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Dear Friend,

If you are tired of...feeling anxious every time you have to take your pants off in front of someone...are constantly worrying about what someone will think when they see your penis ...or you would just like to add some inches to be able to give anyone complete pleasure in the bedroom...then this is the most important website you will ever visit...

My name is Brandon Thomas and I'm a sex educator.  I've been successfully helping men with their sex lives for quite a few years now. 

When I was younger, I used to suffer from a sexual dysfunction called premature ejaculation, or rapid ejaculation.  It was the worse time of my life.  It ruined relationships, I avoided women, and it made me depressed.  I didn't feel like a real man for quite a few years.

I tried everything to cure my problem, but nothing seemed to work.  After years of intense research, I finally started putting together a program that was yielding results.  After discovering that this solution worked very well for me, and other men who tested it, I decided to start helping men all over the world with their premature ejaculation.  Not to brag, but I've helped men in Canada, England, Australia, Mexico, Bolivia, the United States and many other countries make drastic improvements with their premature ejaculation. 

After seeing the differences I was making in men's lives, I decided to jump more into overall male sexual health.  Although I've only authored a comprehensive guide on curing premature ejaculation, I have become educated with other products on the market related to male sexual health and dysfunction.

I pride myself on keeping strong relationships with my customers. My relationship with these men did not stop at selling them my guide. I constantly give them updates on male sexual health that I feel can make a positive difference in their lives.  I know what it's like to struggle with sex issues, and I want to help other men out there the best I can.

Since I want to help as much as possible, I am also continuously testing other products on the market. They range from premature ejaculation books and creams, to erectile dysfunction exercises and pills.

I'm not arrogant.  I know I don't have all the answers, and their are other people out there that can offer better advice than me on certain topics.  However, I don't just take people for their word.  I need to try a product. I need to have other men try a product.  After putting together comprehensive data, I finally decide whether or not to offer something to my customers.  It's often months before I make a decision on whether something is a bad, good, or great product. 

So, without boring you too much, I decided to start researching products that were designed to increase your penis size.  I have to be honest with you.  I was extremely skeptical about these products. I really felt that these so called "solutions" were a total load of crap.

 I had a lot of experience with awful products in the premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction market.  With that being said, I've still found great solutions out there for these problems. So I kept an open mind with penis enlargement solutions. However, I knew I would have to try dozens of products before finding one that I felt was worthy of offering to the men I've developed a relationship with all over the world.  I was going to be in for a long ride.

And, as expected, there were a lot of crappy products out there.  There were some pretty good ones too.  However, I didn't find one that I felt was worthy for my customers for several months (7 to be exact).  When I finally did, I was extremely confident that it would help the majority of men who followed the program, and gave it an actual try.  AN ACTUAL TRY.  Too many men purchase a product, try something for a few days, then give up on it, and then complain that it didn't work. Well, of course it didn't work.  Nothing works if you don't use it properly. 

I knew though, because of my thorough testing on this particular penis enlargement program, and my past knowledge and experiences with testing programs for men's sexual health, that this was definitely the strongest product on the market -- If followed properly!

The following is what I discovered during my research on penis enlargement solutions -- In particular, the best solution that I found -- The Penis Length For Life Program.


Here Are Just 4 Things You Will

Discover From This Website:

You Will Discover:
How to naturally increase your penis size within weeksHow to get harder, thicker erections How to increase your sexual stamina How to give women more pleasure in bed

All Backed By A Rock-Solid, No Questions Asked, 60 Day,
100% Money Back Guarantee!

What Men Are Worried About

Over the years, there are certain topics that come up over and over again when it comes to men, sex, and their penis. 

The following are the 6 most common issues, questions or concerns:

Penis size Concerns with being able to last during vaginal sex Issues with getting and sustaining erections Am I as good in bed as her previous partner or boyfriend?
Is she faking her orgasms? Does she think I am good in bed?

Some Scary Statistics

During my extensive research, I've came across some interesting information about the penis and sex.

The average size of the erect penis is roughly 6 inches.

72% of women say that they would like their partner to have a larger penis.

