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The Wealthy Author



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This ebook obliterates the out-dated ‘truths’ of the publishing business as ‘it’s always been’ and shares how to succeed (faster and bigger) in these new, exciting, and often scary times.

“… a comprehensive start-to-finish guide that every author or aspiring author should read. This book
tells the truth, cuts through the crap and will prevent you from making some big mistakes. If you
want to be a successful author then you need to read this book.”
- Simon Hazeldine, speaker and bestselling author of [Bare Knuckle Selling](http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/1905430051/bookshaker-21) and [Bare Knuckle Negotiating](http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/1905430140/bookshaker-21)
Have you always wanted to be an author but don’t know where to begin? Do you have a brilliant book idea or finished manuscript but don’t know how to get it published? Have you considered paying to get published – even though the idea appalls you? Are you a published author but still need “the day job” to make ends meet? Do you wish you could make a full time living from writing and selling books? Are you seriously thinking about self-publishing and keeping the profit for yourself? Did you pay a small fortune to a vanity publisher and are wondering how you’re ever going to make your investment back? Has the promotion of your book been left all up to you even though you’re not a “marketing” person? Do you want more control, more of the profit and more success from your books? Are you already a savvy author with a good income from your writing – but want to go to the next level? Would you like to leverage your position as an AUTHOR-ity to massively increase your income for the long term? [](http://2.debsjenkin.pay.clickbank.net)

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“I’m absolutely amazed at the wealth of information in this book, the way it’s laid
out so logically, I’m sure it will become an industry bible immediately.”
- Nicola Cairncross, wealth coach, speaker and author of [The Money Gym](http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/0954568184/bookshaker-21)

Inside you will learn how to…
Come Up With Great Book Ideas Find A Market Eager for Your Book Write Your Book Quickly & Easily Get Your Book Published Sell Loads of Books & Raise Your Profile Turn One Book Into A Lifetime Income
“If you want a book that tells you how to actually make money from writing a book, then this is
the one for you. Don’t be fooled into thinking it will just happen, it will involve work on your part,
but its worth it. A must have book for would-be and existing authors who want more sales.”
- Sue Stockdale, author, [Secrets of Successful Women Entrepreneurs](http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/1905430035/bookshaker-21)

The Wealthy Author is NOT for people who…

Think a book should just do well because it’s ‘good’ and marketing is no task for a ‘proper’ author
Expect somebody else (publisher, publicist, bookshops) to do all the work to promote their book Just saw the ‘wealthy’ bit of the title and think making money as an author is going to be easy Want yet more theory but are not willing to follow this up with action
“A brilliant and comprehensive book written with great passion and enthusiasm. If this doesn’t inspire you to get writing nothing will. But more than just another ‘how to write’ book, The Wealthy Author is your business blue print to turn your writing into cash.”
- Mark Weeks – Co-Author of [Mum Ultrapreneur](http://www.mum-ultrapreneur.com/)

The Wealthy Author is for you if…
You are serious about writing a non-fiction book and want to get it right first time You have a book in print (self published or with a mainstream) but sales are disappointing You believe that the success of your book is down to the actions you take, not the wishes you make You are a ’successful’ author but are frustrated you still need the day job to survive [](http://2.debsjenkin.pay.clickbank.net)

Buy Now For $25

“Traditional mainstream publishers will be quaking in their boots when their industry
secrets are revealed for just £15. Avoid the common beginners’ mistakes and fast forward
your success as a wealthy author with this un-missable book!”
- Nadine Hill, author, [The Virtual Assistant Handbook](http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/1905430566/timmanmum-21)

What Will You Find Inside The Wealthy Author?

