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Be the Captain of Your Own Sailing Vessel ... Feel the wind in your hair and the Spray on Your Face!

Are You Sick Of Waiting To Go Sailing Because You Don’t Know How?
 I Can Teach You How You Can Still Get the Most Experience On The Water Without Having Your Own Boat Even If You Are A Novice!

Feel safe, confident and secure in your knowledge of sailing by reading this new step-by-step guide that tells you everything you need to know about sailing whether you are cruising along a river, lake or body of salt water!

Dear Sailing Enthusiast,

If you have landed here on this page it is probably because you have always loved being on the water.

I know I always have. There is nothing quite so freeing to the body and spirit then soaring across the waves on a hot sunny day with the spray sparkling like diamonds.

Sailing makes me feel like I don’t have a care in the world, like I am in control and like I am a sponataneous, happy and exciting person.

I just love to just sit up on the deck, crack a cold beer open or make myself a delicious lime daiquiri and enjoy the wide blue sky.

I also love sailing at night, particularly on national holidays when fireworks light up the sky. I also get the best view of the glittering city skyline because I don’t have to fight any traffic or crowds!

There is also nothing quite as relaxing as camping out overnight on your sailboat. I like to hitch my boat to a post in a harbor, go out for a fancy meal or make a barbecue and then rock gently all night in my bed in my sailboat as if it was my own personal cradle.

Of course I did not always have this freedom because there was a point in my life where I did not know at all how to sail. I thought a jib was a kind of candy and that "dinghy" was the sound along with a "ringy" that my phone made when it rang.

In fact I was always one of those passengers on the boat that was constantly being hit in the back of the neck by the boom of the sail. That is how awkward I was on deck. I loved sailing but I had NO sea legs at all!

My friend who owned that particular sailboat always made me wear a life jacket he was so terrified I would be knocked out cold and then clobbered into the water while the boat sped on at a brisk clip.

The first summer that I went sailing I absolutely fell in love with the activity as an enlivening yet meditative sport. I was a good swimmer and a champion boogie boarder but I had never worked up the courage to try and navigate a sailboat and I was dying to learn how!

Although I loved sailing I also became very frustrated at always being at the mercy of other people when it came time to coast the waves. I always had to go along with the crowd and go wherever they wanted to go. I never had much say in the matter because I just did not know my way around the boat.

This sometimes was very frustrating because I have one of those adventurous curious spirits that likes to explore new terrain. I would be the one person in the boat who would want to sail around and see what was on the other side of an island while everybody else was more interested in getting from point A to B.

I soon realized that if I was going to truly enjoy cursing around a beautiful place like the Florida Keys or the beautiful 1000 Islands I was going to have to learn how to sail.

Sick of Just Going Along for the Ride?

After being introduced to the joys of being on sailboat I realized that I really wanted to be able to enjoy the freedoms that knowing how to sail could offer me.

Once I learned how to sail I could -

Stop hoping that my friend would be in the mood to take his sailboat out and go out on the water whenever I felt like it

Book my own vacation time on a boat rather than work my schedule around what others were doing all the time

Completely be in control of where I wanted to take a trip rather than just tagging along

Be spontaneous and sail my boat in a completely new direction if I wanted (such as around the other side of that island that nobody else wanted to visit)

Live by my own rules and eat what I want and sleep when I wanted

Take my friends and family out for a beautiful vacation in the sun whenever I wanted

Be qualified enough to sail other people’s boats for them

Feel confident enough in my own abilities to sail so that I could buy my own vessel and enjoy sailing it full time

Compete in sailing events and win awards!

Was I able to accomplish everything that I mentioned on the above list. The answer is "Yes!"

Let me tell you how this book came to be ...

After six weeks of enjoying going out on Lake Windermere in a small sailboat my frustration at not being able to sail the the thing myself was actually becoming visible.

After all I had always loved the water and my friend who owned the boat knew it. After watching me wistfully observe how he was rigging the hull and rising the sails he took it upon himself to teach me how to become a sailor

I then spent six weeks of going out on the boat every day learning how to sail. What I learned during those sunny wonderful days makes up the contents of my book.

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I also really lucked out in terms of a teacher because not only was my friend a champion windsurfer and sail boater his hobby was also refurbishing old boats and making them functional again.

This meant that the more time I spent with him the more I learned about the nuts and bolts of what actually makes a sailboat float and glide over the waves so effortlessly.

Furthermore because of his expertise I was taught "Sailboat Anatomy 101" and there is no part of a sailboat that I am not completely familiar with including the hull the mainsail, the jib and the lee and everything else!

In essence he taught me how to take an entire sailboat apart and put it together again with my eyes closed!

In Learning to Sail without It Costing a Fortune you will become completely familiar with the various parts of a sailboat and how to operate them including ...

The hull, monohulls and mutilhulls

Rigging the hull

Centreboards, daggerboards and keels

All of the parts of the rig - even the obscurer and tinier components

Starboards and ports and how to identify them and maintaining

Rigging the jib so that you can hoist the sails

Rigging the dinghy including the storing and lifting of the dinghy off the side of the sailboat

and everything else on the boat from the swimming ladder to the life jackets to the swimming ladder!

