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Edward Murwanthi Presents...


Here's How You Could End Anxiety and Panic Attacks For Good...
Prevent Anxiety in Your Golden Years...
Without Harmful Prescription Drugs...

If You Give Me 15 minutes,
I Will Show You a Breakthrough That
Will Change The Way You Think About
Anxiety and Panic Attacks -- Forever!

If you are still suffering because your doctor can't help you, here's some great news...!

From: Edward Murwanthi

Dear Friend,

"Suddenly, I felt a huge wave of fear for no reason at all. My heart was pounding, my chest hurt, and I could barely breathe. I was sure I was dying."

"I'm so afraid. Every time I start to go out, I get that awful feeling in the pit of my stomach and I'm terrified that another panic attack is coming or that some other, unknown terrible thing was going to happen."

Have you felt the terrifying onset of an anxiety attack? Do you suffer from panic attacks or its associated symptoms?

Well, you are not alone. Many people from all across the globe are admitting that they experience anxiety and panic attacks. This is a very unfortunate, but totally unnecessary situation.

Are you suffering from any of these symptoms right now?

Light Headedness - Have you experienced dizzy spells or light headedness that lead to fainting spells?

Breathing Difficulty - Do you get or have you experienced difficulty in swallowing, followed by shortness of breath?

Speeding Heart - Have you experienced a pounding heart with tingly sensations all over your body?

Chest Pain - Do you think you are having a heart attack, but your doctor says your heart is as healthy as a horse?

Overwhelming Fear - Do you or have you felt overwhelming terror that something terrible is about to happen?

These and other similar uncomfortable emotions occur all too often but the truth is you do not have to experience another panic or anxiety attack ever again - as you'll soon see.

Over the years, I have worked with many people dealing with the numerous anxiety disorders. They have usually reached the end of their rope (or so they believe) looking for an effective answer everywhere.

By the time they get here, they are very skeptical and have little faith that they will ever get over their anxiety. This doesn't have to be the case with you.

Imagine a Life Free From The
Heavy Burden of Anxiety...

Do you ever consider what it would be like to wake up free of anxiety... do you ever think back to those long-gone days before your first first panic attack?

Now, let yourself imagine...
Laughing with your loved ones as you go about your daily activities and never fearing for their safety or yours Sleeping soundly through the night, dreaming of wonderful, happy places and people Heading to work everyday, happy in your job and with your co-workers. Excited about the projects you are working on and the challenges they will bring Ready to take on the world with joy and enthusiast. Confident that no matter what happens, you can deal with it easily
Does this sound too good to be true to you? Keep an open mind, because it is true and you can experience that lightness of heart and that joy of living once more...

When I was constantly anxious (for 20 long years), I checked out all the research papers my doctor would give me and I read every pop-psychology book I could lay my hands on.

There was however still something missing from all I read...

I realized that what might work for some people may not work for another. It was thru trial and error that I hit upon the perfect combination for me. No one knows what the perfect combination is for you...

But what i do know is that you can find it. All you have to do is do what I did. It took me years, but it doesn't have to take you that long.

These years of experience are shared with you in my best selling...

How to Stop Anxiety Attacks

"...was perfect for me!"


This book was perfect for me (a New Yorker), because I am the typical city man: fast paced life, lots of stress, and lots of anxiety. My high stress lifestyle, is derived from my high stress job.

I almost didn't have time to read this book in fact, until my therapist insisted that I do so. I am almost done with the book and I wanted to thank you for providing me with great insight on my problem and more importantly for the solutions I have started to take to help myself.

The book made quite clear the vitality of living a less-stress life.

Thanks Again from the Big Apple.

Before I share just what "How to Stop Anxiety Attacks" is -- please allow me to let you know what it is NOT:

It is not outdated techniques like positive affirmations and positive thinking... It is not Woo-Woo stuff... It is not about continual going to therapy... It is not about harmful medication...

What "How to Stop Anxiety Attacks" is -- a series of cutting-edge strategies that helps YOU to break your cycles of nervousness and anxiety, overcome anxiety and panic attacks for the rest of your life, and return to a happy, carefree life...

Are obsessive scary thoughts ruling your life? Do these thoughts seem beyond your control? Here's how you can quickly address them and begin to feel better.

Your anxiety and panic attacks will be a thing of the past with "How to Stop Anxiety Attacks".

Is your day fraught with worry about something that may (or may not) happen? Stop imagining and anticipating the worst and learn the amazing rewards of living in the moment.

"How to Stop Anxiety Attacks" reveals the exact same techniques I personally used to eliminate panic attacks from my own life, after having struggled with it for over 20 years.

Once you jump in, you will begin to quickly break down negative patterns that might be stopping you from feeling well again and with practice, you WILL finally free yourself permanently.

Here is a small sample of what you're about to learn:

What is at the root of Anxiety Disorders (pg 2) - You will gain an understanding of the causes of anxiety and depression as well as some of the background traits, personality traits, and physical symptoms.

What the common symptoms of Common Anxiety Disorder are (pg 8) - Discover what the most common symptoms of GAD are.

