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Jennifer H., June 2005
The Woodlands, TX
"Within 24 hours of joining several research groups in the Student-Opinion.Org database, I did 2 surveys. I got paid for both, and was amazed at how quickly surveys were sent."
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Mathew W., May 2005
University of Toronto
"I'm a student and I have finally quit my part time job.
For me, it's not just that taking surveys online is easy money (and it is easy), but also the flexibility that it gives me. I can do these surveys on my time, whenever or wherever I want. I don't have to get up early, or sit in traffic to go get yelled at by some boss just to make some extra money. And for me, that is why it is so great. Plus, the surveys are fun! Thank you Student-Opinion!!!!"
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Kevin Ebell, April 2005
"To be honest I was a little skeptical at first when I read your web site at Student-Opinion.Org. But, I figured I would try out the program and boy am I glad I did. I received 2 surveys my first day online! I have done so many surveys since I joined I have lost count. I would advise anyone who is in doubt to "go for it"! This is a great paying job".
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"Dear Student-Opinion.Org, I have been using your great website now for 4 months. I was skeptical early on but boy am I glad I stuck with it. I have paid my student loan completely off...in 4 months! before finding your website, I had been trying for 3 years to pay it off. Thank You!" - Patty Robertson, Dallas TX
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Online marketing research
The on-line marketing research is a relatively new activity that provides an opportunity for more and more companies to make research using the Internet. With the advent of the Internet, companies of all sizes and budgets can afford to conduct online marketing research and access all the information they need in order to beat the competition.
Student-Opinion.Org is an on-line marketing research program. In the process of on-line marketing research, companies need adequate opinion and evaluation of their products. As students’ views are innovative and practical, our program is specially targeted towards this social group. In addition, involving students, as people with less home duties, we aim to expand the activity of the Student-Opinion.Org program. Thus, we help companies that want to hear your opinion find you, listen to you, and reward you.

Why Student-Opinion.Org?
In the process of online marketing research, we take pains in satisfying you as well as the companies’ needs. To join our team means to make your opinion worthwhile and valuable. There is neither lost time nor efforts in vain. In addition, companies appreciate your time and energy and compensate you for the efforts you make helping them improve.
Filling out online surveys, participating in virtual focus group discussions, testing brand new services and products you will not only have fun but also make money.

As a member of Student-Opinion.Org team, you will earn:
From $5 to $100 per on-line survey (see a [sample survey](sample_survey.htm))
From $50 to $200 per on-line focus group discussion
From $30 to $120 per product and service evaluation

Advantages of our program

The main advantage of the program is that it does not take your whole time. For example, as a student you will have enough time for lectures and preparation for exams. Moreover, for students with regular paid job our program will not be a burden because it is created in a way that makes it to be combined with any other kind of activity. Thus, the program turns out to be a device helping you increase your income. Online marketing research is an easy, convenient, and interesting way to make money. The only thing you need is self-motivation.

In addition, using your personal computer without leaving the comfort of your home you are allowed to work whenever you want – there is not a strict daily schedule or a supervisor.

The Benefits of Our Members

In return of the one-time membership fee, our members gain guided access to an extensive and constantly updated database of companies that pay them for taking part in various online research activities. Once you become a member of our team, we will train you the latest techniques for conducting online research and show you how to apply the essential customer information that is crucial to your success. We will guide you through the research process in order to ensure you that all of your efforts result in quick returns. What is most important is that you receive not only our help and encouragement but also our professional advice. And it's fun, too!

Do you want to make money with every click of your mouse? Take your chance and become part of our big family!

For further information on how our program works and how you are going to be paid, please read the [How It Works](howitworks.htm), [Terms and Conditions](terms_of_use.htm) or [Contact us](contact_us.htm).

  Join us now for just a one-time membership fee of $29.95!!!

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