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Worried about what
is going to happen in 2012? 
Are the Mayans really to blame?

Is Hollywood just cashing in on peoples paranoia?
Is 2012 the year God says "I've had enough of this lot?"

Here it is 2012 Armageddon Outta Here – Revealing the Mystery,
complete from A to Z!

This is not another dooms day, lies and deceptions book that are currently out in the market just the complete story! No Hollywood drama or fear based teachings. We want you to be informed so that you don’t have to fear the unknown! Written by researcher, educator and coach Marcus Bird and Trainer and NLP guru Angeleah Anton this book is a facts based, evidence account of what the ancients and modern science is saying.

Dear Friend,

In December 2012 the ancient Mayan calendar ends, the Egyptian calendar has a similar fate and the Earth is changing rapidly, what does this mean for humanity?

Well if you choose to follow Hollywood then the end of the world is coming, is this what the Mayans and many of the ancient civilizations predicted? We think not, however there is something happening above and beyond global warming.
The Mayan Calendar is ending (in one form); The earths frequency is rising; The earths magnetic field is moving; There is a hidden bible truth; There is an energetic shift accruing…

If you want to know all the facts about December 2012
it's all right here in our e-book,
we have taken all the legwork out for you.

Stop worrying and start living again comfortable in the knowledge that you will soon know all you need to know about 2012.

My name is Marcus Bird and with my good friend and fellow researcher and lecturer, Angeleah Anton, we have put together the most comprehensive book on 2012. Complete with nearly 200 pages of detailed facts and information. 10 years ago when Angeleah and I met we heard about the end of the Mayan Calendar and at the time it did worry us, so much so that we chose to get educated. We began researching and finding out as much as we could about this time and you know what we found? Most of this hype is just that, good old Hollywood drama. Now having said that, we get where most of the world is at, in fear not sure what to believe and not sure what to do.
So if you don’t want to fall into the trap that we did you NEED to be Educated, you NEED this BOOK!
Let me ask you….
Are you confused about December 2012? Concerned about what might be going to happen? Seen the 2012 Hollywood blockbuster and are now really worried? Concerned for your family and friends? Not sure where to turn or how to get all the facts?
Chances are if you are anything like Angeleah and myself you will have answered yes to many of the questions above.

Dear Marcus & Angeleah,

Thank you so much for writing this book finally I get it I can see the truth and the reality of this time and now I can make an informed decision about what I will do to prepare myself and my family. It was great to have so much detail presented in a real facts based and evidence proven book.

It was also refreshing to see the lighter side of this event with your great use of humor which made me feel comfortable and secure. I can now lighten up and relax, as I am sure now I know all the facts. I am now looking forward to the coming events…

Thank you
Stephanie Leishman
Kinesiologist and Mother of 3

And we get it it’s not your fault you see much of the information is not being let out to the media. No one in any authority or government position is talking about this stuff. So maybe it’s not really happening. Well my friend it is really happening and there have already been many changes occurring. Earth changes that we can see and feel and some that we can’t.

If you want to know the complete story, all the facts from:
Ancient information, Mayan, Egyptian, Hopi Indians and the Bible! Ancient prophesies of Nostradamus, Mayan and Sumerian texts! Accelerating Earth changes proven by scientific research! NASA and other current scientific theories! What you can do to prepare!
Then you must read this book, free from all the B.S hype of Hollywood dramas or dooms day prophesying just the facts the complete story.

Wow! What a read! I confess first of all that I have never believed that the world will end any time soon. After all our Sun is only relatively ‘middle-aged’ and therefore still to go through billions of years of life.

Now here is the ‘proof’. Evidence collected from many sources from the ancient to the modern from the Bible to the scientific. Exciting and compelling reading. I couldn’t put it down.

I particularly like the ‘advice’ that I should focus on the power and the ability to choose the life experiences that I will create beyond 2012. I don’t like being told what to do, particularly how to interpret what has been presented be it in written format, film, sound or whatever. In this book I welcome the opportunity to consider the information that has been gathered and faithfully  described, and put my own thoughts and belief into the interpretation.

Instead of dismissing the 2012 prophecy as nonsense I am now able to appreciate how it came into existence and tolerate the many interpretations given to the varying evidences that are available.

By Maria Rosa Papalia B.Sc., Dip Ed., M.Ed., Grad. Dip. Lang and Culture


We have been lecturing and speaking to people all over the country for the last 10 years and we get the worry, hell it is where we started. The best antidote is right here all the information in an easy to read book of 2012 The Complete Story.

Here is what over 10 years researching and
talking about this topic has taught us:

All you need to know is the facts the truth about what is going on, to read the most comprehensive well research book on this important topic.
Here is your ticket to freedom and knowledge, its all you need to know.

2012 Armageddon Outta Here

This amazing book is full of facts, information and rhetoric that will provide you with:
Information from the most well known ancient civilizations from the Mayans, Egyptians, Sumerians and Hopi Indians; Detailed information from the most widely read ancient text in the world The Bible; Quantum Physics; Modern scientific discoveries directly related to 2012; Accelerating Earth changes affecting us right now; What you can do to positively effect this time.

