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"... Stop wasting your time on rubbish 'lay the draw'
Football Systems and grab hold of the most sensational
profiting methods available to any winning punter..."

The low down dirty methods are handed over to YOU!

Fellow Profitable Punters,

I've been making money on Football for years. I use the same methods every single season and now I am going to be sharing those EXACT methods with YOU!

Before I go on, tell me, how many times do you purchase a system and you find that the first, or even the only method in the manual or software, is that same irritating 'lay the draw' garbage? I have tried the odd Football System over the years and for some reason, that one constantly keeps coming up!

There ARE people who constistenly profit from football on a daily basis.

And I'm one of them. I know the methods that make money. I know which teams to bet on and how to select these teams. Most systems out there will take 2 factors into consideration when virtually any self respecting punter knows that it goes a lot deeper than that.

"... I'm going to show you what it's like to sit in the comfort
of your own home on a Saturday afternoon, watching football
and seeing your betting account balance rise by £419..."

How many times have you heard the story about how Betfair/Betdaq has about a 1% group of punters who actually make worthy profit? It is 100% true and it has been confirmed by them! Punters sit on the exchanges throwing money away like theres no tomorrow.

Who of us DOESN'T need that extra bit of cash? What you need to do, is ask yourself the following.
Do you fall into the following brackets:

Want that extra money for that new flat screen TV?
Want to pay off your credit card or those irritating bills which haven't been paid?
Just want to take an extra relaxing holiday to get away from it all?

I am going to show you ALL the methods that I use to bet and trade on Football at virtually any opportunity that I get. I make profit on Betfair and m ost of the bookmakers that I'm at. The one thing about profit, is that it is consistent... and that it's BIG.

I used to work a full time day job. Each week was the same. Wake up at 6. Grab breakfast, rush to get ready for work.... and off to the grind stone. After work you're too tired to do anything else other than go to sleep and so the cycle continues.

I know exactly how it feels. I had the exact same problem once until I discovered the ability to place bets on Football... I started out slowly and began to build my bank up, using the same methods as I went along. The whole time I would tweak and refine them until they made me consistent profits.



*Football Loophole System*

• Exploit any betting site and milk it by cashing in on any games that you bet on. I'll show you the best possible methods available.

• Start learning the hidden truths about football and how to pick your teams to bet on!

• Start with £20 and build your way up!

• Follow my methods and I GUARANTEE that you will not fail to make a profit.

• Backing, Laying, Trading, every method and every bet is explained in full!


"... The word 'guarantee' is thrown around loosely in betting
nowdays, but the methods in my manual are so good that I
REALLY can Guarantee that you will profit from them..."

The Football betting scene runs 'heavily' for about 10 months of the year and if you're reading this right now, it's about 5 weeks into the new season, meaning this is the time to start betting on the games. There are BILLIONS of pounds won and lost over the course of the season and what I am going to do, is teach you how to take a portion of that virtually each time you bet on a game!

"...I'm going to teach you how to steal..."

Don't worry, I don't mean in the illegal sense. I am going to show you how to consistently swipe money from your bookmaker or betting exchange. It's not difficult - It's SIMPLE and most of all, Effective. The aim is to make consistent profit and that is what you are going to learn how to do, with a bank starting at just £20 pounds.

Learn the Secret Football Betting Tips

Sign up to our mailing list now and I'll give away
a few free footballing profiting tips! RRP £29
Name: Email: We will not sell or distribute your details

...As I Said ... I Guarantee you will profit...



** Whats In The Package? **

• Every method I use! .

• BACKING - Back teams to win. I will show you how to select them. I'll show you which markets to bet on. Over 2.5, Under 2.5 goals. Scorers, betting on draws, EVERYTHING is handed to you on a plate.

• LAYING - I'll show you which teams and markets to lay. Odds are NOT big and we very rarely have losing bets with lays.

• TRADING - The ones everyone want. I'll show you exactly how and when to trade. As stated already, I do NOT use the USELESS lay the draw method.

