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Attention: This is not the same old tired crap you're used to
reading about how you're going to make $17 million a year online.
These are two guys who are living an amazing lifestyle who are really
earning a fulltime income online and want to show you how to do the
same thing in record time.

Are Your Ready to Own Your Very Own Profitable Information
Business That Makes You Money 24/7 Without Any Prior Experience and
Virtually Without Spending Any Money?

From: Michael Brown ">
Michael Brown: Over 10 years business building experience, expert in
affiliate marketing and niche marketing.
Kevin Riley: 30 years product creation ">Read Below ">Bottom line
you're just not making much money........

If any of this sounds familiar read on.......

I'm not going to waste your time today with the same garbage you're
tired of reading online. Like you're about to make $1,000,000 your
first year in business.

What I am going to tell you is.....

There is a FORTUNE Online - Do You Want To Know The Big Secret To
Cashing in On It?

Owning your own product(s)!

That's it!

Do you want to know why it works?

Because, you can write about anything you want, set your own price
and gather people to sell the product for you!

You can basically create a product, then fully automate the process
and have other people do all the hard work for.

Imagine creating a product that takes you a few hours to create and
then having hundreds of other people do all the selling for you.

It becomes a full fledged business on near virtual autopilot.

It really is that easy.

But, Here's Where The HUGE Problem Exists....

Most people try to do this on there own.

They don't have a blueprint.

They have no experience and they fail......

All you need is a simple solution....

A program step-by-step simple designed by 2 amazingly successful
teachers who are living a dream lifestyle and will show you how to
live the same dream in this cutting edge online course called......

Platinum Online Income Club

Inside Platinum Online Income Club You'll......

*Make Money With Easy To Create Info Products
*Turn Your Product into a Serious Business font-style:
italic;">Serious Income
*Grow your Business Easier font-weight: bold;">Cutting Edge Video
*Text Format Included Incase You Learn Better by Reading
*Have Access to a Private Forum Where You Can Work 1 on 1 With
Michael margin-left: 80px;">*Learn at Your Own Pace (perfect for full
time employees)
*Set Your Product to Make You MONEY on Autopilot
*Build an Army of Affiliates Who'll Make Money For You!
*Have Access to a Full time Support Desk in Case you Need ANYTHING
*Get Access To Monthly Webinars Where Michael ">*Get to Try The
System Out For Just $4.95! ( ).

This Course Comes Backed With...

*A 7 Day Trial For Just $4.95 - So You Can Simply Test Us Out.
*60 Day Money Back Guarantee Even If You Stay Past the Trial!

Try it now - pay later. All you pay is the low processing fee of
$4.95 then you will be billed $197 $47 per month for the duration of
the course.
Limited Time Pricing - Will not Last Long.
Immediately after payment you'll get instant online access to this

Here are some screen shots of real sales ">modeled off of The
Platinum Online Income Club system. These screens are taken from
either Michael's or Kevin's accounts.

This screen shot is all for one product. The additional lines are
variations of the original price but it's all the same product. In
total it's over $75,000 in sales for that product alone in a 12 month
period! This screen shot is to show you that one of my products is
making this much.

Here is one of Michael's lower selling products. This is what even a
low selling product can do. This one averages about $175 per week.
Here is a shot from a 4 week span (with no affiliates.)

This is a shot of orders rolling in on New Years Day! This is taken
from Kevin Riley's email account where he receives incoming order
receipts. The importance here is that orders were taken place on New
Years Day while Kevin was celebrating!

This is the actual product that Kevin sold on New Years Day. Keep in
mind that $39.95 that comes to his Paypal account for each sale is all
his to keep. So while he had fun and partied he made several hundred
bucks without doing any work other than the original setup of the

We're not talking about getting rich instantly with this but as you
can see if you had a product that sold just 3 copies per day and you
were selling it at $39.95 each that's $43,745.25 from just one single
product on near solo autopilot. Making that much entirely depends on
if you're willing to put in the time to make this system work, how
many daily sales you get and of course your price point!

