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 The Game Tester

ONE Minute.

Only one minute of reading may dig into your live and game testing
area, where you probably spend lots of your hours playing video games
and getting decent salary, as i just to get from 10$ when started, and
later 20-30 an hour! And don`t get cheated by other scam sites saying
you will earn 50$ or more dollars an hour! And don’t believe other
sites telling you will earn from 50 to 100 $ an hour, these are scam
sites just attracting you to buy. Find out the REAL Video Game Tester
work issues, all the cons and pros.

Here is what you will get in this quide:

Here is what you will get in this quide:
Video Game tester is not only about fun: it’s also a JOB
What game testers do
Phases of game testing
Companies hiring game testers
All the truth related to Video game tester uncovered

As a Video Game Tester you will:

Here is what you will get in this quide:
Play only the latest Video Games
Get decent salary for it.
Get to game months before they are released
Get FREE latest Video Games
Never get up early 8 to 5 anymore!

This is my room

There are Corporations that will PAY people to play video games. I'm
not talking about some LOW GRAPHICS games online. I'm talking about
the latest and TOP world games which are about to launch. These games
need to be tested before they will be sold to millions of people.

If gaming seems to be , just wait until few years from now.
PricewaterhouseCoopers has published its comprehensive Global
Entertainment and Media Outlook report for 2008. Data from the report
indicates that the future of gaming is, undoubtedly, at its best.

Outlook report

The report offers in-depth global analysis and five-year growth
projections for the year 2008 through to 2012. As Reuters points out,
headlining the report is a projected compound annual growth rate for
the gaming industry of 10.3 percent, which will easily top growth in
the majority of other entertainment sectors. Global industry sales as
a whole will rise from $41.9 billion last year to $68.4 billion in
2012. This falls in line with previous forecasts, that predicted
gaming would .

This info is taken from:

Video Game tester Industry

The Video Game Tester Industry has skyrocketed over the past few
DOLLAR BUSINESS. That figure is expected to increase substantially in
2009 and 2010. What does this mean for you? If you work in this
industry the amount of money going into your bank account is going to
increase also you will always be needed!!! The next year and the year
after. That's simply if you work in this industry.

Not to forget to mention Game tester is just one of a career of
which to choose online, you can achieve even much more! Let say start
working in a development department, game design, or even gamers
support member!
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