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Yes! A Hidden Treasure Trove of Google Traffic!

What Will You Do With Such an Overflow of Traffic That It Could Crash Your Server?

From the Desk of Tinu Abayomi-Paul

Greetings Fellow Traffic Seeker,

Imagine this.

You wake up from a sound sleep, relaxed and happy. You laze around a bit, eat breakfast and watch a little TV, then walk the ten paces it take to get to your "work", the laptop in the corner of the living room on the couch. You recline and boot up your computer.

Your site is your home page, but you're not alarmed when it doesn't pop up right when you open your browser. Figuring the internet connection hasn't taken yet, you refresh the page. Still nothing - no, wait.

In place of your website is a notice that your site is offline.

Furious, you go to your email to figure out just what the $#@! is going on, since you auto-pay your bill on-time. But in a few minutes, you're laughing as hard as you ever have - because on the seventh day of the month, you've used so much of your host's server resources with all the traffic you're getting that they can't keep up!

You're not offline because of a billing oversight -- you're offline because you're getting TOO MUCH TRAFFIC! Another look at last night's web sales confirms it, and you're probably going to have to take the night off to recover from the shock.
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How Looking Over My Shoulder Could Solve All Your Traffic Ills

Why am I asking you to imagine this?

Because that's exactly what happened to me! And I'm about to tell you one of the top four reasons why it could happen to you...

First, let me rephrase the question -- what would you do with an explosion of targeted traffic ? Not a few dozen extra people - try double your unique visitors, and over quadruple the page views!

That's TWICE the unique visitors and FOUR times the page views! Yeah, we all know that extra targeted traffic might as well be cash with a consistent conversion rate. But think beyond money. What will you buy? Even better, how will your lifestyle change?

Hold that thought because we're coming back to that. Let me just back up and make sure we're on the same page, here.

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You Can Be Sure I'm an Expert - Plus I've Probably Let You Cheat Off My Paper Already

If you know anything about me, you know that I am the Undisputed Heavy Weight Champion of Publicly-Tested Traffic Techniques in the World.

Literally, in terms of the breadth and depth of my knowledge about traffic, I've yet to be challenged or prove that a single one of the techniques that I've ever taught or used on a site didn't work exactly the way I said it would.

It's not always what they wanted. But it's always precisely what I claimed, no more, no less.

And if you do know me? You also realize that though I proudly and arrogantly claim this title, and challenge anyone to take it from me, I also deplore hype and exaggeration when it comes to marketing. But just in case you've never been to any of my sites before, I'll tell you why.

My feeling is that you can just say what is true, tell what worked, and prove it by technique. That's why I not only give away hundreds of free traffic tips on my site, I give them away on other web publications who specifically ask me to write for them. We're not talking article directories here - we're talking online and offline resources run by experts who want more expert advice on-staff with a variety of specialties. I also consult on the Social Web Advisory Board of Network Solutions, one of the very first internet companies in the world, and back when I started, the ONLY place you could go to register a domain name.

My experience has made me the Expert's Expert on traffic, so I don't need to tell tall tales to get people to pick up my books and videos.

So, if you didn't know me before, you know me now. And since you know me now, you're probably wondering - why would I come on so strong? Why would I actually talk about more traffic than you've ever seen? What would be the point be?


I was about to prove it to the world, starting this instant.

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What I'll Tell You About Hidden Google Sources May Not Stun You -
'Til They Work. Really, REALLY Work.

You see, my health condition, which I'm not going to get into now, forced me into semi-retirement two years ago, at least from the search world, and its neighboring internet marketing world. I don't do direct consulting as I once did, I outsource it. I'm still well enough to create products, coach and train, but I no longer let big companies outsource their entire marketing departments to me - even with my new team, it's just too much work to keep up with until I can expand my company.

That means all my remaining knowledge, all my traffic secrets, and everything I know about how to turn that knowledge into a living online will become completely useless - at least it will if it stays in my head alone. And, I now have absolutely nothing to lose if I share a great deal more of that knowledge as soon as possible.

That's why today, I'm going to release one-fourth of the reason why my team and I have been getting such startling traffic results from Google.

Today, I'm going to tell you all about some of the best Hidden Google Traffic Tricks ever.

Now, don't get it twisted - these are not tips about how I got to the top of the search engines for hundreds of terms, and managed to keep myself ranked for years on end, through algorithm after algorithm change.

Okay, well one of today's bonus guides is. But what I mean to say is that's not the point of this exercise.

The point is to show you where to get some of the best, most non-competitive traffic in Google, Ever, and to show you where various traffic-enhancing or traffic-increasing tips are hiding in plain sight.

They are deceptively simple. Some of them you've heard of but dismissed. Others you've known about but under-estimated how much traffic they'll bring you. A couple you've heard me mention that I'm getting, but never before today have I ever ventured to break down how. A few you've probably never  heard of at all.

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I Almost Don't Want to Tell You What You'll Learn - You Really Have to See For Yourself

I'm a little scared to tell you what you'll learn, some of these techniques are that powerful, despite how easy and simple they are - oh, and most are free. But here goes anyway....

How to Take Advantage of a HUGE Traffic Source that's Practically Under Your Nose (or a close friend's nose) Almost Every Day. (Chapter 11)

Where Some of the Most Click-Happy, Buy-Crazy Traffic Comes from via Google - they're few in number but are coming directly from a place that implies their wealth. Not the long tail, though that's another place discussed in one of the bonuses. (Chapter Eight)

How Google Can Turn Your Sales Pages Into More Visitors if You're In Internet Marketing, and How It Can Turn Another Common Small Business Sales Tool into Traffic if You're Not (Chapter Six)

How You Can Get Two Spots On One of the Most Popular Home pages in the World (Chapters Nine and Ten)

How a Common Blogger Tool Can Attract Sticky Visitors (Chapter Five)Did I mention that these chapters are actually videos? If you have time to watch the news at night, you could learn all these tips by tomorrow. I also included 10 quick bonus tips in the companion guide that will give you quick tips on how to:

Go to a special submissions page that no one ever writes about to get Google's help in finding the most targeted buyer possible - one who has already made the decision to buy - Bonus Tip 1

How for $5, you can get quick inclusion into a database some people are paying hundreds of dollars to properly submit to.