• Other hidden methods exposed.
* Every single profit pulling football method around.
* I know how to make money on Football and I am going to give you my methods.



"... This is the Loophole that I present to you ..."

The majority of punters are blind.

They will be on any football match depending on one or two things. If you have a bet at odds of 1-1 (Evens), it should win 1 in 2 times. Losing punters are the reason that there are 50/50 chances.

I am going to show you the hidden truth behind it and how to make money on the CORRECT bets.
The knowledge that I am going to hand over to YOU is going to enable you to start a very long and successful season of consistent football profits day in and day out.

There are matches virtually every single day and on a weekend there are hundreds. Plenty of money making opportunity right at your finger tips and the key to it all is just a few clicks away.



100% Money Back Guarantee

Full 60 Days

There will always be skeptics and if you are
one of them, we are offering you a 100%
full money back guarantee with this system.

We have proven that this system will
provide you with consistent profits so
if you fail to make money, you are then
entitled to a FULL 100% money back
guarantee. No questions asked!!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the system involve?

The entire system revolves around betting on Football. I have been making money on football for the last 7 or so years. I've been running a tipster service for 2 years as well. This system will provide you with all my knowledge and methods that I personally use to select teams and select bets as well as the correct trading methods which will allow you to constantly profit.
The football season runs for 10 months a year in full and even after that, there are still games in other leagues. The methods work on ANY league around the world.

Do I need to know anything about betting/football?

Not at all. If you're a complete novice or an experienced professional, this system is for you and you don't need any prior knowledge. The more you know the better, but as I say, I'll provide everything in the manual. The sites where I get my statistics as well as where to bet. Everything is provided for you and all you will need to do is follow my simple instructions and you'll watch the profits flow in!

What bookmaker/exchange must I use?

You can use virtually any bookmaker. The system has back bets, lay bets and trading. You can implement the back and lay bets from any bookmaker. You may say - lay bets aren't allowed at standard bookmakers but due to Football having 3 outcomes, you can back two of them at a time which would be the equivalent of a lay bet. For the TRADING bets you will need to have a betting exchange account with Betfair, Betdaq, WBX or any others out there.

Do you need to be available at the PC during the day?

No you won't. The only time you would need to be is if you are betting on any of our trading bets, otherwise you won't be required to sit at the PC. The other bets will all be done in advance. All you will need to do is make your selections and place your bets.

Do you Guarantee me profit?

Yes, these methods are 100% sure to make you money. I've been using them for years so there is no reason that they would suddenly stop working. It is impossible! It does not matter how many people are using the methods either. There can be 10 or 10000, the system will not fail to make everyone the same amount of profit.

What Starting Bank do I need?

Anything from £20 upwards. Obviously more will bring you larger profits, but £20 is the bare minimum

Stop Wasting Time!

"... I am 100% confident in the profitability of this
system. I have been using these methods for 7 years
and I've never shown or sold them to anyone ..."

Football Loophole System
This is a ONCE OFF fee and the you will
be able to make back the cost price of this
system in the first few bets. I guarantee it!

The Price is at a SPECIAL introductory

launch price of just £38

This is a ONCE off fee


If you are still undecided, then you are
going to miss out. I guarantee that you are
not making a mistake with this package.



Remember, our system carries a FULL
100% 60 day money back guarantee!


[Get a copy RIGHT NOW

Want to pay with an alternative method?

Please contact us for further details

Whether its 2am or 2pm the system is yours to download.
It does not matter when you purchase, you receive the
product INSTANTLY.

The launch price will last for 2 days. After these two days, the price will be going up.

[Get Yourself a Copy RIGHT NOW](http://1.fbloophole.pay.clickbank.net)

I plan to leave this product on the market for under one week. I even wondered whether or not I would allow you to buy this product, but as you can see, I'm giving YOU the opportunity.


Contact Us - [support@footballloophole.com](mailto:support@footballloophole.com)


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