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Gold Newsletter, Oil, Natural Gas & Silver Investments.
US and Canadian Trading Investments for ETFs
From an experienced, reliable trader you can trust.

My name is Chris Vermeulen, founder of TheGoldAndOilGuy newsletter. I provide you with unparalleled trading newsletter with charts, signals and email support. Unlike other investing newsletters, I'm a one man show. That's because I don't want some hired hand giving you advice while I take it easy on a beach somewhere. You ALWAYS get precise, valuable information DIRECTLY from ME.

Interview: [Trading Expert Helps Investors Learn the Ropes](http://www.bi-me.com/main.php?id=22633&t=1&c=128&cg=4&mset=1011)

Testimonial: Chris, Your reports are technical and thoughtful and above all you are cautious. I learn something from every report. WH Toronto.

I believe this is the perfect trading service for active traders who want a conservative yet highly profitable trading strategy and signals. The GLD Gold exchange traded fund allows for very accurate signals when used along with the price of gold, HUI, USD, bullish percent charts and gold stocks. I also focus on USO, UNG, XLE, and XEG.TO energy funds. When these factors are used together with technical analysis and my proven trading strategy, trades become very CLEAR and SIMPLE to execute. My strategy makes your trades extremely accurate with very little downside risk.

YOU get these important Benefits, Features and Tools

Gold - GLD
Silver - SLV
Gold Stocks - GDX
Crude Oil - USO
Natural Gas - UNG
Index Trading - QQQQ, TNA, TZA

Gold & Silver - CEF.A
Gold Stocks - HGU, HGD
Crude Oil - HOU, HOD
Natural Gas - HNU, HND
Index Trading -XIU, HXU, HXD

» Low Risk Entries for ETF Funds
» Clear Entry, Exit Prices
» Holding Times 2 - 30 Days
» Position Money Management
» 401k, IRA & RSP
» Alerts via Web & Email

» Weekly Special Trading Reports
» Trading Guide for Maximizing Profits
» ETF Trading Strategy
» Trading Video's
» Unlimited Email Trading Support

Newsletter Delivery: The newsletter is provided via email and members login area using your login details provided in the welcome email. Updated on a daily basis. It may take up to 24 hours to recieve your first market update after joining.

Testimonial: Having been a trader for over 20 years in futures, stocks, and options, I find Chris Vermeulen's technical analysis combined with his open and honest teaching methods to be just the ticket needed for successful profits in the market. Keep up the good work Chris. I look forward to being a subscriber for many years. Joseph W. Moss Ph.D

Low Risk/High Return Newsletter Performance


Learn How To Trade ETF's, The ETF Trading Strategy Every Individual Trader Needs!

Learn how to trade stocks, etf and indexes with my simple trading strategy. This service is very simple to follow, perfect for anyone starting out or if you want to save all the research and analysis. Located in our "LIVE TA CHARTS" section, you can watch, follow and trade each fund. My trading charts are live during trading hours, allowing you to see and trade exactly what I am trading. Each chart is complete with commentary and stock trend analysis.

To make things better I also provide updates posted in the members section of the site and emails are sent to your inbox. When we are near trading signals, to keep you informed about potential setups.

To generate maximum profits I prefer to enter or exit our positions 5-15 minutes before the close of the trading day. If you are not able to watch the market through the day, then you can trade at the open the next day.

My Trading Goals

I would like to outline my trading goals .
First - My focus is to wait for high probability trades. I do not want to make any more trades than I need to. More Trades = More Risk for my hard earned money.

Secondly – I don’t like to hold stocks or funds any longer than I need to. Most of my trades are short term and only last 2-10 days. Some trades last 1-2 months if gold is making a large run higher but this is something that only happens every now and then.

Thirdly – My goal is to make 2-5% on each trade and I am happy. With 8-12 trades per year at 5% it’s not a bad return on investment.

Last – Once we are in a trade and it looks like our position is about to roll over, I will notify you to lock in some profits by selling some of the position. This is crucial if you want to consistently build your trading funds.

My Trading Tools

You will learn how to use these tools as a member over time.

Volume Analysis - Understanding the volume moving in and out of an investment is crucial for trading.

MACD - A popular technical indicator system that combines several moving averages to better show a stock's trend and momentum.

Price Relative - Technical indicator that compares the performance of two stocks to each other by dividing their price data.

Breakout Buy Signal – This is when the price of a fund or stocks close above our resistance trend line and the MACD cross’ to the upside confirming the trend line break. This is the first requirement for a tradable bounce.

Breakout Sell Signal - This is when the price of a fund or stocks close below our support trend line and the MACD cross’ to the downside confirming the trend line break. This is the first requirement for a tradable breakdown.

Upside Reversal – When the price of a fund closes higher than the previous days high.

Downside Reversal – When the price of a fund closes lower than the previous days low.

Maximum 3% Risk Trading Rule - We will not enter any trades that have more than 3% risk.
When we enter a trade, we do not want to pay for the shares if they are more that 3% above our exit price (stop loss). If the stock is trading at more than 3% higher than where we would exit then risk is to high and no position is taken.


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Hey Chris,
I have to give you a compliment: Every trader typically goes through lots of emotion when they trade by themself.  That is already a handful to conquer, considering that these times are quite volatile and having the patience to find a low risk entry point that starts to work shortly thereafter is very tough.  If that is not enough, you are dealing with the emotions of all of your subscribers.  I frankly don't know how you are dealing with that, while staying calm and balanced - would love to know though.  Congratulations!

I most appreciate your focus on finding low risk entry points while not missing big moves.  I am curious to see how Natural Gas will unfold.
On your closing price strategy: I remember that two or three weeks ago you had a similar call on gold that was dead on, i.e. the price did not close above a certain level.  The next day Gold gapped down significantly and I thought: Chris was right on and had the right 'hunch'.  I meant to send you an email to congratulate you on your call but forgot.
Best, Radu, USA

I have trade the market for more than 10 years, fine tuning my trading strategy year after year. I continue to improve the timing, entry and exit points as the market evolves with my trading model generating nearly 100% accuracy for my trades in the past two years. TheGoldAndOilGuy members get complete access to these crucial trades.

Get Started: Click the "Sign Up Today" button and create your membership. Then you may login to the restricted member’s area. You will have access to my trades, commentary and my trading model. Also, you can read my trading strategy guide that lets you learn what took me years to master. I consider the service as a complete trading experience from education, money management, and trade alerts.

I began sharing my trading signals with fellow traders in 2001 . As my list grew, helping traders became a full-time job. That lead to the creation of this service were I personally reply to your emails and help you trade and learn my strategy which works for Stocks and ETF's.

If you have any questions plese send me an email as I am always here to help.

Trading Support E-mail:  Chris@TheGoldAndOilGuy.com

Membership & Billing Support: Info@TheGoldAndOilGuy.com

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Newsletter Delivery: The newsletter is provided via email and members login area using your login details provided in the welcome email. Updated on a daily basis. It may take up to 24 hours to recieve your first market update after joining.


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Chris Vermeulen, Senior Market Analyst
[www.TheGoldAndoilGuy.com](http://www.TheGoldAndoilGuy.com)re's what you'll learn in my reports

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