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A New Report Defeats
Wedding Speech fears â€¦



I’ll bet that you are absolutely terrified of giving that wedding speech, aren’t you?

But I can help .... 

  From the desk of Tony Lawson


If you are about to give a wedding speech for the first time, or the last time you gave one, it was a disaster.

If speaking in front of 10 people isn't your favourite thing, just wait until you're standing alone in front of 200 or more people. It's natural to feel nervous, I am a professional speaker now, and I still get nervous after 20 years of speaking in front of people.  The number of people I speak to range from 5 to 500.

But when you write the amazing speech and prepare yourself, you can:

* Deliver a speech that will knock their socks off.

* Defeat nervous jitters and look and feel confident.

* Make them laugh, cry, or all of the above.


Dear Nervous Speaker, 

Sure, it's their big day or perhaps it is yours.

You may be the bride or groom, or some other guest who has been asked to give a speech.

But that doesn't mean you're not nervous too! You've got an important job to do, giving that speech.

One that will be remembered forever (for better or for worse). And you can either knock it out of the ballpark ... or deliver a dud.

The best thing you can do is sit down and discover what makes an amazing wedding speech, amazing. What will impress the bride, groom, and all the friends and family who join them. Or if you are the bride or groom, make your prospective partner so proud of you.

They may think that you are absolutely hopeless in public speaking, but are you going to give them one hell of a shock, aren’t you?

It may seem overwhelming, but it's easy when you know how.


Will You Be Tongue-Tied
When It's Time For Your Speech?

So was I, but I can help you overcome that fear ……

Can you remember it?  That wedding that you went to, when the best man got up and gave his speech.

People in the crowd cringed and wanted to crawl under the table.   You remember it, don’t you. Do you want that to happen to you.

Weddings are meant to be fun and carefree. NOT full of anxiety. You may be full of doubt and fear that your speech won't come off the way you want it to.

But it can! And YOUR speech CAN be the one everyone will remember.

I am also going to include something (FOR FREE), that will make the speech the best part of the ceremony, something that everybody will remember. More about that later ………..This in itself will ensure the speeches given will be something to remember.

When you find out how others have delivered dynamite speeches (with real samples), and let me show you how they wrote and planned them -- you'll be ready to shock everyone with your own amazing wedding speech.

Note: Plus, you can use proven relaxation techniques that will calm your nerves and let you enjoy yourself.

Yes, this is about enjoying yourself, isn’t it? This is the big day either for you, your spouse of the friends you are giving the speech for. You don’t want to be a nervous wreck worrying about that speech and not enjoying that rest of the ceremony, do you?

I remember my own wedding, many years ago. My wedding was at 4pm in the afternoon.   On the day of the wedding, I needed to take half a Valium (a relaxant) in the morning, which I did, and it worked. I then intended to take the other half in the early afternoon (I didn’t want to fall asleep during the church ceremony).

In the early afternoon, I went to take the other half of the Valium, which I could not find, but then again, I could not wake the cat either. The cat survived ok, but was probably more relaxed than I was. (I didn't tell my future wife about her cat)

I really don’t remember much about my wedding. I was so BLOODY terrified of that speech.


Discover The Speaker

Hidden Inside You...


They may not think of yourself as a great speech giver now. But just wait 'til you deliver your well-prepared, smartly-written speech that will touch everyone in the crowd. I guarantee that you will be so proud of yourself.

Introducing the guide, "My Amazing Wedding Speeches" This guide will turn you into an expert speaker in a very short period of time. Do you want to learn how to brainstorm, outline, write and deliver the perfect speech? Well here it is.




Now you can, and starting in just minutes from now. When you click the link at the bottom of this page, you can download my report straight to your PC and start getting prepared tonight.