5.7 out of 10 long term relationships that end in a break-up report that sexual issues were a major part of the relationship failing.

Most men last roughly 3 minutes during sex before ejaculating.

Nearly 45% of women fake their orgasm on a regular basis during vaginal sex.

Over 70% of men have poor blood circulation to the penis.

Roughly 50% of all men have curvature of the penis.

Now, I'm not a mind reader, but a quick glance at those numbers doesn't paint a pretty picture. In fact, it makes things look miserable if you ask me. Sex for men and women is supposed to be enjoyable.  The sad truth is that it doesn't seem like most men and women are content with their sex lives. 

It also seems that the 6 most common concerns that men have about sex and their penis is validated with solid statistics.

Unfortunately, statistics don't lie. I wish they did.  Because they don't lie, I knew it was going to be difficult to find an overall A+ product that I would feel comfortable suggesting to other men.


Penis Enlargement Techniques To Absolutely Avoid

I wish I could tell you that there was a magic pill or a secret drink you could take down today and have your penis larger and your sex life better immediately.  Well, that does not exist, even if people claim that it does. Listen to somebody like me who has experience in this field. It does not exist!

There are also many different methods on the market that claim to make your penis longer and thicker. Below is small list of what to avoid completely.

Pills promising to increase your penis size.

Sorry guys. There is no magic pill out there that will increase your penis size. The scam artists that offer a larger and longer penis by taking a pill, usually fail to tell you that the supplement comes with a book of exercises that need to be completed to increase your penis size.  Although these exercises can actually work, most of these companies are putting together poorly written guides, and just throwing it in with the purchase of the magic pills that they know won't increase penis size. At best, these pills can help men with an erection, but in very rare cases.

I have watched men take this pills with zero results.  If they were getting results from different methods, the pills did not give them any extra boost. Plus, these supplements are not approved by the Federal Drug Administration, so who knows what you are putting into your body.

Don't yield any results with girth or length. Might help with increasing erection, but that is not the same as increasing your penis size. Not approved by the FDA so you cannot be sure about what you are putting into your body.

Surgery to increase the size of your penis.

I don't know about you, but I'm one to avoid surgery at all costs, especially when it involves cutting open your penis! I think you can relate to me here.

Although these surgeries have shown to be effective in some cases, there are just too many negatives surrounding the whole process.  I have read numerous surgical reports and court documents that involve these surgeries going horribly wrong. The procedure is painful, there are side effects, there is no guarantee that it will work, and it costs thousands of $$$.  Again, it can be effective, and has worked for men, but it just is not worth the risk in my opinion.

Can work, but there is no guarantee. Painful with side effects. Extremely expensive.

Pumps designed to increase your penis size.

Save this one for Austin Powers.

Let me ask you a question. Don't you think if you could go to the corner store, drop down $100 on a plastic tube, put it around your penis, pump it a few times, and have a permanently thicker and longer penis that every male on planet Earth would already be doing that?  The answer to that question is obvious. Of course they would! They are simply a joke. Please don't fall for it.

They can very temporarily increase blood flow to the penis, actually giving the feeling of a larger erection, but that fades after just a few minutes. And, again, you are not looking to just get an erection. You are looking to increase the size of your penis.

These penis pumps can be very dangerous as well.  They have been known to cause blisters, rupture blood vessels, and worst off all, cause permanent impotence.  Is that something you are looking to achieve?

Penis pumps can cause permanent impotence (inability to get an erection). They can allow for temporary erections, but the erection will fade after a few minutes. They are a complete joke.

Hanging weights from your penis.

This is actually one of the most ancient practices known to man. For thousands of years, men have used traction techniques throughout Africa, Asia, and South America to stretch everything form necks, earlobes, to the penis.

As you've probably seen either on TV or the internet, these techniques definitely do work.  However, they are fairly barbaric and outdated.  They will most likely give you a much longer penis, put it will look extremely thin, like a pencil. It will do nothing for girth.  As you probably figured out for yourself, hanging techniques can also be very dangerous. Possibly more dangerous than any other method mentioned above.  If this is something you are seriously considering, absolutely meet with a medical professional first.

