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Search Engine Optimization Get Your Site On Search Engines

Quickly and Easily Make Your Website Sales Soar To Heights Never Before Imagined!

No Experience Is Necessary and I Will Provide You With All The Training Needed

"Fasten your seatbelt, because you are about to take the ride of your life down the Internet Marketing Fast Lane and you'll power up your traffic and explode your profits...like you were starting to believe impossible."

Costa , you are master , no I mean a genius at
not only finding secret ways to explode traffic but also in
the way you teach what would be otherwise complicated
You make it so simple even a complete newbie
can pick it up on the first take .
Congratulations on a superb job well done.
Michael T Glaspie "Mike G "


From: Costa Dedes

Dear marketer,
Have you wondered why there is such an enormous gap between websites that make a few bucks a month online and those that take in many thousands of dollars?
Have you ever really pondered the difference between what one is doing that the other isn't?
I mean, all other things being equal - a decent layout, good graphics, tight copy, etc...
What's the difference?
Let's look at it like this. Pretend your website is a 7-11 or Circle K convenience store on the main throughway in town. Maybe a couple hundred cars a day pass by you, and out of those, say, 50 stop.
Now let's look at the competition. Their store is located on the freeway: Thousands of cars pass daily, and the result?
Hundreds of customers visit and they buy.
You got it!
Earn Payments Like This...

Enjoy Life Like This...

Here Is My New Car I Bought After One Week Of Affiliate Commissions Using The Tom Traffic Method.
Most People Dream of Driving a brand new Infiniti Fully Loaded, I Did It After One Week Of Sales.

The Difference Is Traffic...
This seems like common sense but I'm gonna tell you right now, if you're not the store on the freeway with thousands of cars driving by daily, you need to hear this...
Time and time again I see Internet marketers, even the experienced ones, making the same mistakes, over and over.
They design a killer product, put up a beautiful website, have some kick-ass copy written, buy a little PPC advertising, and then wait for the doors to blow off.
Can you guess what happens next?
That's right - crickets chirping in the darkness.  Nothing.
The site's like a ghost town. You can almost see the tumble-weed rolling down the street.
"If you build it, they will come" may have worked for Ray Kinsella in the movie "Field of Drams", but it's a completely losing strategy for your website, I assure you.
Traffic Is Easy When You Know The Way...
My name is Costa Dedes, and I am one of the Internet marketing world's pre-eminent traffic generation experts.
My underground techniques regularly generate server crushing loads of traffic for elite marketers in the know, and I'm prepared to pass these techniques unto you, if you'd like them.
Now, before I give you the insider skinny... There are many marketers that would have you believe they can help you with your traffic, and their techniques turn out to be old, outdated, and slower than a sloth on Quaaludes. 
My cutting edge and underground traffic strategies work today, now, when you need them.
Have a peak at some very recent stats...
Video! Can NOT Be Photoshopped! This Is The Real Deal...

That one was taken from my ListExplode site in mid-April of this year. Note the very steady increase every
And how about this...

I'm not done yet...

This is another one of my sites that's already had over 8700 unique visitors in just 19 days in April.
Can you imagine what you could do with traffic like that? 
Just from 1 site...
And Those Sites Run On Autopilot...24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week, Without Any Further Input At All...

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And that's the true power of the equation.
Once you have the secrets to on-demand traffic you will never be hungry again and you can create cash out of thin air!
Just like these folks have done after following my step by step traffic strategies ...

Hey Costa,
There is a reason they call you the Traffic
I needed a pen and pad to keep jotting
down all the new ideas I could use to get
my sites noticed  by driving traffic to them
in very unique ways.
I'm a an old hand at advertising on the net
but your report on all the methods involved
and how to maximize them and organize
them to make them work continually for
me was eye opening.
Fabulous job, Costa. I will be highly
recommending this to all my list members
and suggesting that they read and follow
these traffic generating methods with pen
and pad in hand.

Jane Mark


Charles Ryder says…
Costa Dedes Knows his stuff. I’ve personally seen Costa drive swarms of traffic to websites quicker than many so called Traffic Experts. Absorb everything he has to say. 

Charles Ryder


Chris Barnes


But wait...
What about the List? Or the Product? Or everything else that they've told me are so critical, that I've just gotta have because there's only 300 available...
Well, lets look more closely at those "must have's".
A highly targeted, responsive mailing list is a very useful thing, no doubt. But it's painfully time consuming keeping up with it.
There is no quicker way to lose a list than to stop communicating valuable information to it, and that frankly is a LOT of work.
You have to come up with a constant fresh flow of ideas and information, prepare the broadcasts and send them. And then repeat, over and over, week after week, month after...
Not fun or easy.
And what about products?
Well, they take money to outsource or time to design, and sometimes lots of both.
There are thousands of products ready made and available to you with private label and other master rights attached right now...that you don't have to do an ounce of work on!
While it may be nice to have your own product it clearly isn't necessary...in fact once again, it's a LOT of work.
It's not to say that you shouldn't have these things in your arsenal, but the real bottom line is...
Traffic Is The Only Thing That Truly Matters...
When you know the underground secrets to traffic generation that I'm about to pass onto you, everything else will be secondary.
Pick your market, choose a product to promote, build a site and pen a sales letter (better yet, have all these things done FOR you)...
And turn on all the traffic you can handle with
'Tom Traffic - By Costa Dedes'

You are mere minutes away from unearthing the most powerful techniques and methods for driving server-crushing loads of  hungry traffic to your sites.
Traffic that can easily create life-changing amounts of sheer wealth.  The kind you had only previously dreamed possible.
Here's just a tiny sample of what you're about to discover...

