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"How to Get the
Truth Out of Anyone"

By David Barron

This is the step-by-step,
nitty-gritty way to
find out if someone is lying to you.
($19.95 clickbank order)

[DOWNLOAD IT NOW](http://31.dbarron.pay.clickbank.net/?detail=How_To_Get_The_Truth_Out_Of_Anyone)

[(Read More About It)](http://www.power-persuasion.com/TheTruth.html)

Learn what Milton Erickson,the 20th Century Greatest Scientific  Hypnotist, can teach you about

[Covert Conversational Hypnosis?](http://tinyurl.com/2usn9w)
[Click Here!](http://tinyurl.com/2usn9w) [](http://tinyurl.com/2usn9w)

Persuasion Through Giving Them What They Want
(Uploaded 24-May-2007)
If you give someone what they TRULY want will they be persuaded? Very likely. Sounds simple doesn't it? The key of course, is to get at what they TRULY want. It takes a little work but it's the most effective system of persuasion there is.  I'll reveal to you the secret.
NOTE: This was a great teleseminar that is filled with technical problems. The recording is great but unfortuately during the call I couldn't hear all the questions.
[DOWNLOAD IT NOW](http://www.personaldownload.com/g.asp?it=whattheywant)

Part 2 Goals, Motivation and Getting What You Want
(Uploaded 17-May-2007)
A more detailed continuation of last weeks call on Motivation. Learn the difference between a goal and "what you want". You'll learn that there it's possible to get what you want long before you get your goal. The process makes getting your goal a joy and a certainty.
[DOWNLOAD IT NOW](http://www.personaldownload.com/g.asp?it=motivation2)

Part 1 Goals, Motivation and Getting What You Want
(Uploaded 10-May-2007)
Learn the difference between a goal and "what you want". You'll learn that there it's possible to get what you want long before you get your goal. The process makes getting your goal a joy and a certainty.
[DOWNLOAD IT NOW](http://www.personaldownload.com/g.asp?it=gettingwhatyouwant)

Learn About
[The Ultimate Persuasion Seminar](http://theultimatepersuasionseminar.com/)

How Your Focus Effects Your Results
(Uploaded 2-May-2007)
What happens when you focus on seemingly meaningless things? You'd be surprised that it makes the difference between success and failure.
[DOWNLOAD IT NOW](http://www.personaldownload.com/g.asp?it=whattofocuson)

The Filters Of Reality
(Uploaded 26-Apr-2007)
There is a way to change exactly how we perceive reality. That means that we can change our reality any way that we want. It's all done by becoming aware of the various pre-existing filters we set up.
[DOWNLOAD IT NOW](http://www.personaldownload.com/g.asp?it=FiltersOfRealtiy)

Covert Language Patterns to Remove Problems and Replace Resourses
(Uploaded 8-Nov-2006)
Learn how to covertly make changes in people just by talking to them. Anyone can play with time to make very subtle yet  powerful changes in the verb tenses that you use. This process is both very advanced yet simple to impliment. Download it and prepare to be amazed.
[DOWNLOAD IT NOW](http://www.personaldownload.com/g.asp?it=PlayingWithTime866)

An Interview with persuasion JD Fuentes author of "[Sexual Key](http://sexualkey.com/iscript.php?3543_A96912)", "[Gut Impact](http://sexualkey.com/iscript.php?3543_A96912)" and
"[Rousing the Lion](http://hop.clickbank.net/?dbarron/soultouch)"
(Uploaded 28-Sept-2006)
JD Fuentes started like most of us, curious about how the mind works. Through his clinical hypnosis work he began to notice patterns that are unique to the sexes and evolved a very unique system of persuasion that you can taylor to men or women.
In this tele seminar you'll learn about how men and women sort information differently and how to use that in your persuasion. JD will also trance you out as he describes the process!
[DOWNLOAD IT NOW](http://www.personaldownload.com/g.asp?it=JDFuentes)

Gaslighting - How to make people doubt their sanity.
(Uploaded 31-Aug-2006)

[](http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00011D1PE/changewonlinesho)There was a movie that came out in 1944 called [Gaslight](http://www.amazon.com/gp/redirect.html?link_code=ur2&tag=changewonlinesho&camp=1789&creative=9325&location=%2Fgp%2Fproduct%2FB00011D1PE%2Fref%3Dpd_rvi_gw_1%3Fie%3DUTF8) in which the main character tried to make is wife go crazy by altering her enviornment in such a way that she began to doubt her perceptions.

In persuasion "gaslighting" means to cause someone to reconsider what they are thinking, perceiving or believing. While the term is not common the practice of gaslighting IS USED EVERYDAY! In fact it's a basic tool of persuasion.

In this tele seminar you'll learn the most common covert techniques of gaslighting.

[DOWNLOAD IT NOW](http://www.personaldownload.com/g.asp?it=gaslight)

Using Values Elicitation to Set Appointments.
(Uploaded 24-Aug-2006)
Jeremy Pope and I will discuss how to easily turn a phone call of interest into an appointment using values elicitation!

It's a wonderful method to get beyond those people who “just wanted to know the price”.

In fact, Jeremy has found that when he doesn't use it there is no appointment made, but when he does he consistently gets the appointment.

Here is a [PDF that outlines the process](ValuesBasedAppointmentSetting.pdf) but to really get the essence of the process you really need to be on the call.

