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WARNING: This website will cause you to work less and earn more!

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From: Craig Haywood
Date: ")

I am about to announce to you the biggest breakthrough in link tracking the world has ever seen. Not only will you discover where you are getting the best responses from for your promotion but...

Who else wants upwards of 500 extra unique targeted
visitors on their website each and every day?

Keep reading and I will share with you the secrets of this incredible system. You will be amazed at everything it has to offer

One of the biggest mistakes 90% of all online marketers make is not measuring their promotional response rates. Why would you continue to promote through resource abc when you are getting no response from it?

Wouldn't you rather want to spend less time promoting by making use of only those resources that bring in results? How much have you already wasted on so-called professional services, not knowing if it really works?

Most people have heard of link tracking, but don't know how to use it. Not anymore. I have made it so easy that even a child could do it.

"Discover What Works With"

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Mike Filsaime

Mike Filsaime says: "It's a no-brainer!"

Hi Craig,

I just wanted to tell you that I love TrackThatAd.com The importance of testing and tracking is the un-sung hero in internet marketing. But to those that are successful online, it has been the secret golden key to our success.

You get to find out what works and what doesn't. Then you just keep trying to beat the control, or winning campaign.

What I like most about TrackThatAd.com is that you also made it viral and to allow income potential and building an opt in list at the same time.

You have the premiere tracking service on the internet and I will be telling all my members about it. Anyone would be crazy not to join your service. And the fact that it is free just makes it a no brainier. Great job!


Mike Filsaime

With an ad tracking link you will know:

How many people clicked on your banner ad

How many people clicked on your signature tag

How many people read your email or newsletter

Of any fraudulent clicks in your PPC advertising

How successful your online and offline campaigns are

The best places to advertise

If piracy is being committed on your website

The results of an auto responder campaign

Which campaign delivers the best results.

The time, date, IP Address Operating System and user agent of the person who
clicked on your link


Brent Turner

 "The Internet's Most Amazing State of the Art Viral Marketing Technology"

An incredible 'must-have' for any business wishing to operate online! TrackThatAd.com not only allows you to track and monitor any type of online advertising, but also offers the internet's most amazing state of the art viral marketing technology which is guaranteed to skyrocket your online sales. A truly remarkable system which will undoubtedly claim it's place amongst industry leaders! 

With TrackThatAd.com you can Also:

Track your results in real time

redirect links to expired affiliate programs

win advertisers with tracking reports

measure your readership

Best of all with TrackThatAd.com there is:

NOTHING to download
NO software to learn or install
NO equipment to buy ever...
NO programming, uploading, CGI, FTP or new web pages!

Just use our system which is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Enter the address that you want to track

Give your campaign a name or description

Copy the ad tracking link our system generated for you into your advertisement

It really is as simple as that!

                                                      But wait... It still gets better

Join as a pro affiliate and get your site or product seen every single time someone follows a link from one of the free members you referred!

Unlike any other service where you only benefit when your referral upgrades, we will make sure your site or product gets seen each time someone follows a link from one of the free members you referred. Our statistics show that on any given day the average user will receive an average of 50 responses on all of their promotional campaigns combined . Just look at the results below to see how this will benefit you.

If you refer  You will get 1 free member  50 visitors per day 10 free members  500 visitors per day 100 free members  5,000 visitors per day 1000 free members  50,000 visitors per day
How much money could you make with only 500
extra visitors to your site everyday...  not to even mention new subscribers to your list?

Jane Mark

Phil Basten

 "We Just Love you for this"

Hi Craig,

I can't tell you the number of times Phil and I have urged our clients to track their ads so they know what their advertising dollars are buying. At last you have given people an easy way to do this and provided all of the information they need to really see what the results are from an ad campaign.

We are also huge fans of viral advertising and you have given members this in spades. As soon as we saw this site and took a good look around, we grabbed it for our Build Referrals, The Next Generation Site and our members are going to hear from us about this over and over again.

Thanks so much for plugging a hole in a much needed area of online marketing. We are thrilled and our members will be too.

[ http://buildreferralsnextgen.com](http://buildreferralsnextgen.com/)
[ http://jpeadvertising.com](http://jpeadvertising.com/)

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 your sales and increase your downline
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He Loves it!

Hi Craig,

What an ingenious form of traffic generation.
There are few quality programs where free members on your team help you just as much as paid ones--I LOVE IT!

Instead of keeping the profits to yourself, you have decided to give it to the affiliates, you even share Clickbank revenues on follow-up offers, which is unheard of. I wish there were more site owners who are as eager to help as you are.
The viral aspect of this program will set a precedent!
Take care, and God Bless.
Ken Reno                                               [ www.SuccessTrap.com](http://www.SuccessTrap.com)

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Just in case you thought this is where it ends, keep reading
and let me blow you away with these features

Even if you are one of the worst-case scenarios to ever hit the web with internet marketing, you are going to love this. I have gone through great lengths when developing TrackThatAd.com to create an auto-promotion feature that will take all of the work away from you.

Whether you join as a free member or a pro member, you have the option of making use of my auto-promotion feature absolutely free. And I do all the work for you. That's right, not 98%, not 99% either... I will do 100% of the work for you. This includes all follow-ups on your behalf.

