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Bankruptcy Survival

It's a SCARY, land mine-ridden journey.
Arm yourself with knowledge to survive...


You can end the Sleepless Nights with this Pre- AND Post-Bankruptcy
Survival Blueprint for EVERY Income Level. Plus, Learn These Sacred
Facts About Bankruptcy Perhaps No Attorney Would Dare Discuss with

"It's a Simple, Inexpensive and Invaluable Guide to Survival. I
can't believe this kind of info is available for under $30! My
attorney would have charged me over $200 for the same information!"
- Scott, Chicago, IL

Tuesday, 1:58PM

Dear Friend,

My name's Jack Stephens and I recently filed for Chapter 7
Bankruptcy protection. Bankruptcy exists for people like you and me,
to allow us to get out from under a bad situation and to get a fresh

If you're facing the possibility of having to file bankruptcy, you
know, it's not necessarily your fault. The economy's in terrible
shape, people are losing jobs through no fault of their own, and the
big "3" automakers are a mess, banks have drastically cut their
lending which helps stimulate the economy.

But, before you ever file for bankruptcy, you must know the answers
to a few basic questions like...

* What is bankruptcy?
* What are the long-term affects of bankruptcy?
* What are the 7 factors you should consider before ever filing any
chapter of bankruptcy.
* If you have to file...What to say, how, when and where to break
the news to family and others - A simple eight point plan.
* Who should you call for help - a local "911" resource you won't
want to proceed without.
* If you've gotta file, here's how to simplify your bankruptcy
filing...and, it just may save you from HAVING to file.
* There are at least 13 critical pieces to filing bankruptcy.
They're laid out for you...in simple, easy-to-understand language.

There are some very critical bits of information about filing
bankruptcy and the process overall that are sometimes left out by
overworked and underpaid bankruptcy attorneys and you can't afford to
miss them! (It's not their fault. Their fees are sometimes capped at
what they can charge and some cases, like mine and Sean's, are
difficult, long, and very time-intensive, so we opted to learn a lot
on our own and really learn everything we could from our attorneys).

Look, I know first-hand the stress of paying your bills, dealing
with the never- ending demands of rude, obnoxious and outright jerks
for creditors wears on you. I tried desperately, and failed, to
balance the needs of almost 100 creditors and millions in debt. It can
get ugly and it doesn't or won't get better until you take action of
some kind to get these folks to back off.

So, what DO you need to know most attorneys, CPAs and others you'll
encounter along the path avoiding BK (bankruptcy) or leading to BK
either don't know or won't open up and tell you?

(BUY YOUR COPY NOW - It's Just $29!

In our book, How to Survive the Bankruptcy Bomb, my partner, Sean,
and I explore it all; including secrets I'm sure a lot of attorneys
would rather you never heard of or learned. (You see, Sean and I both
had to file bankruptcy.) Here are just a few of the topics we cover in

* Feel like a Target for creditors? Here's how to ditch it...and
* The filing date for your bankruptcy. Why it's important and
something you shouldn't accept willy-nilly.
* What advantages, what tools do creditors have? We share those and
how to use them to your advantage.
* The creditor meeting - The 341-a and why it's crucial you
understand it.
* Oh, the paperwork. It's daunting, but don't worry. We break it
all down for you to make the final submission, which you have to SWEAR
is complete and accurate, is perfect, or as close to it as possible.
* And much, much more!

We took some lumps and picked up a "master's degree" in bankruptcy
along the way to filing and, to quote a great attorney in a 'B' movie,
"Cleanse ourselves in the purifying waters of the bankruptcy court."

Most bankruptcy attorneys would be scared to death to even discuss
a lot of it.

The Reason I Say That...

...is because in all the research on the Internet (even Google®), at
the library, and in the thick, black, super-heavy law books we dug

There was never ANY resource divulging what we now know and...sadly,
MOST of what we NEEDED to know we learned all-too-late!

And, frankly, it shouldn't be that way. And, it doesn't have to be
that way for YOU!

Sean and I embarked on a serious mission; a special challenge to
fill in the gaps existing between what an attorney will tell you and
what the law allows you to know and do prior to ever filing for
bankruptcy! We spent over 250 hours all together memorializing our
experience on paper. (It's not a slapped-together book of useless
material you can quickly find elsewhere, either.)

There's a lot you must know prior to filing and my partner Sean and
I take you through some critical areas in easy-to-understand terms

* The "Snake Pit" creditors try to draw you into after filing...
* Bankruptcy Trustees - Why this person can make your life easy or
miserable. Sean and I had both sides; we share the pros and cons of
* Federally-required classes - Avoid these pitfalls and save
yourself time, money and effort.
* Comfort in your misery: Here's 46 ultra-successful people that
went broke. It's NOT your fault...
* Your credit's ruined. Now what? (Hint: You WON'T need credit
anyway, so who cares! But, there is one thing you should do...)

I can honestly say, today, my life would be very different had
someone sat me down and gave me what we're now giving you on a silver
platter...It's literally been called the

Bankruptcy Survival Toolkit

by several of those we asked to preview the book and give us

But, Sean and I aren't "here" to swap tales of woe. No. We want,
earnestly, to take our lemons and make 'em lemonade for folks,
perhaps, just like you.

I have a confession to make...

It took MORE than writing this book, to help me get through the
emotional aspect of filing for bankruptcy. The emotional part was
probably the most difficult. And, any good bankruptcy attorney will
tell you the very same thing.