Seriously, could you use this in your business?  I think so.
[DOWNLOAD Part 1 NOW](http://www.personaldownload.com/g.asp?it=GetTheAppointment1)
[DOWNLOAD Part 2 Now](http://www.personaldownload.com/g.asp?it=GetTheAppointment2)

Using Embedded Commands
(Uploaded 17-Aug-2006)
Embedded Commands are the tricky way to send messages directly to someones unconscious mind. In fact, they are sneaky and powerful when they were first discovered only psychiatrist and counselors with PhD were permitted to take training in them. Now the genii is out of the bottle but in spite of there being lot's of places that describe Embedded Commands not very many people are good at using them.
Download the mp3 and learn how to use them.
You can also read more about them at [www.EmbeddedCommands.com](http://www.EmbeddedCommands.com).
[DOWNLOAD IT NOW](http://www.personaldownload.com/g.asp?it=EC2006)

Hypnosis and "Chinosis"
(Uploaded 9-Aug-2006)
If you heard the last interview with Jon Chase you heard about what he calls "Chinosis". This call is an discussion call with hypnotist Jeremy Pope (of www.DecisionsHypnosis.com) and a group of fellow hypnotist about his experimental hypnosis weekend in which he used Chinosis to solve is long standing Attention Deficit Disorder.
[DOWNLOAD IT NOW](http://www.personaldownload.com/g.asp?it=chinosis)

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An Interview with UK Hypnotist Jonathan Chase
(Uploaded 27-July-2006)
Jonathan Chase has been doing hypnosis and every form for over 35 years. Beginning at the age of 19 he now runs one of the best hypnosis trainings in Europe. His website is [www.thehypnotists.com](http://www.thehypnotists.com). You can also see some of the videos of his work on his web site at [this link](http://www.thehypnotists.com/hypnosis_video_clips.htm). Jon shares his unique view of hypnosis and the human mind. Special thanks in this download goes to Jem Pope of [Decisions Hypnosis](http://www.decisionshypnosis.com/) for taking the lead when I suffered technical problems during the call. If you want more information on training with Jon you can call Jeff Stephens a 636-575-2930.
[DOWNLOAD IT NOW](http://www.personaldownload.com/g.asp?it=jonchase)

Using the Swish Pattern and Internal Representation For Personal Motivation
(Uploaded 20-July-2006)
This is a brief one but it's packed with power. It's a very quick and easy method to get into a motivated state. The emphasis is first on the famous swish pattern and then on how to create a powerful internal image of yourself that propels you to accomplish what you need to do!
[DOWNLOAD IT NOW](http://www.personaldownload.com/g.asp?it=SwishAndInternalRep)

From Modeling to Invocation
(Uploaded 5-July-2006)
Modeling is the learning a new skill by finding out how someone does it on a internal level, taking on their  thoughts and beliefs about the skill. On this tele seminar you'll get a great and simple example of modeling using the skill of writing. But it's just the start. What if you model an entire person? Then we get into what is referred to as "deep trance identification". What if you do that with a god or spiritual entity? This is often referred to as invocation or channeling and it's behavior that is common throughout every culture and religion even Christianity. In this call you'll learn about it all!!!
[DOWNLOAD IT NOW](http://www.personaldownload.com/g.asp?it=model-invocation)[](http://www.personaldownload.com/g.asp?it=model-invocation)

Round Table on Promoting Your Hypnosis Practice
(Uploaded 29-June-2006)
If you want to know how to start a hypnosis practice and within months, or even weeks, be booked out MONTHS in advance this call is for you. Along with hypnotist, Jeremy Pope, we gathered together 8 successful hypnotists who are seeing three to eight clients a week and earning at least $300 per session. It will make you want to start a hypnosis practice if you haven't already!
[DOWNLOAD IT NOW](http://www.personaldownload.com/g.asp?it=PromoteYourPractice)

The Art of Brain Pirating
(Uploaded 9-June-2006)
Jeff Stephens is one of those fearless hypnotists who will try anything that has to do with  hypnosis anywhere, anytime.  It's so out-of-the-box that people have described him as a "Brain Pirate".  On this call Jeff describes how he hypnotically paralyzes the hands of a McDonald clerk and uses it to promote his hypnosis practice.  This is wild stuff! Here is Jeff PDF of the "Brain Pirating process he describes - [Click Here](BrainPirate.pdf).
[DOWNLOAD IT NOW](http://www.personaldownload.com/g.asp?it=BrainPirate)

Using Criteria and Values in Persuasion
(Uploaded 31-May-2006)
Criteria are the qualities and steps that need to be fulfilled in order for someone to be persuaded. If all of them are fulfilled the result will touch someone on a much deeper and emotional level, the level of values.

In this tele seminar I'll go into the basics and the advanced aspects of criteria and values elicitation. I should charge you for this... but I won't, yet.
[DOWNLOAD IT NOW](http://www.personaldownload.com/g.asp?it=CriteriaAndValues)

Advice on Starting and Promoting Your Hypnosis Practice
(Uploaded 28-May-2006)
This tele seminar all started with a question "How do I start out my hypnosis/NLP/EFT practice?". What followed is good advice to anyone starting on a very small budget. You'll learn how to get your name out. How to build public presentations to sell your seminars and workshops. How to use your local community college to promote your practice and more. (FREE)
[DOWNLOAD IT NOW](http://www.personaldownload.com/g.asp?it=StartYourHypnoBiz)

Persuasive Story Telling Using Nested and Open Loops
(Uploaded 11-May-2006)
There  is a very effective way to tell a persuasive story and embed within the story an outcome that you want. The process is called Nested Loops and Open Loops. With a nested loop you can embed can covertly emotional state that no one can resist but to feel. With an open loop you create a deep sense of wanting more and a feeling of curiosity to learn. This is advanced material and does take some forethought to do well but it's done in any good story whether it's a movie, book or when you chatting with a friend. ($6.00)
[DOWNLOAD IT NOW](http://9.dbarron.pay.clickbank.net/)[](http://9.dbarron.pay.clickbank.net/)

State Management and State Elicitation
(Uploaded 3-May-2006)
One of the most important skills you can learn for ANY situation is state control, the ability to bring about the optimum mental and emotional state for the situation. A subset of the is state elicitation which is the ability to bring someone else into a powerful emotion state. So imagine a one-two punch that combines being in the most persuasive state while leading someone into the most receptive state for whatever you propose! This is all a prelude to what is happening at the [www.TheUltimatePersuasionSeminar.com](http://www.theultimatepersuasionseminar.com/) on May 19th (Hurry now and sign up before Friday  May 5th save $300 on the enrollment!)
[DOWNLOAD IT NOW](http://www.personaldownload.com/g.asp?it=StateControlElicit)

Setting the Frame Part 2
(Uploaded 28-Apr-2006)
This tele seminar we continue with last weeks topic of "Set the Frame to Win the Game. I"m joined by Kent Sayre author of "The Ultimate Persuasion Formula" and my co-trainer at [www.TheUltimatePersuasionSeminar.com](http://www.theultimatepersuasionseminar.com/)
[DOWNLOAD IT NOW](http://32.dbarron.pay.clickbank.net/)  ($6.00)

Set the Frame to Win the Game
(Uploaded 15-Apr-2006)
This last weeks tele seminar was one of my best spur-of-the-moment Ideas.
Gearing up for next months seminar ([www.TheUltimatePersuasionSeminar.com](http://www.theultimatepersuasionseminar.com/)) I wasn't able to fully prepare for this tele-seminar so it became an "open forum" on persuasion.