A foolproof way to organize your promotional tasks to limit your time spent on chores to minutes a day... This means you get to focus on the important tasks...the ones that make you money!

Why article writing is so powerful and how to avoid the mistakes that 98% of marketers when submitting articles... True article traffic creates streams of hungry buyers, and you're going to uncover methods that will act as a lightning rod, sending electric shockwaves of traffic to any site you choose!

Underground cross-promotion techniques you will use to leverage traffic from other sites... Send your income through the roof with these ultra exclusive insider techniques!

Linking strategies that take just minutes to implement that will result in an explosion of search traffic... Proper linking is the foundation of uber rankings in the engines.  Here you'll learn how to avoid the pitfalls most marketers stumble into, and you'll discover how to quickly and easily build your own enormous directory of one way inbound authority links!

How to power up your page rank and become insanely desirable to the search engines with a few simple techniques... It's no secret that high page rank is good for your online business...the trick is how to get there.  With Driving Traffic you'll discover the most potent techniques for shooting your page rank though the roof, quickly, and easily.

Hidden and forgotten offline methods to getting your site ranked quickly and drive hordes of eager buyers right to your doorstep... We'll separate the marketers and the wannabe's here.  Use these little known techniques and grab an unfair advantage that 99% of your competition know nothing about!

Hundreds of free and low cost resources for placing powerful, cash-sucking ads that will drive traffic like wildfire... These resources are exclusive and ultra powerful.  You'll be like a kid in a traffic candy store once you get these into your marketing bag of tricks!

And hundreds more unique and secret traffic strategies... so many that it would take weeks to list them all.  They're all yours, when you put Driving Traffic into your arsenal today!

I am holding nothing back here. You're getting all the exclusive and potent strategies for driving hordes of hungry traffic to your sites.
When you put these techniques into use you will be able to 'flip the traffic switch' at will.
I'm sick and tired of good people being taken advantage of by unscrupulous marketers out for a quick buck, and I am going to prove to you once and for all that you can make huge sums of money online by generating streams of heavy targeted traffic.
YOU can.
And it all happens right here.
I am willing to take you by the hand and lead you step by step.
Are you ready to take it and make a significant difference in your life?

Yet another of my sites - and there are many more.
All running 24/7 with very little input from me after the initial setup.
That one makes in excess of $10,000 a month.
Here's a snapshot demonstrating the earnings of just this one site.

What could you do with a monthly income like that?
You could...

Become totally debt-free at mach speed...

Forget all about that annoying alarm clock...

Hand your boss your walking papers...

Buy a brand new car...or three...

Pack away an obscene pile of cash for your retirement...

Truly live your dream.  Do whatever you want to whenever you feel like it, knowing that you make money at will, on autopilot.

If you are serious about making life-transforming income online in a very short time, then you need to get started now.
No one will ever again hand you an opportunity like this to learn the hidden secrets of traffic generation compiled from the life experience of a Master Traffic Wizard.
No one.
But it's up to you to make that commitment today...
The kind of commitment that these folks made to their lives and businesses...

Mark S


Nic Adams says… 
The Tips and tricks this guy knows will get you more traffic then the New Jersey turnpike.
Costa knows his stuff when it comes to traffic and I can’t believe that he is sharing some of this stuff.
He has completely changed my strategy on building traffic and it looks like he’s going to do the same for many others. 

The Amazing Nic Adams

Hey Costa,
I just wanted to let you know what an awesome job you've done with Tom Traffic. When I first got my hands on it was pretty skeptical to if you would be teaching me anything I didn't already know, boy was I wrong! Ive managed to nearly double my traffic to some of my niche sites in the past couple weeks from new stuff ive picked up from your book. This is definently the best read on search engine optimization ive seen, I owe you one Costa.

Trevor Somerville


Elaine Y.


Costa , you are master , no I mean a genius at
not only finding secret ways to explode traffic but also in
the way you teach what would be otherwise complicated
systems .
You make it so simple even a complete newbie
can pick it up on the first take .
Congratulations on a superb job well done .