Has been used for thousands of years. Can work, but the technique is extremely dangerous and outdated. Will give you a pencil looking penis.

Penis Enlargement Solutions To Consider
After months of research and testing, I found that one type of product seemed to yield the best results. This product involved certain stretching exercises that could be done from the comfort of your own home.  These exercises could be learned from a book, video, or audio CD or MP3. The only problem I discovered was the major differences in the results that these specific products yielded. 

When one of these so called solutions would give terrible results, the next one would give okay results, and then the next product tested would give terrible results again. It was all over the board. 

The main reason for these inconsistencies was found in the way the information was provided.

Most often, audio programs were the hardest to understand, because there were no visuals. Videos were generally the easiest to follow, but most men do not want to stare at another man's penis for 20 minutes a day. The written books or ebooks (instant access to PDF files that can be saved to your computer) were fairly consistant with the information that was being taught, but there were some very poor writers out there. The grammar was awful, words were used incorrectly, and the instructions were very poorly communicated. These books could be very hard to follow. And a lot of them were boring. So many of these products use vulgar and slang terminology. Now I'm no angel, nor do I take any offense to vulgar language, but I've found time and time again with my research that men simply don't want to be taught about men's sexual health in this fashion. It makes men feel like they're being taught by a street thug.  Men want to feel that the person or persons teaching them are qualified and professional. So many of the products on the market that relate to men's sexual health just don't do this, and they immediately lose credibility and turn away the customer.
With that being said, it was extremely difficult to find something that was an overall A+ which I demand in a product that I recommend to men.  There were some B's, a lot of C's, and only 1 A+ product.  Well, maybe a 96% but that is an A+ on my grading scale.

The Penis Length For Life Program consistently yielded the best results during my research which was conducted over 12 weeks.

The chart below will give you a quick idea of how it scored in the major categories.

(all statistics are compiled after completing the 12 week course.)
Penis Length For Life Program

Average penis length increase

Average increase in girth
Increase in ejaculatory control during vaginal sex

Overall Grade

This particular product was also extremely easy to follow, understand, and implement. It is a downloadable ebook, so you have the product within minutes of placing the order. There are also no surgeries, pumps, weights, or weird devices that you need to use.

The techniques taught in this guide are scientifically proven and time tested exercises that will increase the size of your penis. I feel completely confident in this product and I'm completely confident suggesting it to the men I've built relationships with over the years. It really is that good!

Take a look below to see what some men noticed over a period of 12 weeks.

They began to notice that their flaccid penis felt and looked longer and thicker, and their erections seemed harder and fuller.
The flaccid and erect penis both were thicker and longer. Men noticed that they could keep an erection longer, also allowing them to last longer during sex, which was a very unexpected bonus to this product.
The last few weeks of testing did not yield as much growth in length and girth, but it did yield amazing results in staying power and erection quality. What I mean by erection quality was the amount of time it took to be fully aroused, and the length of time one was able to keep that erection.  Men seemed more confident, and had an uncanny control over their PC muscles and ejaculation control.
***Please remember that the tests were conducted over a 12 week period. Men who did not finish the 12 week program did not yield results.

You Will Gain Size And Become

The Lover She Has Always Wanted

By following this easy to understand step-by-step guide, you will learn dozens of secrets and techniques that will add inches in length and girth to your penis, allowing you to give her maximum pleasure. This will give you an advantage over other men, and it will make your partner scream for more!

The confidence that you gain from following The Penis Length For Life Program will translate into all areas of your life. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing you have a great size down there and also knowing that you are able to give her complete pleasure in the bedroom. You will use this confidence to become the man that you know that you can become.  You will truly rock her world, and you will look like a real man.

I don't care if you are 18, 25, 35, or 45, This guide will show you the easiest and most effective ways to add extra inches to your penis. You will be amazed at how well it really works.

You can pay a ton of money on surgery, pills, pumps or weights that will give you very little results and create more headaches for yourself. Or you can pay a fraction of that price learn how to gain those much needed extra inches that will give you more self confidence, and have her screaming for more.