What we quickly came down to was the topic of controlling the frame, or setting the context, of a situation.

Just so that you have an idea of what I mean, controlling the frame is the equivalent of, of choosing which game you are going to play, chess, poker or dominos ... and you are chess master. Which game would you choose? Well, if you're smart the will choose the game over which you have the greatest amount of control; chess!

This works perfectly in persuasion.

[DOWNLOAD IT NOW!](Http://18.dbarron.pay.clickbank.net/)   ($6.00)

The Pathway to Power
(Uploaded 15-Apr-2006)
This tele seminar you'll get a greater insight about POWER.  What it is, it's qualities we all want and should have an opportunity to taste. This tele-seminar is based on an essay/article I found on my computer by hypnotist Mark Cunningham which you can download as a PDF [here](The_Pathway_To_Power.pdf).
[DOWNLOAD IT NOW!](http://www.personaldownload.com/g.asp?it=pathwaytopower)

Click here to learn about
[The Ulitmate Persuasion Seminar](http://www.theultimatepersuasionseminar.com/)

The Art and Science Of Becoming
(Uploaded 6-Apr-2006)
My Guest Cork Graham explains the "science of becoming" a master persuader. Cork will be a guest speaker at the Ultimate Persuasion Seminar on May 19-21st.
Cork has some downloadable notes that are available for a limited time at [www.lifeisjusttooshort.com/davidspecial](http://www.lifeisjusttooshort.com/davidspecial)
This is a great discussion on belief, skill, modeling and acting "as if" that can give you a sence of ease to become the master of persuasion that you want.
[DOWNLOAD IT NOW!](http://www.personaldownload.com/g.asp?it=corkgraham)

Click here to learn about
[The Ulitmate Persuasion Seminar](http://www.theultimatepersuasionseminar.com/)

How to Enchant to Persuade
(Uploaded 1-April-2006)
What would it be like if you could "enchant" someone to your way of thinking? This is a completely new concept in persuasion (I just fell upon it). While there are a few skills you can learn to "enchant" someone, the biggest obstacle is yourself. Liston to this tele seminar and learn how to "cast a persuasive spell" of enchantment.

Hi David,

I enjoyed your enchantment-tele seminar. In fact it reminded me about a kind of childhood enchantment with Life itself, that magical atmosphere. Thank you for the reminder, David. It's applicable to any part of life. In how you dress, how you talk and behave, etc.etc. I'm even thinking about redecorating my hallway to make it more ENCHANTING for visitors (and myself of course). Wow, what a concept! Imaginative and playful...

I included for you the Chinese character for Enchanting. The left character means: to fantasise. The right character means: a person or people. Ain't that spot on, Grasshopper....? (and wasn't that an enchanting series...)

Enjoy and know that you entertain, teach and reach people beyond the American continent...

A warm Thank you again, David.
Jan, Holland

How to Enchant to Persuade
[DOWNLOAD IT NOW!](http://www.personaldownload.com/g.asp?it=enchanttopersua126)

Click here to learn about
[The Ulitmate Persuasion Seminar](http://www.theultimatepersuasionseminar.com/)

"Don't take in the I" an interview with Mark Crowley
(Uploaded 24-Mar-2006)
This tele seminar is a DEEP high concept interview with self improvement expert [Mark Crowley](http://www.markcrowley.com).
Mark is a former police officer and active radio host. "Don't take it in the I" is about the relationship between our identity and the roles that we take on. It's very timely when it comes to persuasion because it gives you a deeper insight into how people limit themselves and using that knowledge can help you gain greater understanding and rapport with others.

I just listened to "Don't take it in the I" an interview with Mark Crowley. In a word, it was phenomenal! I will be going over this profound wisdom again for a some time to come. Both you and Mark Crowley really serve as sources of inspiration.

I want to express my deep appreciation for the wonderful free resources that you are making available on your site.

With respect,

You'll love this one and it's free!
[DOWNLOAD IT NOW!](http://www.personaldownload.com/g.asp?it=MarkCrowley)


Click here to learn about
[The Ulitmate Persuasion Seminar](http://www.theultimatepersuasionseminar.com/)

KFIZ Radio Interview with David Barron

[DOWNLOAD IT NOW!](http://www.power-persuasion.com/KFIZradioInterview.mp3)

How to Full Your Dream Of Becoming a Published Author
(Uploaded 16-Mar-2006)
This tele seminar combines all the knowledge and experience of two published authors (Kent Sayre and me, David Barron) to tell you how to write a book quickly and market it to make money quickly and establish yourself as an authority. This is a step by step process that includes the mistakes most published authors fail to ever learn. [Click here](HowToWriteABookTeleSeminar.pdf) to download the written notes of the call.
You'll love this one and it's free!
[DOWNLOAD IT NOW!](http://www.personaldownload.com/g.asp?it=HowToWriteABook)

Click here to learn about
[The Ulitmate Persuasion Seminar](http://www.theultimatepersuasionseminar.com)

How to Write a Compelling Personals Ad
(Uploaded 9-Mar-2006)
When do the majority of people need good copy writing skills? When they are writing a personals ad trying to attract that "special someone", of course!! Kent Sayre and I started to converse about all the does and don'ts of personal ads and have a few laughs along the way... only later did we realize that it it would make a GREAT tele-seminar. This won't dissapoint you. You'll learn the very interesting strategy of using personal ads to appeal to your target market: the person you want to attract.
You'll love this one and it's free!
[DOWNLOAD IT NOW!](http://www.personaldownload.com/g.asp?it=HowToWritePA)


Click here to learn about
[The Ulitmate Persuasion Seminar](http://www.theultimatepersuasionseminar.com/)