Here is a sample of some of the things we share in The Wealthy Author to give you a taste of what you’ll get when you get your hands on it…

“A new bible for aspiring and established authors. If you want to write a book, sell it and
capitalise on its sales, this is the book for you. It’s easy to read and absorb and it answers
many of the questions other “how to write a book and get it published” don’t seem to address.”
- Tom Evans, author of 100 Years of Ermintrude and Blocks, [www.thebookwright.com](http://www.thebookwright.com)

Master Proven Approaches To Effortlessly Come Up With Great New Book Ideas Easily Step Into The Shoes Of Your Reader To Find New Creative Perspectives Become Powerfully Creative By Learning Walt Disney’s Secrets Understand The 3 Phases Of The Creative Process & Why You Need To Know Them Know With Certainty Whether Your Big Idea Is A Potential Bestseller Or A Flop Get To Grips With This Rigorous Book Positioning Tool That Leaves No Page Unturned Find Out If Your Book Has A Killer Title Discover The 17 Words That Add Power To Any Book Title
“It doesn’t matter where you are in the writing /publishing process, this book will fill
your mind with all the positive reasons to fulfil your dreams and aspirations and
indeed make you a wealthier author than you originally imagined.”
- Scott Owen, author, [All Buyers Are Liars](http://allbuyersareliars.wordpress.com)

Find A Market For Your Book That Will Pay Big Locate Your Book’s Niche Using These Two Essential Variables Come Up With Hundreds of Killer Book Ideas With This Simple Matrix Learn The Words You Want Hear That Let You Know Your Targeting Is Right Figure Out If Your Book Appeals To Hungry Fanatics Use These Quick & Dirty Ways To Do Book Market Research Discover Free Tools For Tracking Market Trends & Detemining Your Market Size
“Quite honestly one of the best books here about how to become a highly successful author it’s … well one of the biggest gifts that any author could give themselves! It’s incredible!! They are both lovely people too, which all makes it even better!!”
- Carrie Eddins, Author of [Chocolate Rehab](http://www.chocolaterehab.com/)
Learn About The Greatest Free Book Marketing Research Tool Ever… The Anwer’s Under Your Nose Build A List While You Research Your Book’s Potential Market At The Same Time Use The LEP Test To Determine If Your Target Market Is Likely To Pay Enough Differentiate Your Book To Carve Out Profits From Even The Most Crowded Categories [](http://2.debsjenkin.pay.clickbank.net)

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“One element that completely blew me away was the matrix on page 44 … within a
minute of seeing this page I had 55 new ideas for selling my existing book and more
new book ideas than I can count … witty, conversational and easy to read with lots
of checklists, charts and graphs.”
- Rintu Basu, author, [Persuasion Skills Black Book](http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/190543054X?ie=UTF8&tag=advancedminds-21)

Get Your Book Written Faster & Easier Learn The Easy Way To Write A Non-Fiction Book Write Your Book Without Tears Using The CRI System Apply These 7 Tips & Write A Better Non-Fiction Book Find Your Book’s Big Promise & Why You Need To Deliver On It Know Why You Should Write Your Book Like It’s A Series Of Articles Learn How To End Your Book With A Bang
“If you have aspirations of taking your writing from the manuscript phase
into publication and beyond on your own, your first step needs to be to read
this book. Part pep-talk, part practical advice from a duo who have been successful
on both sides of the publishing game–being publishers and self-publishers. This puts
them in a unique position and makes their guidance worth heeding. This book contains
all you need to know about the entire process so, even if it doesn’t make you wealthy,
it will at least save you the time and money of buying six books in order to gather all
of the information you can find in this one.”
- Michael Harling, author of [Postcards from Across The Pond](http:///)
Include These 4 Essential Things In Every Non-Fiction Book Discover The 6 Most Common Non-Fiction Archetypes Map Out Your Book To Accelerate Your Writing Find Your Writing Voice & Use It To Connect With Your Readers Know When To Go ‘Metaphorical’ & When It’s Better To Be ‘Literal’ Understand Why You Should Avoid Clichés Like The Plague & What To Do Instead Apply This Non-Fiction Book Blueprint To Construct Your Best Book Use Consistent Style Rules To Create A Professional Finished Book Immunise Yourself Against Writer’s Block
“While most authors don’t make a full time living from their books, Joe and Debbie reveal the
secrets of turning the success of your book into a full-time and life-time income. As I’m
planning to do this, The Wealthy Author will never be far from my side.”
- Susanne Jorgensen, author, [Get Real! Relationship Success is an Inside Job](http://www.thesinglesgym.com/RelationshipSuccessBook/)