This easy to read book is a must if you really what to know what is going on. This well researched detailed book is full of all the information that you need.

Plus, ORDER TODAY and you'll also receive the following 3 FREE bonuses worth AT LEAST $87.00!

Bonus # 1: Value $29.00
Be a Stargazer eBook

How would you like to get started today in the fascinating hobby of astronomy?

Let Be A Stargazer take you by the hand and guide you on your memorable journey through the universe around us.

From our small world we have gazed upon the cosmic ocean for thousands of years. Ancient astronomers observed points of light that appeared to move among the stars. They called these objects planets, meaning wanderers, and named them after Roman deities - Jupiter, king of the gods; Mars, the god of war; Mercury, messenger of the gods; Venus, the god of love and beauty, and Saturn, father of Jupiter and god of agriculture.

The stargazers also observed comets with sparkling tails, and meteors or shooting stars apparently falling from the sky. Since the invention of the telescope, three more planets have been discovered in our solar system. The science of astronomy is ever expanding.

Be A Stargazer will provide you with an understanding of astronomy and the universe around us. From our closest neighbors, the moon, sun and planets to the distant reaches of the universe, the stars and constellations, Be A Stargazer is your ultimate guide.

Bonus # 2: Value $29.00
NLP in Business eBook

NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming originated with two people who were in search of a way of modelling excellence - Richard Bandler & John Grindler.

Modelling is, essentially, the idea that excellence in any field of endeavor might be produced by anyone who wanted to achieve it, by identifying and then systematically reproducing its causes.

You are the owner and operator of the most amazing, beautiful, and complicated computing device ever invented - your brain.

When you buy a new camera, or a new printer, or a new microwave oven, you most likely take some time to look through the manual and learn about what your new purchase can do, and how to operate it and get the most use out of it. Yet your brain did not come with an owner's manual (how many pages long would something like that be, anyway?). So it's no surprise that people have occasional difficulty controlling how their brain works.

However, this little book can definitely help ...


Bonus # 3: Value $29.00
Developing the Success Mindset eBook

Most of us have an idea about what success means to us, and we have a mental vision of what it will look like when it arrives in our lives.

We might finally get the career recognition we've been working so hard for, earn a lot of money, find the man or woman of our dreams, start a family, purchase our own home, buy the sports car we've wanted since we were a teenager, or reach any number of other personal accomplishments.

Is this success?  For some of us, it might be.  Perhaps you have a different vision of what success means to you. Regardless of your personal definition of success, you likely have one thing in common with the rest of of us: you are still seeking the level of success you want to attain.  Maybe you've had success in certain areas, but not in others.

Your career might be going great, but your relationships are lacking.  Or you've met the love of your life, but you just can't seem to earn the amount of money that would make you happy.  Or everything else is great but you can't seem to lose those last 20 pounds and get into better shape.

It's a maddening position to be in, especially if you don't understand why it's happening.  You may think you're doing everything right, but circumstances just won't bend to your will.  You constantly run into obstacles, sabotage your own efforts, berate yourself for your 'failures,'- and the struggle continues.

This struggle continues because of one reason, and one reason only:  you are focusing your energy and effort in the wrong direction!

So, are you ready to develop the success mindset?

100% Money-Back Guarantee For 2 Full Months

If you’re not satisfied with “Armageddon Outta Here” for any reason - then you’ll get a 100% refund of every penny paid - no questions asked.

How reasonable is that?

There is nothing standing in your way to you getting this information in your hands. Knowing all the facts outlined in this report is the key to feeling better about 2012.

Get started and simply click the button below...

Yes! I would like to download a copy of Angeleah's and Marcus's Comprehensive Report on 2012: “2012 Armageddon Outta Here” completely risk free. I understand I have a full 60 days to review the report for myself. If I’m unhappy with “2012 Armageddon Outta Here” for any reason, I am entitled to a full refund. On that basis, please accept my order. [](http://1.birdman13.pay.clickbank.net/)

We hope you enjoy
Marcus & Angeleah

P.S. If you have any questions or concerns you'd like answered before you order, feel free to [contact us](http://2012-advice.com/contact.html) at any time.  

P.P.S. Consider, with the 100% money back guarantee, there's no risk on your part. You have nothing to lose by ordering our report except for your fear and worry. Not only that, but you get to keep the books free for all your trouble. What have you got to lose (except for your fear and worry about the future) Try it today.

Yes! I would like to download a copy of Angeleah's and Marcus's Comprehensive Report on 2012: “2012 Armageddon Outta Here” completely risk free. I understand I have a full 60 days to review the report for myself. If I’m unhappy with “2012 Armageddon Outta Here” for any reason, I am entitled to a full refund. On that basis, please accept my order. [](http://1.birdman13.pay.clickbank.net/)

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