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Tarot reading is big business! If you've ever paid for a reading,
you'll know what I mean. Tarot readers don't come cheap. Sure, some
are supposed to be free, but are they really?

Right here, right now, I am going to expose these people for what
they really are.

I'm taking a big risk by writing this. Why?

Because they don't want you to know the truth.

They want to keep taking your money.

They want you to believe that they have special skills, secret

And they'll stop at nothing to keep it that way.

But the fact it


Tarot reading is EASY. Anyone can do it. Me, you, anyone who can
pick up a deck of tarot cards, can do a great tarot reading.

And you know what? Apart from buying a tarot deck (for just a few
dollars if you know where to look), it won't cost you a single red
cent to read your own cards!

And what's more...

Your own readings will be BETTER than those that any so-called tarot
reader can give you!

There are two reasons why:

1. Most so-called tarot readers are skilled scam-artists, using
common confidence tricks to literally take money from your wallet

2. A real tarot reading taps into your own 'aura', or inner energy.
So the person the most qualified to read your cards, is YOU. Your
direct influence over the cards, and your unique interpretation will
give you a better reading than anyone else possibly can. And what's
more, it's EASY and ANYONE can do it (I'll tell you how in a moment).

I've learned a lot about reading tarot cards. And when I wanted to
turn professional, I tried to break into the market.

It wasn't easy, I found that professional tarot readers were a
closely knit community, very secretive, and very difficult to get to
know. So I went undercover. I pretended I had years of experience, and
eventually I managed to gain their trust and get on the inside.

What I found shocked me to my core. And it filled me with such a
burning rage, I decided I had to do something to show people the
truth. That's why I've decided to...


If you've ever had a tarot reading, you probably know how it goes.

You walk into a room that's heavily decorated, probably highly
scented, and maybe there's a candle burning for ambiance.

This is the first sign that you're about to be taken for a ride.
This is what's called 'dressing the scene'. It's a trick used by all
kinds of con-artists, and the idea is simple - to take you out of your
comfort zone.

When you're outside of your comfort zone, you're immediately more
open to be scammed. Your normal defenses are busy dealing with the
unknown and unusual surroundings, leaving you defenseless in the face
of the enemy.

You might think that sounds a bit over-the-top, but they are the
enemy! Remember, they have one goal in mind: To take as much of your
cash as possible!

But they're smart. Some of them might even offer you a free reading.
This is like a drug-dealer offering a kid a free hit! They know that
once the kid is hooked, he'll be back for more, and willing to pay
dearly for the magic powder.


So the reading starts. You chat a bit about what kind of questions
you want answered. The reader might then talk a bit about the kind of
spread they'll use to do your reading. The chances are, they'll throw
in some technical sounding words to emphasize their apparently
superior knowledge.

The cards are then drawn, and (sometimes with a lot of theatrical
effort), the reader starts to interpret the cards.

Here's where the scam really gets going.

Based on the question you asked, the tarot reader will use a
technique called COLD READING. This is a simple concept, and it's
where the readers skill really lies.

Cold reading is a technique used by many confidence tricksters. It
involves watching a person closely for tiny giveaway signs that tell
the tarot reader they are on the right track. An example will make
this easier to understand.

Let's imagine that you had asked for a reading about your job,
because you were having big problems at work. The reader already has
some good solid information to go on just from that. So they draw the
first card, which perhaps is supposed to signify the the cause of the

The reader might say something like "This card tells me that there
is another person involved in this problem".

The fact is, if you're having work issues, there is a strong chance
that someone else is involved - a boss or a colleague who is making
life difficult. It's hardly rocket science to work that out!

But outside your comfort zone, in strange surroundings with your
defenses down, and with an apparently highly skilled tarot reader in
front of you, this 'revelation' by the cards seems amazing!

So as they tell you this, the reader watches you closely. If there
really is someone else at the heart of the problem, as they have
suggested, you'll give some kind of indication that this is so -
perhaps an involuntary sharp intake of breath, or a look of surprise.
It will be so small, you wont notice yourself.