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Get Your Book Published In A Way That Guarantees You The Most Eventual Profit & Income Know The Vital Differences Between Doing It Yourself, Winning A Publishing Contract Or Paying To Get Published Understand The Pros & Cons Of Landing A Mainstream Publisher Learn Why Being Published By A Mainstream Isn’t Always So Great Determine When It’s Right (Or Wrong) To Pursue ‘Proper’ Publishing Contract See How It Can Make Financial Sense To Self-Publish Even If You Do It Badly
“Powerful, practical and solid advice on all areas of non-fiction publishing. Apply the lessons from The Wealthy Author and you’ll feel much more in control of your success as an author.”
- Judy Cullins, author, [Write Your eBook or Short Book-Fast!](http://www.bookcoaching.com/)
Take These 12 Steps To Land A Mainstream Publishing Contract Know What Publishers Are Really Looking For In A New Author Get To Grips With The Essential Stuff You Need To Get Published Understand Why The Commissioning Editor’s Job Is To Say No & How To Avoid The Round File Compare Some of The Most Common Vanity Publishers & Why Wealthy Authors Don’t Use Them
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“The first secret to being a wealthy author must be to have a great title … Once again
Debbie and Joe show from the outset that they know and do what they teach! … an
exciting and invaluable resource for anyone wanting to turn their insights, knowledge
and experience into a substantial stream of income.”
- Dr Andrew Bass, Director, Bass Clusker Consulting, [www.bassclusker.com](http://www.bassclusker.com)

Get An ISBN For Your Book In Just A Few Steps Learn How To Get A FREE ISBN Barcode For Your Book Discover The Easy Way To Get Decent Distribution For Your First Self Published Book Understand Why Self-Publishing Doesn’t Mean ‘Do It Yourself’ Publishing Know When To Outsource A Job & When To Do It Yourself Avoid The Traps That Leave Authors With Massive Editing & Proofreading Bills Discover Why Most Book Coaches Aren’t Worth Their Fees Compare Your Print On Demand Printing Options & Why We Wealthy Authors Should Use Just One Typeset & Design Your Book Interior Like A Pro – Even If You’re Not One Learn The 11 Golden Rules To Create A Winning Book Cover Include These 4 Back Cover Essentials To Help Your Book Sell Learn How To Set Your Book’s Cover Price & Discount For Maximum Sales & Profit
“If you want to make money from being an author, then you need to read this book as it
gives you the hard facts on what it takes to make your book a success.”
- Joanne Morley, co-author, [The Brighter Marketing Bible](http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/1905430477/bookshaker-21)

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Learn The Essential Habits & Tactics For Selling Loads Of Books Develop The 7 Key Traits Of Commercially Successful Authors Take These Essential First Steps To Effectively Promote Your Book Follow These Steps To Drive Amazon Book Sales Capitalise On Social Media & Networking To Increase Kudos & Sales Build Your Media Profile & Authority By Tapping Into The Publicity Machine Practice The 7 Habits Of Highly Successful Book Marketers Discover The Secret Of Securing Big Name Endorsements Apply These 44 High Impact-Low Cost Book Marketing Tactics That Work
“As a fiction writer I thought: ‘This couldn’t help me.’ Was I wrong! … advice that
even fiction authors can use to reach the goal of becoming a paid writer.”
- Jeremy Holland

