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Sex And You


Sex is a part of all of our lives – whether we are actively
involved in a relationship or we simply fantasize about one, or we
prefer masturbation over sex with a partner – sex cannot be ignored.

This little book, “Sex And You”, is intended for anyone that is
just exploring the joys of sex, or for anyone that wants to enjoy new
depths of pleasure for themselves and for their partners. The truth
is, almost anyone could benefit in some way from the information in
this book.

If you are new to the world of sex then you are sure to have some
questions about how to best do certain things in a way that will bring
sheer ecstasy to your partner as you enjoy the experience yourself.
Even if you have lots of experience there are probably some things you
have never tried or didn’t quite get right. Or it may simply be that
you want to try something new but aren’t quite sure about the

This book provides lots of information that can help both the
inexperienced and those that have had lots of practice. It really is
one of those books that everyone should read at least once.

Topics covered include the following:

• Masturbation
• The Art of Kissing
• Erogenous Zones
• Preventing Pregnancy
• Intercourse
• Orgasms
• Oral Sex
• Anal Sex
• Rough Sex
• And More…..

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Obviously, there is something for everyone. And the book is written
in a way that includes information for both males and females, making
it as useful for one gender as for the other.

The language is straightforward and to the point. For that reason it
is more suitable for mature readers. The content is easy to understand
because it is written in a conversational manner.

The cost of this book is extremely low. At only $23.95 it makes the
perfect gift for a friend or lover, as well as the ideal book to have
on your own shelf. It really is the kind of book you will want to
share with others.

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