If you are ready to make a change and want to fulfill your maximum penis size, and drive her absolutely wild in bed, THEN THE PENIS LENGTH FOR LIFE GUIDE IS PERFECT FOR YOU!

Here's Just Some Of What You Will Learn From

This Industry Leading Guide:
How to add inches to your penis by using this easy to follow guide. This book is like nothing else on the market.

How to have the best sex you will ever have, for as long as you desire. She will think you were sent from heaven!
A review of the male anatomy that makes it easy to understand how and why you aren't experiencing your full potential in length.

Myths about masturbation and penis size. Don't fall for these lies!

The complete truth about penis size and what women secretly want.  Don't let women tell you otherwise!

A step by step plan of attack that makes it simple to stick to your exercise schedule. A first grader could follow it.

An in-depth look at pills, supplements, and gadgets for growth, stamina, and strong erections. See what really works and what doesn't.

See how changes in your diet and exercise routine can make huge differences in your penis size. This alone will give you a boost in size!

Advanced techniques on how to stimulate a woman. With your bigger size, this will absolutely make you the complete love making package.

Time tested ways that can have you double your lasting time in just a few weeks.

The safest and most effective ways to gain and sustain harder and longer lasting erections. She will be thanking you for this one!

How to give your partner mind blowing orgasms!

The "big" questions to ask yourself so you can cater the program to your specific needs to maximize your results.

The truth about what muscles are used during sex.

Find out how to exercise these sex muscles maximizing your penis length and staying power.

Master the top 10 penis enlarging exercises. Once you do this, you will be harder and fuller for life!


Will This Program Actually Work For Me?

The powerful techniques that are taught in this book are time tested and proven time and time again, for thousands of men all around the world.

I also know that it takes effort to increase your penis size. If you just glance at this book, and don't put all the concepts together and implement them properly, you will be in the same position you are in right now.

However, if you follow the guide closely, practice the techniques frequently, I absolutely know you will find not only your penis size larger, but you will also find that your abilities during sex will sky rocket! You will not only last longer during sex, you will become an amazing lover that will be able to satisfy any woman in bed.  And your penis will be larger!  Not a bad deal if you ask me.

If you are looking to make a change in your life and add those much needed inches to your penis and become the man she has always wanted, then this is 100% the program for you.

You can't afford to waste anymore of your time listening to 95% of the men out there who have no idea what they are talking about when it comes to increasing your penis size. You need to make a change today and follow a guide that can yield lasting results.  I have seen too much garbage out there and I've seen too many guys get burned. I truly believe in this product. I know it can help men just like you gain not only penis size but gain confidence in yourself and in the bedroom.

Here's Why You Should Decide To Own This Product

This time tested ebook is revolutionary, and gives amazing results to men of all ages and backgrounds. Many other products for increasing penis size are out of date, and do not deal with the problem as a whole.

This easy to follow guide will take you by the hand and show you exactly what you need to do to gain size, and skill in the bedroom.  You are given real life techniques that will not only show you how you can increase your penis size but how you can also become an amazing stud in the bedroom. Other books ramble on and on about concepts that are very hard to follow and implement. You want to put the book down after reading it for just a few minutes.

This ebook shows you techniques on how to increase the size of your penis, have mind numbing sex, and give her the most possible pleasure in the bedroom.

There are so many guides out there that give you information that does not work, or the information they give you is very hard to follow. This guide will show you how to increase your penis size within weeks. Aside from all that, you will begin to develop and maintain stronger, fuller erections while at the same time lasting longer in bed.

I could give a dozen or more reasons why The Penis Length For Life Program is the best program on the market, in my opinion. However, I'm not going to do that.  Instead I want to tell you about something different.  Not only is this product amazing by itself, but the guys from Penis Length For Life also give you some extra bonus material...... ABSOLUTELY FREE!

If You Download their Ebook Today, They are also Going To Give You THESE 3 Bonus Gifts.....FOR FREE!

Bonus Gift #1: Female Orgasm Secrets Revealed ($22.97)

This manual shows you exactly how to stimulate women correctly, to give her the ultimate orgasm. These step-by-step instructions make it extremely easy for you to manually and orally do exactly what she needs to feel her maximum pleasure.