Of course it also helps that I was taught everything I know by a serious competitor in sailboat racing. This man could read the behavior of a sail like a psychic. He was empathic with the wind and knew exactly how to capture and release its power.

This means that Learning to Sail without It Costing a Fortune contains every single thing that you ever wanted to know about how a sail works including --

How to master the "Push Pull Principle" so that you are in complete control of the boat at all times

Achieving "Lift " in your sails so that your vessel glides across the waves like a ballerina

How to steer your boat both windward and leeward which is very important when it comes to marine parking and avoiding collisions with your fellow boaters

How to control how much wind blows into your sails so that you do not speed your way into a collision with a heap of rocks, a buoy or anything else

How to depower your sail so the boat will slow down quickly which could be necessary if there is a swimmer in the water who is also in your path

How to lift the sails into the air so that they catch just the right gusts of winds at the right times

All about the importance of the sheeting of sails and making sure that they are draped in a way that optimizes your control of the vessel

How to read the language of the sails, also known as the Sail Tell Tails - knowledge of this can inform you of everything from whether or not a storm is coming to when it is time to slow your boat down

How to lower and fold the sails so that they stay in good shape so that nobody is clouted on the head by folds of drapery

How to identify a point to sail so that you have a direction that informs your steerages

How to position your sails so that you can sail upward, downwind and across the water effortlessly

How to develop a heading and destination using your sails

How to use the mainsail and jib together in order to expertly steer the boat and maximize your control of the vessel

How to sail upwind so that you do not end up travelling miles and miles out of your way in the wrong direction

How to tack your sails for travelling upwind so that you do not lose them due to air resistance!

A complete guide correctly tack you sails in any situation - this is a bonus for those of you who live in stormier or unpredictable climates

How to "get out of the irons" - a condition where the boat is caught from front to end with no steerage

How to cross the dinghy safely while tacking the boom so you don’t get cuffed across the head like I did when I first started sailing

How to identify all of the different jibs (front sails on your boat) including the accidental Jib, controlled Jib, C Jib and Slam jib

How to "sail by the Lee" which basically means sailing with the boom at almost ninety degrees

How to use jibs (the staggered front sails on your boat) to communicate your directions and status to other boats

The best jibing sequence to use when setting up these sails

Of course the fine art of sailing is not just about rigging up sails. You actually have to learn how to steer the boat and do it safely and sensibly.

In Learning to Sail without It Costing a Fortune I teach you how to be stayed safe on the water. This means being a good citizen who knows the rules of the water passage. I discuss such crucial matters as -

The basic rules of travelling on water with respect to the environment and others

Who has the right of way in what situations

How to avoid collisions with other boats

How to avoid harming swimmers, water skiers and animals in the water

How to properly depart from a dock and mooring

The etiquette you need to observe when returning to a dock or moor

Understanding "the glide zone"

How to tie your sailboat securely up to the moor once you reach the dock

And much, much more!

I know I sound quite lighthearted about the matter of sailing but we all know that it is serious business and that there are certain rules of safety that need to be observed when you are in a boat just as if you were in a vehicle on land.

One of the benefits of learning from an expert sailor who used to be a lifeguard as well is that he took great pains to train me to know what to do if the boat gets into some kind of trouble or capsizes.

In Learning to Sail without It Costing a Fortune I include a chapter called When Things Go Wrong that covers such topics as -

All of the different ways a boat can capsize in the water - you would be surprised at how easy this can sometimes just happen

Common causes of boat capsizing and how to prevent them from sinking YOUR sailboat

The safety measures to take when your sailboat capsizes to prevent loss of life and injury

The measure you need to take to prevent the loss of your boat

A rundown of the traditional methods that are used to recover boats

How to rescue a sunken vessel using the special "Scoop Recovery Method"

How to save a sinking boat using the unique "Multihull Recovery Method"

How to save a sunken vessel using the "Walkover Recovery Method."

How to use the "Turtled Recovery Method" to rescue your boat

How to free your dinghy if your boat completely capsizes

How to safely enter and exit your dinghy without damaging yourself or the vessel

How to prevent someone from falling overboard in the first place

The many different ways to recover an individual who has fallen into the water

How to use ropes and other attachments to retrieve a person who has fallen overboard

How to row, paddle and scull if you find yourself floating in a dinghy or debris from the boat or in an upturned boat

How to anchor your capsized boat or dinghy

How to safely come alongside another boat in your dinghy

How to tow your boat or dinghy alongside another boat to safety

How to use your life jacket

How to understand the safety equipment that is at your disposal and use it to prevent danger and also save lives if necessary

Lessons in First Aid that is indispensible to a boater especially if someone is drowning or knocked unconscious by a swinging boom!

One of the things that I love about the information that I have included in the chapter about what could go wrong is that it is so practical. You learn exactly how to protect and recover your property rather than see your capsized vessel as a dead loss.

In fact I went to great lengths to write this eBook in a friendly, easy to understand tone that was not preachy or eclectic in any way. I believe in being concise, positive and educational!