Define What Being A Wealthy Author Means To You & The Two Things You Should Measure Apply The 6 Steps To Become A Wealthy Author & Accelerate Your Success Discover The 3 Hard Truths About Making Money As An Author Understand Why There Are Easier & Safer Ways To Make Lots Of Money Than By Writing Books Learn Why First-Time Authors May As Well Wear A Sign Saying “Mug Me” Know Why Wealthy Authors Are Also Lazy Authors Use This Proven Direct Marketing Approach To Turn One Book Into A Lifetime Income Discover & Apply The 3 Immutable Laws Of Wealthy Authors Learn Why A Book Is The Perfect Front-End Offer For Any Business Use Your Book To Increase Your Profesional Fees As A Coach, Consultant or Speaker Recycle Your Book’s Content To Massively Multiply Your Income Boost Your Long-Term Income With Ebooks, Audio Books, Home Study Courses, Videos & Membership Sites Cash In By Selling Foreign Rights, Film Rights & TV Rights
“A must-read. An absolute treasure chest of information. Every self respecting
author should have this book on their shelf. I’ll be recommending it to all my clients.”
- Stephanie J Hale, publishing expert and authors’ coach,

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Invest In This Book & Get It Right Back

“…even if you are already published, this book really makes you
think about how you can increase sales. They have both been there,
done it and no doubt wear their T-shirts with pride, as they have
moved the art of publishing into the 21st century. If you are
thinking of writing a non-fiction book, this should be your bible.”
- Sue Walker, author, [Retiring The Olé Way](http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/1905430647/bookshaker-21)

When you buy this book now we’ll give you FREE insider access to Publishing Academy for a whole month. This is worth $25 so you’ll make your investment right back as soon as you buy The Wealthy Author. Here’s what you’ll get for free on the inside:
Exclusive publishing related interviews, articles and news from publishing industry pros and top authors Videos, audios and tutorials on all aspects of getting published, self-publishing and selling books Access to a network of savvy publishing experts keen to share their knowledge with members Loads more…

You’ll get all this as soon as you order your copy of The Wealthy Author now…

“It takes little time for the astute reader to recognise that this is a work written by internet
savvy publishing experts. They don’t print books like traditional companies; the whole system
is a proven lean process from beginning to end… if I’d applied even half of the ideas, I’d
probably be world renowned by now!! This is a book packed with rules or at least guidelines
to success, suggestions, experiences, do’s and many don’ts too. The reader is left in no doubt
- these guys have been there and definitely done it. This is less of a book about theory,
although there is loads of that – it’s actually a practical manual.”
- David Miskimin, co-author, [The Coaching Parent](http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/1905430094/bookshaker-21)[

Another Reason To Buy This eBook Right Now

Publishing Academy is currently in the beta launch stage which is why the [membership prices](http://publishingacademy.com/buy/membership/) are so low. Once the beta launch ends the price will go up but you can “Lock In” your membership at this temporarily low “beta” price for life when you buy your copy of The Wealthy Author now. Buy it now to secure access at this low price forever while the “wait-and-see brigade” pay more because they lack your decisiveness.

“The dynamic duo have been at it again: Honest; Straight to the point; Frank; No nonsense; Great practical
tips & advice; Good financial sense & advice with helpful examples; Controversial (in a good way!);
Valuable insights; Clear & easy to read; Unpretentious. As someone who is about to embark on writing
a couple more non-fiction books and updating a previous title I shall certainly be re-reading this great guide!”
- Gabrielle Collision, author, [Buying Property in Portugal](http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/1905430280/bookshaker-21)

Here’s What You Get When You Buy The Wealthy Author Now…
The 205 page ebook of The Wealthy Author – immediately available (Note: If you want a printed copy go buy it at Amazon)
30 Days free membership of The Publishing Academy, locked in at an incredibly low price
“Not just another ‘how to’ book about how to write and plan a book, this one
tells you the stuff you need to know but probably would rather ignore. Things
like how to check it actually has a market and how big that market is. The
Wealthy Author is jam-packed with advice and tools and ideas to ensure you
book is a wow and that your perspiration pays off big time. I’m a writing teacher
and mentor, and the author of a book called Release the Book Within.
This is my subject. Believe me, it’s good.”
- Jo Parfitt, author of over 26 books including [Release The Book Within](http://www.joparfitt.com/)

Now You Know What You Get Here’s What You Need To Do…

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