How to Become an Authority in Your Field
(Uploaded 3-Mar-2006)
This is a TeleSeminar is "Mo' Mon-e-y Phat"!
The biggest way to get so much of what you want, money, power, piece of mind, recognition is to be an authority on something. All you have to do is pick the subject you want to be an authority on and ...well... it really much simpler that anyone thinks. In this tele seminar Kent Sayre and I give you resources, examples and advise on how to become an authority in ANY field. You'll here how I did it just by reading an obscure Star Trek book! It's one of the reasons I asked Kent to co-facilitate [The Ultimate Persuasion Seminar](http://www.theultimatepersuasionseminar.com/) for May 2006. He is an unabashed authority in getting what he wants.  This is SOOOOooo good I have to charge you for it. Trust me, you be happy to have paid for it.
[DOWNLOAD IT NOW!](http://1.dbarron.pay.clickbank.net/) ($6.00)

Click here to learn about
[The Ulitmate Persuasion Seminar](http://www.theultimatepersuasionseminar.com/)

David Barron Interviews by Kent Sayre
(Upoaded 24-Feb-2006)
Kent Sayre is a persuasion trainer I would like everyone to model at least once. He is a high energy, no-holds-barred, fun-machine that looks at any challenge as an opportunity to test his skills. His outcome is always to find out how much fun he can have while making certain everyone gets what they want. It's one of the reasons I asked Kent to co-facilitate [The Ultimate Persuasion Seminar](http://www.TheUltimatePersuasionSeminar.com) for May 2006.
[DOWNLOAD IT NOW!](http://www.personaldownload.com/g.asp?it=InterviewKS)

Click here to learn about
[The Ulitmate Persuasion Seminar](http://www.theultimatepersuasionseminar.com/)

David Barron Gets Interviewed by Pat Weber
(Upoaded 22-Feb-2006)
Pat Weber is a business and personal coach http://www.prostrategies.com and asked me to talk to her clients about "The God Complex" of success.  How to have such an unstoppable feeling of conviction about your work that you never loose sight of the winning the war even when you are losing battles.
[DOWNLOAD IT NOW!](http://www.personaldownload.com/g.asp?it=PatWeberIview)

Click here to learn about
[The Ulitmate Persuasion Seminar](http://www.theultimatepersuasionseminar.com/)

An Interview with Persuasion Author Alan Tutt
(Uploaded 18-Feb-2006)
Author of ["Keys To Power Persuasion",](http://www.KeysToPowerPersuasion.com/?a_aid=3ba7019c) Alan Tutt, discusses the insights he's uncovered to lead to his book.  Alan will also be a guest speaker at [The Ultimate Persuasion Seminar](http://www.theultimatepersuasionseminar.com/) . You'll get his answers to the questions of writing persuasively and how he's applied NLP and persuasion skills in his real life.
[DOWNLOAD IT NOW!](http://www.personaldownload.com/g.asp?it=AlanTutt)

Click here to learn about
[The Ulitmate Persuasion Seminar](http://www.theultimatepersuasionseminar.com/)

The Quantum Process Generator.
(Uploaded 04-Feb-2006)
The Quantum Process Generator and a self improvement process that goes a step above mere changework. It's purpose is to make sure that positive changes take place ONGOINGLY and UNCONSCIOUSLY so that you don't have to "work" so hard at making improvements.  At the end of the call I'll tell you how to get a $50 discount off the "Power Persuasion Audio Series and Balck Book".
[DOWNLOAD IT NOW!](http://www.personaldownload.com/g.asp?it=QProcGen)

The Quantum Process Generator

This is the result some self hypnosis/meditation processes that I've been working on that I think can help people create very positive rapid changes in many areas of your life.

Like many things in quantum physics when you add sufficient energy to a process it will “leap” to a whole new level.

As an initial start let's use affirmations. Traditionally affirmations are done by simply stating aloud what you want to be or qualities you want to have. “I am charismatic, magnetic and attractive to those who see me.” is a good example.

With time and repetition it can have a positive effect. The problem lies in how the unconscious mind might object to the affirmation, most often by saying “Yeah right. Sure you are.”

This can more easily be overcome by enlisting the unconscious mind in two ways, 1) create a physiology that accurately “feels” like charisma (head-up, smiling, walking and breathing effortlessly, etc.) and 2) remembering memories of being charismatic, magnetic and attractive.

This is just the beginning.

The next level in this gradient prior to the quantum leap is the belief that the feeling is a representation of an ongoing positive and constructive process.

Ok, let's STOP right here. This last point is vital to the creation of this process. Beliefs contain a feeling of CERTAINTY and being TRUE. You are “going up a level” from words in an affirmation to a feeling that the affirmation generates and focusing on the feeling. At this point the words of the affirmation can cease. The feeling is there and true.

Of equal importance is the belief that it is a PROCESS, meaning that it is going on beneath the surface of conscious awareness. You can do this by simply staying with the feeling for a while, during meditating or while preparing for sleep, for example.

Now, we come to the level where the quantum leap can occur.

As long as you recognize that this process of change is ongoing beneath the surface ALL THE TIME you can begin to bring in other things that you want change and improve with the process.

This is done by first continuing to recognize the process and then focusing your attention on the things that you wish to change and improve.

Focus on an outcome. Create an affirmation that represents the outcome. Make sure it is stated in the positive and present tense.
Bring about the feelings that the affirmation represents.

Recall memories that recall feelings that the affirmation represents.

Focus on the feeling.

Make the feeling a process that is going on beneath the surface of conscious awareness. Do this by believing that is is ALWAYS working toward that end. How do you believe it? You just do!

Now you can redirect the process to any change/improvement that you want.

Special Note: This process can work starting with any self improvement process that creates a positive emotional state as a result. This may take some practice. Trust your unconscious mind to do it and PRACTICE!

End Notes: This is all an experiment that demands testing. In describing it I realize that there are huge abstractions that you might have to digest but I suspect you are up to the task and I would love to hear the results of your testing.

Persuasion Video of Derren Brown.
(Uploaded 05-Feb-2006)
Derren Brown is a performer in the UK who does a show on the BBC using Mentalism, hypnosis and NLP. During this TeleSeminar we describe the video where Derren erases the memory of his subjects most wanted gift and replaces it with a BMX bike. How could you use what Derren Brown did in your business when you're trying to persuade someone? That what we'll discuss.
[DOWNLOAD IT NOW!](http://www.personaldownload.com/g.asp?it=PersuasionVideo)   (FREE - Instant Download... no sign-up form!!)