Michael T Glaspie "Mike G "


It's time to decide if you're truly ready to take your life and business to daring new heights...
Will you be the person selling a couple of tidbits a day to stragglers, or the business owner with a shop crammed full of high paying customers?
Ok Costa...how much for me to become a traffic wizard too?
Let's be frank here.
Traffic = money.  With the knowledge I am about to impart to you, the amount of income you'll generate is only limited by your imagination.
So, this information is INCREDIBLY valuable.  In fact, a certain famous traffic course sold for over $1,000 for years.  Again, because traffic equals money.
But I'm not going to do that to you.
See, I believe in helping others and rewarding people who aren't afraid to take action.
I couldn't do that if I was going to break your bank before you ever even had a chance to put these incredible techniques to work for you.
So, after much though I've decided to pass the torch to you...to impart to you this astonishingly potent information for a low one-time investment of only...
Yes, you read that correctly.  You're getting hundreds of proven, underground, powerful traffic strategies.
And if you're wise enough to take action then I'm willing to put this enormously powerful 'gift' in your hands for just $49.99, today.
Now while that's a world of opportunity for you in and of itself...
By acting today...right now...I am also going to give you not one, not two, but...
Three powerful bonuses

As a reward for your quick thinking and decisiveness, I will include for a very limited time only...

 Fast Mover Bonus #1:
Word Press Membership Videos

Create Your Own Membership Site
Millions Are Being Made With Membership Sites Online
Simple Step By Step Video Tutorials

Total Value: $75


 Fast Mover Bonus #2:
Article Site Builder 2.0


A steady stream of fresh, new content.
A dramatic increase in the value of your sites
The ability to add content pages to your site without knowing a thing about html!
Being able to feed the search engines what they love most: keyword-dense content.

Total Value: $257


 Fast Mover Bonus #3:
Blogging Your Way To Financial Success
How To Make Enough Money Every Month
So You Can Finally Quit Your Day Job
Turn Your Boring Blog Into a Cash Cow!

Total Value: $54.73

Plus Learn From The Super Gurus...
What better way to learn how to make money online than training from some of the best known people in the field. You will learn everything from traffic secrets from John Reese, to Adsense tricks from Joel Comm.


An unedited John Reese interview. Yes, *that* John Reese -- the one who made over a million dollars in just 24 hours. Everything that comes out of this man's mouth is pure gold. Listen in as he freely shares two hours of marketing wisdom, from success secrets to how he tracks and tests his campaigns!


An unedited Mike Filsaime interview. After making more money in one month online than he usually made all year at his job, Mike quit that job and never looked back. In just a few short years he's transformed his business into a multi-million dollar generator. Listen in as he talks about his favorite marketing tips he uses every day to get ahead!


An unedited Willie Crawford interview. You know this man as the guy who publicly declared he'd make one million dollars in just 90 days. When Willie speaks about marketing, people listen! Here he shares his favorite pay per click search engine marketing secrets!


An unedited Russell Brunson interview. Russell Brunson was a newly married, starving college student who barely had a 2.0 grade point average. So he outsourced to Romania to create his first software product that would help generate the income he desired. Today, he has become an Internet marketing megastar with his "Ready, Fire, Aim" philosophy, and an ambition to see others realize their financial dreams as well.

An unedited Joel Comm interview. There are only a few ways to increase your AdSense income. When most people want more money from AdSense, they drive more traffic to the site. AdSense Guru Joel reveals how to get more money rolling in simply by making a few simple tweaks to your website!

An unedited Joe Vitale interview. They call this man "Mr. Fire!" Listen in as he shows you how to set your book sales ablaze ... straight to the top of the Amazon bestseller list and beyond!

And I am so confident in the sheer raw power of this information that I will remove any risk from the equation right now.  I'm so certain that even one of the hundreds of potent techniques will send you hordes of traffic that I am offering you my...
100% Iron-Clad Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Iron-Clad Satisfaction Guarantee
This powerful traffic manual, stuffed full of hundreds of potent techniques, will have you quickly and easily sending hordes of new hungry traffic to your sites.
If for any reason within 8 weeks you are not satisfied with these powerful strategies, simply email me for a complete and no hassle refund.
I'm confident it won't even be a question, but you'll never have to worry about this decision because I'm removing any and all possible risk!

It's traffic time...
The techniques and strategies you are about to uncover are truly life transforming...
When you know how to drive traffic, you have the power to create money out of thin air, anytime you want, and anytime you need. 
It's a license to live anywhere in the world and abide by whatever schedule you see fit.
You're getting all of this with "Drive Traffic", my powerful and affordable new resource, developed so that you can get the kind of traffic and business you've always dreamed of.
Remember, the ONLY real difference between the marketers that are making incredible sums of money online, and the one's who are not is traffic.
I think we both know which side of that equation you'd rather be on.  The side filled with hungry traffic, ready to buy whatever you're selling.
But, you need to take that first step.  I'm ready, willing, and able to pass you the torch...
If you're ready, willing and able to grab onto it, right now.
Here's the torch.  You got it?

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To Your Success!

Costa Dedes
PS - I'm limiting the amount of time this incredible offer will be available.  I like to help people that take fast action and know an amazing offer when they see it.  If that's you then congratulations for recognizing a fantastic deal.  Order today while there's still time!
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PPPS - Drive Traffic will show you how to start blowing the doors off your servers with unbelievable traffic.  When you're done with this potent course, you will be ready to promote, sell, and make money at will, in any business model or niche. You ready for that kind of horsepower?

 Count me in, Costa!
I understand that by signing up today I will receive:

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Costa, you know I can't pass this up! Let me in right now!

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