But the reader will, they'll be looking out for it.

This tells them that they're on the right track! Now they know they
should continue with this theme of 'another person'.

On the other hand, if what the reader said didn't ring true, you
would look unsure or even confused. An experienced cold reader will
see this instantly in your eyes, and will immediately cover themselves
by saying something like "But this person has kept their actions well
hidden..." and will then attempt a different line.

They'll continue like this, pushing forward and pulling back,
reading your giveaway body language for clues.

And all the time, you will focus on the things they say which are
true. With every 'revelation', you fall deeper under their spell. Your
belief in their abilities becomes stronger and stronger.

Of course, a good reader will then offer you some advice, such as
what to do to solve this problem. They'll tell you that the cards are
saying you should do certain things.

But in all honesty, at this point in the reading they can say
virtually anything they like! After all, having performed a cold
reading on you, you are now convinced that the cards are telling them
your innermost secrets and must know everything!

So the reader gives some very non-specific advice, and the reading
is over. Your mind is still running wild, in awe of all the truths
that the cards have apparently told, so you're not focusing on the
useless advice the reader gave.

Which is why you happily pay the heavy fee that the reader then
charges you!

Fast forward a few weeks, and perhaps you problem was resolved,
perhaps it wasn't. But you know what? To the tarot reader, it doesn't
make any difference, because life is full of perceived problems. The
next time you have something to worry about, they know you'll be back
for another 'amazing' reading. They've got you hooked, and your soul -
and wallet - belongs to them.


Not at all!

Tarot cards really can answer a lot of questions. In fact, almost
any question you can think of can be answered by a set of tarot cards.

Remember, I learned how to read tarot cards, and it really wasn't
difficult. All it took was some of my time to wade through twenty or
thirty text books, and some time to practice.


You see, as part of my pledge to expose the tarot scam, I also
decided I should show people how easy learning real tarot is.

I spent weeks and weeks trying to work out the best way to show
people how easy it is to do their own tarot reading.

And then it hit me. Video!

So I created the worlds first, and only, video tarot course. For a
while, I sold that video course...

It was available as a set of DVDs, and those lucky people who bought
it, were able to learn how to do their own genuine tarot readings, in
just over 2 hours. Well, 2 hours 1 minute and 54 seconds to be precise
- the running time of the thirteen videos that made up the DVD set.

I used to sell the DVDs for one hundred and twenty seven dollars,
and my customers were very happy to pay that. After all, most of them
had paid much more than that to so-called tarot readers, just to be
cold-read and scammed. My DVDs showed them how to do real readings
that really helped them!

The DVDs are no longer available.

Why did I stop selling them? Because I found a better, and much much
cheaper way, to show you the very same videos! In a minute, I'll tell
you about that, but first, here's a case study from one of my earliest
DVD customers:
Case Study #1

Trudy suspected her husband was having an sneaky affair behind her
back. He'd started working late most nights, and even the odd weekend
- something he'd never done before.

Trudy used her deck of tarot cards to find out the truth. She wanted
to pose the question "Is my husband having an affair?"

Then she remembered what my DVDs had taught her, and she decided to
re-phrase her question in a way that could give her more information
than just a simple yes or no.

Eventually she came up with the question "Why has my husband's
behavior changed the way it has?"

Trudy told me how when she did her reading she started to cry. But
they were tears of joy, not sadness, because the cards gave a very
clear answer: They told her that her husband wanted to start a family.
In preparation, he was doing everything he could to get a promotion in
his company, a position in which he would be earning more money and
working closer to home - closer to his new family.

If Trudy had just had a simple "no affair" answer, she would have
been left wondering the reason for her husbands new routine. But with
the depth of her reading, she was able to go home and talk to her
husband about his desire to start a family.

Trudy and her husband now have a son, and are very happy.

I love Trudy's story because it's a perfect example of how proper
tarot readings, done personally, can really change your life for the

Imagine if she hadn't used the cards...she probably would have
convinced herself that her husband was having an affair. Her jealousy
would have eaten away at her, her attitude towards him would have
changed, and that would have created huge problems in their marriage.