Beginning the year (or anything) with the right mental state.

(Uploaded 17-Jan-2006)
This was recorded just at the beginning of the new year 2006 and it's about starting... starting and staying started. While the call is timely it's also timeless because we are always in a position to where keeping on a committment is better than starting a new one.
[DOWNLOAD IT NOW!](http://www.personaldownload.com/download.asp?file=601101042)   (FREE - Instant Download... no sign-up form!!)
Rapport vs./and Compliance

(Uploaded 29-Dec-2005)
NLPers are always talking about "getting rapport". Okay, rapport is important but why settle for rapport when you can have complete compliance?  Seriously, having a prospect who is compliant multiplies your rapport by about a 1000 times! This is juicy stuff and combines old world sales skills with modern NLP rapport techniques.
[DOWNLOAD IT NOW!](http://www.personaldownload.com/g.asp?it=RapNCompliance)   (FREE - Instant Download... no sign-up form!!)

What You Can Learn From Con Men about Persuasion

(Uploaded 15-Dec-2005)
Professional con men are the best (and worste) persuaders in the world. But there is a LOT that an ethical person can learn from them about persuasion. The TeleSeminar will tell you how to use confidence in yourself, your service and your client to make persuasion easy. In fact, using what a con man knows for good will increase your persuasive power about 100 times! Hear aobut here.
[DOWNLOAD IT NOW!](http://www.personaldownload.com/g.asp?it=ConMen)   (FREE - Instant Download... no sign-up form!!)


(Uploaded 5-Dec-2005)
Ambiguities and very interesting because when you know how to use them you can slip a suggestion right into the unconscious mind without anyone noticing. They are sly, tricky, little turns of phrase that are fun to create, innocent to use, and easy for anyone to consciously forget. You'll get a wonderful description of how to create them and what they sound like and it may leave you glassy eyed the first time you listen to it.
[DOWNLOAD IT NOW!](http://www.personaldownload.com/g.asp?it=Ambiguities)   (FREE - Instant Download... no sign-up form!!)

How To Use NLP To Do Changework On Yourself

(Uploaded 22-Nov-2005)
Do you ever feel "stuck" as if you're in a single bad mood and can't get out of it? Do you know all the NLP, Forum, Silva Mind Control techniques but can't seem to make them work on yourself? If so, this MP3 is for you.
[DOWNLOAD IT NOW!](http://www.personaldownload.com/g.asp?it=NLPchangework) (FREE - Instant Download... no sign-up form!!)

The God Complex In Action

(Uploaded 13-Nov-2005)
(This download is a follow-up from the previous TeleSeminars. I highly recommend you listen to The 7 Hidden Addictions before you hear this download.)
During this TeleSeminar you'll get to hear exactly how people have been abel to implement The God Complex into their lives.
[DOWNLOAD IT NOW!](http://www.personaldownload.com/g.asp?it=GCinAction) (FREE - Instant Download... no sign-up form!!)

The Power of The God Complex

(Uploaded 3-Nov-2005)
(This download is a follow-up from the previous two TeleSeminars. I highly recommend you listen to The 7 Hidden Addictions before you hear this download.)
The God Complex is a quality of confidence that we all aspire to but few people can articulate. The God Complex is much more than just being megalomaniac with delusions of grandeur.
It's a quality of confidence that ensures you will always win no matter what game you play and contains the sub-qualities of "conviction", "concern" and "focus".
[DOWNLOAD IT NOW!](http://www.personaldownload.com/g.asp?it=PowerOfGC) (FREE)

The 7 Hidden Addictions

(Uploaded 20-Oct-2005)
There are 7 "addictions" that  everyone has.  Yes, everyone! When I say "addiction" I mean that we are hardwired to respond to them like Pavlov's dog. We just can't help it. When you use them to persuade people can't help but respond to them. This takes persuasion to a whole new level.
[DOWNLOAD IT NOW!](http://www.personaldownload.com/g.asp?it=7HiddenAddict1) (FREE)

Part 2 of The 7 Hidden Addictions

Note: The audio quality on this one is... strained due to power supply running low at recording time)
[DOWNLOAD IT NOW!](http://www.personaldownload.com/g.asp?it=7HiddenAddict2) (FREE)

How To Deal with "I can't do that!"

(Uploaded 6-Oct-2005)
This is a common problem in persuasion whether you are persuading someone else or trying to get to work doing cold calls. What do you do when someone says "I can't do that! It's just not me."? The suggestions are pretty simple. First, reframe. It is you, just not a you that you've become familiar with. Here is a simple process you can use with anyone including yourself to overcome that "It's just not me." type of resistance.
[DOWNLOAD IT NOW!](http://32.dbarron.pay.clickbank.net/) ($6.00)

How To Use The "Energy Model" in Persuasion

(Uploaded 3-Oct-2005)
The Concept of being able to manipulate "energy" is debated among many NLP practitioners. Some practitioners will suggest that there is no such thing as "energy". That said, the concept of energy is a useful one whether or not it's real. You'll learn strategies of how to control "energy" using your awareness that will add a magnitude of power to your influence and persuasion.
[DOWNLOAD IT NOW!](http://36.dbarron.pay.clickbank.net/) ($6.00)

Non Defensive Persuasion

(Uploaded 21-Sept-2005)
After a decade of teaching persuasion I can honestly say this has completely changed how I think about communication. This method of communication provides a quantum leap in your persuasion skills because no-one will "have their guard up" against it... Unfortunately the model of most persuasion methods is one that causes anyone to be defensive against influence and against being honest. We talk about "win-win" but what we say and how we say tends to "don't lose". Using this model of communication you can gain, feel and demonstrate confidence, security, openness and flexibility all while being truly honest. Most importantly you'll learn exactly what to say and how to say it. This is based on the book ["Taking the War Out Of Our Words"](http://snipurl.com/WarOfWords) by Sharon Ellison.
[DOWNLOAD IT NOW!](http://www.personaldownload.com/g.asp?it=NonDefensive) (FREE - do NOT enter a valid Credit Card number on this free download.)


