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The the one and only rap study guide you will ever need.

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Steps to take before stepping into the studio.

How To Promote and And Sell Your Music online.

Info on How To Perfect Your Craft.

Info on how to make a mixtape with great resources to help you create your very own mixtape, covers, mix, master, design, and duplications.  Also how to market yourself as an artist.

Information on how to break into the recording industry and much much more...



You have nothing to lose.  By studying the techniques in The Official How To Rap Manual you will:

Learn about loud and silent points. This little known secret is a huge part of our point system and crucial in assisting you when writing your rhymes.

Be able to distinguish rhyme styles and patterns at the drop of a hat.

Find secret places hidden within bars that you can strategically insert rhyme words and schemes into to enhance your flow.

Learn how to format rhymes with the necessary skills to creatively expose styles and flows never heard before.

Have the ability to Count Bars and make songs with ease.

Gain the necessary skills to record songs One take.  Not like other rappers who have to cut and paste their lyrics.

Be able to drop your lyrics in one take even if you don't have them memorized.  This Goal is now reachable because of our extraordinary Point-System..

Have the tools necessary to get signed as a reputable and respected artist and SO MUCH MORE.

  The Official How 2 Rap Manual- The #1 Rap Study Guide.

  The Secret Code-  The Highspeed Revolutionary Breakthrough.

  1 year  Official How2rap Membership- Industry connected.

  Major Label Address Directory- Bad Boy, Def Jam, and more.

  List of urban radio stations- Get Airplay and song consideration

  Performance Tips- Perform Like A Star!!!

  Tips to over coming stage fright- Suppress the Fear.

  The Art of Freestyling- Know your History.

  Authentic J-Mill Signature Copy- J-Mill Signs Every Book.

Free Music Updates from J-Mill  [Sample](http://www.how2rap.com/JmillMusic.html)-Hear Techniques first hand

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Act now and not only will you get The Official How To Rap Manual with your free membership. We will also throw in a "Major Label Address Directory" of all the major record labels and music contacts that can assist you when submitting your material.  This Directory  also includes tips on getting your material to label execs and the best ways to package your material when submitting to A&R's.  We are also throwing in a list of urban radio stations across the country. All this for free when you purchase The Official How To Rap Manual.

As an extra Free Bonus we will also throw in "Performance Tips". These tips have been tested and proven to help you brush up on your performance skills.  Do you experience stage fright? This bonus also includes 15 tips for over coming stage fright.   

These techniques will help suppress your nervousness when going on stage.

Just For You, We will also throw in "The Art of Freestyling" for those who battle rap.  Learn the art of freestyling and how it all started.  Do your research and step your freestyle game up  with this free bonus. 

Also receive free Music Updates From J-Mill                 His music lets you hear first hand some of the

many styles and techniques available to you in The Official How To Rap Manual.  You get all this for the super low price of $18.95 $14.95

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Write Killer Raps! Crush The Studio! Deliver Words With Ease And On Point.  Create Rhyme Schemes, Patterns and Flows With Simple Little-Known Techniques.  Find Tips And Much More...All Inside...

The #1 And Only How To Rap Study Guide On The Planet.  Get Yours TODAY

Learn how To Count bars.  Get tips on how to Rap and countless other Techniques and Tricks that will enhance your lyrics.  Improve Skill Quick And Easy. 

World-Shattering Breakthrough Point System Helps Boost Your Flow To New Heights.  And Get This!  It doesn’t even matter if your just beginning or if you’ve been rapping for years.  The Official How To Rap Manual CAN Help!.

"After reading the book and learning the techniques provided in your book I am getting a name for myself in my school and around my neighborhood.  Thanks so much.  I never would have gotten the respect I deserved as an artist."

-J Dub, Texas

"I came across your book at a friends house, we are a rap group named  2 Tuff, my partner in rhyme Lil Nice started getting a lot more compliments after shows than me and when he told me he was using the techniques in your book, I had to get one for me too.  Now we both get a lot of love after each show.  Nuff Said"

-Slick Pulla, New York

"The Hottest How To Rap Book in the game, there's nothing like it anywhere."

-Sinphony, Florida

"I just wanted to say I've been rapping for 9 years and the system in this book has done wonders for my rhyme skillz.  I have been in 3 showcases, and I am currently having a sit down with a major Record Company.  Thanks"

-Vicious, Washington D.C.

