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“See How Easily You Can Create a Unique Family Tree that You and Your Children Will Cherish for Years!"

Dear Fellow Genealogy Enthusiast:

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the family tree center.

My name is Gracie Wooley. I've been interested in researching my family history for several years. I find it to be a lot of fun and my family is very glad I am doing it. They are so enthusiastic in finding out whom their ancestors were, I thought others would like to share in the excitement and knowledge I have acquired. With this information which is free, you can also research and create your own unique family tree. Who knows? You might find that you have a famous person as an ancestor.

Browse the links on this site for more information about genealogy (Click on Site Map in the Footer at the bottom of the page for a list of articles). Sign up for my Free 10-part genealogy email course, Just enter your First Name and email address in the box below to recieive one lesson per day for 10 days in your email inbox. Some of the topics considered and discussed are:
What genealogy is - and isn't - not the same as family history Importance of studying genealogy - In earlier times, determining one's ancestors  was necessary to legitimize one's inheritance - example: needed to see if a person was the legitimate heir to the throne. Now, genealogy can be used to find family members if a family has been disrupted. by war or some natural disaster. How to begin your study with a Pedigree chart or a family tree chart How to talk to your living relatives. They will be a wealth of information about your family. For example, they can tell you personal stories about themselves.  In addition to your pedigree chart, you should make a Family Group Sheet. This extends the information in the pedigree chart. Distinguish primary sources (document or person contemporary with the period you are studying) from secondary sources (document prepared after an event, such as a book about the assassination of President Kennedy. For your first genealogical interview, know ahead of time what you want to ask. Where to go for your genealogical research. Much, much more!
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