Try it now - pay later. All you pay is the low processing fee of
$4.95 then you will be billed $197 $47 per month for the duration of
the course.
Limited Time Pricing - Will Not Last Long.
Immediately after payment you'll get instant online access to this

Here is a List of the Powerful Learning Modules That Come With This

Module #1 - Research ">
This critical module contains over 15 quick start videos that will
kick off your transformation into a info product profit machine. The
videos in this lesson include:

*Self Assessment (extremely important)
*Where to find the HOTTEST markets to get involved in.
*Web 2.0 properties you must use when finding your market.
*How to tell if there is a BOAT LOAD of cash in your market.
*The most important market places for killer ideas.
*A simple way to find a HOT market while shopping at the drugstore.
*PLUS, access to the 1 on 1 support forum with Michael ">

Module #2 - Fast Product Creation

In this module you're going to be creating your first profitable
informational product. You're going to learn in step-by-step video
sequence the exact way to do it, FAST. Some of the highlights from the
videos included in this module are.

*How to find amazing content for your product to save you time.
*How to make sure your product is a success.
*What must be added to your product to make it sell ahead of your
competition - every time.
*Exactly how to create your product step-by-step in under 7 days.
*How to take your simple product and TRIPLE your income with about
20 minutes of easy work!
*How to share your product with the world in a few easy steps.
*Plus, helpful worksheets to speed up your learning process.
*Plus, complete product templates - just plug in your info!
*Don't forget helpful 1 on 1 access with Michael ">And Much

Module #3 - Marketing Your Product

This module is all about making your product sell! In this module
you'll find not only the powerful videos but you'll also find several
templates that will save you HOURS of time.

*How to write a sizzling sales letter in just a few hours even if
you SUCK at writing sales copy.
*Bonus - Sales Letter Templates. Just plug in your information and
that's it!
*How to build a massive responsive email list that will buy your
product and future products.
*Bonus templates included! Just plug in your info and go!
*Places you simply MUST have you product visible to start making a
TON of money.
*Bonus - Includes a powerful script at no extra charge (point and
click installation - easy)
*Plus, 1 on 1 support and access inside the Private Forum.

And Much More....

Module #4 - Building FREE "Ready To Buy Traffic"

Not all traffic is created equal. You need traffic that is ready to
pull out it's credit cards and BUY. This is what this module is all
about. These powerful topics include:

*How to pull buyers who "Need" your product from the crowd.
*Web 2.0 communities that you MUST be a part of and how to dissect
them for fast, easy, ready to buy traffic.
*How to cut loose the "crap" traffic that won't help you. This will
save you hours of normally wasted time.
*Using video to drive hungry traffic (No Video Experience Required!)
*How to find "Early" affiliates to promote your product. Note: this
step alone can make you a TON of money.
*How to automate the traffic building process. What's better than
traffic that comes to your product to buy on a daily basis with no
additional work?

And Much More....

Module #5 - Automating Sales -Building A Mass Following of

Affiliates can make you a fortune! They can also save you a ton of
time. Affiliates can steadily pump you sales even with the automated
system we're giving you it's even easier! Plus you'll know:
*Where to gather a powerful group of affiliates that will actually
make you money and not waste your time.
*How to use Goggle to find HOT potential affiliate matches for your
*How to motivate your affiliates to sell and then sell more! Note:
Most people fail miserably at this!
*The #1 thing that will turn your potential affiliate off and leave
them running for the door!
*How to set up a proper JV - The Right Way. Do it wrong & they won't
even consider your request.
*You'll be collecting affiliates like a pro after you complete this
*Plus, 1 on 1 access with Kevin ">

Module #6 - Expanding Your Business

This module will take you by the hand and show you exactly how to
expand your business into a massive profitable company the same way
Michael ">*Turn first time customers into hungry lifetime buyers!
*Make a series of follow up products with very little effort that
your current customers will be ready to buy.
*How to outsource it all! Save your time and energy - have someone
do it all for you.
*How to create a physical product to Greatly boost your reputation
and increase sales.
*How to build bigger products that you can $200-$1000 for.
*Build your information business into a lifelong money making
*Plus, 1 on 1 access with Michael ">

Try it now - pay later. All you pay is the low processing fee of
$4.95 then you will be billed $197 $47 per month for the duration of
the course.
Limited Time Pricing - Will Not Last Long
Immediately after payment you'll get instant online access to this

How The Course Works.....

