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Discover just how easy it is to design your own Rainwater
Harvesting System that will Harvest lots of FREE Rainwater without
costing you a Fortune Whether you want to start from scratch or
just increase the amount of Rainwater your Rainwater Tank can
Harvest, this important information will help you Harvest lots of
FREE Rainwater for all of your water needs Dear Frustrated Home
Owners and Gardeners, If you've ever wondered just how easy and
inexpensive it is to harvest and store lots of FREE rainwater, even
in the middle of a drought, then this will be the most important
message you'll ever read. I can show you how to harvest more
rainwater that'll allow you to water your garden, fill your swimming
pool or wash your car whenever you like without having to worry about
infringing water restrictions or being a burden on the precious water
in your local water storages. But before I do that, let me tell
you a story of what led me to be able to design my own Rainwater
Harvesting System that now harvests and stores over 75,000 litres
(19,800 US Gal) of precious rainwater every year from less than 300mm
(12 in) of rainfall. "A Hard Lesson to Learn" It was the
spring of 2006 and I'd just planted a new lawn in my backyard. I'd
been holding off for the last few years as we'd been in drought since
1997. So I went ahead and purchased some turf and before I knew it I
had a new lawn installed complete which a sprinkler system and all
the water I needed courtesy of my garden tap. Now all I had to do
was turn on the tap, sit back, relax and just watch the grass grow.
How sweet was that. Unfortunately for me about one week after my new
lawn was installed my plans came to a very quick and sudden halt. The
state government decided to bring in water restrictions. This now
meant that I could no longer use my garden tap to water my new lawn.
I'd just spent several hundred dollars on turf and a sprinkler system
and had no water to keep it alive. Without water and summer quickly
approaching my lawn wasn't going to survive for very long. I had to
get some water from somewhere. As it turned out though, I did find
an alternative, the washing machine. The washing machine used several
hundred litres per week. All I had to do was direct this water to my
lawn and I was in business. The only problem was that the washing
machine was quite some distance from the lawn so the only option at
the time was to direct it into some buckets and then just tip it onto
the lawn. This in fact worked for a little while but it wasn't long
before it became quite a chore. I was going to have to find a better
way than carrying buckets of water to keep my lawn alive. The
answer was obvious, I had to install a rainwater tank, then I'd have
all the water I'd need. In the meantime though my lawn was slowly
dying so I didn't have any time to waste so about one week later I
was the proud owner a brand new 4,500 litre rainwater tank. I placed
it in my backyard, connected it to the nearest downpipe and then sat
back and waited for it to rain. Luckily for me though I didn't have
to wait for very long. A few days later we got quite a nice shower of
rain. I rained so hard that I could hear the water pouring into my
new tank. I was now happy, it was raining, my tank was filling and my
lawn would now be saved. Little did I know that after it stopped
raining I was to be in for a rude shock. My 4,500 litre rainwater
tank only had about 200 or 300 litres of water in it. The way my lawn
was crying out for water this water wasn't even going to last a week.
We had to get more rain. Unfortunately though the rain I needed
didn't come and my lawn eventually died. "What a let down. I'd just
invested quite a bit of money in a lawn that died, a sprinkler system
I couldn't use and a Rainwater Tank that was practically empty
........... How depressing was that?" "I had to find a way to
fill my Rainwater Tank with water" The answer of course was
obvious. All I had to do was connect more downpipes (downspouts) to my
rainwater tank and my problems would be solved. How I was to do this
was the next problem. It's funny though, they say that "necessity
is the mother of invention" and in this case it certainly did turn out
that way. Through a series of simple modifications I increased my
roofs rainwater harvesting potential from 16% to 43%, then to 63% and
now it's at 100%. So that was the answer, it's not how much rain
you get, it's how much rain you harvest that makes the difference
Now when it rains in the middle of summer I can harvest over 6 times
more rainwater than I could when I first installed my rainwater tank.
That really makes a difference. I now have a beautiful green lawn, my
garden is flourishing and I can also wash my car and clean outdoors
when ever I like. I only wish I knew at the start what I know now
Looking back now, if I'd only known these things back in 2006 that
300 litres of water I harvested may have been 1800 litres which might
have just been enough to save my lawn. So when it's dry and hot and
you've used most of your stored water you really do need to be able to
harvest as much rainwater as possible. If you don't then your lawn
or garden's just missing out. Rainfall these days is very
unpredictable, you really don't know when or how much you will get.