Instead, having watched my videos and knowing how to use a simple
pack of tarot cards, she was able to turn round her relationship the
same day!

Here's another great case study of someone who was able to turn
around their life simply by using their cheap little deck of tarot

Case Study #2

Mark was someone who suffered from low self-confidence. He was
uncomfortable around other people, and that made his life very
difficult. He had trouble holding down jobs because he found personal
interaction hard. And in turn, that meant he often had money worries.
Of course, he was also single and had all but given up hope of meeting
a 'special someone'.

That was before Mark started using tarot. The DVDs showed him a very
simple spread that he could use every day. Each morning, as part of
his routine, Mark used my daily tarot spread. It gave him clues about
what to expect from the day ahead. Only clues mind you, just little
hints about what lay in store for him for the next 24 hours at a time.
But it was enough to make all the difference.

Because when Mark saw the cards predictions come true each day, he
became more and more confident in both the cards, and in his ability
to read them.

That little confidence, that knowing he could do something well, was
like a seed that had been planted inside him. Each day it grew, and
Mark began to change.

That wasn't all though. As his confidence in the cards got stronger,
he started using his cards to answer specific questions. He asked
things like "What kind of work would suit me?" and "What do I need to
do to find the right job?" And the cards gave him answers. Every time.

Today Mark is a different person. He has a great job as a commercial
artist (something he would never dared dream of before), a nice
apartment, new car, in fact - all the trimmings of a successful life.
If you met Mark now, you wouldn't believe he was once a shy, unhappy
guy with no life and no future. His fiance certainly had a hard time
believing it.

Mark's story shows how how just a tiny thing can make huge
improvements in life. For him that change was simply looking at one
single tarot card each morning! That little change was like knocking
over the first domino in a whole great long line - once it started -
nothing could stop it. It put Marks whole life in a new direction.

Before I tell you more about the videos, and how you can watch them,
here's one more case study:

Case Study #3

Emma had been trying to learn tarot from books, but she wasn't
getting anywhere. She said all the explanations were dry and dull, but
she desperately wanted to learn how to read the cards herself. She'd
previously been scammed out of a lot of cash, by so-called
professional readers.

Then she got my original DVD set. As I'd just finished recording the
Tarot Ca$h video, I gave her a copy to ask her for her feedback.
Here's the actual email I received from her a few days later:

"Dear James, Tarot by Video is great. Although I haven't completed
the whole course yet, from what I have used I find it user friendly
and fun. With a bit of practice and when i get more spare time to
complete the whole course I will be an expert and able do readings for
paying customers. Already I am doing them for friends who are willing
to pay me to do their cards."

Tarot Ca$h is a very special video, which I'll explain to you in a

So if my DVD's are no longer available, you may be wondering why I'm
telling you all of this?

Because thanks to the power of the internet,


You can get the same 13 tarot videos that my customers paid well
over a hundred dollars for, just by joining my new Tarot By Video
membership area.

Here's how it works: For a modest one-off membership fee, you can
have lifetime access to the Tarot By Video private members site.
Membership gives you the following benefits:

Membership Benefit #1:

Unlimited access to 13 tarot training videos - the exact same videos
my clients paid well over one hundred dollars for on DVD. You get the
full 2 hours 1 minute and 54 seconds of video, to view on-line right
in your web browser.

When you've watched the tutorials, you'll know more than enough to
do your own super-accurate tarot readings, whenever you want. In other
words, free tarot readings for life!

Here's a look at the videos in more detail:

Video One - Introduction to Tarot

This introductory video quickly gets you up to speed on the basics
of Tarot. Just some of what you'll discover includes:

* The history of Tarot
* How Tarot actually works
* How Tarot can help you every day
* Understanding different card decks
* Why Tarot has unique advantages over other metaphysical sciences
* How a Tarot deck is made up

Video Set Two - The Major Arcana

In this set of three videos, I talk you through Major Arcana cards.
I show you how easy it really is to understand these cards.

