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Welcome To Paradise. Website Flipping Paradise.

From The "Offices" of GSX,

Hello weary Internet traveler, voyager through space and time, searcher of the elusive internet money dream. That dream that’s just out of reach; the carrot on a stick too-good-to-be-true dream of working at home in your spare time for cash.

Well, we were weary too. In fact, we even tried all those methods you’ll see out there. The “Post Links For Money” or the “Affiliate Advertising” or “Data Entry” dreams of huge money. In fact we nearly gave up. I’ll be honest with you, I’m glad we didn’t.
Because now we’re in paradise.

Let me regale you with a quick story. If you have two minutes I’d recommend you listen, because frankly, what do you have to loose?

Three friends finishing college in Chicago. They don’t know what to do with their lives and don’t know where to start. Living in cold cold Chicago and spending another weary winter lost and broke. They love to travel and hear it calling. All three of us want to make some money, then sell our stuff and leave for a while to “find ourselves.”

We realize the collegiate degrees we’ve been earning aren’t your typical “Accounting” or “Finance” degrees and don’t necessarily send job offers or any money running to our door. So we decide to do some online work because it could potentially allow us to work anywhere in the world. And it has. We’ve revamped our income and changed our lives. We’re living in our own form of paradise now and traveling at our leisure around the world doing as we please, working occasionally on the Internet to check up on things.

Here’s a picture of us at Machu Picchu

Here’s some cool ruins we visited in Guatemala

Here’s us riding the train in Japan

And so on…

How have three once broke and in debt college students been M.I.A. traveling the world for the last year and a half, paid off their student loans and found out the joys of travel and some fun in life? The answer: with the power of the Internet. And leveraging your time, not your money. We’ve used the web to leverage our time and skills to make us location independent and financially free.

Now lets get down to business. I’m going to tell you how we went from spending money on the Internet to making money on the Internet. It’s actually quite simple and a fallacy many don’t quite understand. Product. The large difference in most get rich online plans is that they have no product (and usually not even a service) to sell.

Now products don’t always have to be tangible, and this is an important piece of information to pay attention to, because it allows us the ability to work anywhere in the world. We started to realize that most products promising millions on the Internet weren’t even selling anything tangible. They were just trying to squeeze in a dollar here and there off someone else’s work or web traffic. It didn’t add up.

So we analyzed our goals.

Make money, and lots of it.


Work on the Internet so we can travel anywhere.


Have no physical products we have to deal with.


Require no previous knowledge or technical computer experience.


It HAS to be free (or super cheap) to start.


Make sure it doesn’t suck up all our time, and life.


We needed a product we could sell online and we needed one fast. This is why 90% of people give up on making money on the Internet: because they aren’t really selling anything. A business is a business, and just because it’s online doesn’t mean it can slip through the cracks of the business rulebook. Granted, many things in online entrepreneurship are much, much easier, but we’ll get to that soon enough.

We decided we’d start selling websites. We know there’s a huge market for it through website auction houses and—even better—it fit all 6 of our goals.

Goal 1: Would it make us money? Yes, lots. Flippa.com and online website auction house sell around $200,000 in websites a week, (It’s true, see for yourself at Flippa.com, towards the bottom they show last 7 days of sales)
Goal 2: Work on the Internet so we can travel. Yeah, that was quite obvious. Making websites is limited to online activity and as long as we can find an Internet connection we can get our sites out there and up for sale.

Goal 3: No physical products. Well it was a website and we could build the website on our computer. We could sell it and deliver it online. We’d never have to leave our present location. Not even to go to the bank.
Goal 4. No Previous Knowledge. Websites have gone past the days of writing code. In fact, most have gone past the days in intense and laborious design. We found out just how little experience was necessary. In fact, if you can turn on a computer, navigate email and type, you can start a website. Shoot, we didn’t even need to make graphics or design the site.

Goal 5. Free or cheap. Well we started our business with about $17. I’m not going to say what it has grown too but we can comfortably live and travel as we please, debt free. Websites are super cheap (most of the time you can find free) to start.
Goal 6. Doesn’t suck up our time. We wanted an online business but not an online career. We eventually realized how to streamline our whole process into about four hours per week. We have quite a few tricks up our sleeve.

So we made our first website and the rest is history… Now we’re traveling and have been for over a year, now we’re currently venturing through Southeast Asia...

...and working our way down to Australia for some surfing...

Now we’re financially independent. Now we’re location independent. Now, we’re in paradise…

If you’re interested in specifics of how we did it (and how you can), keep reading, we’re almost done.

When we first started, we decided to test the method and make our first site to see how easily and cheap we could do it. We had nothing to loose. We’d tried just about everything but actually having a product. We made our first website about something college students know best: how to save money.

We did it up quite nice and wrote a few articles and threw it up on Flippa.com to see what would happen. We were pleasantly surprised. It sold for $275 a few days later!


We crunched the numbers and found out it took about six hours to put it together (which is slow because of our first time doing it) but still, that equals out to $45 per hour of work. We’ve never made that much combined! So we thought it was a fluke and made another one. It sold. And Another One. It sold. And so on.




Now we’ve gotten really good at making the sites and can make them in as little as two hours. We’ve also moved way past just selling little blogs. Like with any business, we’ve expanded and grown. Now we’re selling bigger sites in the better half of triple digits, and then even some sites we’ve sunk a lot of time and content into for four figures.