The 48 Laws of Power

(Uploaded 15-Sept-2005)
This is discussion of "The Laws of Power" as they are described by Robert Greene in his book "The 48 Laws of Power". If you like power, if you want power, if you need power, then you'll find that this discussion will interest you. To read more about the book[ "The 48 Laws of Power" click here.](http://www.snipurl.com/LawsOfPower)
[DOWNLOAD IT NOW!](http://www.personaldownload.com/g.asp?it=48Laws) (FREE !)

The Physiology of Confidence

(Uploaded 3-Sept-2005)
Do you need more confidence when approaching someone you're attracted to? What is it like to feel confidence and how can you consistently recreate it? That is the focus of this tele seminar. You'll learn a simple process that will help you master emotional states so that you can bring on confidence when you need it.
[DOWNLOAD IT NOW!](http://www.personaldownload.com/g.asp?it=PhysioConfidence) (FREE - do NOT enter a valid Credit Card number on this free download.)

Using NLP to Create Perfect Eyesight

(Uploaded 26-August-2005)
This one is a keeper! Yes you can improve you vision using these techniques.  They are cheaper than contacts and easier that keeping your glasses on. Jeremy Pope speaks on this tele-seminar giving you just few exercise that will correct most vision problems that are usually corrected by glasses. Jeremy is also organizing a vision improvement workshop in October '05 on the subject. You can get more information by calling him at (229)227-5880.
[DOWNLOAD IT NOW!](http://www.personaldownload.com/g.asp?it=NLP4Eyes) (FREE - do NOT enter a valid Credit Card number on this free download.)


Dealing with "difficult" people

(Uploaded 21-August-2005)
Let's face it, not everyone is easy to deal with. If you're in a sales or persuasion situation some people to make it hard on you. In this tele-seminar you'll learn what you can do TRYbefore you meet them that will give you the upper hand. Plus you'll learn how to respond to the "hard nosed" prospect to get rapport and respect. We even discuss how this applies to clubs and bars when you're trying to introduce yourself to someone who believes it's acceptable to be rude.
[DOWNLOAD IT NOW!](http://www.personaldownload.com/g.asp?it=DifficultPeople) (FREE!)

The Art of Learning Persuasion

(Uploaded 11-August-2005)
While you'll hear a lot about the techniques of persuasion the ART of LEARNING persuasion is not often focused on. That is what makes this tele-seminar record a rare jewel. You'll hear how to approach learning even the most advanced persuasion skills from four of the most serious students in the field, including myself. You'll learn the power your beliefs about learning as well as the transformation that takes place when you apply these learning strategies to persuasion.  [DOWNLOAD IT NOW!](http://30.dbarron.pay.clickbank.net/) ($6.00)

The Art of Persuasive Metaphor

(Uploaded 2-August-2005)
What are the rules for telling a persuasive story? How do you create a story or metaphor that is going to have a powerful impact?
You'll learn some of the simplest steps to make your story impactful to the listener and guide them toward your outcome. [DOWNLOAD IT NOW!](http://29.dbarron.pay.clickbank.net/) ($6.00)

Using Emotions To Persuade

(Uploaded 23-july-2005)
You'll see how important it is to use emotional elicitation in sales and persuasion situations. You'll get live examples on how to do it, what NOT to do and what to add to your emotional appeal to maximize your success rate.  This gem of tele seminar has a nice bit of support material that will give you 100 times more value. I HIGHLY recommend you check out the "The Persuasion Handbook" by Dillard and Pfau [(click here to review it before you buy)](http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/redirect?link_code=ur2&camp=1789&tag=changewonlinesho&creative=9325&path=tg/detail/-/0761920064/ref=pd_rhf_p_1?%5Fencoding=UTF8%26v=glance) and download the PDF I specially prepared for this tele seminar at [this link](http://www.power-persuasion.com/persuasiontips.html).
[DOWNLOAD IT NOW!](http://27.dbarron.pay.clickbank.net/) ($6.00)

New Code

(Uploaded 22-july-2005)
New Code came up in the conversation and we explored this briefly with a New Code Game exercise led by a Master Practitioner (sorry I do not have time for the details now as I am leaving out of town for the weekend in a few minutes, however I did want to at least give you access to the recording (which needs some clean up but is basically  the call verbatim as it occurred).

Take what you want and leave the rest. I'd enjoy some conversation here about New Code language, practices, competencies and distinctions.
[DOWNLOAD IT NOW!](http://28.dbarron.pay.clickbank.net/) ($6.00)

How to Use Persuasion Ethically and Profitably

(Uploaded 14-july-2005)
This is an interview with me done by Nathan Wei M.D..
Dr. Wei is a consultant to hundreds of Physicians working to make their practice a success.
Intended for doctors, you'll get some very good guidelines on the ethical uses of hypnosis, NLP as well as any other persuasion techniques in any professional and personal setting. As a CD this will sell for $24.95. You can download it for $9.95. 
[DOWNLOAD IT NOW!](http://21.dbarron.pay.clickbank.net/)

How To Automatically Be In "Persuasion Mode"

(Uploaded 10-july-2005)
This this seminar is an in-depth discussion on how we sometimes "forget" to use all the persuasion skills we learn - talking ourselves out of all sorts of money, love and opportunity. You'll hear the steps that will make being in "Persuasion Mode" automatic.($6.00)
[DOWNLOAD IT NOW!](http://20.dbarron.pay.clickbank.net/)

How to Use "Military Patterns" in Persuasion Settings

(Uploaded 03-july-2005)
This is such a "tell all" of the Military Patterns CD ($19.95) that I'm not willing to simply give it away. You'll hear the nitty gritty detail of how Military Patterns are used to enroll young people into military service , maximize your persuasive power and why they are so hypnotically powerful.
Okay, before you complain about paying for what you used to download free let me remind you that this is even better than the $19.95 Military Patterns CD and now you can get this on instantly and no shipping cost and that I decided it's so good that I almost decided to charge the full $3.99.
[DOWNLOAD IT NOW!](http://17.dbarron.pay.clickbank.net/) ($6.00)


Your military patterns tele-seminar was really gold!

Don't even think of giving the recording away, unless you want to open up an NLP charity. I appreciate the fact some people will be reluctant to pay for a download. Now what would happen if this was one of the best tele-seminars you've had, because it was worth listening to. I'd be willing to say that people won't regret buying and listening to this one.