What role your Thyroid plays in Panic Attacks (pg 14) - Find out the chemical imbalances that can lead to anxiety disorders. It may not all be in your mind!

The problem with taking drugs like Xanax (pg 15) - Uncover the secret issues that arise from only using prescription drugs to fight anxiety...

The truth about Herbal Supplements (pg 18) - Herbs like Kava Kava, St. John's Wort, valerian, and others may be effective against panic attacks, but beware of this one issue...

Smoking and Anxiety (pg 21) - You have heard all about smoking and health, but were you aware of this connection with anxiety?

Anxiety and your sweet tooth (pg 23) - Does sugar add to a problem that causes a tendency to panic and be anxious? You can decide for yourself.

The Wonder Cure (pg 25) - Uncover the step by step system for eradicating anxiety, panic attacks and relieving stress...

Why Breathing Is Crucial (pg 27) - Discover the breathing technique that could change your life, and why this is so crucial...

Can you talk yourself into a Panic Attack? (pg 31) - One of the best ways to prevent anxiety or panic attacks is to do this one thing consistently...

What triggers you? (pg 36) - Uncover the triggers that set off anxiety attacks and learn this technique for short-circuiting your trigger before you start feeling anxious...

Ancient Art Stops Anxiety in its tracks (pg 39) - Discover which secret, ancient philosophy can help you prevent panic attacks...

The Nose Knows (pg 41) - Learn why this essential oil is best for calming the nerves...

Laughter is the Best Medicine (pg 43) - Find out how you can use humor to relieve stress in your life and lift the burden of depression...

The Depression Link (pg 48) - Uncover the link between anxiety and depression and how you can beak the connection...

Who Controls These Thoughts Anyway (pg 50) - Control is a major factor in anxiety attacks or perhaps lack of control. Learn what you can do take back control of your life...

And much MUCH more!

All of this can be yours -- FREEDOM from anxiety and panic attacks, with the proven methods only available in "How to Stop Anxiety Attacks".

The first time a person experiences a panic attack it can feel like their world is falling down around them. Nowhere feels safe as the anxiety becomes more and more prevalent in your life.

"How to Stop Anxiety Attacks" brings you proven strategies and techniques that help you break the cycle of anxiety and depression to return to normal everyday living, quickly and easily, without harmful medications.

You might be wondering to yourself how much a program like this is going to cost... after all, something that gives you back your peace of mind while freeing you of anxiety and panic attacks forever cannot be cheap...

Right? Well, I think you're going to be pleasantly surprised in a moment, but first I do need to share something with you...

The methods I am about to impart to you will give you back your life and eliminate your general anxiety, anxieties, and panic attacks forever. So in reality, the right question here is, "What will it cost me not to get this guide today?" Think about that for just a second... this was created for YOU.

With "How to Stop Anxiety Attacks" , you will be able to return to a normal life and prevent anxiety and panic attacks -- just like many other "How to Stop Anxiety Attacks" readers before you.

Now I'm sure I could charge $100 for this and get it all day long. Is $100 too much to ask for removing anxiety from your life and getting ALL your questions answered for REAL? I think by now you'll agree that it's worth much more than that.

But, I'm not going to ask $100. I want this to be affordable for everyone, to make this is an EASY decision, and so that you WILL take action to get help for yourself today.

So, for a limited time I'm going to give you my proven "How to Stop Anxiety Attacks" program for -- NOT $100... I'm not even going to ask $75... or $50... or even $40!!! All of this is yours for the amazingly low one time fee of only $29.


ORDER TODAY and you'll also receive the following 4 FREE bonuses worth AT LEAST $149

BONUS #1 - Stress Management How To Break Free From A Stressful Life

Just about everyone who you talk to nowadays will complain about being “stressed out.” Learn how to Identify stressors In your life and how to react to stress.

Value: $39.95 yours FREE

BONUS #2 - Finding Your Confidence

Practical and effective self help to develop your confidence and raise self esteem. Learn how to let go, build back and Develop an amazing Self-confidence.


Value: $29.95 yours FREE

BONUS #3 - How To Build Your Self Esteem

Increased success at any level (be it personal or professional) often becomes a simple matter of making an attempt.Increased sense of self worth and accomplishment.

Value: $39.95 yours FREE

BONUS #4 -Ways to Overcome Low Self- Esteem and Shyness

If you Google "low Self- esteem," you'll get over 1,600,000 articles. Google "shyness," and you'll get over 6,000,000 arcticles. People really want to know how to overcome these things. Low self-esteem and shyness are socially debilitating. They can be very difficult to overcome them. This ebook will give some simple things to start.

Value: $39.95 yours FREE


That's right! Only $29 to FREE yourself of anxiety, general anxiety disorder, and panic attacks forever! Plus, I'm so confident that "How to Stop Anxiety Attacks" will end your anxiety and panic attacks, that I will back it with my...

60 Day, No Hassle, No Anxiety Guarantee

I know that the strategies and techniques that you'll practice in "How to Stop Anxiety Attacks" can dig out the root of your anxiety and panic attacks forever.