Don Garlick

 He is simply 'Amazed'

I just got a good look at what Craig is offering and am amazed at the features and abilities of these tools.. The last ad tracker I used just gave a total but here we have SO much more information. The rotator allows you to use a name that means something instead of a number to memorize. I am going to recommend this to my groups and at only 12 plus cents a day it is the right price.

[ www.5pays.com](http://www.5pays.com)

[ www.fr-e-e.com](http://www.fr-e-e.com)

[ www.7-bucks.com](http://www.7-bucks.com)

It doesn't nearly end there though

We have all heard it before: "The money is in the list"... and it truly is, but most people find it incredibly hard to build a responsive mailing list. Not anymore. For every member you refer to TrackThatAd.com, you will receive their details as a lead for your mailing list and with auto-promotion turned on, this is easier than you ever imagine.

As a pro member, we will even build your list 10 levels deep AND you have the option of having us deposit these leads directly into your auto responder.

Before looking at the table below to see how big we can grow your list, first ask yourself how many times you have seen similar depictions and how many of them have actually worked for you as you still had to promote it yourself.. Now ask yourself, what if the promotion was done for you?

With auto-promotion you have a very real possibility to grow your mailing list to astronomical figure as show below. If you and everyone you refer, just refer 3 people, this is what your mailing list will look like:

Level 1  3 Level 2  9 Level 3  27 Level 4  81 Level 5  243 Level 6  729 Level 7  2,187 Level 8  6,561 Level 9  19,683 Level 10  59,049 Total  88,572

Any Professional marketer will tell you each Prospect on their mailing list is worth at least $1 to them every month. You have heard it a million times before: "The money is in the list". Now discover this for yourself

They can't survive without it!

Hey Craig!

I love how you have incorporated the four major tools that us marketers absolutely can't survive without:

Ad Tracking Viral Traffic Promotion List Building And A Passive Income Stream ;-)
Perfect... Awesome work!

James & Trinette Grandstaff
Creator of iBuzzIncome.ws
[ www.ibuzzincome.ws](http://www.ibuzzincome.ws)

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Still not convinced? What if I also help you reach Leviathan status with InstantBuzz AND put another income stream in your pocket?

We have partnered with Mike Filsaime From InstantBuzz  to help you reach Leviathan status in InstantBuzz. We also made affiliate ties with GDI to put another income stream into your pocket. And the best part... This also happens automatically through auto-promotion. All you have to do is just use your TrackThatAd.com account and I will do everything else for you.

Michael Cobb

 "Within my first week as a member I made $300 extra that would not have been possible if I was not a member"


I just joined TrackThatAd a few minutes ago and already am so impressed I just had to write you and tell you how much I love it!

As a professional full-time internet marketer I know the importance of tracking and testing everything we do, and have used a number of different Ad Tracking services over the years. But I have never seen anything that even comes close to comparing with what you have put together here!

And the "viral" marketing features you have built in are just simply awesome!

Thanks a million Craig for a top-notch, value-packed and feature rich system. I will be using TrackThatAd for all my ad-tracking and url rotating needs from now on.

warm regards,

Michael Cobb
[ home-income-team.com](http://home-income-team.com) [ www.hit-pro-software.com](http://www.hit-pro-software.com) [ www.list-hurricane.com](http://www.list-hurricane.com)

Talk about using your account....
                            Just have a look at the features you get.

At a glance summary of all campaigns Drill down into any campaign for more information Track referring source Track by visitor's IP address Use tracking with personalization On the fly resource tracking with keywords Track by date One-click tracking URL creation Capture visitor's operating system Capture visitor's web browser Unlimited URL Rotator Add weight / priority to URL's in your rotator Get truckloads of unique targeted visitors everyday Ultra Clickable Tracking urls as shown below:
   and of course trackthatad.com
   and for super short urls we also have 2-b.us

But wait....
            I have saved the best for last

Once a month I will highlight a ClickBank Product or service which I found to have immense value. All members will receive an email with information on this product or service with a link which will direct them to the promotion. BUT, I am going to do something that is unheard off!

As a Pro member of TrackThatAd.com your referrals will all be directed to this promotion with your Clickbank Hoplink. You read that right... I won't make a single cent if one of your referrals decide to purchase the product or service! I will send out an email on your behalf with professional ad-copy to ensure the highest response rate possible

You could literally earn a residual income just for being a member!

 Lisa Sorenson [ www.maxaffiliate.com](http://www.maxaffiliate.com)

TrackThatAd.com does more
than anything she's ever seen!

Craig has taken adtracking and made it easy to understand and use. The site is easy to navigate and read. There's a tutorial anyone can follow, and tips on how to use them optimally. There's current news, and clickbank items you can earn money with, quickly and easily. Not to mention the BONUSES!
This site's a WINNER in my book!

Kind Regards

Craig Haywood (aka the blue guy :-))

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Ps. Just in case you were wondering about bonuses, just wait till you get inside the member's area

PPs. Don't wait till everyone else is talking about TrackThatAd.com. Get your [free account](signup.asp) now and start reaping the benefits today

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