It really is something we home owners and gardeners have no control
over. What we do have control over though, is the amount of rainwater
we can harvest from our roof. This is what really makes the
difference. One of my secrets is the simple and inexpensive
diverter I designed that can double or even triple the amount of
rainwater you can direct to your rainwater tank. It's so easy to
make you'll be amazed and the best thing is it's fully contained so
you won't even know it's there All you need are gutters and
downpipes on your roof and you're in business. You can even use this
diverter to direct rainwater straight to your garden even if you
haven't got a rainwater tank. So now I've solved my water problems
over summer and decided.......... Why Not Make The Ability To
Harvest More Rainwater Available To Everyone So after I came up
with my design I could see an opportunity to manufacture them myself
and sell them direct to the public. My biggest problem though, was
that it was just too simple to make. I found I could just go to the
hardware store, buy the parts and make it quicker, easier and cheaper
than I could sell the manufactured product for. So I've decided that
it would just be easier to show you how to do it for yourself.
It's so easy and it's all contained in my eBook........ How to
Harvest MORE Rainwater How to Harvest MORE
Rainwater will enable almost anyone to divert more rainwater to their
rainwater tank without having to spend a fortune.
How To Harvest MORE Rainwater contains the following information
How to design your own Rainwater Harvesting System How correct
Planning can save you money and time when designing your own
Rainwater Harvesting System How to decide what size Rainwater Tank
you need How to make a simple, inexpensive diverter that can double
or even triple the amount of rainwater you can direct to your
Rainwater Tank How to easily modify your diverter to direct
Rainwater straight from your roof to your garden or a rain barrel
that's some distance away How to make a simple, inexpensive Water
Level Indicator for you Rainwater Tank so you can then use this
information to..... Work out how much rainfall you need to fill your
tank no matter what the water level is and ...... Maximise the
amount of Rainwater you can harvest and store and ..... How
understanding the relationship between Harvesting and Storing
Rainwater can help you to get the most from you rainwater tanks How
to make your own inexpensive Rainwater Tank or Rain Barrel that it is
efficient and Harvests lots of rainwater And I'll show you the
mistakes I made that cost me money and then show you how to do it
yourself so you can save money and a whole lot more It's so much
cheaper for You to learn from my mistakes You'll receive all of
this in a 49 page eBook with photos and diagrams. This eBook is the
culmination of 3 years work from living in a drought affected climate
where the emphasis is not on rainfall but more on HARVESTING and
STORING as much rainwater as possible. You can't change How Much
Rain you get but you can change How Much Rainwater you Harvest
You see, I am very proud of How to Harvest MORE Rainwater. Because
after you use the information contained within How to Harvest even
MORE Rainwater you'll be able to maximize the rainwater harvesting
potential of your roof. You'll be able to have a beautiful green lawn
all year round, your garden will flourish and you'll have more water
to use as you wish. You'll also learn how to direct rainwater
directly to you garden even if you haven't got a rainwater tank.
There are so many advantages to Harvesting and Storing lots of
Rainwater If you're like me you've probably spent many hundreds or
even thousands of dollars on plants and landscaping materials for
your garden, plus countless hours creating and maintaining it. After
all, your garden is an asset that adds considerable value to your
home as well as bringing pleasure to your family and friends who enjoy
it. If you haven't got enough water for your garden it's not going to
look its best. The value of your house will be decreased and all your
hard work will be for nothing. I've used drought tolerant plants
in my garden for years, but I've found that even drought tolerant
plants can thrive with a little extra water. I'm currently growing
some hedges around my fences, using drought tolerant trees and
shrubs. These plants will grow quite happily without any extra water
but I've found that if I do water them they will grow a lot faster
and hence screen out my neighbour's second story windows even
quicker. If you've got a garden and haven't got a Rainwater Tank
these days then you really need to consider it as an investment. It
will add value to your property and the beautiful green garden it
will provide you with will add even more value to it again. If you do
have a rainwater tank and aren't making the most of your roofs' water
harvesting potential then I can show you how to harvest even more
rainwater from it so that you have even more rainwater on tap for
when you really need it. Just because it doesn't rain as much
these days doesn't mean that you can't harvest rainwater. Where I
live we've received less than 400mm (16 inches) of rainfall per annum
for the last two years. I found that my 4,500 litre rainwater tank
went from collecting hardly any rainwater at all to filling up that
quickly I had to install two more tanks. I now have 13,500 litres
(3570 USG) of stored rainwater for the summer. And then when it does
rain in the summer I can now make the most of it and harvest all of
the rainwater that falls on my roof. I can now water my garden
whenever I like. I use rainwater for washing my car, cleaning my
timber decking and also cleaning the windows around the house. I
even use my stored rainwater to clean out the gutters around my roof
so that all the water going into my tanks is as clean as possible.