I know, because it is EXACTLY what I did to remove panic attacks from my life... and it has helped over many other anxious people across the world live a life free from anxiety.

So, I'm more than confident that you will be very, very happy, once you have your copy. BUT -- if for ANY reason at all, you are not completely satisfied, simply drop me an email within 60 days and I will refund you 100%...

No hassles... no arguments... no anxiety.

If you suffer from anxiety and/or panic attacks but may be undecided for one of the following reasons. If so please check the response that best applies to YOU:

Reason #1: I am not sure that the ebook will work help me with my specific anxiety issue(s).

"How to Stop Anxiety Attacks" was written to help you understand the underlying causes of anxiety and panic attacks. If your problems are in any way about general anxiety disorder, anxiety, or panic attacks, it will support you whenever you start experiencing anxiety.

There are so many different types of anxiety related problems but the way to treat their triggers still remains the same and those techniques are what you'll discover in "How to Stop Anxiety Attacks".

Reason #2: I am unsure about downloading an ebook over the Internet.

Downloading the ebook is the ideal way to end your anxiety problems immediately. No week long wait for the mailman to get started.

You receive the information within minutes and can do so from any computer you wish. The process of downloading is very simply, but we will help you with any problems you may have.

If you can navigate the Internet (as you are doing now) you will be able to get your ebook quickly and easily.

Reason #3: I am concerned about how long it takes to put the techniques and secrets found in "How to Stop Anxiety Attacks" to use.

"How to Stop Anxiety Attacks" is designed to inspire you. It's broken down into easy, sequential steps with clear directions to get you anxiety free.

I often receive emails from people who enjoy simple structure of the ebook. "How could I have overlooked something so simple" is what people comment all the time.

There are no confusing hard-to-understand processes to follow. You will get through the entire ebook in a matter of hours and will be happily using the suggestion and recommendations almost immediately.

Reason #4: The course is for my friend or relative - not for me.

No problem.

Simply let me know after ordering and we will show you how to get the course to the person you are purchasing it for. Or you can print it off yourself and give it to the person you wish to have it.

Trust me, there is no better gift you can give to someone than the peace and confidence they will get from reading my ebook. They too can live a life of happiness and peace.

Reason #5: Will your program be effective for my children or senior citizens?

"How to Stop Anxiety Attacks" applies equally to individual of every ages. You can print it in a larger font size to make it easier for the elderly to read.

With young children, I recommend you read and learn the techniques yourself and then practice it with your children in a way you think will be best for them.

The techniques are straight forward and easy to follow and has helped lots of people, from young to old, to end their battles with anxiety.

Remember : You have No Risk. Use the strategies of "How to Stop Anxiety Attacks" in your own situation and if you aren't more relaxed and less tense, or decide it's not for you for ANY reason, simply send me an email me asking for your refund and I will refund your money, no questions asked.

Free Yourself Today!

The choice is crystal clear.

You can sit around doing nothing today, continue to suffer as you do now? Your anxiety and panic attacks will still grip you, and everyday will be just like today, and yesterday and the day before that.


You can take a step forward and make a risk free decision to do something different and claim your copy of "How to Stop Anxiety Attacks", and say good-bye to anxiety and panic attacks.

So, yes, I think it's a very clear choice. You deserve to live a life free of happiness... confident... relaxed... in control. And "How to Stop Anxiety Attacks" can set you free.

The question is: How badly do you want it?


To Living Anxiety Free,

Edward Murwanthi

PS - Don't forget that for a limited time you're getting "How to Stop Anxiety Attacks" for over 40% off the normal price of $47. By acting today you can download this powerful guide for just $29. This will NOT last long so please do not hesitate to grab this valuable ebook today.

PPS - You have nothing to lose and your peace of mind to gain. I've done everything I can to remove all risk for you with my 100% 60 day money back guarantee. You have a FULL 60 days to test out the strategies and techniques in "How to Stop Anxiety Attacks", and if for ANY reason, you decide it is not for you, just email me for your 100%, no hassle, no anxiety refund!

PPPS - Imagine yourself happy, peaceful... imagine yourself no longer getting anxious... no heavy breathing... no rapid heartbeat... no dizziness... no panicking... no fear... All because you made the right decision to grab your copy of "How to Stop Anxiety Attacks". This CAN be your life, but you have to take the next step by clicking here:

YES, <Name>! I am want to live free of anxiety, nervousness, and panic attacks forever!

I understand that if I act now, I will receive "How to Stop Anxiety Attacks" for the incredibly low one time fee of only $29!

You've made this so clear and you've removed any risk...it would be irresponsible not to take you up on this special offer!

Now I no longer have to be one of the millions of people who have experienced anxiety or panic attacks.

By taking action now, you'll give me immediate access to your best selling "How to Stop Anxiety Attacks" ebook, filled with everything I need to eliminate anxiety and panic attacks forever!

And what's more, you've removed all the risk with your 60 day Anxiety Free 100% money back guarantee.

It is on that basis that I am clicking the secure order button below and claiming my copy of "How to Stop Anxiety Attacks" NOW!
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