...here is just SOME of the wedding speech strategies you will find inside: 


seven specific rules you have to follow to ensure you give an Amazing Wedding speech (pages 13-16)

These Golden rules don't just apply to life …. read this book to learn how to incorporate the Golden rules in to every wedding speech, so that you grab your audience by their emotions and have them hanging onto your every word (page 25)

Get your Wedding speech right the first time, you can â€¦. an I'll show you how! (page 41)

So a guy walks up to you and says …….. um! (You forgot the line didn't you?) This ever happen to you? Discover valuable tips and tricks on how to never forget the punch line again! (page 32)

Learn tricks on how to control any nervousness or "stomach butterflies" you may have before giving a speech (page 29)

Exactly what to do before you sit down to write one word of your Wedding Speech (its critical if you want to craft a jaw-dropping Speech!) (page 14)

Learn what the "Big ah-ah!" is all about … and what to do to avoid it (following this  rule almost guarantees a great wedding speech!) (page 4)

How to inject real sincerity and flair into every Wedding Speech (page 34)

How to emotionally connect with your audience (page 34)

Wedding Speech strategies to increase your audience's attention! You've probably never heard about these strategies … and … you'd do well to adopt them! (pages 17-21)

How to make your wedding speech different and stand out among everyone else (years later, people will look back with a big smile on their face while remembering your speech!) (page 10)

A big mistake that almost everyone makes while giving a Wedding Speech and I'll show you how to correct it for your Wedding Speech! (page. 27)

How to effortlessly bring in everything you've learned form my book into a flawless wedding speech! (page 73)

Why you should practice reading your Wedding Speech aloud … and a simple test you can do to guarantee it will be a smash hit! (page 13) 

How to uncover a great hook or angle you can use to "grab your audience by the ears" and pull them into your speech! (page 37)

This is the guide I was looking for but couldn't find. It's called My Amazing Wedding Speeches.

  .... and some of the speeches you will find in the ebook include:

Grooms speech 
Best man's speech 
Bridesmaid speech 
Brides speech 
Father of the bride speech 
Friends speech 

Memorable jokes, quotes and one-liners and much much more ......  Basically everything you need to make your speech a hit.



Hello Tony

I just needed to write to thank you for the excellent book. I really had no idea on how to prepare for the wedding speech that I gave at my wedding recently. When I found your website, I was a bit sceptical, but taking into account what my future husband and I had already spent on our wedding, $37 was a drop in the ocean. How glad I was when I downloaded the ebook and bonus'. I had my s speech done in no time and my husband was really proud of me, as women rarely give speeches at weddings these days, even though it is becoming more popular. Well done, I can definitely endorse this product. Thanks again.

Anne A

P.S. The readings were beautiful. The room became silent when the readings were made. Absolutely beautiful. My grandmother had tears in her eyes and came up to me later and said, "Anne, where did you get those readings from, they are beautiful. They reminded me of some of the readings they had at my wedding".

[Get Instant Access - Instant Download - NO WAITING

And there’s MUCH much more – guaranteed!

How To Knock Everyone's
Socks Off On The Big Day

You only have one chance to deliver a hit. And "My Amazing Wedding Speeches" will save you from feeling awkward and tongue-tied - to a cool and confident success that everyone will love.

It only takes 60 minutes to browse through my report and start your journey to delivering the amazing wedding speech. (Plus you can start in just minutes from now.)

How far off is the wedding anyway? You had better start preparing soon. It creeps around quickly.

How much is the amazing wedding moment worth to you? If your speech doesn't go as planned, you might pay $500 to have another chance! $100 would be worth making sure you are at your best.

But my report isn't nearly that much. You can ensure you knock their socks off for an investment of just $37. (This is definitely the cheapest investment you have made for your wedding, (you know that, don't you? That is why I kept this price to a level that can save you money to spend on things you will need for your future life together.

And since you have better things to worry about, your investment is 100% Guaranteed. If at anytime within 60 days (and for any reason), you don't think my report was worth it...

...just send me an email saying so. I'll return your investment ASAP with no questions asked and no hard feelings.

But wait, there’s more. I have put together something that will that will make this offer nearly impossible to resist.



