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Would you like to...
be able to build your own impressive websites in minutes? avoid having to spend months learning complicated programming languages and software, as most web designers do? learn how to do this by watching a series of simple-to-follow videos?

That's what a revolutionary new course - Become Your Own Webmaster - is designed to do.

The tutorial videos will teach you step-by-step how easy it is to build your own sites
The course will teach you step-by-step how to get started in the world of web design, using the latest techniques that are changing the way the web is being built - and allowing average web users to start creating their own online sites... that look and act better than those of the pros!

You no longer need to through the extensive learning process that has been common up until now - and prevented many people joining in the fun.


There are many reasons that so many people are getting started in the world of building their own websites...
The joy of seeing your own work showcased in front of a world-wide audience Being able to charge clients hundreds, even thousands, of dollars for simple projects you enjoy doing Being able work on your sites pretty-much anywhere on the planet, anytime of the day or night

Whatever your own reasons, the fact is that now is the perfect time to get involved. Not only are millions of new people joining the online community every week, but new services are letting average web users do things previously only available to programming experts.

And once you learn the simple steps of how to build your first site, there'll be no stopping you. You could build everything from personal sites, to sites for friends or family, for groups you are involved with... or even starting your own online business to tap into the multi-billion dollar market for online goods.

Just be careful - once word of your skills spreads, you may find yourself under high demand!

But getting started in web design can be a confusing affair these days. So many people tell you that just to get started, you need to learn things like HTML, CSS, PHP, AJAX, XML, SEO, Photoshop... and that's just to get your first page up. Just getting the books to teach you these things could cost you hundreds of dollars. Try taking a few classes, and you could be looking at thousands! And then there's the months of trial-and-error needed to learn them.

Many people are more than happy for you to continue with the myth that web design is complicated, and best left to "experts" who will charge you for their services.

But there's some good news:

This is because, in the last few years, some exciting developments in the world of website building have meant that you no longer need to go through this ordeal. You no longer need to be a computer programmer or graphic designer - almost anyone who's comfortable using the web can now build their own sites. If you can send an e-mail, or write a Word document, you probably have the level of "expertise" needed to use the latest tools.

It really is easy to get started - you just need someone to tell you EXACTLY what to do, in the correct order.


You're probably wondering what these developments are that allow you to do all this. The answer is the invention of... Content Management Systems.

In ye olden days, if you wanted to design a webpage, you would have to open a text editor and start coding everything by hand in "HTML". This meant that you needed to understand how to write everything in code... and also took you a long time. It was like having a telephone conversation in morse code.

Desktop software made it a lot easier to write this code automatically, allowing you to edit the pages, but this wasn't perfect. You had to find a way to get your pages onto the Internet, and making changes wasn't always easy to do.

Someone had the brilliant idea of simplifying the site creation process, and making it all run through a web browser. The webmaster could log on to an online control panel, then create a site by choosing options. It was no more difficult than checking your e-mail.

Content Management Systems (CMS) were created to help people that were non-technical update their own sites. Programmers would set up the template, and then allow others to add the content. In a large company, the IT department would set up the website, then each department would add their own news through a web browser.

You'll learn how you can use a simple control panel to build your entire site... just point and click
In the past few years, these basic CMS programs have developed to allow the users to not only change the text, but pretty much all aspects of the site. Without needing to know anything about coding, you can add images, video, contact forms... even change the site template. All through a simple online control panel, that you can access through any web browser, anywhere on the planet!

The power of CMS systems to build websites is no secret. Many web design companies now use these systems in place of their old methods. They can now build their sites in a fraction of the time (but still charge their clients large fees for their services).

But if it's a lot simpler than it used to be, can't anyone start setting up their own sites using these systems?

The answer is yes!

Setting up a site can now be done in just a few minutes. And we're not talking about some cut-down system where you can choose from 10 templates, and up to 5 pages. You'll be able to set up a site that is indistinguishable from those that took expert designers weeks to develop.

But the problem is that these tools don't solve all your problems. Getting a site built is just part of the puzzle.

There are still critical things that you need to understand in order for your site to succeed. Without the right help, you may fall into one of a number of difficulties.

Typically, these problems include:
Missing Knowledge
Most "web design" courses, teach you how to build a website on your own computer. But they don't answer the next set of questions - like how to get your site published online, how to register and set up a domain name, or how to prepare your site for the search engines. It's like asking someone to teach you how to drive, then all they do is show you how to start the engine. You really need someone to step you through what to do from beginning to end.
Caught up in Coding A lot of courses ask you to learn a lot of coding before you even start to see any results. Unsurprisingly, this puts off people... so they give up too soon and never see results, convinced that web design is "too complicated". However, there are ways to get websites up and running without any coding... then learn coding later, if you want to expand your skills. No Visitors
You assume that once you set your site up and running, people will just show up. It doesn't work that way - you need to understand where your visitors are going to come from. There are many simple things you can do to dramatically improve the number of people that come to your site.
Legal Problems
The web may appear a unruly land where anything goes, but the fact is that there are numerous legal problems people can get into going online. This is most often because they use other people's text and images without permission, but there are other pitfalls that may result in a letter from a lawyer landing on your doorstep.
Wrong/Expensive Technologies
Many people think they have to go out and spend thousands of dollars on the latest web design and graphics packages. The fact is that you can pretty much get all the software you need for almost nothing online... if you know where.

To make sure you still get the right mix of knowledge in order to not only get a site online, but to make it successful, a new course has been created...