All this extra Rainwater I've harvested comes courtesy of the
information that you can find in my eBook. Believe me, I used to
have a rainwater tank without any water in it. My garden was crying
out for more water, some of my plants were dying and my back lawn
died. Not having water for my garden cost me dearly. Have you got
enough water to fill your family swimming pool over summer? Do you
have enough water to wash your car whenever you like? How much money
have you spent on your garden? Can you put a price on the time, love
and effort you've put into it? Water is so important for your gardens
survival, I'll show you how to harvest as much rainwater as you roof
can collect. But I'm not going to charge you anywhere near that
amount for How to Harvest MORE Rainwater. You can get all the
information you need to Harvest as must rainwater as your roof can
collect and keep your garden looking fantastic over summer for a low
price of.... $27 That's right FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY
I know once you read the Information contained in HOW TO
HARVEST MORE RAINWATER you'll agree that $27 truly is value for money
You see, $27 is a drop in the ocean compared to the money you're
going to waste if your prized garden dies from a lack of water during
a long hot summer. You'll probably spend that money easily on new
plants next autumn replacing the ones that died from lack of water
over summer and then have them die again the following summer.
Why not invest that money to so you can Harvest More Rainwater
instead? Believe me, I wish I had this knowledge when I first
installed my backyard lawn and rainwater tank. It would have given me
a lot more rainwater to get my lawn and garden through its first
summer. PLUS just to sweeten the deal, I'm offering 3 FREE
Bonuses worth $67 If You TAKE ACTION RIGHT NOW FREE Bonus Gift
That's right, for a Limited time, I'll give you these 3 bonuses
worth $67 when you take action today and invest in How To Harvest
MORE Rainwater. You get How to Harvest MORE Rainwater PLUS
the 3 FREE Bonuses all for just $27 But just
in case you're still unsure I'm offering the following 100% Risk
Free Guarantee That means you can try it out
and implement what I teach you at my risk. See if it works for you or
not. And if you don't harvest more rainwater next time it rains, I
honestly want you to ask for your money back!! But I'm very sure
that if you use what's in How to Harvest MORE Rainwater you'll be
able to harvest more rainwater for your garden the next time it rains.
I wouldn't have spent the time and effort creating it and writing
this letter to you if I didn't think it would solve your water
worries! You Really Can't Afford NOT To Invest In HOW TO HARVEST
MORE RAINWATER So if you'd like to Harvest and Store lots of
precious, free rainwater and add value to your house then you can
either watch your garden suffer and your house devalue from lack of
water next summer. Or you can take action today, right now, by
investing in HOW TO HARVEST MORE RAINWATER . And start Harvesting
more rainwater the next time it rains. This choice is yours.
Imagine sitting in your beautiful green garden in the middle of summer
under the shade of tree. You can start harvesting more FREE
rainwater the next time it rains when you take action and order HOW
to take advantage of this offer while it lasts and Learn How to
Harvest Lots of Rainwater Order NOW and DOWNLOAD straight away
So order today, right now, while it's still hot in your
mind. And be prepared to watch your garden flourish and add value to
your home Sincerely, P.S. One more thing,
it's important: I reserve the right to raise the price of HOW TO
HARVEST MORE RAINWATER based on demand. Plus, the 3 bonuses worth $67
may be taken off this and sold individually. So invest in HOW TO
HARVEST MORE RAINWATER while this offer is still up! P.P.S.
Imagine being able to enjoy your green lawn in the middle of summer or
swimming in your cool swimming pool. HOW TO HARVEST MORE RAINWATER
was created to enable you to harvest more rainwater so you can do
these things when the weather's hot and you're not getting much rain.
The best part is you're backed by my No questions asked, money back
guarantee. So order today! - - Copyright (c) the Rebel


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