And no, I'm no wimp either. I can weather about any crisis you
throw at me. I've persevered through some difficult situations, all of
which made me the man I am today. But, you can bet if it affects my
wife or kids, there's going to be a more serious undertone to the
crisis, and it's one I'll no doubt see myself through it, but the
magnitude of filing for bankruptcy doesn't allow anyone room for easy
dismissal - you know, "Ah heck, it's just some paperwork."

"My Wife Thanks You."

Jack, your book came two weeks too late! I wish you'd have released
it sooner. My wife and I just filed our petition for bankruptcy. We
went 13, but I have a sinking feeling we'll end up in a 7. I do know
this: Your book has me better prepared to handle not just the
technical aspect, but, even more important, I've got the process down
and understand now what you mean about the Trustee being sooo very
critical! I can't thank you and Sean enough for sharing your
experience and helping me get through this tough time. My wife thanks

Haven Jesilo
Ocean Park, Washington

Two nights prior to filing bankruptcy, I found on an old classic
book I had downloaded over two years ago. The title caught my
attention. I decided to actually READ it. But after one page, the
casual reading shifted to rabid reading and I processed every bit of
the book, its intention, its author's thoughts in writing it,
everything about it. I digested every single word.

Why's this important to you? It made such an impact on my recovery
effort, after filing my own bankruptcy, that I wanted to share that
very same book with you.

You have to understand though, it's not available in any bookstore.
It's been out of print for decades - probably 50 years or more. And,
to track down a hard copy of it is an impossible task.

But, don't worry. Because so much of my quick comeback after filing
bankruptcy I have to credit to this ONE book, I want YOU to have it,

However, I'm not going to sell it to you. It'd be wrong. I will
however, GIVE it to you with the purchase of our book, How to Survive
The Bankruptcy Bomb. Yes, that's right, I'll give you a FREE copy. If
you could find a real copy or even an electronic copy, it'd cost you
at least $29.00 or more!

But Wait, There's More!

One thing Sean and I learned the hard way in this process is the
role the Bankruptcy Trustee plays. I mentioned it earlier - they can
make your life hell or easy. Their choice and they pretty much get to
make and play by their own set of rules.

A lot of how your bankruptcy turns out is dependent on the Trustee
to which you are assigned. Trust me when I say you really need to know
everything you can about the role they play, WHO they are in your area
and much, much more.

I can't stress this enough.

For this very specific purpose, Sean put together a Special
Bulletin on the very subject of Bankruptcy Trustees. It ought to be
called, "The Care and Feeding of Your Bankruptcy Trustee," but
instead, this additional FREE Special Bulletin has been titled, "Big
Bad Wolf or Gamekeeper?"

This is such a crucial (have I said that before?) piece to your
filing, that if you ignore every part of the book except this
separate, free special report, you'll come out miles ahead in YOUR
bankruptcy. And, that's why I'm throwing it in for FREE. Without the
knowledge in that Special Report, you could be hung out to dry. And, I
won't stand for it.

But wait, there's more!

Your advisors might throw around a lot of fancy language. Ask them
to translate to English, OR, just review and use the E-Z Reference
Guide to Bankruptcy Terms Sean has created just for owners of our

Yes, you get the book AND the rest of our Bankruptcy Survival
Toolkit - The additional, magical book that Propelled me to Success
OVERNIGHT (fixing my headspace!) after filing for bankruptcy, PLUS
Sean's E-Z Reference Guide to Bankruptcy Terms (and there are more
tools than I listed above -- that's only about half of them)!

Satisfaction Guarantee:
Just Call it "B.S." ">We'll Refund EVERY Dollar!

Our guarantee is simple: If you're not thrilled and can't easily say
our Bankruptcy Survival Toolkit will make your life easier, your
decisions better and more informed, just say so. We'll refund 100% of
every single penny you've paid, plus, we'll even let you KEEP
everything you received from us. It's that simple.

Sean and I are committed to making your experience, if you have to
file bankruptcy, a simpler, less stressful, more profitable experience
- in the form of keeping yourself out of trouble, in the know, and
most importantly, in control.

And, we guarantee it. Otherwise, just call "B.S." and we'll refund
every penny you paid, and you get to keep the ENTIRE Kit...YOU and you
alone get to decide. You're in control.

You get it all!

* How to Survive the Bankruptcy Bomb book ($29.95 value - 91
* The Magic Story (written circa 1920s) (easily $29 value)
* "Big Bad Wolf or Gamekeeper" - Understanding the care and feeding
of your bankruptcy case Trustee! ($19 value)
* E-Z Reference Guide to Bankruptcy Terms ($19 value)
* All total, an $96.95 value...yours, just $29!


I understand I have a full 60 days to evaluate your Toolkit and
decide if it's everything you claim. If it's NOT, I am eligible for a
full, 100% REFUND of the entire $29 purchase price!

**IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you finish your purchase, you'll be
re-directed to a download page where you can immediately download your
entire System (Including the FREE Bonuses!).

(Even if it's 3AM in Peoria!)
All orders are handled by ClickBank!

Thanks for reading, and I hope our is as useful to you as it would
have been for us!


-Jack Stephens

P.S. - There's just nothing out there like this book. It's a
complete view, from two different people, of bankruptcy, the ups and
downs, the ins and outs and it's chock-full of useful hints, tips, and
most importantly, pitfalls to avoid to ensure you get out alive,
unscathed and better positioned to tackle your future.

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3488 Liberty Rd S
Salem, OR 97302

_Copyright 2009 By CAPE, LLC. All Rights Reserved._

* We've changed our names to protect our privacy.

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