Become Your Own Webmaster is a online video course that will show you step-by-step how to set up your own sites in a fraction of the time it would have taken a few years ago, and without any of the programming/graphic design skills you would have previously needed.

You'll be able to set up fully-functional professional-looking websites for yourself, or others, quickly and easily. You'll be amazed at how simple it is... and will want to create sites again and again!


The best part of the BYOW method is that it takes so little time. Once you know what you are doing, it will literally take you less than 30 minutes to set up a new site from scratch.

The "traditional" web design approach can take days. But despite saving all this time and energy, you'll still end up with a site that looks the same. If you want to build sites for other people, you can still fairly charge clients the same fees - since they'll not be able to tell the difference - so could earn upwards of the typical fees a professional web designer would charge... but for a fraction of the work.


But, even better, it's all done with video - meaning you can avoid those heavy text books you were dreading. You'll be shown screen captures of exactly where you need to click and type to get things up and running.


Let's look at what the course covers...
In this video set, you'll learn everything you need to know about getting the technology that runs your site set up. It's easy, and all you need to do is follow a few steps.
How domain names work, and how to choose one that's right for you What a web server is Setting up your own hosting account, and seeing what it has to offer Setting up e-mail accounts (such as johnny@yourwebsite.com) How to run multiple websites through the same hosting account

At the end of this video, you'll have your own domain, hosting account and e-mail accounts set up.

In this video set, you'll install your control center, which lets you quickly add and edit your pages. 
How to set up your Control Center (takes just a few steps, and a couple of minutes) How to choose and install a professional-looking theme (hundreds are available for free, and you'll be shown where to get thousands more online) Create some pages, then add text and images

At the end of this video, you will have your website online, and ready to receive visitors.

In this video set, you'll learn about using images on your site. 
The different graphics formats, and when to use them. A completely legal way to "cheat" and get professional graphics on your site, without the effort or know-how How to use free online image editors to prepare images for your sites Legal issues around using images (avoid getting sued)

At the end of this video, you will know how to get and use images effectively.

In this video set, you'll learn about how to start getting people to visit your site. 
The critical importance of Search Engines, and how they actually work A few simple steps to get your site to the first pages of the search engine results Whether you should consider paying for visitors, and the right and wrong ways to do this What methods to avoid - some will get your site banned from the search engines, and even shut down altogether "Link Building", and benefiting from other sites and forums

At the end of this video, you'll have set up several ways that will bring you lots of visitors.

In this video set, you'll learn about how you can earn money from your sites. 
How much you can realistically expect to earn from your sites Four different ways to make money from a website - including the benefits and drawbacks of each How to sell your design skills, and how the real money in web design may actually be "offline" Why most "make money on the Internet" schemes fail, and should be avoided! The precise areas you should put advertising on your pages

At the end of this video, you'll have learned a number of ways to start earning money from your new skills.

In addition to the Videos, you'll also get access to some great resources to help you develop your skills even more.
3 BYOW Templates
In addition to thousands of professional templates available through the control panel, these three were specially created for the course and are used to demonstrate how to upload external templates. Royalty-Free Graphics Pack
Over 100 images to use freely on your sites
Website Terms Definition List
There are lots of acronyms and words in web design you may want to know, so this list should help you out Site Building Checklist
A simple list for you to print off which covers everything you need to do to build your sites to save you having to watch all the videos again

And if you are looking to take your skills further, there's some great news...

While the Become Your Own Webmaster course teaches you how to build sites without coding, many people want to try out HTML - the basic language that the web is written in. It's simpler than you may think - and good fun, too!

For that reason, if you order today, you'll get a free copy of The Really Quick Guide to HTML. This is a short course, which will teach you the basics of HTML coding in almost no time. The principles are easy to grasp, and will help you take your websites to the next level.

Similar courses are available in the shops for over $25. You'll be able to download it immediately in PDF format from the BYOW User Center.



In order to take the Become Your Own Webmaster course, you'll need the following:

Access to the Web
A broadband internet connection (over 1MB/sec). A Modern Web Browser
Internet Explorer 7+, FireFox 2+, etc with Adobe Flash installed. You'll also need Adobe Acrobat Reader for some of the bonuses, which most computers have pre-installed. A Web Hosting Account
These don't cost anything like they used to do. The first video will show how to set up the recommended one (the "baby" package on [this site](hostgator.php)) which lets you use the same hosting account to run an unlimited number of websites. You can also use your own hosting account, providing it meets [these requirements](recommended-web-hosting.php). An idea of what you want your first site to be about
You may just want to create a "test" site while you learn, then build something more useful later.
If you are still considering whether to take the course just now, then why not try out the course risk-free...


Become Your Own Webmaster is exclusively available on this site. Once you register, you'll have complete access to all the videos and resources online through the User Center.

While you would expect this level of tuition to cost thousands of dollars, the benefits of being able to deliver it over the Internet means it can be made available for just $67.75 $47.97 (limited time offer). The course is sold through Clickbank - one of the World's premier retailers for digitally-delivered products.

Clickbank accept most major credit cards, as well as PayPal. After completing their checkout, you'll be returned to this site where you'll be able to log straight into your account and accessing all the materials.


Click below to get started. After completing the Clickbank process, you'll be taken to the User Center where you can view all the videos and access the resources.


Remember, you'll get to try out the complete video set, as well as the resources and downloads, for up to 8-weeks risk-free. If you're not completely satisfied, you can have your money back.
Please note that the price may be increased at anytime, without prior notice. The price you see on the screen is the price you will pay.

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