Bonus Gift #2: Your Guide To Sexual Fantasy ($18.99)

You will discover ways to make your sex life more exciting by adding fantasy and toys to the mix. I break down all the different methods you can use, including role-playing.

Bonus Gift #3: Secrets To Attracting Hot Women ($17)
Once your penis is larger, your confidence is going to be sky high. Why not start learning how to attract beautiful women instantly? Inside this manual, discover how to have all women eating out of the palm of your hand. You will be the envy of all men.

As an added extra bonus, you will learn 10 things you can do today to start naturally increasing testosterone and blood flow in your body.

So, Here's The Cost And Why It's Worth Every Penny

Product Name
The Penis Length For Life Program
Female Orgasm Secrets Revealed
Your Guide To Sexual Fantasy
Secrets To Attracting Hot Women 



TOTAL VALUE: $148.95

Special Limited Time Offer:
Only $47!

Through this special offer, you will receive The Penis Length For Life Program and the 3 Free Bonus Gifts, for the low, one time investment of $47!

I know times are tough for everyone, and your money is tight. Every single buck you earn needs to be spent cautiously. However, you are going to spend the $47 anyway, and on something that most likely will not benefit you as much as this book. You will spend that money on a couple dinners and a movie, or maybe some new clothes. These items and events will always be available, and you can do any of them whenever you want. This special offer is for a limited time only and you need to act right now.

The choice is clear and the choice is your's...

You can continue to:
Be haunted by your penis size and lack of skills in the bedroom.Have restless nights constantly worrying if you are normal, good enough, or as good as her previous partners. Have days filled with stress and anxiety wondering why you can't perform better in bed and why your penis size is not good enough for your partner. Research solutions all over the web and in bookstores trying to find that miracle cure for increasing your penis size only to be disappointed time and time again.

Or you can choose to take action by owning this amazing book and:

Rid yourself of all your penis size and sex issues today.Take control of your penis size, sex life, and well being today. Be confident that you are the best lover she has ever had. Last longer during sex, with harder, longer, stronger, and thicker erections.
Have peace of mind knowing that you are pleasing her the way she deserves to be pleased every time you make love.
This is a one-time investment in yourself, your penis length, and your love life. This guide will save you shame, embarrassment, anxiety, time, and future hassle. It is a great decision.

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You're Still Not Sure?

How About This... 100% Better-Than-Risk-Free Your "Nothing To Lose And Everything To Gain" 60-Day Guarantee!

Order the Penis Length For Life Program. Read it, test it, use it however you would like. If, at anytime in the next 60 days, you decide that you're not completely satisfied with your purchase... If you feel that this package was not worth every last penny, then simply email the company and say that you're not satisfied and (1) the book and the free bonuses are yours to keep; and (2) you'll receive a 100% refund of your purchase price.

That's right! Any time in the next 60 days, if you feel that this book doesn't deliver everything that is promised, then you'll get a full refund. No questions asked, no B.S., no questionnaires to fill out. Just say you're not satisfied...PERIOD!

You keep everything. It will cost you nothing!

The Penis Length For Life Team

This guarantee was designed for the 99% who are honest, but naturally skeptical -- Not the 1% who'll take advantage of the offer. But more importantly...

Now You Have Absolutely No Risk!

Take up to 60 days to decide if you're happy with this product. If you're not, then keep all the material and bonuses for FREE-- That will be a gift to you for your troubles.

You will get a prompt refund, no questions asked and no hard feelings.

That's right, all the risk is on The Penis Length For Life Team

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Get ready to add length to your penis, last as long as you desire, and give her the ultimate sexual pleasure!

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P.S. At this point after reading this offer, you probably think to yourself "Do I really want to gamble $89.99 (Special: 1 easy payment of $47)?" Friend, that is exactly why the "Nothing To Lose And Everything To Gain Guarantee" is offered. If the product doesn't deliver, The team from Penis Length For Life are the ones who eat their shirts-- not you.

The entire Penis Length For Life Program and $58.96 worth of free bonuses are yours to keep no matter what. That's a guaranteed gain, no matter what you decide.

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The Penis Length For Life Program
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