In the videos, I actually highlight important elements of the cards
on the screen as I talk. It's like I'm sitting next to you with the
cards in front of us, as I quite literally show you what the card

When you see the cards this way, you'll immediately see just how
simple it is to use them, and why you don't need piles of stuffy old
books to do your own readings.

Video Set Three - The Minor Arcana

The four videos in this set continue our journey through the Tarot
deck. I walk you through the Minor Arcana, once again, showing you on
screen how to use each of the cards.

Using my amazing visual system, you'll easily remember what all of
the cards mean, and will never be in any doubt about what a card is
telling you when it turns up in a reading.

Video Set Four - Shuffles and Spreads

In the three videos in this set, we get into how to do a tarot
reading. Among many other things, you'll see:

* How to word your question to get the clearest and most accurate
answer every time
* Special techniques to improve the accuracy of your readings
* The three principal ways to shuffle your tarot cards, and which
you should use. See me actually demonstrate these shuffles
* Different spreads, and which you should use for different types
of questions (this is easier than it sounds!)
* Step by step, how to perform a tarot reading. Again, you'll see
me actually doing this, there's no theory - this is solid practical
hands-on Tarot
* Every position in the spread explained
* What to do if you don't get a clear answer, or the answer you're
hoping for
* A fabulously simple spread for reading the future

Video Set Five - Interpreting The Cards

Once again - practice is better than theory! This video will show
you how to interpret your cards once you've laid them out. I don't
just show you how to do a Tarot spread then leave you dangling! I show

* The two ways you must look at a tarot spread
* The four "corners" of a tarot card, and how to apply them to a
* How to see additional information hidden in every reading
* What you should do if you see a reversed card (forget the
complicated rules and explanations given in the textbooks, my
super-simple approach makes understanding reversed cards a doddle)

Video Set Six - Putting It All Together

Because this is a practical course in Tarot, it wouldn't be complete
without this video. I actually walk you through a sample Tarot
reading, from start to finish. I lay out the cards, and interpret them
live in front of you.

There's simply no better way to get to grips with everything you've
learned than by watching this sample reading. After this, you're ready
to go it alone!

That's thirteen videos, a total of two hours one minute and fifty
four seconds.

Membership Benefit #2:

You'll also get a full set of tarot workbooks to read on your
computer or print out.

These books contain notes from all the videos. That means you don't
need to take your own notes as I've already done it for you. This
saves you even more time!

Membership Benefit #3:

Tarot quick reference charts to read on your computer or print out.
Remember, there is more to understanding a tarot card that just
knowing its basic meaning, and I teach you all those other aspects in
the videos. But the basic meanings are an important element, and I
have compiled them into these quick reference cards for you. They act
as a memory-jogger, so you never need get stuck in your

Membership Benefit #4:

(This one is huge) Tarot Ca$h video - make money with tarot. I
debated with myself long and hard about including this video.

You know how I feel about people who make money from tarot readings,
so it seemed strange for me to even make this video. It wasn't
included on the original DVDs as I deemed it too valuable to give away
even to paying customers. But for now, it's in the membership package.

Tarot Ca$h shows you how you can start giving tarot readings and get
paid for them. In the video, I show you step by step the best ways of
finding customers who are ready and waiting to hand over real money
for your readings.

There is a shortage of genuine tarot readers, but no shortage of
customers. I show you how to find them, how to determine how much to
charge, and how to know when you're ready to go pro.

Membership Benefit #5:

Tarot reference library. As you've probably noticed, I'm no great
fan of books for
learning tarot! But once you've got the videos under your belt, you
might want to explore other areas of the cards. Different
perspectives, and different dimensions.

The collection of books included in the reference library will let
you do just that. They're all sitting in the private members area
ready for you when you want to take a look. You can download them to
your computer to read on screen or print out, as you prefer.