The easiest possible Google Video traffic there is. You already know how to find it if you know keyword research, you just don't know that you do, or you haven't tried it because you think you need special expertise. (And if you don't you can get a quick start lesson in Chapter Four!)

One of the most lucrative Google specialized searches to be in - I know because I'm in it. No, it's not Google Products but you're so, so close...

How About Some Bonuses?
Yes, there are bonuses! Three, in fact.

A Classic Video Series that gives You Ten Quick Steps to Optimizing Your Web Pages for Google - I still see this sold for $47, though you can get it or $17.

Another Video Series about the Basics of How to Get Free Traffic from Google, in areas other than the main search engine (Hint: As a bonus, I refined and updated some of these tips.) This one came out sometime while I was sick, and I haven't seen it for less than $20 yet.

A guide that I once sold for a limited run at $67, about The Introduction to Search Simplicity, and How to Learn the Search Engine Secrets of Article Marketing - this tells you what the other books don't about the Search Engine and Article Marketing - it's NOT just about the amount of links and the number of keywords on the page. Not by a long shot.So that's it. I've put together a package valued at about $150 - not including the main product, which brings it to about $250. How much am I about to ask for it?
"Yeah, How Much?"

I could easily charge $97. I thought about selling it for $67. But I have a problem.

We're in a worldwide recession right now. Some reports say we're coming out of it and I believe them, but the big companies get the boost first, followed by the small companies, then the full time entrepreneurs, then the part time entrepreneurs, and finally people who work for a living. That's just how economics works. And while my personal economy has gotten better since I released, and then re-released the updated version of this guide, I just can't in good conscience, charge full price for this guide until the world markets fully recover. 

You see, part of what is going to help world economies recover are the health of the smaller economies, namely, small business, especially when you're talking about markets that rely on or mirror the status of the US economy. If small business is doing well, we're all doing well. So I can't introduce cost-effective solutions to help you get more targeted traffic, which can lead to more money in your pocket, then charge an arm and a leg for it. 

Sure, if we wake up tomorrow and there's some real indication that things are getting better, I'll increase the price of this package a little at a time for each update.  But I don't have a crystal ball. I can only tell you that this really IS a limited time offer.
I'm not going to definitely say "for today only", because I don't know what tomorrow is bringing. The last time I adjusted the price of this package was early December,and it could stay this price for a day or a year, I don't know. I can only base my price increases on how much I am helping people who buy direct from me - there's only so many hours in the day. So the price is also determined by how much support is requested and how much that takes up my time.

[]All I can promise is that for right now, this package is only $39.

[Click here to order now](yes-39.php).

One last bonus... even though I run the risk of you saying "Why is she giving me all this stuff? Aren't the seven traffic videos plenty on their own?" (I know, I said eleven videos in all. Well, seven of the eleven are about getting traffic directly, Two indirectly, one isn't about traffic at all.)

Yes, implementing the techniques in this video are fully responsible for a fourth of my traffic increase, so they are among my pride and joy, not to mention that they're among the prettiest, clearest looking videos I've ever made.

But I want to give you more, much more than you've ever gotten from me, because this time next year, we'll know each other in a completely different capacity. After all, I've gotten so much kindness from you over the years.

So I'm also giving free, same day support. Got a question, need more details? Just ask. You can ONLY get this bonus here, it's exclusive to you from buying on this page. If you're a reseller, I'll also come and do a teleseminar for your audience, if you'll let me invite other owners of this package, and make all the arrangements so all I have to do is call and be interviewed.

And of course, for any lingering doubts if you feel like you don't know me well enough to risk it, there's always my....


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As if you didn't know it, Clickbank guarantees your satisfaction anyway. However, I want you to know I stand behind my products as always, 100%. So you're not risking anything. Use the system for 60 days. If you want to return it, for any reason, let us know. Your refund will be processed by Clickbank and you'll get your money back, no questions asked.

People tell me all the time that I shouldn't do this because it opens me up to fraudulent orders.

Sure it does.

But people who cancel their order don't get the free updates, my free help, access to my free help desk, or any of the free extras I give my customers from time to time. Why worry? 99.9% of people who order from me are hard-working, honest people who give their absolute all to something before claiming it didn't work for them. With you guys continuing to buy from me month after month, year after year, I figure I can afford a couple of bums. 
A price this low for traffic you can use for a lifetime should be a no-brainer, but on some things, it takes little nudge. This is, after all, the internet. Everyone has been burned at least once. And if you've researched me, before coming back to this page, you know that I've got a great reputation for over-delivering on value.

My far-spread online reputation is one of the reasons why I can tell you with certainty that you that you'll get more visitors out of spending a one-time fee on this guide and the free video membership site, than you would on any other place you could spend the same amount for visitors. And.... these tips won't expire when your budget does.

As always, thank you for being here, and for your continued support over the years, whether you were a subscriber, a constant reader of my blog, or a repeat client, I appreciate you for even having the patience to read this page and consider this offer.

Thanks again,

Tinu Abayomi-Paul

P.S. Think about that question again. What could you do with more visitors than you ever dreamed? How many more sales could that produce for you over a lifetime relationship with that customer? This guide will take you one-fourth of the way there - the price went up again the evening of the 12th, but you can still save.

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