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Market Yourself!


Market Yourself!

The New Ebook Helping You Find Work By Marketing Your Skills And



Market Yourself!
borrowed several
ideas from online
Online markters
know how to
make money using the online advertising.

Why not use the
same ideas to
market your
resume and

Market Yourself!
has done just
that. This ebook 
techniques including social networking and online Pay-Per-Click Ads.


MARKET YOURSELF! is a THE book if you are looking for a new job. We
took the same marketing ideas online advertisers use to make millions
and turned it into one of the best job search books.

MARKET YOURSELF! makes you become aggressive in a job search.
Instead of waiting and searching ads in a newspaper or browsing
through job boards, you go out and network with people. Everytime you
make a connection, you have a potential interview waiting!

What's inside the book? 
Helpful tips on your resume. 

Where to get your resume professionally critiqued for FREE!

Where to find FREE online training courses.

How to set up and design an online portfolio.

How to network with hiring managers and recruiters.

Get hiring managers to see your portfolio by advertising directly to
them. (We will show you how!)  

Online sales and advertising have become a lucrative market on the
internet. They are using the online advertising tools like Microsoft's
AdCenter and Google's AdSense. These online advertisers and marketers
are making hundreds off the web using innovative tools and solutions.
MARKET YOURSELF! teaches the same concepts to quickly get attention to
yourself and a job.

Don't miss this opportunity! If you are looking for a job, this book
is a must have to get!


DID YOU KNOW? Market Yourself shows how to get access to free online
training. Take some extra classes to build up your resume for FREE!


HERE'S A FEW: Market Yourself will show how to network with
professionals. If you get an account on LinkedIn, you can join several
professional groups and start to link in to hiring managers. In
addition, these hiring mangers frequently post job openings on
LinkedIn, where you wouldn't find these on any career online posting.

HOW ABOUT THIS? Market Yourself will show how to "Target" hiring
managers and recruiters who have a facebook page. How can facebook
help? What is he trick? BUY THE BOOK AND FIND OUT!

If you have any questions contact us at: info@jobmarketcampaign.com



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