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Play First - Learn Later!  
Guitar Lessons
Need To Learn In A Hurry?
Our Guitar Crash Course is the easiest way to learn to play the guitar in the shortest possible time. No fluff & straight to the point.


Unique Muso View from the musicians perspective. Aimed to help you quickly realise chord shapes from your perspective.
The Animated Tab allows you to see at all times where you are in the music. Easy to follow Tab rapidly speeds up your learning.
Our unique Student View provides you with Slow Motion chord shapes for the ultimate in accelerated chord learning.
Huge crystal-clear guitar chord diagrams displayed alongside guitar neck close up shots to give you excellent visual & consistent chord recognition.
Filmed in a green screen studio in full 1280 x 720 High Definition. All the focus is on the fine detail so you don't miss a thing. Discover Why All New Guitarists Sounds Exactly The Same.
The Four Magic Chords That Unlock A 1000+ Songs.
How To Start Playing In Just 5 Minutes With Only 2 Chords.
Uncover Why Most New Guitarists Fail After 1 or 2 lessons.

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