#1. Sign up for the 7 day trial. .
#2. Each month you'll get a new module. (as long as you remain a
#3. Complete the steps in each module (6 total modules).
#4. Use the forum if you need help or have any question (Michael

Q: I am a raw newbie I barely even know how to check email would
this course be right for me?
A: YES! While we think this program is great for everyone we
especially think people with no prior experience will excel and SHOULD
be part of this!

Q: Will I be charged any additional or hidden fees?
A: NO. You pay the processing cost of the trial ($4.95) for a full 7
day test run. If you love the course do nothing and you'll be auto
rebilled monthly as long as you remain a member.

Q: Can I cancel at anytime?
A: Yes. You may cancel no matter what module you're in. Cancellation
takes about 30 seconds and is just a few clicks of the mouse. No
hassles here.

Q: I have some experience with product creation but really haven't
made much with it. Will I learn enough in this course?
A: Yes. Our goal is to help everyone who joins this course make
money plain and simple. So if you're not experience the income you
want with info products, learn from 2 guys who are going to help you
finally make it.

Q: Where are the screen shots of your Rolls Royces and mansions?
A: Simple. We are being realistic here. We understand you're used to
seeing crazy stuff on sales material for courses and making money
online. However, you won't find that here.

Is it possible to make $1 million in your first year? Of course. Is
it likely, NO. So therefore we don't advertise like that.

Again, our goal is to get you in the course into a group of other
successful students and get you to a point where you're earning a
solid online income.

Q: I am a horrible writer can you still teach me to make profitable
info product?
A: Yes! In fact, Michael ">They show you how to make money and
better products by actually writing less!

We're not writing novels here and you'll quickly learn while you're
in the course that you won't be writing very much at all.

Q: If I stay past the trial can I still get a refund?
A: Yes! We make it easy. You have 60 days to take us up on the
refund. We're confident you won't need it and you'll LOVE this course.

Try it now - pay later. All you pay is the low processing fee of
$4.95 then you will be billed $197 $47 per month for the duration of
the course.
Limited Time Pricing - Will Not Last Long
Immediately after payment you'll get instant online access to this


Simply getting started.

When Kevin & I first began making money with info products we had to
do it the same way.

We took charge and started - you should do the same. .

Without action you cannot make money online.

Kevin ">Let's Recap Everything That You Get In The Platinum Online
Income Club

*7 Day try it now - pay later. (only $4.95 nominal processing fee).
*The Powerful monthly Platinum Online Income Club System modules. (6
*Easy learning cutting edge videos in each module. Watch us teach
*Plugin profit templates. Just add your info and your set!
*Worksheets. Just print out and check off each task you complete.
*1 on 1 help and mentoring inside the forum with Michael & Kevin!
This personal coaching alone is PRICELESS.
*Monthly LIVE webinars where you can personally ask Michael ">*60
*Unlimited Updates! Any updates or bonuses added to the course - you
get too!
*Unlimited helpdesk support. If you need us for any reason we're

Try it now - pay later. All you pay is the low processing fee of
$4.95 then you will be billed $197 $47 per month for the duration of
the course.
Limited Time Pricing - Will Not Last Long.
Immediately after payment you'll get instant online access to this

Kevin & Michael are ready to meet you inside this course & help
catapult your income ">
To your everlasting success,
Michael Brown ">Please note: The pricing you see on the page is a
limited time pricing. We are going to raise the price and hope you'll
understand we may raise the price at anytime to the full price of this
course. You can lock your price by .

Please note: This is a risk free purchase. You may evaluate this
purchase for up to 60 days! If for any reason you decide this is not
the right course for you even after you've taken the 7 day trial we
will give you 100% of your money back. -No Questions Asked refund
policy! .

Also Please Note: The monthly webinar and coaching from the forum we
offer is something we could charge more than $997 a month for. We
remember what it's like to start out therefore we offer this course at
the low price of just $4.95 for the trial to test and then just
$197/month - right now only $47/month! Start Your Success .

If you need help or have questions, visit our Support Desk at or
email john[at]theprofithq.com

- - - - -

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