Chris D.

The Cube

(Uploaded 25-june-2005)
Here, one of my best students, Jedi Dale (not his real name), reveals a very powerful and interesting "light hearted social experiment" that he uses called "The Cube" to initiate conversations with strangers and covertly find out things about them that they would never say under any other situation. It's truly amazing!  Using "The Cube" you'll discover how someone thinks of themselves, their relationships to others, their inner feelings about the world. Jedi Dale has taken this simple idea based on a book ["The Cube" by Annie Gottlieb](http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/redirect?link_code=ur2&camp=1789&tag=changewonlinesho&creative=9325&path=tg/detail/-/0062512668/qid=1119623355/sr=8-2/ref=sr_8_xs_ap_i2_xgl14?v=glance%26s=books%26n=507846) [(Click here to Order it on amazon.com) ](http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/redirect?link_code=ur2&camp=1789&tag=changewonlinesho&creative=9325&path=tg/detail/-/0062512668/qid=1119623355/sr=8-2/ref=sr_8_xs_ap_i2_xgl14?v=glance%26s=books%26n=507846)and taken into a powerful area of covert influence and persuasion. This audio is in a wave audio format. ($6.00)
[Download it NOW!](http://10.dbarron.pay.clickbank.net/)

Structuring Change

(Uploaded 21-june-2005)
This call brings together the new insights from The Ultimate Persuasion Seminar. You'll hear an example of how to destroy an un-helpful belief and how to leverage small positive change into quantum transformation.
[Download it NOW!](http://11.dbarron.pay.clickbank.net/)

Questions About Persuasion

(Uploaded 21-June-2005)
This call is a dynamic open forum of Questions and Answers about Persuasion, NLP and hypnosis. It was recorded just before The Ultimate Persuasion Seminar in Las Vegas. On this MP3 you'll get to hear how people answer the question "What is your favorite Persuasion technique?" and why they find it working so effectively.
[Download it NOW!](http://12.dbarron.pay.clickbank.net/) ($6.00)

Using MetaStates in Persuasion

(Uploaded 2- June-2005)
When metastates were first described by Michael Hall the common complaint was that the topic was too academic and difficult to apply in practical everyday situations. This is a short practical description of metastates and (most importantly) how to use them. One student told me it was the clearest application of the Halls work that he's ever heard.
[Download it NOW!](http://14.dbarron.pay.clickbank.net/) ($6.00)

Writing to Get the Date, The Job, the Sale

Persuasion in Writing
(Uploaded 25-May-2005)
 Whether it's a letter to a romantic partner, project proposal to a boss or you are writing a web page to sell something there are some secrets to being your most persuasive in writing. It's quite a different medium that one-on-one persuasion so a few special secrets must be applied. This is the call where we reveal how you can write that letter that will give you the raise, the date or sale! 
[Download it NOW! ](http://13.dbarron.pay.clickbank.net/)[($6.00)](http://13.dbarron.pay.clickbank.net/)

Using Social Influence (Robert Cialdini, Ph.D.) In Everyday Life

(Uploaded 13-May-2005)
The book "Influence" By Robert Cialdini ([here at amazon.com](http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/redirect?link_code=ur2&camp=1789&tag=changewonlinesho&creative=9325&path=tg/detail/-/0688128165/qid=1116026155/sr=8-1/ref=pd_csp_1?v=glance%26s=books%26n=507846)) describes the principals of social influence that effects us in everyday life... whether we like it or not. This tele seminar explains them in detail and how you can apply them to your advantage in any situation. Kent Sayres, author of "Unstoppable Confidence" and gives some great insights as a leading persuasion trainer on these principles. ($6.00)
[Download it NOW!](http://15.dbarron.pay.clickbank.net/)  

[](http://www.moredoneinlesstime.com/audios/11may05.mp3)Developing UNSTOPPABLE Confidence for persuasion

(Uploaded 5-May-2005)
Another great tele-seminar with self-confidence expert, Kent Sayres.
Kent is the author of "Unstoppable Confidence" and gives some great insights on how to gain that quality that makes for a confident persuader.  ($6.00)
[Download it NOW!](http://16.dbarron.pay.clickbank.net/)[ ](http://16.dbarron.pay.clickbank.net/)

Get the Book "Power Persuasion" for $11.95 and receive over $2000 of Free Bonuses

[Click Here](http://www.power-persuasion.com/book.html)

State Elicitation and Anchoring in Sales
(Uploaded 30-April-2005)
This is so UNFAIR!!
I never anticipated the quality of the this tele-senimar to be so good!
One of the leaders in the field of persuasion, Kent Sayres, contributes to this call by giving over his most power secrets
[Download it NOW!  ](http://www.personaldownload.com/g.asp?it=StateElicitation)
(FREE !)
of how to elicit and use powerful emotional states. Use it in sales or dating. This call is a GEM!

[Get The Complete POWER PERSUASION Course](http://www.power-persuasion.com/index.html)

Anchoring in a sales setting

(Uploaded 27-April-2005)
How to powerfully link a strong positive emotion
to yourself, your product or service.  ($6.00)
[Download it NOW! ](http://19.dbarron.pay.clickbank.net/)

[Learn The Power Of Embedded Commands](http://www.power-persuasion.com/embedded-commands.html)

Future Pacing in a sales setting

(Uploaded 14-April-2005)
How do you make a presentation so that your
client can clearly see your product/service in
their future? Use what the NLPers call "future pacing".  ($6.00)
[Download it NOW! ](http://22.dbarron.pay.clickbank.net/)

[Get The Book "Power Persuasion - Using Hypnotic Influence To Win In Life, Love and Business"](http://www.power-persuasion.com/book.html)

David, the reason I decided to spend my hard earned money with YOU versus all of the other NLP gurus is that you're the ONLY one I know of who offers the free MP3 downloads. This gave me a chance to hear you in action and I was impressed. Too many of those other guys just talk a lot of hot air. At least you use the Puppy Dog close - "Here! Download & listen to a sample!" - and that was enough for me!
~ Darren  Fox
Shelby, OH

["Picture Perfect Persuasion"](http://www.power-persuasion.com/pppersuasion.html)


[Get The Book "Power Persuasion - Using Hypnotic Influence To Win In Life, Love and Business"](http://www.power-persuasion.com/book.html)

Hypnosis for Persuasion

(Uploaded 10-feb-2005)
When I announced this MP3 to my inner circle of students one of them told me he listened to
37 TIMES! The purpose of this short but powerful hypnosis session is to supercharge your persuasion skills in an instant!   
[Download it NOW!](http://www.personaldownload.com/g.asp?it=HypnoPersuasion)

Hear How well this download works...