I wrote it from my own former perspective of someone who was once very new to the art of sailing a boat. I remember being afraid that I was asking stupid questions but nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to something like sailing.

It is my personal belief that when it comes to knowledge that nothing should be assumed because when it comes to the safe operation of any vehicle, whether it be on land or on water or in the sky, you should find out everything about the vehicle and how to operate it safely. If this means asking stupid questions then so be it! Ask away!

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You might think it is a big claim to say that something as seemingly innocuous as learning how to sail could save someone’s life but that is exactly what happened to me.

First of all I gained the confidence of being someone who knows how to do one thing very very well and that is sail. There is nothing more gratifying in life than to be able to follow through on a grand passion and master that and I know now that I can go to my grave after truly having achieved my dream.

Secondly the entire experience gave me a new stronger sense of identity. I was finally what I wanted always to be and that was a sailor!

With my new identity as a sailor (and an excellent one at that) came a new awareness of my environment, my own skills and the ways of Mother Nature. There is just no simple way of describing how satisfying it is for me to experience the full awareness of being "one with the water and the wind."

In Learning to Sail without It Costing a Fortune I have also tried to communicate the more subtle psychological experiences, personal power and ultimate awareness that come with being a sailor including --

Experiencing an awareness of the wind and its power to propel you

Sensing changes in wind direction

Learning to be aware of and use puffs and lulls

How to identify the nature of different types of wind which also have all kinds of different qualities

How to understand the impact of weather predictions

How to know when it is a good idea to sail and when it is a good idea to lie low

How to use affordable user friendly instruments to measure high and low pressure

How to sense and play with offshore and onshore winds

How to practically and intuitively recognize signs of bad weather

How to identify the tides and currents and use them to help you sail your vessel

How to be a sailor who is respectful of the environment

Ways of polluting the marine and landscape that you should be aware of

What to wear when you sail (and some of those clothes are very fashionable as well as practical!)

How to keep yourself physically fit so you are in tip top shape to be a sailor

How to pledge yourself to the Sailor’s Code and maintain its honor as you sail the rivers, lakes, oceans and seas of this world

How to understand common sailor jargon and lingo and learn how to communicate with other sailors

And much, much more!

The great thing about learning to be a sailor is that it also taught me other life skills.

For one thing I became so orderly and disciplined and so desirous of owning my own sailboat that it eventually became a goal that I did reach!

However in order to afford my new 22 foot long schooner I had to change my life in all kinds of ways. For me it meant going back to school, getting a better job and learning how to budget and focus my time.

The end result of all of this was riches, confidence and of course the free time to pursue my favourite hobby - SAILING!

Of course at first I did not have my own boat and if you are reading this page you are probably wondering how you are going to go about getting your "sea legs."

Did I tell you that in Learning to Sail without It Costing a Fortune that I would leave no stone unturned?

In Learning to Sail without It Costing a Fortune I reveal how you can sail for free and discuss such issues as -

Why you should NOT buy a boat right away

Why booking a holiday is not your best option when it comes to going sailing

Why you should never practice sailing in bad weather conditions in the beginning

Why you should not sail in a boat that is in rough condition even if it can be had for free

How to endear yourself to the members of your local yacht club

How to find a yacht or sailing club

How to find a sailing club that will let you take a boat out for free

How to take advantage of the introductory offers at yacht clubs

How to make friends with people who sail

How to become part of a yacht club crew so that you get as much hands on practice as a sailor as possible

So now that you understand how much sailing a boat can do for you --

Are You Ready to Take Control of Your Life and Steer It In the Right Direction?

Don’t think that this eBook is all about theory. I get to the point and give you definitions and instructions that are easy to understand.

To clarify things I have also made sure that this particular book on boating is full of screenshots and step by step instructions that fill you in on exactly how to sail a boat. Many of the charts and illustrations that you see in the eBook are from real life examples from my own practice.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Try it risk free today! If you purchase today, your purchase is 100% guaranteed.

If after reading the eBook, you aren't fully confident about your ability to learn to sail, just ask and I'll be glad to give you a full refund.

All purchases may be refunded within 60 days of purchase, meaning that if you think your new eBook isn't as good as I claim, you'll get every cent you paid back.

If the suggestions put forth in this report doesn't successfully teach you to sail, I'll refund 100% of your purchase price, no questions asked.

Why am I taking all the risk on myself? Because I believe in the methods that I have written about in Learning to Sail.

I believe they work in order to hand over the skill to you.

I believe in the results I've gotten for thousands of people who have been successful at sailing and I look forward also to your success story!


Yes! I'm ready to start learning to sail!

I understand that by placing my secure order today, I will be getting instant access to this powerful eBook.

I'll have immediate access to the same techniques that have been proven effective.

I know that this eBook is 100% legitimate, 100% legal, and 100% what I need to learn right now.

You've made it a very easy decision with your 100% iron-clad money back guarantee and I'm ready to start right now, so I'm clicking the secure order button below.

"Learning to Sail - Without it Costing a Fortune" For Only $37!
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David Scott-Preston

P.S. This price is an introductory test price and may go up at any time Order Now.

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