From bars to hooks, to verses and measures The Official How 2 Rap Manual  will without a doubt supply you with the necessary skills to blast your rhymes to new heightsl. This manual will equip you with the crucial tools and techniques considered indispensable, for someone just like you looking to step their rap game up.. 

I use the same skills and secrets taught in the book in all my rhymes and I've been using them for years.  Just [Listen](http://www.how2rap.com/JmillMusic.html) what the manual has done for me.

Easily incorporate these proven techniques into your rhyme style or flow.  Create hot new raps Quick and Easy.  This manual shows you how. 

If your serious about your rhyme career, and I believe you are, how could you not invest in such an incredible asset to your career.  This book is just what you've been looking for.  It will help take your rhymes to a whole new level.. 

"The Official How To Rap Manual Is A Must Have."  Fitty Grand-Brooklyn, NY

Learn how to rap. This book will teach you to use rhyme schemes and formats that have never been used, giving you the ability to create a whole new style.  There are tons of different formats and rhyme schemes to create and discover with The Official How To Rap Manual. 

There is a little-known secret code that will literally enhance your flow and rhyme skill.  This Secret Code is what we call The Official How To Rap Point-System and is a vital component to your success as a rapper.  I actually stumbled across this secret code while writing rhymes one night in my room.  This Point-System is similar to High Speed Cable compared to the traditional way of measuring music. 

This Point-System gave me a understanding that I never imagined possible.

Our point system gives you the unique ability to measure music in a simple quick and easy way.  Once you find out how easy it is, you will definately be a few steps ahead of the game.  Who doesn't want that, right?  I can show you how to perfect and master this one of a kind point system, and I can guarantee your rap skill will sky rocket.  ([Sneak Peek](http://www.how2rap.com/Secretcodepreview.html) of the secret code)

The Official How To Rap Manual


Take a Look at what everybody is saying about this NEW Ground Breaking Manual.

You Get All This

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The #1 Rap Study Guide On The Planet.

"Enhance your flow with Proven Techniques"

The Secret Code: Our Breakthrough Revolutionary Point System

Learn how a rapper from a small town in America stumbled across a ground-breaking point-system that propelled his rap skill to unbelievable Heights........And how this same System can work for YOU!!

It Starts With YOU!  Buy Your Copy Today

"I purchased the book and sent my cd to 5 of the radio stations, that I got from the Urban Radiostation bonus, located around my area and now I am getting radio play by 3 out of the 5 radio stations I submitted material to.  The site has tons of info but is no comparison to the book.  Thanks J, your book has been a big help."-Tony K  New Orleans


Don't Hesitate Act Now.

Get your copy of the #1 Rap Study Guide

The Official How To Rap Manual 

Now availble at your Finger tips for the first time ever

Hundreds upon Hundreds of Rhyme Schemes, Styles and Flows. 

Rap Tips and Techniques.

Poetry and Grammer lessons that help rhyming ability.

Learn how Tone & Pitch effects your lyrics.

Do You know how Grammer impacts your raps?

How to find  and come up with metaphors.

Learn about inner rhyme (A rhyme style Tupac and many artist of today use on a regular basis)  And Over 25 other ones you can add to your rhymes right now.

Learn what power positions are within your verse.

What lines of any lyric section are natrually strong?

Are you writing your lyrics in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd person narrative?

What consonants give you a quick sharp sound when added to your lines?

Learn about word connections and letter sounds that will enhance your flow.

And much, much more......

Get this book before your competition.  Study your craft.  If you want to learn how to rap or just brush up on your skills then grab your copy today.  You can be on your way to making hotter rhymes by tonight.

The Official How To Rap Manual is The Official How To Rap Manual. J breaks it down step by step so anyone can learn how to rap.  I have worked with hundreds of artists that think they know how to rap but really have no idea.  After reading The Official How To Rap Manual I have passed this on to artists I felt would benefit from J's teachings and almost immediately noticed vast improvement in their skills.  I usually don't recommend many products but if you are even remotely interested in staying ahead of the competition then you need The Official How To Rap Manual.

Jamal "Jag" Johnson

Music Video Director - Summerville, SC


Talk To A

Real Live A&R.

Recieve feedback

On the spot.

Def Jam, Bad Boy,

Atlantic Reocords

Koch and more. 

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A&R Music

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Special Now $10.99 +SH

(Reg. $14.95)





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