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The BEST Online Newsletter Course Available!

How Much Money Have You Lost From Your Leads & Prospects Slipping
Through The Cracks of Neglect?

Dear Fellow Business Person,

When you are loosing 10% of your influence with your contacts every
month that you are out of communication with them it doesnt take an
expert to realize that you are loosing business if you are not keeping
in regular contact with your customer database & leads.

I remember when I was working as a Loan Officer in Chicago I had
more leads and contacts than I could handle, however, regularly
keeping in touch with them in an organized fashion quickly became a
nightmare. So many leads - some hot, some not. I was lost in
disorganization and time constraints - I needed a more effective way
to keep in touch with my ever growing list of contacts. I also needed
my contact organization method to be a more efficient use of my time
than making endless phone calls each month that I didnt have time for
to stay in touch with them.

Then I started an online newsletter program...

It wasn’t long before the owner of another mortgage business
contacted me to discuss ways that I could work with his sales force to
develop their own online marketing newsletter program.

After much thought I decided that that there were many more people
who could benefit from my experience with online newsletter programs
as well - which led to my development of this course!

This program is great for sales professionals, business owners, or
just about any other group that has a following - even Rock Stars!

I have put together this step by step course to teach you how to
design your own email marketing newsletter program. The course
consists of an e-book, with 34 accompanying web training tutorial
videos. This no-nonsense action packed course offers you two options
to get your newsletter program up and going right away with a Fast
Track method as well as an Advanced method of the course for you to
utilize at your discretion.

Order your copy of this excellent course below right now so you can
reduce your financial bleeding caused by neglecting your contacts -
start an online newsletter of your own!

Online newsletters are a form of email marketing which is effective,
efficient, and educational to your readers. I know of a business where
email marketing has increased sales by 25%.

The course is broken down into two components: The training manual
portion, and also the video training tutorials portion which provides
34 of them to get you up to speed quickly.

As mentioned, there are two versions of the course you can choose
from - the Fast Track or the Advanced method. The same manual is used
for both strategies, however, the Fast Track method of the course is
quicker to employ, while the Advanced version teaches you how to build
a free website (even if you have never built one before) to integrate
into the newsletter program.

This course also provides EXTENSIVE video training for every step of
the way from A to Z - you are taken step by step as you develop your
own online newsletter program. I know that many people learn quicker
visually which is why I produced such thorough coverage of the
process. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I figure
each video is worth ten or twenty thousand words.

Order your copy below, and you too can start to organize your
customer communication in an effective and meaningful way.

So with everything you will learn in this course, the question that
I have for you is whats it worth to you to reduce the money you are
bleeding by neglecting your existing customers and contacts? While
there is no way that I am aware of to keep allegiance from all of your
contacts, a newsletter is a great bandage for the wound.

Are you tired of calling everyone on your list and having lenghty
conversations just to stay fresh in their minds for the type of
products or services that you are promoting?

By The end of this course you too can have a significantly automated
customer correspondence system to grow your contact base, and keep in
touch with present clients. After you get your newsletter program
setup your customer correspondence will be significantly automated so
that you are fresh in your subscribers minds, with as little work and
time involvement as possible.

Still not ready to order? I understand your hesitance as there is so
much snake oil and fraud on the internet.

Im so confident that as you begin using your course you will be
satisfied that I am offering a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee! Thats
right - if for any reason you are unsatisfied with the quality you
have 60 days to return it with no questions asked! The reason that I
can offer such a gurantee is because the quality is outstanding.

This step by step course is something that I didnt have when I
started making my first newsletter campaign but definitely could have
used, and it should get you going quickly. I have went to great
lengths to not only make this course usable, and understandable, but
also affordable!

I am not aware of any other newsletter course on the internet that
even comes close to comparing to the offer I am presenting here. But
keep reading and see what all you will receive with your order.

As you can see, this course is not only extensive, and affordable.
Originally I was going to sell this course for $67.00, however, this
is my first information product, and just like you, I would also like
to grow quality subscriber lists as well, so I have marked the cost
down to a serious bargain price of $37.00 to attract as much interest
as possible! There is no guarantee that this price will stay this low
permanently, and I am not aware of any other course that is this
extensive with hand holding training every step of the way.

This is an incredible bargain for the price!

$37.00 and a few hours of your time is a small investment in your
future. I believe that you will be well satisfied with this offer, so
order right now and begin your own journey into creating a newsletter
and follow up program to retain your existing clientele, gain

new contacts, and reduce the amount of time required to communicate
with them all!