Membership Benefit #6:

Free updates for life. Your one-time membership fee gives you
access to the private site for life. But not only that, any time I add
new videos, audios, or indeed anything else to the members area,
you'll automatically get access to it for free.

Even if I put up the price of membership later on, you won't pay any
extra - once you're in, you're in!

You might be wondering how much all of this costs? In fact,


The 13 videos used to sell on DVD for $127 alone, and it's hard to
put a price on the Tarot Ca$h video because it can make you almost as
much money as you want. And then there's the workbooks, the reference
library, the list goes on...

So you might be surprised to learn that lifetime access to the
private members area, is yours for just $47. That's a one-time fee.
You pay it once, and you're in for life. Nothing else to pay, ever.

Like I said, I believe tarot can bring you such huge benefits, I
don't want price to be a barrier for you, which is why I am almost
giving away entry.

This Price Is Valid Until Midnight, 31st July 2008


But you know what? I've got a bit of a reputation for giving
incredible value, and I want to 'sweeten the deal' for you. So I'm
also including the following extra bonuses when you join:

Bonus #1:
Report: Spreads For All Occasions. This exclusive report shows you
lots of new tarot spreads that you can use for all sorts of problems,
questions, or just for fun.

There are eight new spreads in the report, which will give you the
power to perform even more accurate readings, because you'll be able
to choose exactly the right spread for the reading.

And if you follow the Tarot Ca$h video and decide to sell readings
for cash, you'll be able to keep your customers coming back for more
readings as you offer them more and more spreads.

Bonus #2:
Exclusive 50% Discount Voucher for my multimedia Power Numerology
course (value: $48.50)

Bonus #3:
Dream Interpretation Encyclopedia. I noticed a lot of the customers
of my original DVD set were using tarot to help them understand their
dreams (a great use for tarot). To help in this area, I am including
this amazing dream encyclopedia free with your membership.

If you're hesitant about joining, I understand. After all, you'd
probably never even heard of me before today! So that's why I am
offering an unprecedented...


You can sign up, look around the private members area, watch the
videos, read the books, and if after all that you decide that this
isn't for you, simply send me an email to let me know and I'll refund
you your membership fee. But I'm willing to bet you'll be so blown
away by everything that's there, you'll want to keep coming back.

Some people have asked me if there are any 'strings attached' to
this money back guarantee. Well yes, there is one: If you decide to
cancel your membership and get back your one-time payment, you can't
come back and rejoin later. For technical reasons to do with hosting
all the videos on the website, I have to limit the number of members.
If you cancel your membership, your place will be taken by someone
else and you can't come back in. That's only fair.


Never be scammed by a tarot reader again.

Give yourself the unique power to be able to answer any question you
can think of.

Remember, you've got absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to
gain thanks to my guarantee. I hope to see you inside the members area

P.S. Below I've included a small selection of comments from some of
the people who bought the original DVD set. Remember, the videos from
the DVD are just one part of what you get in the private members
section, all for a one-time lifetime membership fee that costs less
than half the price of the original DVD!

"I think this is the greatest way to have the knowledge of the
tarot...it makes it so easy to just watch and listen on the
computer...thanks for your awesome idea!!!!"

"I am enjoying all the information very much...will help me learn
alot faster than the books i have been reading. Thank you."

"I really enjoyed the video course. Thanks again."

"The course was very informative as well helpful in understanding of
the various cards. Thank You."

"I really enjoy your course."

"I have enjoyed your course, and found it very easy to follow and
very beneficial to my personal development."

"I really enjoyed the videos and workbooks and they are a great help
to my study of the cards."

P.P.S. Remember that the one-time membership fee is guaranteed until
31st July 2008. After that date, I reserve the right to raise the
price. If you're already a member when the price goes up, then you
won't be affected - once you're in, you're in, you never have to pay
any more.

We take your privacy very seriously. You can read our entire . By
purchasing, you agree to the terms of the (c) Copyright 2005
www.TarotByVideo.com All Rights Reserved. By using this website you
agree to . You must be 18 years or older to view this content.

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