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14 Days to Total Time Control: Time Management made easy.


"Rich in experience, light in style, clear in explanation and witty
in narration, Martin's book is a quick, easy, interesting read... and
offers tons of ideas, tips, tactics and systems to help you regain
control over your life

And Get EXTRA Hours From Your Busy Days!"

Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian

Time management is an impossible dream. Nothing you or I can do
will ever change the rate at which time flows past us.

Each second, minute and hour is the same for each and every one of
us: 86,400 fixed-length seconds in every single day. Regular as

Why is it then that some people manage to achieve so much with the
time allotted to them, while others can only watch in amazement?


There. I've said it. All my life I've been a procrastinator. You may
be one too - there are an awful lot of us about! It has always been
easy for me to sit idly by and wonder how other people manage to get
so much done.

Easy, but by no means satisfying. In fact, I'm sure you'll agree
that watching others succeed can get mightily frustrating. But, for
procrastinators like us, doing something about it is the problem.


In the end I came to realize that my super-achieving,
get-things-done friends had the same amount of time in their days as I
did. Their secret is that they CONTROL that time differently.

I started reading everything I could find about time management and
observing people who seemed to have 'cracked it'. A lot of what I read
in books seemed too complex. When you are as fundamentally lazy as I
am, the last thing you need is to be faced with a fifty page chapter
on the benefits of goal setting, or a whole book on making to-do
lists. "I wanted to tell you not only how much I have enjoyed your
book but also how valuable it has already been.

The 'task' set on Day 1 saw me complete a job that had been hanging
over me for weeks. I just hadn't been able to summon up the motivation
to do the work but now it is done! If that's happened after Day 1 just
imagine what I could have achieved by the end of the 14 days!

Your writing style is encouraging it has made me believe that I can
master this business of time control, once and for all.

I think everyone should have a copy of Total Time Control if they
suffer from procrastination in any area of their life. I am willing to
bet that they will find at least one tip that will enable them to make
a shift in their way of being.

You deserve success with Total Time Control. It is different, it is
funny, it is engaging and, above all, it contains information that
really works.

Thanks for the tips!!
Dee Harrison


What I needed, and I suspect what you need too, were fast solutions
that I could use quickly and get instant results from.

And I needed lots of different time management strategies so I could
pick the ones that worked with my personality.

The answers were out there, but more often than not hidden in dry
boring books that waffled on and on for thousands of words before
getting to the point.

Over the years I've found effective time management strategies that
work for me. I'm still, at heart, a time wasting procrastinator, but
I'm now one who is in control. I've learned to manage myself in order
to control the way I use my time.

Without wishing to brag, I now manage to get more done than most
people - I've written six books, publish a newsletter three times each
week (over 800 issues so far), write articles and reports, own and run
more websites that I can even remember - and run a successful offline
consultancy business. And I do all that while still goofing off,
dithering around and wasting time.

The difference between the achiever I am now and the onlooker I used
to be is that when I need to get things done I have simple, effective
strategies that keep me on track and focused.

When I started to write about my time management ideas in my
newsletter, Kickstart Today, I found that my readers really resonated
with them. I got lots of emails from folks thanking me for the tips
and strategies. Many of them commented on how refreshing it was to
find a strategy that would normally take up an entire book
encapsulated into a few short paragraphs that they could use in their
lives right away. "Martin, my time management skills are woeful and my
life has suffered because of it. I'm very aware that the success I
would love has always eluded me because I'm so disorganized where
making the best use of my time is concerned. Your book has opened a
window for me. The ideas you write about are real and workable, not
fuzzy, complicated and dry like so many other time management books
I've tried to read. At last I can see that I can start to take control
... and it really is down to you. Thank you."

Alan Cooper


Eventually (I said I'm a procrastinator - these things take time!)
over a couple of years I collected my time management tips, tricks and
strategies together into one book. That book is called '14 Days to
Total Time Control'.

It is a simple, easy-to-read system that gives you several workable,
proven plans each day. Some will fit your personality, some won't. It
is for you to pick just one or two from each day and apply them

There is no heavy reading and no interminable pages of waffle. Just
useful information that you will use instantly to take total control
of the way you use your time.

You'll see results from day one, and by the end of the 14-days
you'll wonder why time management ever seemed to be a problem.

Of course you'll still be a procrastinator - that's part of who you
are. Neither I, not anyone else will ever change your basic
personality. But your procrastination will be in your own control.

And it is that control that will turn you into one of those super
achievers who you've only ever watched from a distance.


* How much is it worth to you to have an extra productive hour a
* What value can you put on increasing your productivity?
* Can success or achievement be bought at any price?

In the US the Federal minimum wage is currently $5.15 per hour. In
the UK it is just over double that figure.

'14 Days to Total Time Control' will give you at least an extra
hour a day of usable, achievement-focused time. And not just for one
day, but for the rest of your life!

What price should I put on that?

If I only asked you for the minimum wage for one hour a day for one
month it would work out to $154.50 (or $321 if I were to use the
current UK figure!) and you'd be getting the bargain of a lifetime!

And I bet you value your time at a whole lot more than minimum wage!

But you and I both know that I'm not going to ask you for that much
- even though it would be worth every penny.

'14 Days to Total Time Control' is just $37 for an introductory
launch period. After that it will rise to $47.


Putting off taking action is a big part of the problem and '14 Days
to Total Time Control' can only help you if you TAKE ACTION to get
your copy - RIGHT NOW. Delay, and you may end up paying more - but
more importantly, every day you delay will be another day that you are
out of control of your time.

So don't bookmark this page. Don't save it to your favorites list.
You know as well as I do that that's a graveyard and you'll never find
it again.

Click here to buy \'14-Days to Total Time Control\' right now. [1]


Worried that it might not be for you? Of course I hope that you
will find '14 Days to Total Time Control' helpful, useful and easy to
read, but just in case you don't, for any reason, there is a CAST-IRON

If for any reason at all you are unhappy with '14 Days to Total Time
Control', just let me (or ClickBank) know and your money will be
refunded without question.

You'll even get to keep the bonus book with my complements.


Speaking of the bonus book ...

A bonus should be something a bit special that adds to the value of
the book you are buying. So many bonuses seem to be randomly thrown
into the pot just to say 'here's something more for your money'
regardless of whether they have any real value.

I won't do that to you. When you buy '14 Days to Total Time Control'
you'll also get another book that I've written called 'Kickstart Your
Life and Your Success'. It has never been given away free before and
until very recently was on sale at $27.

'Kickstart Your Life and Your Success' is very similar to '14 Days'
in that it is easy to read, but packed with really useful personal
development and business tips and thoughts that can seriously help in
your journey to success.

I've removed its sales page from the Internet and have made it
exclusively available here.

This is a real, $27 value bonus that you simply can't get anywhere

That's it - a book about controlling the time in your life so that
you have the time of your life shouldn't need a long sales letter that
takes half of your day to read.




P. S. '14 Days to Total Time Control' is unlike any other time
management book you've ever read before. It gives you five or six
workable, proven tips and ideas to choose from every day so that by
the end of the 14-day course you'll have a personalized strategy that
puts you firmly in control of your time and your life.

P. P. S.'14 Days to Total Time Control' is a digitally delivered
ebook that you can download any time, day or night to read on your
computer or print out for reference. It is sold through ClickBank so
you can be sure that every part of the process is 100% secure.

No thanks, taking control of the time in my life isn\'t a high
priority right now. [3]


lower = better; 1 = best

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