Don’t Hesitate To Download NOW!

Believe it or not I am genuinely interested in your success! I would
greatly enjoy hearing that your sales or other organizational
objectives have significantly improved as a result of this course - So
please let me know!

Kind regards and best wishes in your success!

Until next time,

Randall Kowalenko

P.S. If you have bought other internet marketing products that
didn’t work they way they promised - your not alone - It’s
happened to me too. I put an estimated 400 hours into writing the
book, and about 150 hours producing the 34 instruction videos. I’m
being perfectly honest when I say that this course is an incredible
value. Buy it now risk free for 60 days!

Neglecting Your Contact List Is Like Neglecting Your Piggy

But Fortunately There Is A Solution!

Heres What You Will Learn:

Seven important general newsletter considerations you really should
think about before launching your newsletter program

Where & how to outsource your newsletter writing & content if you
dont want to write it yourself

How to avoid spam laws to keep your newsletter legally compliant

The 8 options I highly recommend for you to consider before deciding
which ESP (Email Service Provider) service you will use

How to sign up for your ESP account

How to use your ESP control panel

How to create a list & add subscribers one at a time

How to upload your existing list of multiple contacts all at once

How to manage and groom your subscriber list

What campaigns are, and how to administer one or multiple campaigns
in the same ESP account

How to make your newsletter with professional templates through my
recommended ESP without a website (No website required for the Fast
Track Version)

What an autoresponder message is and how you can use it to
significantly automate your customer correspondence

How to setup an autoresponder for your list(s)

What a broadcast message is and how you can use it

How to distribute new broadcast messages each time a new newsletter
is made

How To Create & Send Your Subscribers A Link To join Your New

Newsletter options & considerations for a single agent or individual
with more than one newsletter target audiences

Standardized & personalized newsletter options & considerations for
numerous agents or individuals within an organization

How to launch numerous mailing list campaigns toward different
target markets (or for different reps within your organization)
through the same ESP

Where to outsource your paper newsletter printing & mailing to if
you want or need to use one

How to encourage people to join your newsletter mailing list

How to retain subscribers after they join your mailing list

Where to affordably outsource your proof reading & editing to if you
are lacking in your writing skills (the same service I use)

Whether you should use text or PDF versions for your newsletter

How to install your Free or your Advanced PDF Editor - to write your
newsletters in PDF downloadable format

How to use your Free or your Advanced PDF Editor - to write your
newsletters in PDF downloadable format

How to get the highest subscription rate out of your contacts who
are unaware of your newsletter

Ideas of free valuable bonuses you can offer as an encentive for
people to subscribe to your mailing list

Facts you need to know about who owns your subscriber list & how you
can protect it

Things you need to consider before sharing your ESP account with

Overview to return on your newsletter program invenstment

What the zoLINK is and how it can help you

The reasons why you may want to integrate your newsletter program
with a website

How to build a point & click technology website in one hour using
templates even if you never have built one before - The video
demonstration takes you from zero to hero

Considerations to keep in mind if you decide you want a website, and
also decide you want to outsource the design to someone else instead
of doing it yourself

Additional advantages & options available to those who do outsource
their newsletter website

What company I recommend outsourcing your website to if you dont
want to build it yourself

Tips on preparing your portrait photo for your website & instruction
on how to insert it on your website

How to update your website each time you have a new newsletter

How to store completed newsletters on your website in PDF format

How to store completed newsletters on your webpage in Text format

How to hide & provide your newsletters from non-subscribing visitors
to your website

How clients & prospects can subscribe to your newsletter through a
Sign Up form on your website - even while you sleep!

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No Risk 100% Money Back
Guarantee! I’m so certain of the quality of my
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No Risk 100% Money Back
Guarantee! I’m so certain of the quality of my
course left:61px; top:6361px; width:721px; height:398px;"> Here
are freebies you can expect to find inside:

Where to get and how to use FREE zip software

Where to get and how to use FREE photo editor software

Where to get and how to use FREE PDF software to read newsletters

Where to get and how to use FREE PDF software to write newsletters

Where to get and how to use a FREE website account with a FREE
domain (personalized internet address if you want one) for the first
year & FREE email address for your personalized domain

FREE Membership To My Online Newsletter Explosion Ezine

Where to get FREE content for your newsletters if you dont want to
outsource them - this information alone can save you literally
hundreds of dollars by not needing to pay someone to write articles
for you! No Risk 100% Money Back
Guarantee! I’m so certain of the quality of my
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