“14 Tips for the Bride Speech” 


 Valued at $20





"The Ten Commandments of Wedding Toasts" 


Valued at $20




"Wedding Readings" 

The readings contained in this report are just unbelievable. Depending on which one you choose, you may not have a dry eye in the room. They are truly exceptional and beautiful and I am giving you this for free.

Valued at $20





"The Newlyweds' Guide to a Happy Marriage" 


 Valued at $30





Hi Tony

When my mate asked me to be his best man, I jumped at the chance. Then I realised, hell, I have to give a speech. I had never given a speech before. When I asked my mates what I should say, they basically, said, "Just get up there and talk". Easier said than done I thought. I asked other people and they said "Get some free stuff off the web". I did that, but I was not happy with what I downloaded. Then I found your website. Tony, this information is great and I now feel much happier about giving the speech, instead of getting up there and making a fool of myself. Thanks again.



[ Get Instant Access - Instant Download - NO WAI](http://1.hank4950.pay.clickbank.net)TING






My 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee

I totally back my ebook "My Amazing Wedding Speeches" with a No-Risk, 100% Money Back Guaranteee!  Your satisfaction is important to me, and I guarantee you WONT be disappointed.


If for any reason you aren't completely satisfied with the product, just contact me within 60 days and I'll refund 100% of your purchase price, no questions asked.


Remember, I wan t you to be truly happy, so if your"re not ... just let me know and I'll refund the full price on the spot!


The best part about it is that you will get ALL FOUR: the "My Amazing Wedding Speeches " eBook + ALL Four Bonus Reports (all Included FREE) for one ridiculously low SALE PRICE of $197 $127 $67 ONLY $37.  All are downloadable and available immediately. Instant Access via Instant Download and No Waiting!   


Here's what you get .....  






Is this fantastic value or what? .......

And if you select the audio as well, you have got everything. Absolutely everything you need to give that amazing wedding speech. Everyone will be so proud of you. You will sit down feeling so pleased with yourself.




Take action now get 
 Your Copy Of 
My Amazing Wedding Speeches 
Before it's Too Late 
I am actually considering selling this website, so I cannot guarantee the new owner will keep the prices at this level. So be quick, get it at this low price now.
Ebook plus bonus' 
Retail Price $97 - Sale only $37  
            You save $60 






Retail Price $107 - Sale only $47 
You save $60 

Ebook plus bonus plus audio 


Immediate download




NOTE: Please be aware that the order form on the next page is processed by
'ClickBank' which is 100% Safe & Secure and will look like the image above for either download 

100% Money-Back Guarantee - You Risk Nothing!  


Sincerely to your success in giving that amazing wedding speech.


Tony Lawson


P.S. Remember, you have it all at your fingertips, get this report now to ensure you give the best speech you have ever given, while presenting in a confident way.

P.P.S. You're literally 1 minute away from my great report "My Amazing Wedding Speeches" proven system that really does work. And if it doesn't, I'll refund your money AND ... let you keep the Four Bonus Reports valued at $90, as my gift to you.  So when you look at it, you simply can't lose out. The reason I'm so confident is that I ALREADY helped many people give that great wedding speech. So I know I can do it for you too, if you apply the INSIDER SECRETS I will teach you ...

P.P.P.S I'm a little shocked! Why are you still reading this article? If you truly want to give that great wedding speech, you're just minutes away from knowing how to do it. Click Here To Get Instant Access - No Waiting with my incredible 100% Money-Back Guarantee, you have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING TO GAIN, like giving that great wedding speech that you so crave. 

The best part about it is that you will get ALL FOUR: the "My Amazing Wedding Speeches" eBook + ALL Three Bonus Reports (all Included FREE) for one ridiculously low SALE PRICE of $197 $127 $67 ONLY $37. All are downloadable and available immediately. Instant Access via Instant Download and No Waiting!


Here it is again .....   
You will get : 








                                                             for only: 



[Get Instant Access - Instant Download - NO WAITING](http://1.hank4950.pay.clickbank.net/)

100% Money-Back Guarantee - You Risk Nothing!




The whole package, ie, ebook plus the four bonus' plus the audio for only:



Immediate download





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