On April 21, 2005, I downloaded Your 3 Minute FREE little Induction program titled, "PersuasionHypnosis."
I then burned it to a CD, 25 times  for a total of 79 minutes, 27 seconds. I now sleep with it on with mini headphones taped to My ears. In an 8-hour night, I get to listen to 150 times per night! (4 nights = 600 times!)
Well David, let Me tell You, WHAT A PROGRAM! You're a Wondrous Being! I wake up Relaxed, Full of ENTHUSIASM, VIGOR, with a POSITIVE OUTLOOK ON LIFE, and I fined Myself using Persuasion patterns More, More and More each day!
Being that this little FREE Gem is SOOO GOOOD, it make Me Wonder, How Much BETTER and EFFECTIVE Can Your paid Program Must BE? HMMMMMMMM...
Perhaps I should add the Phrase, "Something Good, Wonderful And Wondrous Is About To Happen To Me Today!"


 James Stibbs
Houston, TX

[Find out about "Hot Button" Persuasion](http://www.power-persuasion.com/hotbuttondvd.html)

Goal Setting

(Uploaded 01-feb-2005)
Goal setting. How to use it for the New year or anytime to keep your life on track. You'll
get extra guidance as hypnotist Jeremy Pope describes his goal setting method that will
put everything on track
[CLICK HERE TO Download ](http://www.personaldownload.com/g.asp?it=GoalSetting)  

[Learn The Power Of Embedded Commands](http://www.power-persuasion.com/embedded-commands.html)

Learn the Most Common Persuasion Mistakes

It's truly amazing how many of even the most skilled persuasion experts make these mistakes. ($6.00)
[CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD](http://8.dbarron.pay.clickbank.net/)

[Learn OUTRAGEOUS Self Confidence](http://www.power-persuasion.com/confidencecd.html)

Create Luck With NLP

This conference call is a very brief description of "How to Create Luck with NLP".
I have gotten so many positive responses that product (even a few radio interviews!)  ($6.00)
[CLICK HERE FOR YOUR PURCHASE](http://7.dbarron.pay.clickbank.net/)

[Weight Loss Through BRAINWASHING](http://www.changework.com/store/index.php?show_product=4)

Embedded Commands

This tele seminar really blew away the participants! Embedded commands are one of the sneakiest persuasion tools around.  People have paid up to $2000 to learn this  simple tool... and you have to be a psychologist!!
[Click here to read more about Embedded Commands](http://www.embeddedcommands.com/)

[Learn "The NLP Whammy"](http://www.power-persuasion.com/whammy.html)

The Convincer Strategy

This is the best strategy to get anything you want from anyone. The fact is that every one has their own strategy to be convinced of anything. Once you know someone's "Convincer Strategy" you have the single most important key to  releasing any resistance and to unlock a sale.  ($6.00)
[CLICK HERE FOR YOUR PURCHASE](http://6.dbarron.pay.clickbank.net/)

[Change Your Habits](http://www.power-persuasion.com/ebaynewthoughthabits.html)


Seriously, Knowing what you want and then
finding out how you can get it (Outcomes and Sensory Acuity) are the most
important first steps in learning persuasion.
[Download it NOW!!](http://www.changework.com/audiodownload/outcomes_and_sensory_acuity_29sep04.mp3)

[Become a Persuasion Protege](http://www.power-persuasion.com/PersuasionProtegeProgram.html)

How To Use The Visual Modality for Persuasion

During this tele-seminar one long-time sales
person was blown away when he realized how
he crystallize the perfect image (and guarantee a sale)
in his prospects mind. You'll learn how to do exactly
the same thing through a simple process of how to paint
a perfect picture in the prospects mind.  ($6.00)
[CLICK HERE FOR YOUR PURCHASE](http://5.dbarron.pay.clickbank.net/)

[Take a Hypnotic Vacation... without leaving home!](http://www.changework.com/store/index.php?show_product=19)

Nothing Happens Without Rapport

It's True. If you don't have rapport you
will not make a sale. In fact, if rapport is all
that you practice you are well on your way
to getting everything you want.
[Download Version #1 NOW!](http://www.changework.com/audiodownload/rapport_13oct04.mp3)
[Download Version #2 NOW!](http://www.changework.com/audiodownload/rapport_skills_7_aug_04.wma)

[Leave The Past Behind You

More Rapport

Here are some of my secret rapport weapons. Powerful stuff. Here you'll
learn the "inside game" of rapport that helps you create rapport before you
even meet the person you will influence.  ($6.00)
[CLICK HERE FOR YOUR PURCHASE](http://4.dbarron.pay.clickbank.net/)

[Get The Complete POWER PERSUASION Course](http://www.power-persuasion.com/index.html)

" How to Achieve Supreme Social Status"

"Social Status" is the belief that someone
is socially "one up" over someone else. What
few people know is that there is a special
way to be "one up" on ANYONE!
For you that means more power and influence in any situation.  ($6.00)
[CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE ](http://3.dbarron.pay.clickbank.net/)

[The Complete Belief Change Workshop On DVD](http://www.changework.com/store/index.php?show_product=6)

"The Whammy"

Learn the three most powerful secret weapons of NLP;
State Elicitation, Anchoring and "The Whammy".
In combination they create a DANGEROUS persuasive package.
[No Longer Available for Download CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO](http://www.power-persuasion.com/whammy.html)

[Weight Loss Through BRAINWASHING](http://www.changework.com/store/index.php?show_product=4)

The Big Guns For Sales Mastery

This is a special call I made just for sales people. I've made this one for download way too long. You'll learn to lead your client or prospect to forget any objections and see you and your product as their only option. ($6.00)
[CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE](http://2.dbarron.pay.clickbank.net/)

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