason, simply contact me and I will personally assist you. You will be hard pressed to find any other gaming guides and support better than this -- Grab you copy of the Game Player Pro guide today!
What are you waiting for?
Download the Game Player Pro guide now!
Yes Mark! I want to learn how to become a professional gamer and download your guide today! I understand that once my payment is processed I will have instant download access to the Game Player Pro guide and the bonus items, for a one-time payment of just *$99. Plus, not only am I covered by your money back guarantee but I understand that I can also contact you for any reason if I need help, or simply want to pick your brain. This is the best offer in the industry and I am ready to download your guide right away!   *Special introductory price: Save $50 when you order today!   [ ](http://www.gameplayerpro.com/download.php)

This is a one-time fee. There are no recurring charges, ever!

Once your payment has been processed you will be able to instantly download Game Player Pro and Bonus items. All transaction are 100% safe & secure.
[ ](http://www.gameplayerpro.com/download.php)

Need help or have questions?
Please contact support@gameplayerpro.com

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