How did we go from that first little blog to selling quite a few sites a week?
We’ll we were determined, focused and had a good plan. Then we started leveraging our efforts to make better use of our time. Now we’re selling more than ever but we stopped making the sites ourselves. We spent the last year traveling, not stressing out over our company, because it’s running on complete autopilot.

We’ve compiled a guide to help anyone get started in website flipping. This guide follows the fundamental 6 golden rules we outlined above. Anyone with a computer and an Internet connection can follow the simple steps to create their own form of paradise.

But this isn’t a simple guide on how to set up a blog online. That information is available free to anyone who can navigate a search engine. We’re talking step-by-step description of EXACTLY what to do from concept to sale. Including screen shots and huge bonuses.

We’re not talking vague descriptions and a screenshot of a website. This guide is giving you a guide that is extremely comprehensive showing each and every step of the way.

But you’re not just getting this comprehensive 25 page walkthrough of how to build and flip websites. That’s just the start of Website Flipping Paradise.

You’re getting another manuscript. One just as valuable to your arsenal of website flipping scripture. Your getting “How To Sell Your Site For Big”

Sell Your Site For Big teaches you how to maximize each of these blogs and move into the big leagues. Once you’ve got the basics of website flipping covered, it’s time to go pro.

Here we teach you:
#1 How to leverage each site sale for significantly more

#2 How to structure your site and sale so it’s more lucrative to potential buyers

#3 What to show on your sales page to increase potential buyers’ confidence

#4 Mediums to sell your site

#5 How to decide upon a fair price and get what you deserve for each site.

This bonus eBook is crucial to building upon your website flipping business. This eBook will keep you out of a rut flipping websites and teach you how to work less and increase revenues on each website sale. It’s one thing to sell a few blogs for a little extra cash here and there, but if you want to start an online business you need to start leveraging your time and maximizing each sale. These tips alone are worth the whole package if you intend on selling even one website.

But this isn’t the only bonus you’re getting. Not even close. You want to venture into paradise and we’re going to give you the tools to do it.

Interview and case study of a professional website flipper.

You know the basics and have the steps to completely research, build and sell a website, along with the knowhow to start flipping them for greater profits. Now it’s time to extend your knowledge by learning from a master.

Included is an interview with a veteran website flipper and an analysis of his answers to the questions provided. This case study will give you an insight into the actual workings of a website flipper, from how he outsources work, to his building methods and time spent, along with what niches he explores.

By learning from others you get more than a simple walkthrough and instruction, you learn certain nuances and tips that you can only pickup from a veteran.


WordPress startup guide to get you started

Building and flipping websites is great, but what counts is efficiency. If you don’t build your sites with efficiency and speed, you’re loosing time and money. We didn’t get to website flipping paradise by wasting time. Here we’ll give you a quick cheat sheet to speed up your installation of WordPress.

WordPress is great for flipping websites because it needs very little maintenance, no design sense, and it is super easy to use. Not to mention Google loves it. This handy guide will ensure that you install WordPress with speed and efficiency. It’s a great reference guide for future use every time you install WordPress.

In Depth Outsourcing Guide
The key to any business that’s generating profits is to maximize profit. With our guide we’ve taught you how to maximize each site you sell, but now it’s time to maximize the products you’ll be selling. The key to joining us in website flipping paradise is outsourcing. Sure you may have heard of it, but it’s time to utilize it to your benefit.

We’ll teach you exactly where to find outsourcers to aid and build the site for you. This is how you can create a hands-off autopilot business that will continuously generate revenue for you. Our guide will give you a rundown of what to look for in outsourcers, how to optimize your communication with them and maximize their output without your constant input and micromanaging.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Some may not find a refund to be a bonus. It almost seems like a guarantee with all the potential products out there beckoning for your money. Many honor their refunds, some don’t. We are including our unfettered 100% money back guarantee if you for some reason don’t find our Website Flipping Paradise package to be completely up to par.

That’s the two ebooks and all ALL the bonuses. We are so confident you’ll enjoy every aspect of this package you won’t even consider a refund.

In Depth Support

Our last bonus is potentially our best. Communication. We knew how important it was for us to build a successful business and how vital communication is. Your purchase not only includes everything described above, but unlimited access to us. We will respond to your personal questions, queries and roadblocks on your way to building up your website flipping business: be them technical questions that you are having problems with from the ebooks, or just general guidance and suggestions for growing your new enterprise.

This bonus alone is worth hundreds of dollars. You’re getting specific support from us. This isn’t just bits and pieces you’ll find on the web, but a personal email, written by us to you regarding your concerns.

We are so confident in this whole package that we’re more than willing to help you start your online website flipping enterprise and create your own paradise.

We’re only selling a limited number of these packages though because we don’t want too much competition. So act now before we raise the price or stop selling this huge package altogether.

[Buy the complete package delivered via direct download now for the limited price of 49.98](http://3.gsxent3.pay.clickbank.net)


Buy now and have this whole package delivered to your email now. You can begin your own website flipping paradise immediately!

If You have ANY questions whatsoever contact us at [GSXEnterprises@gmail.com](mailto:gsxenterprises@gmail.com)

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